Whoosh! Issue Forty - January 2000

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Dead in the Xenaverse

Dead in the Xenaverse 2000 Calendar
By Kym Masera Taborn (ktaborn@lightspeed.net)
Dead in the Xenaverse Calendar Interviews
By helly Sullivan (beowolf@cgocable.net) and Kym Masera Taborn (ktaborn@lightspeed.net)
Interview with Alison Wall
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu)
Interview with Willa O'Neill
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess: A Comparison of Characters
By Heather Schmidt (ultixena@yahoo.com)
Heroic Deeds and Moral Dilemmas: Reading About Women Before and After Xena
By Christine Pattee (C2pattee@aol.com)
If It's Tuesday Then This Must Be Attica: Xena's Travels in Greece
By cr@clear.net.nz
"No Fate But What We Make": Xena's Perceptions of Religion, Destiny, and Free Choice
By Hamutal Yellin (cinnamon_spark@yahoo.com)
Inspiration for THE PRICE
By Virginia Carper (Virginia.Carper@FRB.GOV)
Backdrop to Xena: Warrior Princess Untamed Coast: A Book Review
By Carolyn Skelton (jadec@sia.net.au)
The Words, The Lines, The Action: The Same, The Similar, The Opposite. A Unique Review Of Seasons 1 & 2 Of Xena: Warrior Princess
By Faith A. Williamson (FaithAW@aol.com)
Caption This: No. 2
By JNicola Guest (britnic24@hotmail.com)