<cite>Whoosh!</cite>! Issue 14 -

November 1997

Editor's Page

The goal here at Whoosh! is to create a place of one-stop shopping. A place where all XWP fans can find something. From the hard-core nutball to the first time viewer (I remember those days -- we never forget our first Xena).

When Kym approached me about joining the Whoosh! staff, I was flattered. Then I was downright scared. After that I set out to re-familiarize myself with Whoosh!. What I found amazed me. When was the last time you read the Xenaica Encyclopedia? Sat down and gossiped with Laura Sue? Went On the Road with Whoosh!? Immersed yourself in the episode guide? Learned everything you needed to know from the FAQ? Or read one of the hundreds of fan articles, analysis or interviews?

There is something in Whoosh! for all XWP fans -- the first time viewers who want to learn more and Hard-core Nutballs who know everything. But the talented people at Whoosh! refuse to sit back and rest on their laurels. The battle cry here is bigger, better, more!

Last week Whoosh! was chosen as one of the Yahoo! Cool Sites. We started getting 3,000-4,000 visitors per day! Not only is that great for Whoosh!, it's great for Xena!

Ratings are in for the Season premiere. XWP scored a 6.1, up 15% over last year's premiere. The Xena phenomenon keeps growing and growing. And we at Whoosh! will be right there covering it every glorious step of the way.

So by this point you must be asking yourself, Who the heck is this person and where is Kym? How rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Stacey Robillard and I'm the new Apprentice to the Editor-in-Chief. What? You're asking yourselves, why does Kym need an apprentice? XWP is growing and Whoosh! is growing right along with it. Kym is a master at finding the right person for the right job, of nurturing them and watching them shine. You are all the beneficiaries of these talents. I am thrilled to be able to learn under the master. As you may have noticed in the last few issues, the Whoosh! staff has been expanding (be sure to check out our new staff page, http://www.thirdstory.com/Whoosh/staff.html). We are all dedicated to working together to put out the best product possible.

Like you, we are all inspired by Xena. The show has obviously sparked something deep within many of us. For me it's personal and deeply felt. XWP has inspired us to explore our inner selves, to break the chains that bind us, to put aside our fears, to tap talents long hidden, to finally hear the voices of the better angels of our nature.

The future looks bright and the sky is the limit.

Stacey Robillard
Editor-in-Training, Whoosh!!

October 27, 1997

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