Issue Three
November 1996

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor
Credits for Issue Three

Visual Metaphor in Xena: Warrior Princess
By Carmen Carter (
Reactions to Death in "The Greater Good" and "Is There a Doctor in the House?"
By Anita Firebaugh (
Xena: Warrior Princess: A Native American Perspective
By Linda Knighton (
The Battle of Corinth (Part Three)
By Clayton J. Powers (
Fait Accompli? Or Just Fate? Ruminations on "Remember Nothing"
By Bret Rudnick (
Mysteries Surrounding the Creation of the Syndicated Television Show Xena: Warrior Princess
By Kym Taborn (
Changing Times: "Sins of the Past"
By Debbie White (
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and Fandom in Britain
By C. Johnson (

Disclaimer: "No IAXS Staff member jumped out any windows while preparing this issue. However, one did look rather longingly at a window for an uncomfortable amount of time."

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