Whoosh! Issue 40 - January 2000

Exclusive to Whoosh!
By Nicola Guest
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350 words

Editor's Note: As a fun exercise, Whoosh! each month presents a cartoon drawn by Nicola Guest, and then invites its readers to send in their ideas of possible captions for the cartoon. All the received captions (unless deemed too wild and woolly) are published in the next month's issue. Submissions must be received by the 20th of the month to be considered for inclusion in the next month's issue.

Caption This No. 2
Caption This No. 1 Submissions

Caption This No. 2

Caption This No. 2

Hey, this is YOUR job now, cowkids! Send your caption right now!

Send your captions to Kym Taborn.

Caption This No. 1 Submissions

Hey, this is YOUR job now, cowkids! Send your caption right now!

01. Another Gab staff bites it in the name of "Y.M.C.A. Night" at the Club Ampitheater.
(from Space Dog)

02. What can happen if Xena and Gabrielle get Poison Sumac in their eyes!
(from Jen)

03. Careful, Gabrielle, you'll put a nick in my chakram.
(from thealy2)

04. Xena, what is it with your chakram and my things? First my top and now my staff! What next, my hair?!
(from Jessica Housden)

05. Xena, I know you have many skills. But why can't we just once chop the firewood like normal people do?
(from Skip Ward)

06. Timing, Xena, we've gotta work on timing!
(from Carol, Carolyn, and Geoffrey Hedger) [separate submissions])

07. Gabby's weapons training gets more challenging when Xena decides to do the Hokey-Pokey...
(from Sarah O'Donoghue)

08. From that moment on, Gabrielle trained with shorter weapons
(from Josh Harrison)

09. So *THAT'S* why Gabrielle started using those sai!
(from Josh Harrison)

10. THE POWER, THE PASSION opened to mixed reviews last weekend: "... anti-male ... obvious Freudian devices"; "... a sturdy demonstration of all women's power... [and] determination." (Grecian Theatre, 5 Seasons Blvd. 555-2525)"
(from Suzanne Morine)

11. That is the 4th staff this month!!! Xena, I don't care what you saw in a vision no one will ever dance like that!!!
(from BekahsOwn)

12. Xena: Oh, no you don't! My nose is still recovering from the last time I let you get me!
Gabrielle: You just can't admit that I got you, can you?

(from Dina Marks)

13. The girls play their own version of Rock/Paper/Scissors.
(from Mildred L. Perkins)

14. Gabrielle: HEY XENA! I'M STICKLESS!
Xena: Hmmm, Gabrielle, You always are.

(from Shelly Powell)

15. Gabrielle, if you really wanted chobos we could always buy you some.
(from Sara Burch)

16. I told you, it's always chakram breaks staff.
(from Garry McCauley)

17. . . . and three more, and two more and. . . Xena, I don't think your heart is really in this exercise video.
(from Donald Plunkett)

18. Xena: hiiiiii-ya! *crack*
Gabrielle: Xena!
Xena: Oh sorry. Guess you need to get some new weapons, huh?
Gabrielle: Sais?
Xena: Says who?

(from Joanne aka XenaRule)

19. Xena! You broke my non-lethal phallic fighting stick with your yonical metaphor!
(from Ryan)

20. The combat was good but I felt that the writing was short staffed.
(from Ryan)

21. The REAL reason Gabrielle threw away her staff
(from Les Rankins)

22. "Okay, ladies, take twenty-seven
(from Geoffrey Hedger)

23. I'm sorry, Gabrielle. But that's what you get for wielding a great big phallic symbol.
(from Stacey Capps)

24. Yet again, Gabrielle gets hurt due to a failure of the two to see eye- to-eye.
(from Andjam)


Nicola Guest Nicola Guest

I live "across the pond" in bonny old England, currently doing a Degree in Media Production, specialising in Animation. I enjoy directing, storyboarding and creating comedy scripts (I like comedy alot so that's why the funny episodes of XWP are my favourite!) I'm also getting into web design and have started to produce my own site: http://www.c-gue.demon.co.uk/. At the moment I'm living the typical life of a student and loving every minute of it.
Favorite line: Gabrielle: "It's a SACK Xena" IF THE SHOE FITS
First episode seen: IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL
Least favorite episode: ULYSSES

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