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"Full Circle"  Episode 111/608


I [Chuckling]:  "Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h, no-o-o-o-o.  [Normal Voice]  You
know?  Herc?  When we're in public, like, with people--you're
gonna have to keep theory to yourself, 'cause they're gonna think
you're crazy."

H:  "Yeah?  Well, geniuses are never appreciated in their own

I:  "Hercules, your head."

H:  "What?"

I:  "Well, it's-- it's so huge!  [Laughs]  You wanna hand
carrying it around?"

H:  "I'm telling you, Iolaus-- the Earth is orbiting around the

I:  "Oh."

H:  "That is why we have seasons.  When we're far from the sun,
it's winter; when we're close, it's summer."

I:  "Oh, come on.  Look-- how come?  I mean, the sun-- travels
across the sky.  How come it looks like it-it moves around us?!

H:  "Because that's just-- what it looks like."

I [Chuckles]:  "You know, you may be able to sell that kind of--
Hydra dung to Evander-- I mean, you know, he's a kid.  He's--
impressionable.  How old is he, now?"

H:  "He's almost five."

I:  "Ooh-- tantrum age.  I bet Nemesis has her hands full."

H:  "It would be nice to see her again."

Nem's Voice:  "Help!"

H:  "Or hear from her."


Soldier:  "Ares wants the boy, Nemesis."  

Nemesis [Nem]:  "I don't-- have him.  I'm telling you, he's not--

Soldier:  "Why don't I believe you?"

H:  "Maybe you've got trust issues.  What d'you think, Iolaus?"

I:  "Yeah, I'm inclined to agree, Hercules, combined with an
underdeveloped superego."

H:  "Hmm-- not to mention projection, repression, regression, and

I:  "Uh-- weiner envy?"

H:  "Huh-- look at him."

Soldier:  "Huh?  Kill them!"

H:  "Maybe he's just a complete idiot."

I [Sighs]:  "That's a little harsh, Hercules."


H:  "Let me know how the weather is up there."

I:  "Whoo-hoo!"

H:  "Swine."

I:  "Pigs."

H [Chuckles]:  "Nemesis!"

Nem:  "Hercules.  Ooh!  As usual-- just in the nick of time."

H [Exhales]:  "It's-- uncanny, isn't it?  You remember Iolaus."

Nem:  "How could I forget?"

I:  "Hi."

H:  "Oh, it's nice to see Ares isn't above sending his goons to
do his dirty work."

I:  "I take it he's still unhappy with that custody arrangement
you guys worked out."

H:  "He's never happy.  But speaking of happiness-- where is that
favorite nephew of mine?  You weren't lying back there, were you?
Evander's really not here."

Nem:  "He took him from me, Hercules."

H:  "Who?"

Nem:  "Zeus."



Nem's Voice:  "I thought I could teach him to control the power
he inherited from Ares."

Nem:  "But the older he gets, the more it seems to slip away from

H:  "That's not your fault."

Nem:  "As his mother, that's not easy to accept."

I:  "Yeah-- but it's true."

Nem:  "What Evander imagines, he can make real.  He's even more
powerful than his father."

I:  "That explains Ares' interest."

Nem:  "And Zeus believes that the only way for him to manage his
power-- is to be brought up by the gods in Olympus."

H:  "Don't let anyone make you doubt yourself.  Zeus has no right
to raise your child if that's not what you want, Nemesis."

Nem:  "But who am I to say no to the king of the gods?"

H:  "You're Evander's mother.  This is his home-- and I'm gonna
make sure that this is where he grows up.  Come here."


I:  "We off to Zeus' temple?"

H:  "Hmm."

I:  "How long has it been?"

H:  "Not long enough."

Woman's Voice:  "It's horrible!"

Man:  "See?"

H:  "Do we have a bad feeling about this?"

I:  "Sure."


I:  "Are those-- polka dots?"

H:  "Do you ever get the feeling the gods are running out of

I:  "That was new."

H:  "Yeah."

Evander [Eva]:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h!"

H:  "Evander."

I:  "Evander?"

H:  "Evander!"

Zeus:  "Evander-- that's enough."

Eva:  "Bye-bye."

Monster:  "B-bye."

Eva:  "Hi, Uncle Herc."

H:  "Yeah, hi Evander."

Zeus:  "Hello, Son."

H:  "Huh.  Why don't we just-- skip the family reunion crap?  I'm
here to take Evander back."

Zeus:  "Uh-- perhaps there's-- somewhere we can talk in private."


I:  "Why don't I-- teach you how to throw a stone?"

H:  "Since when did you move up to kidnapping?"

Zeus:  "Enough!  Now, in case you've forgotten-- Evander is Ares'
son-- which makes me his grandfather."

H:  "That doesn't give you the right to take him away from his

Zeus:  "You think it was easy for me?"

H:  "Yes-- I do.  Things are always _easy_ for you.  You just
don't care about the consequences!  Say goodbye to your

Zeus:  "He'll kill Nemesis, you know?  That's why I took him-- to
protect her.  Didn't she tell you about his powers."

H:  "She-- mentioned it."

Zeus:  "Did she mention that he almost killed her one night?  Oh,
he didn't mean to-- but he had a nightmare-- and it became as
real as that monster you saw in the square.  If I hadn't stepped
in-- Evander would be an orphan right now.  Of course, he'd still
have Ares."

H:  "When did you decide to take an interest in your offspring?"

Zeus:  "Since I realized that my grandson was all that I had left
in the mortal world.  You gave up on me a very long time ago--
not that I blame you.  But I've seen the sun rise and set on more
seasons than I care to remember.  And I don't want to lose this
last chance to make up for the life I never could give you."
H:  "I-I appreciate what you're saying-- but you're going about
this all wrong.  Nemesis is his mother."

Zeus:  "I don't intend to keep him forever-- just long enough to
teach him-- how to control his power."

H:  "If you really mean that-- then you won't mind if I take over
for you."

Zeus:  "Well, perhaps that might be best.  [Chuckles]  Hard as I
try to play the disciplinarian, I can't hide my amusement at his
pranks.  [Chuckles]  That-- seems to encourage him."

H:  "Well-- that's what grandfathers are for."


H:  "OK, Evander-- we're gonna play a game.  It's called--
someone else's shoes."

Eva:  "How do you play?"

I:  "Well-- all you have to do is-- use your imagination.  And
from what we've seen, you've got a pretty good one.  That's how
you made the monster appear, isn't it?"

Eva:  "That was fun."

H:  "Uh, yeah, but i-it wasn't fun for everyone, now, was it?
Uh-- you see that boy over there?  Now, to put yourself in his
shoes, you have to imagine that-- you're him.  You can imagine
that the monster destroyed your house, so tonight-- you won't
have anywhere  to sleep."

Eva:  "I don't like this game."

I:  "We haven't gotten to the fun part, yet.  Imagine-- how good
you would feel, if you had your room back."

Eva:  "Maybe I can give it back to him."

H:  "Well-- what a great idea.  Remember how you made the monster
appear?  You just-- imagined it, right?  Well, now-- imagine the
house-- just coming back together again.  OK?"

Eva:  "I did it!"

H:  "Yes, you did!"

Zeus:  "I see he's in good hands.  I shall leave you to it,

H:  "All right.  What do we do next?"

I:  [Chuckles]

Eva:  "Mmm, that one."

H:  "OK."

I [Interrupts]:  "Yeah, over there.  OK."

H [Interrupts]:  "Come on."


Man:  "I got it!  Easy!"

H:  "So, uh-- what do you wanna fix next?"

Eva:  "Let's do that well."

H:  "OK."

I:  [Chuckles]

Eva:  "I like this game, Hercules."

H:  "That's a good thing."


I:  "Huh!  Huh!  Yah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!  [Chuckles]  Look!  Come on!
Come on!  Come on!"

Eva:  [Chuckles]

H:  "Huh."


I:  "He saw the shadows-- on the wall of the cave.  And the voice
in his head-- said to him-- `What we see-- are the shadows of
reality.  What is real-- is what cast the shadows.'  And he said,
`Don't be so foolish!'  Said the other one.  [Yells]  And they--
!  Uh-- right."


H:  "Evander?  Iolaus!"

I:  "Huh?"

H:  "Wake up!"

I:  "Ladies, ladies, please, one at a time."

H:  "Wake up!  Evander's gone!"

I:  "Huh?  Huh?"

Ares:  "The two stooges.  Lose something?"

I:  "This is a new look.  Y-you tryin' to lose weight?"

Ares:  "Ah-hah!"

H:  "Where is he, Ares?"

Ares:  "I don't know where he is-- and it's not for a lack of
trying.  If you must know-- Dad's got him.  And Zeus won't let me
anywhere near him."

H:  "Hmm.  I'm sure you're devastated by this."

Ares:  "The truth is-- I couldn't care less what happens to the
little demon.  What does concern me is what could happen because
of him."

I:  "What do you mean?"

Ares:  "Why you keep giving Zeus second chances, I'll never know.
Well, maybe this time you're gonna learn your lesson.  He's gonna
use Evander to bring Hera from the abyss of Tartarus."

I:  "Wait a minute.  Zeus and Hera hate each other.  Why would he
do that?"

H:  "He wouldn't.  The Titans are imprisoned with her.  If he
opens the abyss, they could escape."

Ares:  "Yeah, fine.  What do I know?  But since you taught
Evander to focus his powers-- you're gonna find out soon enough.
What do I know?"

I:  "He's crazy."

H:  "Yeah-- but sometimes, he's right."


Eva:  "What are we doing here, Grandpa."

Zeus:  "We're here to find your grandmother, Evander.  And I
can't do it-- without your help.  Now, you remember the game that
you and-- Hercules played together?"

Eva:  "Someone else's shoes?  I like that game."

Zeus:  "Good.  Well, imagine that you're Grandma-- and you're
down here-- all alone in that scary place.  And there's no one
there to keep you company-- but a race of giants called the

Eva:  "I know how to make her feel better.  We'll get her up

Zeus [Gasps]:  "What a wonderful idea!"

Eva:  "Cool!"

H:  "There goes the neighborhood."



H:  "Evander, why don't you get behind me?"

Hera:  "Who are you?"

Zeus:  "It's all right.  I-it's all right.  We're family."

Hera:  "My family.  Why don't I remember you?"

H:  "The abyss must have affected her memory."

I:  "Lucky break."

H:  "Father-- may I have a word with you, being family, and all?"

Hera:  "And how are we related?"

I:  "W-- uh-- well, uh-- "


H:  "I can't believe you _did_ this!"

Zeus:  "I had no other choice, Hercules.  When Cronos created the
abyss-- he made sure that the key to opening it, was a paradox--
the power of a god-- coupled with the innocence of a child."

H:  "Is that supposed to be an excuse?!  You give me _one_ good
reason why I shouldn't throw you in there, myself!"

Zeus:  "Who do you think you are, to speak to me like this?!"

H:  "You son-of-a-- !  Do it.  Do it!  Or I swear-- I will make
your life miserable for using Evander to bring back that witch."

Zeus:  "Just once, Hercules-- it would be so nice if you gave me
the benefit of the doubt."

H:  "Just-- once, it would be nice if you earned it."

Zeus:  "You may find this hard to believe-- but I love her-- and
she loved me, once-- till I betrayed her.  And the only reason I
could never apologize for my infidelities was because it produced
a son like you."

H:  "So, what?  It-it-it's my fault?!"

Zeus:  "No-no, I've already told you, I'm trying to make up for
the mistakes that I've made in the past-- and that's exactly what
I shall do.  Hera-- is my wife.  Now it's time I started being
her husband again."

H:  "Some day-- your selfishness is gonna destroy the world.


Hera:  "What's happening?"

I:  "Good question."

H:  "Evander-- are you doing this?"

Eva:  "Grandpa told me the titans were all alone in a scary
place.  Maybe they can play with us, too."

H:  "Everybody-- out!"


Red:  "Who are you?"

Blue:  "Who are you?"

Red:  "Why are we so much bigger than everything else?"

Ares:  "Perhaps I can be of some assistance!"  [Laughs]


Zeus:  "Shall we best find them?"

H:  "I think you've done enough.  Iolaus and I will go after the
titans.  You're taking Evander-- back to Nemesis.  You-- think
you can do that, Dad?"

Zeus:  "Do not-- patronize me."

Eva:  "Are you mad at me, Hercules?"

H:  "No, kiddo-- you were trying to do something nice, and that's
never wrong.  You're gonna go back and see your mother, OK?  I'll
come by for a visit as soon as I can."


Red:  "So, you're telling us that the gods trapped us in the

Ares:  "Well-- in their defense, you were tryin' to kill 'em."

Blue:  "Wait-- Ares.  I remember you.  He's one of them!"

Red:  "You're toast, buddy."  [Titans yell.]

Ares:  "Oh!  Hey, hey, hey!  Easy.  OK.  Let's just keep our
temper, shall we?  I thought we might come to some--
mutually-beneficial arrangement."

Red:  "Uh-- what's `beneficial' mean?"

Ares:  "Big men-- small brains.  A deal-- my friends-- a deal.
That's a good thing.  I help you destroy Olympus-- you get to pay
back those nasty gods for imprisoning you.  Then, when they've
got nowhere else to hide-- you can hunt them down at your
leisure-- and crush them horribly-- with your big feet."

Red:  [Laughs]

Ares:  "In return-- we declare a truce!"

Red:  "So-- you'd be the only god left."

Ares:  "Uh-- gee, I-I-- I guess I would!"

Blue:  "So, how are we gonna destroy Olympus?"

Ares:  "Well, as strong as you are-- and-- can I say you're both
looking-- magnificent?  You're not-- quite strong enough.  But
you've got a brother who is-- and I know just where to find him."

Red:  "We have a brother?"

Blue:  "What's his name?"

Ares:  "Atlas."


I:  "Yep-- that is definitely-- a footprint.  It's a good thing
about these titans-- they're easy to track."

H:  "And the hard part is knowing what to do with them once you
find them."

I:  "Hmm.  Hey-- you know?  Now that Hera's not throwing
fireballs and stuff at us-- she's-- she's quite a nice person."

H:  "It won't last."

I [Chuckles]:  "Ya got that look again, Herc."

H:  "What look?"

I:  "The `How-can-I-have-been-so-stupid' look."

H [Snickers]:  "I consider myself to be pretty perceptive,
Iolaus.  You know-- at least, I like to think I am.  Usually, I
can tell when I'm being lied to.  It's like I got this-- blind
spot when it comes to Zeus."

I:  "Of course you do.  Every son wants to believe his father."

H:  "Hmm-- I stopped seeing him as my father a long time ago."

I:  "Yeah, well-- maybe that's your problem.  Look, Hercules-- it
was years before I could stop thinking of my father as this
great-- general, and realize-- he's just like us.  He's an
imperfect person tryin' to make his way in an imperfect world."

H:  "Are-are you defending Zeus?!  Because I-I can't just look at
him as some-- lonely old man who's tryin' to make amends with his
wife, Iolaus."

I:  "But that's what he is, Hercules.  He is lonely."

H:  "Hmm."


Hera:  "Thank you-- for releasing me."

Zeus:  "Don't thank me.  Thank your grandson."

Hera:  "Well, I suppose it's safe to say that-- you're my hero,
little man."

Eva:  "Want to play-- hide-and-go-seek?"

Hera:  "All right-- but if I find you-- I get a hug."

Zeus:  "I haven't seen you talk like that to a child since--
well, since Aphrodite was born."

Hera:  "I wish I could remember."

Zeus:  "I'm hoping this will help.  You and I created this when
the world was new-- quite an accomplishment-- to bring life to
this world."

Hera:  "All I have are-- feelings, really."

Zeus:  "Tell me.  Tell me."

Hera:  "I remember-- feeling complete."

Zeus:  "There was a time-- you and I could not have been happier

Hera:  "We'd better find Evander."


Ares:  "Titans-- I give you-- Atlas!"

Titan's Voice:  "So-- this guy's our brother."

Ares:  "Oh, yes!  Imprisoned in the ice by Zeus himself!  Back
when the war between the gods and the titans shook the Earth!"

Blue:  [Belches]

Ares:  "Now-- I think I've fulfilled my end of the bargain.  So,
what do you say, gentlemen?  Do we have a deal?"

Blue:  "Sure-- "

Red:  "-- but-- how do we get him out of there?"

Ares:  "Try living up to your name-- Helios."

Red:  "Which one of us is Helios?"

Ares:  "That would be you!"

Red:  "Oh."

Ares:  "Now-- melt the ice!"

Red:  "OK."

Blue:  "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"  [Laughs]

Ares:  [Laughs]

Blue's Voice:  "Yeah!"

Atlas:  "Much obliged, my simple brothers."

Blue:  "I guess he recognizes us."

Atlas' Voice:  "Now-- "

Atlas:  "-- where was I?  Ah, yes-- death to the Olympians!"

H:  "Our timing is _way_ off, today."



H:  [Whistles]

Ares:  "Aa-h-h-h-h."

I:  "Oh!  That's really great!  I didn't know you could do that!"

H:  "Oh, thanks.  Hey, you know, Atlas?!  Uh-- you were a lot
cooler when you were frozen!"

Atlas:  "Friends of yours, my brothers?"

Blue:  "Never seen them before."

H:  "I, w-- you wouldn't know me-- but, uh-- I think you know my
father-- Zeus."

I:  "Yeah, oh, me, I-I'm just a friend of the family!"

Atlas:  "What a coincidence-- we were just on our way to destroy

H:  "Now, why'd ya have to go and say a thing like that?  Now, we
don't have any choice but to throw the three of you off this

Titans:  [Laugh]

Ares [Laughs]:  "Oo-o-o-o-h!"  [Laughs]

H and I:  [Laugh]

Atlas:  "I won't waste time destroying you while the gods fortify
themselves against us.  Squash these annoying fleas, my brothers.
I'll go on ahead."

I:  "I _got_ to start thinkin' about retiring!"

H:  "Don't worry-- after this one, I'm done.  Maybe it's time we
get these two kids together."

I:  "Yeah!  Whatever!"

Ares:  "Run, insects!"  [Laughs]

I:  [Yells]

I:  [Sighs]

H:  "What are you doing?"

I:  "It's good for the pores."


Hera:  "He's very good at this."

Eva's Voice:  "Please, wake up."

Hera:  "Evander, what's the matter?"

Eva:  "I can't make him wake up."

Zeus:  "Evander-- you may have trouble understanding this-- but
all things come to an end."

Eva:  "Why?"

Zeus:  "Everything has a beginning, doesn't it?  Well, it
wouldn't be fair if it didn't have end, too."

Eva:  "But can't they just start over again?"

Hera:  "Maybe-- if we combined our strength-- "  [Laughs]

Eva:  "You did it!"


Ares:  "Tryin' to find the door?!"

Atlas:  "Ares-- come to watch your dynasty crumble?"

Ares:  "Didn't your brothers tell ya?!  I had a deal with them!
I'm the one who told 'em where to find you!  Now, uh-- maybe we
can strike a bargain of our own!"

Altas:  "I'm listening."

Ares:  "You wanna find the door!  I wanna be the last god

Atlas:  "You'd sell out your own family?"

Ares:  "Heh-- in a heartbeat, big guy."

Atlas:  "I always did like you."

Ares:  "Yeah?  Well, you'll like this even better.  Open, says
me.  What's the hold-up?"

Atlas:  "Son of Zeus-- must have succeeded in besting my

Ares' Voice:  "I may know a way to slow him down-- but first--
I'm gonna have to pay a visit to the fates."  [Laughs]


I:  "Question!"

H:  "Can't this wait?!"

I:  "No!  It can't!  Oh!"

H:  "What?"

I:  "Well-- if you're so fed up with the gods-- why don't we let
them just destroy Olympus?!"

H:  "Remember my-- theory-- about the seasons?"

I:  "Oh-- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-- the sun revolves around the
Earth.  What's that got to do with Olympus?!"

H:  "Well-- Olympus-- is supported by a pillar-- that runs right
into the center of the Earth.  If Atlas manages to break the
pillar-- Olympus will come crashing down."

I:  "So?"

H:  "So-- if Olympus falls, it'll hit the ground with the force
of a comet."

I:  "A what?"

H:  "A comet-- I'll explain later.  Olympus-- will knock the
Earth-- right out of its orbit."

I:  "Wa-wa-wait.  So-- if the Earth gets knocked t-- too close to
the sun-- "

H:  "-- we fry."

I:  "And, if it goes too far-- "

H:  "-- we'll freeze."

I:  "Why are you wasting time explaining this to me?!  Come on!"

H:  "Folks-- my partner."


Eva's Voice:  "That's my house!"

Eva:  "We're almost there!"

Zeus:  "What's the matter?"

Hera:  "I've grown quite attached to him."

Zeus:  "It takes the simplicity of a child to teach us the most
obvious lessons.  Evander was right.  Sometimes, we can just--
start over.  I've made so many mistakes, Hera-- and, sooner or
later, you're going to remember all of them.  But if you're
willing-- I'll spend eternity trying to make them up to you.
Please-- please-- be my wife, again!"

Ares:  "Zeus always was a charmer, wasn't he, dear Mother?
Perhaps, you've forgotten how many women he's charmed.  Well--
it's a good thing the fates never throw away-- the history they

Hera:  "I suppose I should consider myself lucky."

Zeus:  "Why?"

Hera:  "I get to fall in love with you for the first time all
over again."

Ares:  "Nah.  Boo-yeah!"

Zeus:  "Hera-- Hera, is everything all right?"

Hera:  "Oh, it's perfectly all right.  I just thought of a way
for you to make amends-- for all your mistakes!  That's the
danger of love, dear Husband-- it makes you vulnerable.  I
remember everything, now-- especially the pain-- of your--
betrayal.  Our precious Evander is the only one that's
disappointed me.  I think I'll keep him-- while you spend
eternity-- thinking about what you've done."

Ares:  "Oh, I love you, Mom."

Hera:  "Hm-m-m-m.  Hm-m-m-m-- but, don't worry-- you won't be
alone for long-- because I remember that it was Hercules-- who
trapped me in the abyss of Tartarus.  So-- he shall suffer the
same fate as you.  [Laughs]  Like father-- like son."



I:  "OK.  OK.  OK.  So, the footprints-- end here.  But-- no
Atlas.  What do you think we're missing?"

H:  "I'd say the wall."


Atlas:  "Gods of Olympus-- the fortress that has protected you
from my race-- is about to come crashing down."

H:  "Like I say, Atlas-- I really admire your determination.
You're gonna need it when you're learning to walk, again."

I:  "Should we be upsetting him?"

H:  "Why not?"

I:  "Because-- "

Atlas:  "Now, son of Zeus-- you die."

I:  "See?  I told you.  You upset him!  Boy-- it was anticlimax."

H:  "You were saying?"

I:  "Me and my big mouth."

Hera:  "I suppose my aim's a little rusty-- but I won't miss next

I:  "Looks like she got her memory back."

H:  "No-- you think?"

Eva:  "Please, stop.  I'm scared."

Hera:  "No-o-o-o."

H:  "Let him go.  You can have me."

Hera [Laughs]:  "Ah, no, no-- no-- you have me all wrong.  I
wouldn't hurt Evander.  He saved my life."

H:  "I don't-- want to fight you."

I:  "You don't?"

H:  "No."

Hera:  "I can't say as I blame you-- Hercules.  The last time we
did battle, you had the power of a god.  This time-- things won't
go so well for you."

H:  "Just-- stop.  We've been at war since I was a boy.  Now we
have a chance to end it."

Hera:  "You give me one good reason why."

H:  "It's never given either of us a moment of peace!"

Hera [Laughs]:  "Why are you in such a conciliatory mood?"

H:  "Because Zeus-- loves you-- and, like it or not-- he is my

Hera:  "I vowed-- to reclaim my dignity, Hercules, the day you
were born.  And unlike-- _some_ people-- I keep my promises."

H:  "All right!  You goddess of grump-- give me your best shot!"

I:  "Uh-- you got a plan?"

H:  "Yeah."

Hera and Eva:  [Yell]

H:  "He's dead.  Is this what you wanted?  Was your vengeance
worth it?  If there is _any_-- good in you at all-- you save

Hera:  "I can't do it alone."


Zeus:  "What have you done?"

Hera:  "I was a mistake.  I didn't mean to hurt him."

H:  "You're both to blame here!  You, for betraying your wife--
you, for taking your anger out on the world.  Your war ends
today.  Do you understand me?!  It has cost us all too much!  Try
being selfless for a change!  Help Evander grow into the kind of
a man-- who can bring back to the world everything that you've
taken away."

I [Whispers]:  "Come on, Evander."


Nem:  [Gasps]

Eva:  "Mommy!"

Nem [Gasps]:  "Evander!  Ooh!  Thank you.  [Whispers]  Thank


I:  "So-- that's it?  Atlas holds up the world for all eternity?"

H:  "You want the job?"

I:  "Oh-- I'm more of a nine-to-five kind 'a guy."

Ares:  "I hope you're happy!  Because of you, Hera and Zeus are
gonna get back together again!"

H:  "And this, upsets you.  Unbelievable."

Ares:  "Because everything I ever learned-- about hate-- and
greed-- and envy and spite, I learned from Hera!  Are there no
more heroes?!"

H:  "Hey-- you've got us."

Ares:  "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  [Vomits]  You mark my words-- "

H:  "`-- you'll pay for this, Hercules.'"

I:  "`We'll meet again-- little brother.'"

H:  "`You're on my list, Hercules!  Ha!'  Did we forget

I:  "Yeah, probably, but-- "

Ares:  [Sniffs]

H:  "I think we hurt his feelings."

I:  "Huh.  Does it matter?"

H:  "Good point."

I:  "Hey, Herc, you know?  Before, did you mean it-- when you
were talking about retiring?"

H:  "Did I say that?"

I:  "Yeah.  Yeah.  I wa-I was there.  You said it.  You said,
uh-- `Don't worry; after this one, I'm done.'"

H:  "Oh.  Right.  Well-- then I guess-- we're reitired."

I:  "Great.  Hm-m-m."

[They whistle.]

H:  "Here we go.  OK-- ready to come out of retirement?"

I:  "You bet."

H:  "Ah."

I:  "But seriously, Herc-- let me ask you something.  Do you
think-- you'll ever-- give all this up?  You know-- settle down--
hang up your gauntlets?"

H:  "You know, Iolaus-- I've spent so much time walkin' down that
road-- and wondering if eventually it would take me somewhere I'd
wanna stop.  But you know what?  This is my life.  It's what I do

I:  "Hmm."

H:  "You know, maybe, someday, I'll be ready to slow down, but--
you know, for now, I'd rather just-- keep on walking.  Care to
join me?"

I:  "Frankly, Hercules-- I wouldn't have it any other way.
[Laughs]  So, Hercules, you think-- Hera and Zeus will be able to
work things out?"

H:  "After everything we've been through together, Iolaus,
there's only one thing I can say for sure."

I:  "Hmm."

H:  "Anything's-- possible."

I:  "Yeah."


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