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Collection Of Quotes No. H09: WARRIOR PRINCESS
IAXS Project #011 (ongoing)
Compiled by Rori Klion (
Content © 1996 held by author
WHOOSH! edition © 1996 held by Whoosh!



Xena and Hercules' idea of a great date:
Some slicin' and dicin' before going out for sushi

The asterisk in front of a quote means it is a follow-up line to the one before it. The miscellaneous section is simply stuff I want to remember or noticed.


[1] "He's so cute when he needs me."
-- Serena about her husband

[2] "C'mon, do I look dangerous?"
-- Iolaus to Xena with lamed horse

[3] "Looks can be very deceiving."
-- Xena, while brandishing a knife at Iolaus

[4] "Are you sure that's what you really wanna do?"
-- Xena to Iolaus

[5] * "Put down the knife and I'd be glad to."
-- Iolaus in reply

[6] "I think I'd be better off trying to look for a soft, warm bed...think you could help me one last time?"
-- Xena to Iolaus

[7] "...where love and humans are involved, you'll never know what to expect."
-- Alcmene

[8] "I like it like that"
-- Xena to Iolaus

[9] "Go. Make me proud"
-- Xena to Theodorus

[10] "I wish it was looking finished."
-- Hercules about the wall he's building for his mother

[11] "She's worth whatever risk it takes"
-- Iolaus about Xena

[12] "A true warrior attacks from the front"
-- Hercules to Theodorus after first knife thrown

[13] "Me and my big mouth"
-- Hercules after telling Theodorus to try something other than knives, and Theodorus draws a sword

[14] "Enjoy this while you can"
-- Hercules to Theodorus during their fight

[15] "I wanna wipe them off the face of the Earth"
-- Xena about Petracus's caravan

[16] "Don't talk. Fight!"
-- Xena to Iolaus during fight with Petracus's men

[17] "You were great. No, better than that, you were amazing"
-- Iolaus to Xena after fight

[18] "Well, if you mean that, you won't try to stop me burning the wagon."
-- Xena to Iolaus

[19] "Did I impress you?"
-- Xena to Iolaus in her hot tub

[20] "Hard times breed hard people"
-- Xena

[21] "It's not every day I meet a beautiful woman that wants to wash my back"
-- Iolaus to Xena

[22] * "Oh, I'll do more for you than that...much more"
-- Xena to Iolaus

[23] "Right now, there's just you"
-- Xena to Iolaus

[24] "Come to bed when you finish with your sword...I'll be waiting"
-- Xena to Iolaus

[25] "You haven't heard the last of me, Hercules"
-- Xena

[26] "After Xena, you'd be better off falling in love with a black widow"
-- Hercules to Iolaus

[27] * "Maybe I'll just give up women all together"
-- Iolaus


[28] - Xena and Iolaus in hot tub

[29] - Lucy in red dress, blue 'robe'

[30] - Xena says father and all 3 of her brothers killed in battle

[31] - skirt with gold strips, bracers with chainmail slave


[32] No animals were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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