Whoosh! Issue Twenty-One - June 1998

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor


The Evolution of Gabrielle, Season One
By Vicky Schwartz (nibbles1@bee.net)
A Mind That Matters: Gabrielle As New Myth
By Kate Maynard (hpuppet@shentel.net)
Janice Covington: In Search of Mad Dog
By Bat Morda (batmorda@ix.netcom.com)
Gabrielle's Relationship to Trees
By Catherine O'Grady (Cathyogrady@classic.msn.com)
On the Set with Renee O'Connor
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu)
The Evolution of the Relationship Between Gabrielle and Ephiny
By Sue Stacy (SueDayton@aol.com)
Gabrielle and the Joxer Syndrome
By Shelley Sullivan (beowolf@cgocable.net)
Horseless: Why Gabrielle Doesn't Ride
By Kim Robinson (StormyBard@aol.com)
A Battlin' Bard: Gabrielle and Staff Combat Techniques
By Terry Fines (homerincan@email.msn.com)
Gabrielle's Blood Innocence: Seeing Red
By Michael Evans-Layng (mevansla@ucsd.edu)
Deconstructing Gabrielle
By Kate Maynard (hpuppet@shentel.net)
Gabrielle and Pacifism
By Roger A. Duarte (ragnarok-n-roll@juno.com)
How Subversive is XWP? A Brief Examination of the Post-Rift Gabrielle
By Rachel Gordon (rgordon1@hotmail.com)
Whither a Hero?
By Tracy Barnett (titan@nfinity.com)
The Gabberish Lexicon
Edited by Kate Maynard; prepared by Jodi Norman, Pam Dunn and Gary Thomas. 2nd Edition

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