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“Stranger in a Strange World”  64/405



I:  “Don’t worry Princess!  We’re coming!”

H:  “Iolaus!  You all right?!”

I:  “Yeah-- I got a coupl’a moves I can show him.”

Gravis:  “I want blood.”

I:  “Oooh.”

H:  “Wow-- what’d you do to him?”

I:  “I don’t know-- but it was _really_ good.”

H:  “He’s dead.”

I:  “Then he died of fright-- ‘cause I didn’t touch him.”

H:  “Ares-- did you do this?”

Ares:  “Me-- kill one of my most-- devoted disciples?  I had
serious plans for Gravis.  And now-- his murderer is gonna join
him in the underworld!”

[H and Ares fight]

Princess:  “What is happening?!”

I:  “Well-- Hercules is fighting Ares.”

Princess:  “Over me.”

I:  “No-- over me.  You see-- that’s why I can see him, and you

I:  “You see, what happens-- look out!”

H:  “Uh-oh.”

Princess:  “I thought that you said this was over!”

I:  “What is it?”

Princess:  “I think I was better off before you two rescued me.

I:  “Stop!  Wait!”

Evil Soldiers:  “There he is!  Get him!”

I:  “Hercules!  Hercules!”

Ares:  [Ares laugh]  “You lose your little buddy?!  Well, I found
someone to take his place!”  [Ares laugh]


I:  “Is that you?  Hercules?”

Bad H:  “Uh-- nice disguise.  It-- almost allowed you to escape
from me.”

I:  “Huh?”

Bad H:  “Too bad it didn’t work.  Yeah.”



H:  “Ares-- let him go.”

Ares:  [Laughs]  “He’s all yours, Brother.”

H:  “Take it easy; take it easy.  You’re all right.”

Alt I:  “Oh-- thanks.  It’s like-- somebody had me by the scruff
of the neck, and then-- I turn around; there’s nobody there!
Uh-- you?!  Hey!  Hey, hey, hey-- wait a minute.  Ah, ah-- you
hear the one about the two Egyptians and the drunken mummy?!”

H:  “What?”

Alt I:  “No jokes today.  OK.  Gimme some room; gimme some room!
Whoo!  Ho-ho-ho!  Yeah-ha-ha-ha!  [Etc]  Oh-oh-oh.”

H:  “Look-- I don’t know-- who you are or, what-- you’re doing,
but we have to talk.  Where did you come from?”

Alt I:  “Uh-- I got my start-- at the Comedy Cave-- in
Hellespont.  Huh!  I know-- it’s a dive, but uh-- you gotta start
somewhere, right?!

Ares:  “He starts to mime-- he’s a dead man.”

H:  “Ares-- ”


I:  “Hey!  You guys in the clown suits!  Let me out of here!  I
wanna talk to Hercules!”

Soldier:  “Quiet!  When the sovereign wants to see you, he’ll
call your numeral.”

I:  “What is this place?  What’s happening?!  I am _not_ a
numeral!  I’m a free man!”


H:  “Ares-- do you have any idea what’s going on, here?”

Ares:  “I hate to admit it, but I’m as much in the dark as you
are.  Annoying, isn’t he?”

H:  “Oh, yeah.”

Aph:  “Yoo-hoo!  Geronimooooo!  Woo-hoo!”

Ares:  “You gotta hand it to Sis-- she really knows how to make
an entrance.”

Aph:  “Huh!  Now, that’s a rush-and-a-half!  And I was hoping
it’d cheer me up, but no such luck.  There’s a big problem.  Zeus
is dying.”


I:  “Hey, knuckleheads!  Wanna hear a good one?!  [Laughs]
That’s right-- yeah!  Come closer.  This is-- really gonna knock
you out!  [Laughs]”

I:  “And the tooth shall set me free.”


H:  “Zeus is dying-- the lightning bolts-- and this gateway
opening up.  That’s no coincidence.”

Aph:  “He _barely_ had the strengh to break it up between you

H:  “You go tell Zeus-- if I’m gonna help him, he’s gotta help me
find Iolaus.” 

Ares:  “I’ll go, too.  I wanna get to the bottom of this.  If
something where-- _he_ came from is killing the old man-- I might
be next.”

Aph:  “HerK, I know things have never been exactly copascetic
between you two, but-- maybe you oughtta think about paying him a

H:  “Well, we have had our problems, but I always thought there’d
be time to work things out.  Tell Zeus that I’ll-- do what I


Alt I:  [Screams]

H:  “Hi.”

Alt I:  “Whoa!  Oh, please-- please-- make it fast and painless!
I mean-- I know-- I know I got a little pain coming, but please--
make it fast!”

H:  “Come on; come on.  Get up; get up.  Don’t you understand?
This is not-- where you came from.  I’m not who you think I am.”

Alt I:  “Oh, I get it!  I should be happy because I’ve _escaped_
from that monster!”

H:  “What monster?  Who were you running from?”

Alt I:  “You.”

H:  “Me?”


I:  “Yah!  Oh!  You!  Just the guy I was looking for!  Hercules--
what is going on?”

Bad H:  “You, uh-- said that name before.  Hmm-- Hercules.  My--
mother called me that.”

I:  “Y-- you see, this is good!  Go with this!  Think of

Bad H:  “Alcmene-- ”

I:  “Huh!”

Bad H:  “She abandoned me!  Noooo!”

I:  “OK-- uh-- you know, something tells me, uh-- you’re not the
guy-- I was looking for-- huh.  Oh my goodness, where has the day
gone?  Ha-ha.  I better be going.  Yahhh!”

Bad H:  “Getting cold feet, are we?  Well, _think_ how I must
feel on my wedding day!  Ha-ha!  Ahh-- I’m lucky to have you as a
best man!  Come on!”

I:  [Coughs]


H:  “Oh, come on-- uh-- me, a tyrant!  I mean, you’re joking,

Alt I:  “No, no-- you’re-- you’re a heartless _psycho_ that’d
kill at the drop of a mood swing!”

H:  “Really?”

Alt I:  “Mmm-- look!  Need I say more?”

H:  “Oh, uh-- nobody killed him.  He just-- keeled over.”


Bad H:  “You’re just in time for the unveiling of my newest

I:  “That’s sick.”

Bad H:  “Inspired, isn’t it?  The leader of the rebels who were
plotting against me-- gutted and stuffed-- for all to see.”

I:  “Wait a minute.”


Alt I:  “I know this guy!”

H:  “You do?”

Alt I:  “Yeah-- only-- the last time I saw him, the sovereign had
him-- ”

H:  “Did this happen before you came through the gateway?”

Alt I:  “Hmm.”

H:  “Then that explains how Gravis died.  There must be one of
everybody on both-- worlds-- and when one dies--”


I:  -- the other one dies at the same time.  That has to be it.”

Bad H:  “Ah-- we could stay here and admire this all-- day.  But!
We’ve got a wedding to get to.”

I:  “Wait.”

Bad H:  “Let’s go.”


I:  “But, I keep telling you, I switched places with your Iolaus.
I’m not the guy that’s supposed to be here.

Bad  H:  “You _always_ make me laugh.  There’ll be a place for
you in Olympus after I’m hitched to the queen of the gods.”

I:  “You’re marrying Hera?”

Bad H:  “The goddess of music?  Don’t be ridiculous.  You know
very well I’m marrying Aphrodite.”

I:  “Aphrodite’s queen.  OK-- but, wait!  But doesn’t that mean
Aphrodite’s married already?  I mean, Zeus is still king of the
gods, isn’t he”

Bad H:  “Of course, Zeus is king!  Why are you asking these
idiotic questions?!  Start acting like yourself, and _start_
amusing me, or, I swear-- !”

Sold:  “Sovereign!  The queen wishes an audience.”

Bad H:  “Ohhh.”

I:  “Ahhh!”

Bad H:  “Very well!  Show her in.  She could just-- pop in, but
she-- likes to make an entrance.” 

I:  “Great.  Aphrodite’s my buddy-- she’ll help me get out of
this nuthouse.  Aphrodite?  You’re all-- covered up!”

Bad H:  “Watch your mouth.  That’s my-- blushing bride!  He has a
point.  It wouldn’t kill you it all-- hang out.”

Alt Aph:  “Please, no!  It’s not ladylike!”

Bad H:  “Aw.”

I:  “Aphrodite’s shy-- wow.”

Bad H:  “My dear-- it gets so-- _empty_ with you gone to Olympus.
How is Father?”

Alt Aph:  “I’m afraid you know all too well!  Zeus is dying.”

Bad H:  [Breathes in-- “Huh?”]

I:  “Zeus is dying?!  Unbelievable.”

Alt Aph:  “I’ve come to ask-- that you call off this _farce_ of a
wedding before it’s too late.”

Bad H:  “You mean, too late for your precious Zeus.  Have you
forgotten our pact?  Marry me, and I’ll provide the cure for the
_poison_-- that’s killing him.  Then I’ll get to work
slaughtering every-- last puny mortal who _opposes_ me-- and
leave the world to my worshippers-- while we-- reign as king and
queen of Olympus-- for eternity.”

I:  “You’re a goddess!  Why don’t you stand up to him?!”

Bad H:  “Because she _knows_ better!  As should you.  I may be a
cur-- but I’m the cur with the cure.  I like that.  Now-- go.
You have a-- wedding to prepare for.  And then we’re off to
Olympus to launch my plan.  I have waited long enough.  And by
the way-- I’m looking forward to the honeymoon.”  [Laughs]

I:  “You are insane!”

Bad H:  “Ah, thank you.  Imagine-- a bastard like me reigning
supreme as king of the gods.”

I:  “It’s not gonna be as long as you think.”



Bad X:  [Screams]  “You’re not gonna punish me, are you?”

Bad H:  “You wish.”

I:  “Xena?  You’re with him?”

Bad X:  “When I want a eunuch-- I’ll ask for you.”

Bad H:  “I see you brought-- a new love-toy.” 

Bad X:  “Oh, Sov, you’re so-- you’re so good when you’re bad.”

Bad H:  “Ow!  Oh-- I could play like this all day.
Unfortunately-- I gotta get married.”

Bad X:  “Oh, that’s all right.  We’ll have plenty of time to play
after the honeymoon.  Don’t ever let her change you.  If she has
her way, you’ll be wearing a maid’s outfit-- and a collar.”

Bad H:  “Sounds more like your style-- not Aphrodite’s.”

I:  “Their foreplay’s gonna get me killed!”

Bad H:  “OK-- enough for now.”

Bad X:  “Ah-- ha-ha-ha.  Hmm.  Hmm.”

Bad H:  “Oh-- I almost forgot.  I need a token of my undying love
to present Aphrodite at the wedding.”

Bad X:  “Not that one-- it’s my favorite.”

Bad H:  “Oh-- this will do.  Here!  Sit on it till the wedding!”

Bad X:  “You’re not gonna forget me when you’re married to her,
are you?”

Bad H:  “A-ha-ha-- don’t worry.  You’ll be riding my coattails
straight into Olympus-- like you planned all along-- right?”

Bad X:  “Little old me?”

Bad H:  [Laughs]  “Ahh!  She’s quite a doll, isn’t she?!  There’s
a world of scheming going on behind those baby blues.”

Bad X:  “If you mean, where would your plan be without my secret
stash of hind blood, then-- hmm-- ahh!  I guess you do kinda need

I:  “Oh, but-- wait!  Wait a minute.  Let me get this straight!”

Bad H:  “Go make yourself useful!  Throw me a-- a bachelor party
or something.  Whoa, baby.”

Bad X:  [Squeals]  

Bad H:  [Laughs]  “You are gonna scream, now.”

Bad X:  [Squeals]


Good Ares:  “Hey-- not so fast.”

I:  “Ares-- Ares-- this is, uh-- a new look for you.”

Good Ares:  “What did you expect?  I am the god o’ love.  That’s
better.  Now, it’s a _love_ thing.  I got a favor to ask.  Poor
Sis-- is being bullied into marrying the sovereign.  All of
Olympus is helpless, as long as Xena keeps him supplied with
hind’s blood.  Now-- if you could keep close tabs-- maybe find
out where she’s hiding it-- ”

I:  “Look-- I’ll do what I can.  But you have to understand-- I’m
not the Iolaus you think I am.  We switched places.  I’m from
another world.  And you know?  It’d really help if you stood up
to the sovereign yourself, sometime.”

Good Ares:  “Ohh-- it is times like this I regret the fact-- that
I’m a lover-- not a fighter.”

I:  “OK-- Look-- if the Hercules here, is the same as the
Hercules back there-- then he can’t be all bad.  I’ll just have
to-- appeal to that part of him that’s-- hidden deep inside.”

Good Ares:  “I’ll be forever grateful.”

I:  “Wait, wait, wait, wait!  Who’s the god of war around here?”

Good Ares:  “Shh!  No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Don’t even
_think_-- about him.  The last thing we need around here is that
maniac, Cupid, showing up.  Mmm!”

I:  “Cupid-- god of war-- weird.”


Alt I:  “Then I was looking behind me, and I could see these
horses, and they were-- catching up, and then-- I felt like
someone grab me by the neck, and then-- I was here.”

H:  “Well?”

Aph:  “He’s worse.  I tried feeding him ambrosia broth.  He could
barely keep it down.”

H:  “Ares-- you and I’re gonna have to give Zeus a good, swift

Ares:  “Meaning?”

Alt I:  “Talking to Ares, huh?  Saying a little prayer to the god
of love?”

Ares:  “Me-- the god of love?  [Laughs]”

H:  “Oh.”

Aph:  [Laughs]  “Hi, there.  Name’s Aphrodite-- and the, uh--
walking bad attitude is Ares.”

Alt I:  “Ares!  [Laughs]  Uuuh!  What’s with the basic black?
Last time I saw you, you were convening  the summer of love.”

Ares:  “Insolent toad!”

H:  “That’s enough, Ares.  You want a fight-- I’m your man.”

Ares:  “You wanna have at it again?  Why?  What are you up too?” 

H:  “Well-- a little divine intervention.”

Aph:  “Like getting Zeus to throw another lightning fit and
re-open the gateway.”

H:  “Yep.”

Ares:  “Ordinarily, I’d-- jump at a chance like this, but, uh--
the prospect of Zeus dying is not something I’d considered.
Maybe it’s time for the old man to step aside for some new blood,

H:  “And I wonder who that would be?”

Ares:  “Who better?”

Aph:  “Ares, he’s your father.”

Ares:  “He always liked you two better than me!  I’m outta here.”

H:  “Ares-- the god of love-- weird.”


Bad H:  “Where’s my food-taster?”

I:  “Sovereign?  I’d really like to have a word.”

Bad H:  “Later-- I have to make an announcement, first.  Today is
my wedding day.   To celebrate, I’ve decided to reduce the prison
population by-- clearing a few cells.”

Man:  “Praise you, Sovereign.”

I:  “You’re setting them free!  Way to go!  This is good.”

Bad H:  “Who said anything about free?”


Soldiers:  “Move along!”  “Let’s go!”  “Move along!”  “Come on!”

Bad H:  “Release the executioner!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Stand back!”

I:  “Wait!  You can’t do this!  There’s gotta be a better way to
get your kicks-- today, of all days.”

Bad H:  “You-- are supposed to amuse me.  You haven’t been doing
a very good job.”

I:  “Ah-- well, hey.  Give me half a chance.  I’m a million
laughs!  You ain’t seen _nothin’_ yet!”

Bad H:  “Oh, very well-- make me laugh, and I’ll spare their
miserable lives.”

I:  [Laughs]  “Ahhh!  [Sings]  The-- sovereign is his name;
His game is fear and pain.
He’ll watch ‘em die; won’t even cry.
He really is insane.”

Bad X:  “Pitiful-- pitiful.”

Alt Aph/Good Ares:  [Laugh]

Alt Aph:  “He’s really very funny!”

Good Ares:  “Oh, come on, Sovereign-- give it up!  The poor guy’s
pouring his heart out, here.”

Bad H:  “I’ve seen funnier.”

I:  [Laughs, then Sings]  “This really ain’t magic;
They call me Herk’s side-kick.
If this don’t work-- I’ll be a wreck.
And-- ”

Man:  “And we’ll all lose our necks?”

I:  “Hey!  That’s great!”

Bad X:  “Amazing-- she can smile without cracking that frigid
little face.”

Alt Aph:  “One of these days, I’d like to crack something of

Bad X:  “Oooh.”

I:  [Sings]  “His-- girlfriend Xena’s crass;
A heartless witch-- no class.
If Zeus were well, he’d cast a spell,
And knock her-- aaahhh!”

Alt Aph/Good Ares:  [Laugh]

I:  “Oh, boy-- tough crowd-- tough crowd.”

Bad H:  “Enough!  You have failed.  Let their deaths be on-- your

I:  “Stop!  Please!  Think about it.  The Hercules I know-- he--
he’s not a monster.  He’s a hero.  Come on.  Listen to your

Bad H:  [Laughs]  “My-- my heart.  Now that-- is funny.”

Man::  “You did it-- you really did it.”

Bad X:  “What is this?  You promised me an execution.”

Bad H:  “I did-- didn’t I?”



I:  “You said you’d spare them!”

Bad H/Bad X:  “Ooops!”

Bad H:  “You-- could use an attitude adjustment.  Lock him up.”

I:  “You can’t do this to me!”


Sold:  “Go ahead-- make him laugh.”

I:  “You?  What are _you_ doing here?!”

Alt J:  “Shut up, scum.”

I:  “Wow.  Joxer-- you pack a heck of a punch in this world.”

Rebel:  “Yeah-- get him and rip his face off.”

Alt J:  “I’m gonna enjoy-- tearing the sovereign’s boot-licker
apart-- limb-- by limb.”

Sold:  “When you’re ready to apologize to the sovereign-- give a
yell.  Till then-- enjoy your new friends.”

Rebel:  “Yeah, they’re gone-- all clear.”

Alt J:  “Sorry, Iolaus-- I had to make it look real.”

I:  “Oh-- right, yeah-- that was very good.”

Alt J:  “If they thought you were with us-- you’d be dead now.
You know, uh-- when Gravis got killed and you ran away?  We were
afraid you’d never come back again.”

I:  “You’re the rebels the sovereign was talking about.”

Rebel:  “That’s right.”

Alt J:  “Here-- you can use this.”

I:  “What for?  To cut the cake?”

Alt J:  “Quit joking.  If you’re gonna assassinate the sovereign,
you better start taking this seriously.”

I:  “Me?  An assassin?  Forget it!”

Alt J:  “It all depends on you.  You’re the only he trusts.
You’re the only one he can get close enough to.  Now, look.  He’s
gonna be at his most vulnerable when he says his wedding vows.
And that’s gonna be your best and last chance.”

I:  “Joxer-- there’s gotta be another way.  I mean, you’re
talking about killing a man in cold blood.”

Alt J:  “It’s not a man-- it’s the sovereign.  It’s the most
bloodthirsty monster in this world or on Olympus.  Iolaus--
you’re our only hope.”


Alt I:  “It’s gotta be done.  Maybe, if I got a second chance, I
could be-- more like-- your friend.  More-- man-- than mouse.”

H:  “Whatever destiny you were fated for-- it looks like Iolaus
has stepped into your shoes.”

Alt I:  “The shoes of an assassin.  Oh, I’m such a spineless
coward.  I-- I ran away from the only-- brave thing anybody’s
ever asked me to do.  He’s killing Zeus!  And then, after that--
it’ll be the rest of the world-- all except his followers, who
will go together to make his great master race.  Oh, it just hit
me-- when the sovereign killed Gravis-- he died here-- which
means-- ”

H:  “If the sovereign is killed, I may die at the same time.
Yeah, I know.  I’ve thought of that, already.  Come on.”


H:  “Zeus isn’t the only one who needs a good, swift kick.”

Aph:  “Herk, is this the time for a temper tantrum?”

H:  “It is, if it gets Ares’ attention.  Ares, you fake!  You’re
a coward!”

Alt I:  “Yeah!  Yeah!  Come on, Ares!  Get down here!”

H:  “I’m calling you out, Ares!”

Alt I:  “Yeah-- come on!  Come out-- come out-- wherever you

Aph:  “Ares, this whole basic black thing is like-- so five
minutes ago.”

Alt I:  “Come on!”


Alt J:  “Well-- have you made up your mind?”

I:  “This won’t mean anything to you-- but where I come from,
your sovereign, is-- is the best man I know.  And don’t tell me
the stakes-- I know what they are.  Genocide-- the end of the
world as we know it-- both our worlds.  And it’s not as if I
haven’t taken a life before.  It’s just-- it’s always been in
self-defense-- never in-- never in cold blood.”

Alt J:  “Whatever we’ve become-- it’s what the sovereign made us.
But if we have become as coldblooded as him-- then, so be it.”

I:  “Yeah-- it’s really simple-- isn’t it?”

Alt J:  “Yeah.”

I:  “In order to save the world-- I’ve got to kill my best
friend-- and all the future good he would have done.”

Alt J:  “In your heart-- you know it’s the only way.”

I:  “What would Hercules say if he was here?  He’d tell me to--
to do what’s best for the greater good.  OK-- I’ll do it.
Guards-- I’m ready to apologize.  Take me to the sovereign.”



Ares:  “All right!  That’s enough!”

H:  “Aw!  I’m just gettin’ started!”

Alt I:  “He’s really mad-- look!  He’s got smoke coming out of
his ears.”

Aph:  “Ares-- don’t wig out on us.”

Ares:  “That’s it, pretty boy!  Let’s step outside!”


Bad H:  “Glad you could make it.”

I:  “I’d hate to disappoint you.”

Bad H:  “Mmm.”

Bad X:  “You look lovely in virginal black.  About old Zeus-- is
it true that he throws those thunderbolts, ‘cause they’re the
only thing about him big and stiff?  Well, is it?”

Good Ares:  “It is my sad duty-- to join this man-- and this
woman in unholy matrimony.  If anyone present objects to this
union, speak now, or forever hold your peace.  Please, someone--

Man:  [Clears throat]

Bad H:  “Nope-- nobody objects.  Get on with it.”

Good Ares:  “Do you have the necklace?”

Bad X:  “You’re on, fool.”

I:  “Oh.”


[Ares and H fight]


Bad H:  “Thank you.  Hmm.  My bride.  We are going to rule
supreme-- you and I-- with all Olympus at our feet-- all mankind
at our mercy.”

Bad X:  [Crying]  “It’s so beautiful.”

Good Ares:  “I now regretfully-- pronounce you-- king-- and

Bad H:  “Oh, go ahead.  Fight me-- I’ll enjoy it.”

I:  “Forgive me, Hercules.”

Bad H:  “I didn’t think you had it in you, old friend.”


[Ares and H fight]

Ares:  “Fun’s over.”

H:  “Thanks!  It worked!”

Ares:  “I helped _him_?”


[Bad H and I fight]

Bad H:  “I’m sorry-- did that hurt?”

I:  “No, but that did.”


Sold:  “Get up there!  That crowd’s an ugly mess!”

Soldier:  “Yes, sir!  Hurry!”

Alt J:  “What’s happening?”

Sold:  “Somebody was foolish enough to try and kill the
sovereign.  Now, he’s paying the price.”

Alt J:  “It’s a diversion.  Look-- make me a deal, and I’ll--
I’ll finger the real assassin.”

Sold:  “If you know something-- you’ll spill it-- or I’ll-- ” 

Alt J:  “OK, OK.  It’s um-- it’s-- ”

Rebels:  “Let’s go!”  “Come on!”


Bad H:  “I am _very_-- disappointed in you.”

Sold:  “Hey.”

[Big fight scene ensues]

Alt J:  “Go on!  Ow!  Get off of me!  [?] witch!”

Bad X:  “Get out of here!”

I:  “I noticed before-- you’re awfully fond of that pendant.”

Bad X:  “Well, a girl’s nothing without her baubles.”

I:  “Ah, the Xena I know is a lot smarter than that.  My guess--
you are, too!”

Bad X:  “Gimme, gimme.”

I:  “Yeah-- like I thought.  This is the _hind’s_ blood-- you’re
using to poison Zeus with.”

Bad X:  “He’s got the hind’s blood!  Get him!”

I:  “Quick!  They’ve lost their secret weapon!  Show them your

Good Ares:  “With pleasure.”

Bad X:  “I’ll get you, little goddess!”

Alt Aph:  “Eat cake, baby!”

Bad X:  “Why, I oughtta!  Empty calories are no calories!”

Bad H:  “Release the executioner!”

Bad X:  “Yeah.”

I:  “Chill out.”

Alt G:  “Where’s that Trojan elephant that stopped me?!”

Bad H:  “Goodbye.”

I:  “Hercules did it.  I gotta go.”

Alt J:  “We’ll take it from here.  Go with the gods.”

Bad X:  “Now, guys-- I think we should talk.  [Yells]  Woo-- I
guess I had more skills than I thought.”


Alt I:  “I don’t know-- if I can be a hero-- when I get back!
But I’m gonna try!”

H:  “That’s all any of us can do!  Good luck, my friend!”

Alt I:  “Thanks!”


H:  “Run, Iolaus!”


Bad H:  “No.  Noooooooooooo!”


I:  “Hercules-- you have no idea how close it was.  He has a
pendant full of hind blood.”

H:  “Hind blood?  Well-- hopefully he’s trapped between both
worlds, now.”

Aph:  “Guess we better see how Dad’s doing.  Good to have you
back, curly.”

Ares:  “How I hate-- happy endings.”

I:  “You know-- I almost did a terrible thing over there, I-- ”

H:  “You did what you had to do, Iolaus.  I’m just-- glad it
didn’t work out like you planned.  So-- do you think I look
better with a beard or-- without a beard?  Ah.”

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