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"Darkness Visible"  Episode 107/604


Man:  [Screams]


A Man's Voice:  "All right?"

H:  "The object of the game-- is to score as many points as you can by throwing the ball-- through the hoop.  Like that!  Now, I want you to line up, and practice your shots.  Then we'll break into teams.  Come on, go!"

Orphan-runner [Orp]:  "The children _so_ look forward to your visits, Hercules."

H:  "Ah-h, believe me, I get as much out of it as they do."

Orp:  "I wish more people were as generous with their time.  The orphanage can only provide them with food and shelter.  Good role models are harder to come by."

H:  "Thank you, but it's my pleasure."

I:  "So, did you invent this game?"

H:  "Ah, nah.  It's just somethin' I-- picked up when I was-- trotting the globe."

I:  "You know, you could 'a taught 'em something useful, like-- like hunting or-- or smearing yourself in yak fat to keep warm in freezing water."

H:  "This is useful.  It's good exercise-- teaches them teamwork, hand-eye coordination--"

Thief:  "Gimme that!"

Woman:  "Help!  Thief!  Stop him!"

H:  "The laws of physics."

Woman:  "Hm-m-m!  I'll take those, you good-for-nothing low-life!"

H:  "Huh?"

I:  "Do you _ever_ miss?"

Mateas [Mat]:  "Excuse me-- but you must be Hercules."

I:  "How'd you guess?  Ow!"

H:  "Can I help you?"

Mat:  "I bring an urgent message from an old comrade.  Perhaps you remember, Prince Vlad of Daysha?"

H:  "How could I forget?  We fought together in the battle of Antioch."

I:  "Yeah, he's a great commander.  We all respected him."

Mat:  "The prince is in dire need of your help.  He's waging a losing battle to defend his kingdom against-- the Strygoia."

H:  "I thought they were a myth."

Mat:  "Tell that to the dead.

I:  "This isn't good, is it?"

H:  "Nope."

I:  "We're gonna go with him, aren't we?"

H:  "Yep."

I:  "What's a-- Strygoia?"

H:  "Vampires."



Sailor's Voice:  "Trim that line!"

I:  "So, that's Daysha, huh?"

A Sailor's Voice:  "Tell me what you see up there!"

I:  "Well, it doesn't look very inviting."

H:  "It's not really known as a vacation spot."

I:  "Yeah.  If I know Vlad, his castle is way at the top of those mountains and it's gonna take us days of-- pain and crippling physical effort to get there."

H:  "Probably."

I:  "Typical Vlad.  He always did like to capture the high ground."

H:  "Yep."

I:  "What, have we got any horses, or-- ?"

H:  "Nope."

I:  "It's never easy-- is it?"

H [Sighs]:  "Nope."


Galen [Gal]:  "If I were you-- I'd get right back on that ship."

H:  "I appreciate the concern-- but we didn't come this far to turn around."

Darius [Dar]:  "We weren't asking."

H:  "Neither was I."

Gal:  "Think you're fast enough to outrun an arrow-- stranger?"

H:  "Do you think you're fast enough to outrun me after I do?"

Man's Voice [In Background]:  "Save me!  Someone, please!"

Gal:  "And I'm here to defeat the Strygoia-- and I'm not about to let you or anybody else-- feed their army with your blood."

H:  "Then it looks like we have the same agenda.  Hercules."

Gal [Laughs]:  "Why didn't you say?"

H:  "Well, you, uh-- didn't-- give me much of a chance now, did you?"

Gal:  "Galen.  Darius."

I:  "Mateas.  Iolaus."

A Man's Voice:  "The sooner we're out of here, the better!"

H:  "Ah, we're on our way to Vlad's castle."

Gal:  "So are we.  When the Strygoia first showed up, Vlad offered his home as refuge.  My sister went up there.  Trouble is, she never came back."

Mat:  "I assure you, the prince is taking fine care of his guests." 

Dar's Voice:  "So, why haven't you heard from them?"

H:  "Let's go find out."

Gal:  "We might as well travel together."

Mat:  "I must object, Hercules.  The prince summoned you-- and you alone."

Dar:  "And I'm not splittin' my pay with anyone."

H:  "Well, there's-- safety in numbers.  So, it looks like you've been outvoted-- both of you.  Shall we?"

Dar:  "I still want my blood."

Gal:  "You'll get your dinars.  Now, cork it."


I:  "So, what do these vampires look like?"

H:  "Just like you and me."

I:  "Wait a second.  I-I thought they were-- blood-suckers, you know?  Red eyes, fangs?"

Dar:  "You can't tell them apart from the rest of us-- till they sink their teeth in your neck."

I:  "Anything else you'd like to-- share with the group?"

H:  "There are-- other ways to spot them."

I:  "Like?"

H:  "One thing, they don't have a reflection."

Gal:  "You can kill them with this-- right through the heart-- no mercy-- no matter what they say."

I:  "So-- depending on how many there are-- we could be in this place-- a long time."

Dar:  "Not necessarily.  If we're lucky enough to find the leader of the Strygoia-- then killing him-- will bring the others back to normal.  So, that's where he got the name of-- `Vlad the Impaler.'"

I:  "Vlad did this?"

Mat:  "Only an enemy of our country uses that name.  I caution you not to do it again!"

Dar:  "That sounds like a threat!"

H:  "Hey, hey!  All right!  All right!  Come on!  We're all tired.  We'll camp here, and move at dawn."

I:  "Here?  You wanna camp here?"

Dar:  "You know the [?] been near here."

H:  "That's why we'll be safe.  We take turns on watch."


Strygoia:  "There's always one who can't resist the glitter."

Dar:  [Screams]

Strygoia:  [Screams]

H:  "Nice shot."

Gal:  "He's lost too much blood!  He's turned!"

H:  "I'll go along with that."

Dar:  "I don't usually kill for free-- but I think this time-- I'll make an exception."

H:  "How nice of you."


H:  "Are you hungry?!  Try this-- stake!"

Dar:  [Screams]

I:  "Got a plan?"

H:  "Let's just-- go to the castle."

I:  "Yeah."


I:  "Say, Herc, do you think Vlad could'a-- changed a little since we last saw him?"

H:  "We'll soon find out."


Vlad [Laughs]:  "My old friends!  Welcome."

I:  "Hi."

Vlad [Laughs]:  "I trust your journey was a safe one.  Hmm?"

H:  "Not exactly.  We lost a man on the way here."

Vlad:  "The Strygoia."

H:  "Hmm."

Vlad:  "Then you know what I'm up against."

H:  "We're starting to get the picture."

Gal:  "What about my sister?  She came here looking for shelter, and I haven't seen her s-s-- since."

Vlad:  "The Strygoia-- have been attacking with greater frequency.  I've admitted hundreds of refugees into my home-- and they have remained indoors for their own safety.  I am quite sure-- your sister is among them.  Come.  Please.  Come inside.  I've prepared a feast."

H:  "Good to see you, old friend."

Vlad:  "Good to see you.  Good to see you both!"  [Laughs]


H [Laughs]:  "That was one crazy night."

Vlad [Sighs]:  "How long has it been since you tasted plum brandy?"

H:  "Oh, no-- thanks-- only at weddings.  But please, don't-- let me stop you."

Vlad:  "Ah-- no.  I never drink alone.  What's wrong, Hercules?  You seem troubled."

H:  "Vlad, I, uh-- just didn't expect to step over so many bodies on the way here."

Vlad:  "Much has happened since Antioch."

H:  "Ah.  Well-- I'm listening."

Vlad:  "I returned from the war to find my kingdom-- on the verge of collapse.  My father seemed not to care.  It was as if he had become-- a different person in my absence.  Then one night-- while I was sleeping-- he tried to murder me.  I had no choice but to kill him in self-defense."

H:  "You killed him?"

Vlad:  "When the news-- of my father's death reached the Turks-- they decided to [?]-- hoping to catch us in a moment of weakness.  I assure you, Hercules-- the men you encountered were not left to die as you found them.  They were killed in battle.  I regret that I was forced to desecrate the dead, but what I did-- I did out of necessity."

H:  "The extreme-- always makes a point."

Vlad:  "The bodies were a warning to others-- to make sure-- that they think _twice_ before taking moreDaysian lives."

H:  "And now you-- need my help to fight the Strygoia-- "

Vlad:  "Who better to turn to in times of need-- than an old friend?"

H:  "Yeah.  I'm sorry to hear about your f-father, Vlad."

Vlad:  "All I have left of him now are memories.  But you know, Hercules-- sometimes, when I look into the mirror, I can still see part of him."



I:  "Hey-- is anyone hungry?"

Vlad:  "I-- had a friend over for dinner before your arrival."

Gal:  "Hey, what about my sister?"

Vlad:  "My men are searching for her as we speak.  Galen-- you have my word-- by dawn-- you will be reunited.  But for now, most of the guests have turned in for the night.  Perhaps, we should do the same."

H:  "Good idea.  I'm feeling pretty tired, myself."

I:  "Come on.  You're _never_ tired."

H:  "Yeah, well-- there's always a first time."

Vlad:  "Gentlemen-- I bid you good night.  Mateas will show you to your rooms."


I:  "Huh-- I really like what Vlad's done to the place.  It's got that-- scary-- don't-look-under-the-bed kind 'a feel to it.  Huh.  Whoa!"

H:  "Don't worry.  You won't be getting any sleep tonight."

I:  "What?  I thought you were tired.  Oh-- you were be-- oh.  So-- wanna fill me in?"

H [Sighs]:  "You were right.  Vlad isn't the same person we used to know.  I'm starting to wonder if we ever really knew him at all."

I:  "You think he might be hiding something?"

H:  "I don't think we should stick around to find out.  Let's find the refugees and-- get outta here."

Gal:  "OK-- I should'a knocked."


I:  "I don't get it.  The place looks deserted.  Where _is_ everybody?!"

Gal:  "This place gives me the creeps."

I:  "Hey, look, come on, Hercules.  It's a castle.  There are no secret passages."


I:  "You think these people are all dead?"

H:  "No, but they've lost a lot of blood."

Gal:  "These are the refugees?"

I:  "Oh.  Oh.  Why would Vlad lie to us?"

H:  "Because he's one of the Strygoia.  When Darius was attacked-- it didn't take him very long to turn.  These people have been here a long time, but they're still human."

Gal:  "My sister's not here-- and I'm not about to let her end up like this.  I have to find her."

H:  "No-- you two stay together and help these people down.  They'll need their strengh to get out of here.  I'll find your sister."

Gal:  "Hercules-- hemlock."

I:  "You mean, vampires can be killed with poison?"

Gal:  "It weakens them-- but that's not what I'm offering.  If you get bitten, swallow it before you turn.  It'll take a little while to work, but you'll be a lot happier dead-- than undead."

H:  "Aa-ah-- thanks."


Claudia [Cla]:  "There's something I want you to do for me."

Vlad:  "You need only ask."

Cla:  "I want you to spare my brother."

Vlad:  "For your own sake, my dear-- I urge you-- to detach yourself from your former life.  These feelings will only bring you grief.  You've experienced the intoxication of our power.  Why deny your brother that gift?"

Cla:  "I want him to be-- as I remember him.  I don't _want_ him to change."

Vlad:  "In time-- these feelings, too, will pass."

Cla:  "Then I ask only this-- let me do it."

H:  "I would have knocked-- but I'm not feeling very polite."

Vlad:  "Well, while you're here, Hercules-- do not make the mistake of rushing to judgment-- not before you know the whole story."

H:  "I already _know_ the whole story!  Your father didn't go insane.  He was a vampire-- and now he's turned you into one.  You tell me I'm wrong!"

Vlad:  "I killed him before I understood what he had done to me!  Like father-- like son."

H:  "Why did you send for me?!  You know I can't let this go on!"

Vlad:  "When I realized what I was becoming-- I sent for the only man I knew-- who had the fortitude to take action against me-- in spite of his heart."

H:  "You wanted me to kill you."

Vlad:  "Yes-- at first.  But as I waited for your arrival-- I realized something.  I finally have the power to protect my people.  After all-- who would dare oppose an army of the undead-- and you know better than anyone, Hercules-- that your strength inspires fear in even the most committed opponent."

H:  "Do you really think-- turning your subjects into vampires is doing them a favor?"

Vlad:  "In time-- they will come to accept themselves as I have."

H:  "And what about the people in the dungeon?  They've been bitten-- but they haven't turned."

Vlad:  "They've been chosen for a different purpose."

H:  "You're using them as food.  You drink from them, but you don't kill them."

Vlad:  "A small price to pay-- for the greater good."

H:  "I doubt they see it that way-- and neither do I."


Gal:  "Do you think they'll live?"

I:  "They've lost a lot of blood."

Cla's Voice:  "Galen-- Galen-- "

Gal:  "Claudia?  Claudia"

Cla:  "Galen-- it's me."

Gal:  "Oh-h-h"

Cla:  [Laughs]

Gal:  "Oh, not you."

Cla:  "Don't I get a chance to explain?  After all we've been through-- I'm your sister!"

Gal:  "No, you're dead."

Cla:  "No, you're wrong.  For the first time-- I'm alive!"

Gal:  "You're not human."

Cla:  "And what-- exactly-- do we owe-- to humanity, Galen?  All those men that struggled [?] down in battle-- they were humans, weren't they?  Who were those men that tried to separate us when we were children-- because we would sell better that way in the black market?  Huh?"

Gal:  "No, you're talking nons-- oh!"

Cla:  "I don't know a dangerous place in this world.  For the first time-- I know what it's like to live without hopelessness.  Let me show you how it feels.  Let me show you."

Gal:  "No!  No!"

Cla:  [Screams]


Gal's Voice:  [Screams]

I:  "Galen?"


I [Screams]:  "Galen?  Galen."


H:  "Galen's arm.  It looks like it was chewed off."


I:  [Screams]

H:  "Hey!  That's my friend you're suckin' on!"



H:  "Easy, buddy.  Still with me?"

I:  "Am I-- dead-- a-again?"

H:  "No."

I:  "It's cold."

H:  "I'm gonna getcha outta here."

I:  "Good.  I don't think I can move."

H:  "Then, don't think."

Gal [Laughs, then yells]:  "Herc-- kill me."

H:  "No."

Gal:  "Please!  It's my only chance for peace."

H:  "I'm sorry, but there's gotta be a better way."

Gal:  [Screams]


H:  "Iolaus!  Iolaus, stop!"

I:  "I can't!  He's in my head!"

H:  "Fight him!  Come on!"

I:  "Please-- help me.  I-- must-- obey!"  [Screams]

Vlad:  [Laughs]

H:  "Think I won't kill you because we used to be friends?  You better think again."

Vlad:  "Should I take that as an official declaration of war?"

H:  "Take it any way you want."

Vlad:  "When I took-- Dragon's Peak in the battle of Antioch-- I captured a small band of soldiers.  Before I killed them-- I cut off the index finger of each of their hands and I sent them back to the emperor-- just to make a point."

H:  "I wish you'd make one now."

Vlad:  "The point is, Hercules-- in order to win the war, I was willing to do anything."

H:  "Well, then it looks like we still have a few things in common."

Vlad:  "Good.  Then, it's safe to say that you would give your life to save your friend's."

H:  "I've got a better idea.  You let him go-- and I'll stake you quickly."

Vlad:  "The gods have blessed you-- with blood more powerful than my own-- and I want it.  In exchange-- I'll spare your friend's life.  Make your decision quickly-- for with each passing moment, he comes closer and closer-- to death."

I:  "No-o-o-o!"

Vlad:  "Or should I say-- rebirth."

H:  "Hold on, buddy."

I [Laughs]:  "Look on the bright side.  Now I've got armor-piercing teeth."

H:  "That's not funny."

I:  "You know what?  We can still be friends.  Come 'round to my cave-- hang upside down with me for a while."  [Laughs]

H:  "I'm not kidding, Iolaus."

I:  "Neither am I.  Herc-- you cannot let Vlad do this."

H:  "Yeah.  I know.  But if you come up with a better idea-- let me know."

I:  [Yells]

H:  "Easy-- Iolaus."

I [Sighs]:  "Ah, yeah-- yeah.  Sorry, I--I'm just a little thirsty."  [Chuckles]

H:  "Then I'll get you some water."

I:  "Herc-- don't give Vlad your blood.  Give it to me.  [Chuckles]  I can't help it."


H:  "I'm ready."

Vlad:  "A wise decision."

H:  "Tell them to back off!  Or no deal."

Vlad:  "No!  Back away.  Please-- be my guest."

H:  "Iolaus first."

Vlad:  "I've been more than patient, Hercules.  Do not insult either of us by pretending that you have a choice in the matter.  When I have what I want-- I will release your friend."

H:  "And why should I trust you?"

Vlad:  "You don't-- have a choice.  Now, please-- make your self comfortable.  You think I'm a monster.  Can you blame the eagle for feeding off the field mouse?  One cannot deny one's nature."

H:  "You have no idea how right you are."

I:  "Hah.  No.  Hercules.  No."

Vlad:  "Release him.  With the union of our bloodlines-- the Strygoia will truly be immortal.  To your health, old friend."



Vlad [Laughs]:  "Come, my minions.  Feed."

Strygoia:  [Gasp]

Vlad:  "What have you done?!"

H:  "Let's just say-- I stopped for a drink on the way here.  Hemlock.  Poison might have killed me-- if ya hadn't drained it from my system.  So I guess I owe you a thanks-- old friend."

Vlad:  "Poorly played, Hercules.  I cannot be killed with poison."

H:  "Oh, I know.  But at least now we'll have a fair fight."

I:  "No-o-o-o!  [Yells]  No!  No-o-o-o!"

Vlad:  "I can imagine no better trophy than your head-- displayed outside my castle wall."

H:  "You talk too much."

Vlad:  [Laughs]

I:  "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!  Hercule-e-e-es!  [Laughs]  No-o-o-o-o!"  [Yells]

Vlad:  "My old friend-- decision time.  Join me-- in eternal life-- or die now."

H:  "My-- friend-- died a long time ago."

Vlad:  [Screams]

H:  "Welcome back, buddy."

I:  "You did what you had to do."

H:  "Yeah-- I know.  How you doin'?"

I:  "I could use a drink."

H:  "Huh-- I'm feeling a-- bit-- drained myself."


Cla:  "Thank you so much."

H:  "Oh-- please, that's not necessary."

I:  "Yeah, could have been a lot worse.  Well, you know, we could have been-- werewolves, uh-- biting the heads off whippets, running around in circles-- you know."

H:  "Always lookin' on the bright side, aren't you?"

Cla:  "You sure you can't stay a while?  Let me show you the true beauty of Daysha."

H:  "Ah, thanks."

I:  "No, no-- "

H [Interrupts]:  "We-we've got a boat-- "

I:  "Yeah, and it's kind'a-- "

H:  "Anyway, uh-- be well."

Cla:  "Thank you."

I:  "Galen."

Gal:  "Iolaus."

Cla:  "Thank you."

Gal:  "Thank you."

H:  "Take care."

I:  "You know, Hercules?  I'm a little stiff."

H:  "What's wrong, Iolaus?  Feeling _long_ in the tooth?  Get it?  Ha-ha-- long in the tooth?"

I:  "Yeah-- unfortunately.  Look-- just stick with the lifting the heavy things, big guy, and let me do the jokes, OK?"

H:  "All right, because you were such a barrel of laughs, today."

I:  "Hey, I _never_ lost my sense of humor-- even in the face of death-- or-- undeath, or-- I don't know."

H:  "Yeah-- you were real funny when you were lookin' at me like I was a six-pack."

I:  "Hey-ey-ey-ey-- I was just window shopping.  It's nothing personal."

H:  "Mm-hmm-- well, at least our struggle wasn't in _vain_!"  [Laughs]

I:  "Oh, please-- Hercules, let _me_ do the jokes!"

H:  "Come on, that was pretty good!"  [Chuckles]


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