Whoosh! Issue 40 - January 2000

If It's Tuesday Then This Must Be Attica:
Xena's Travels in Greece

What's in a Name?

[69] For those who like to collect such things, what follows is a list of all place names and localities mentioned in the episodes, whether identifiable or not. The spellings are generally as used in the Whoosh! Transcripts, except where the tape sounds different. There are an awful lot of unidentified references, but they are included in case someone who is knowledgeable about Greece can make something of them.

[70] WARRIOR PRINCESS (H09/109) - The episode begins in Thebes, at the home of Hercules' mother. Xena tells Iolaus she is going to stop the warlord Petracus in the Arcadian highlands. The Arcadian highlands really exist, though they are seventy miles (three days' ride) from Thebes, in the central Peloponnese (the big hand- shaped peninsula southwest of Corinth). (See Map 3)

[71] THE GAUNTLET (H12/112) - Xena's army is overrunning the Parthian province and Parthus village, and it threatens "the whole peninsula". There are further references to the Western villages and the Northern villages, and even a map, which unfortunately does not exactly correspond with any part of the real map. In ROAD TO CALYDON (H03/103), Hercules passed through a deserted Parthus village on the way to Calydon, which is a real place on the north shore of the Gulf of Corinth out towards the west coast, and on the opposite side of the Gulf from Arcadia. However, on his way, he also passed the Stymphalian Swamp. The ancient city of Stymphalos is beside the swamp of Lake Stymfalia in northeast Arcadia, below Mt Killini. Assuming there was a second Calydon somewhere in Arcadia (the minimum-YAXI solution), and based on the preceding episode, Parthus village and THE GAUNTLET therefore seem to be somewhere in the western Peloponnese in the vicinity of Olympia. (See Map 3)

[72] UNCHAINED HEART (H13/113) - Darphus is making his headquarters in the temple at Illysia (Elisia?). After the fight at the diamond mine, the wagon with Salmoneus on it headed west towards the ocean, then veered north towards Illysia. The best guess for this would probably be Elis, in the district of Ilis, Ilia or Elada (spelling depends on which map you look at). (Map 3).

[73] SINS OF THE PAST (01/101) - Xena, on her way north towards Amphipolis, saves the village of Poteidaia from the warlord Draco. Poteidaia is forty miles off the direct Thessaloniki-Amphipolis route, but perhaps Xena took the scenic route. She then sets off via the Strymon Pass towards Amphipolis. This could only be a pass in the range of hills south of the Strymon River. Not the most direct route, which would be via the coast, but maybe Xena likes to do things the hard way. Draco's deployment of his men ("March [a division] north, across the foot of the mountains. Then they can cut east to the northern border") suggests they would have headed north past Thessaloniki and a further 40 miles, to turn the northern end of the hills and come down the Strymon valley. The rest would take "the high road to the sea", presumably due east from Thessaloniki through the valley towards the Strymon Gulf. (See Map 2) A scene near the end of the original script (see the Whoosh! Episode Guide, which was, fortunately for this exercise, omitted from the screened version, had Xena about five miles east of Poteidaia (why would she be there?) and heading "North towards Argos", which is only correct in that all directions from Poteidaia are north by land. Argos is actually several hundred miles due south.

[74] CHARIOTS OF WAR (02/102) - This episode has just one reference, to fording the Meleatus River, which has not yet been identified. There was a suburb of Athens called Melite, but this seems highly unlikely.

[75] DREAMWORKER (03/103) - The only references in this episode are to the Fortress of Morpheus and the Albanian mines of Iskander Beg (lovely name!) where the steel for a sword came from (obviously not a clue to current location).

[76] CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104) - This takes place in the kingdom of King Gregor. A reference in THE PATH NOT TAKEN (05/105) implies it was called Lerna, which is near Argos in the Peloponnese. (See Map 4)

[77] THE PATH NOT TAKEN (05/105) - This takes place in the "walled city of Tracus", where Xena is trying to prevent the arms dealer Mezentius from provoking a war between the kingdom of Beocia and Kolonus. This fits reasonably well with Trachis near Thermopylae, Boeotia, and Colonus near Athens. (See Map 5)

[78] THE RECKONING (06/106) - There are no place names in this episode.

[79] THE TITANS (07/107) - The only place names mentioned are when Rhodos hopes the Titans will make him king of Sparta and Argos, which suggests a location somewhere in the Peloponnese.

[80] PROMETHEUS (08/108) - The only reference is Vulcan Mountain. There is an Isola Vulcano north of Sicily, and a Monte Vulcano on the island of Linosa, southwest of Sicily. Though Sicily was settled by Greeks, a location on a small island does not fit with the episode.

[81] DEATH IN CHAINS (09/109) - It takes place near Corinth. There is a reference to Ketamis, which I have not been able to locate.

[82] HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110) - This is the first episode to mention Amazon and Centaur territory. For a discussion of where this is, see 'Where are the Amazon and Centaur villages?', above. Krykus' map, of which we get a brief glimpse, is rather crude and could be any area near a coast.

[83] THE BLACK WOLF (11/111) takes place in Argos. This is consistent with the reference to Argo needing new shoes since she left Corinth. (See Map 4)

[84] BEWARE GREEKS BEARING GIFTS (12/112) is set in Troy, across the Aegean Sea in Asia Minor. The quickest way to reach Troy from the vicinity of Argos would have been by ship, since both cities are near the coast. This would be the most likely if Xena and Gabrielle had traveled to Troy in response to Helen's summons. But they are already near Troy, traveling by land, when Helen's messenger reaches them. What they are doing in Asia Minor is unexplained. 'Mount Poulos,' which they apparently passed some time before the start of the episode, is not identifiable. However, it appears that they did return from Troy by sea, since they stopped at Polyphemus' island for supplies on the way [ULYSSES (43/219)].

[85] ATHENS CITY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING BARDS (13/113) - While Gabrielle is in Athens, Xena is in Keremus, battling a Cyclops. There is a Cerames near Athens, too near in fact, only two miles away. This cannot be the place, since on her way to Keremus, Xena encountered a bandit on the road outside Calumnum, as narrated in THE EXECUTION (41/217), which from the context must be further away.

[86] A FISTFUL OF DINARS (14/114) - The treasure, the Titan key, and the ambrosia are in a cavern at the foot of Mt. Poulis, an active volcano. This is presumably the same Mt. Poulos they passed on their way to Troy in BEWARE GREEKS BEARING GIFTS (12/112). To get there, they pass through Peis territory, also unidentifiable.

[87] WARRIOR... PRINCESS (15/115) - King Lias' kingdom adjoins the Kingdom of Liberium. It is less than a day's journey from Corinth (Xena: We're going to be in Corinth by nightfall), say ten or fifteen miles. From WARRIOR... PRINCESS... TRAMP (30/206), we learn that Lias' kingdom is a days' journey from Thebes. This suggests a location midway between Corinth and Thebes, somewhere near the head of the Gulf of Corinth. (See Map 5).

[88] MORTAL BELOVED (16/116) starts near the Alconian Lake (untraceable), and continues at a wedding festival near Pylos, which is in Messenia, on the southwest coast of the Peloponnese (see Map 6).

[89] THE ROYAL COUPLE OF THIEVES (17/117) - Malthus' island is just off the coast, but there is no clue as to which coast.

[90] THE PRODIGAL (18/118) - Xena and Gabrielle are ambushed while on the way to an unspecified location. Xena declares that they will have to double back and take the coast, which does not reveal much. Gabrielle abruptly takes off for Poteidaia, which is obviously some distance away. I would arbitrarily place the start of this episode somewhere in Thessaly. Most of the action takes place in Poteidaia itself.

[91] ALTARED STATES (19/119) - The only clue as to location is a cave that Xena's army used 'a couple of years ago'.

[92] TIES THAT BIND (20/120) begins a day's walk from the village of Locia, and concludes in that village, which cannot be located.

[93] THE GREATER GOOD (21/121) - The only reference in this is Gabrielle's intention to make a short trip to Labottie (not identified) to fetch Iolaus.

[94] CALLISTO (22/122) - At the start of the episode, Xena hears reports of 'every traveler between here and Corinth' having a story about her, so they head towards Corinth. When Xena extracts information from Theodorus, he says that Callisto is going to kill the Oracle at Delphi 'tomorrow'. They must be within twenty miles or so of Delphi, which puts them either in the central valley around Amfiklia or between Mount Parnassus and the coast anywhere between Amfissa and the modern village of Distomo (though this is much more rugged country). After Delphi, Callisto flees south to the coast of the Gulf of Corinth, probably just east of Kirrha, where Xena recaptures her. The jail where Callisto was confined, escaped from, and is presumably returned to at the end of the episode is probably somewhere near Delphi (see Map 5).

[95] DEATH MASK (23/123) - There are no places mentioned in this episode. From the adjoining episodes, I would put it somewhere in the general area of Delphi.

[96] IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (24/124) - At the start, Xena and Gabrielle are taking the 'shortest route to Athens' rather than the 'southern route', in a forest which is the 'only way between Thessaly and Mitoa'. Mitoa cannot be identified. Later on, Marmax, a Mitoan general, orders his men 'pulled back to the Midian highlands'. The only possibility seems to be Medeon, a Dark Age site in the vicinity of Mount Elikon, which seems to be a quite appropriate location. As a conjecture, I would put Mitoa somewhere near the shores of the Gulf of Corinth, around Distomo, which would make the Midian Highlands the Parnassus - Elikon range (see Map 5).

[97] ORPHAN OF WAR (25/201) takes place in the Centaur village and the Ixion Caves. There is a reference to Dagnine occupying the 'southern end of the territory, near the cliffs', which would probably be sea cliffs. The most convenient location for the Centaur village and the Ixion Caves would be near the shores of the Gulf of Corinth, somewhere east of Kirrha. However, the events of DESTINY (36/212) and THE QUEST (37/213) conclusively place the Amazon village, and hence also the Centaur village, near Amphipolis.

[98] REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202) takes place in the Temple of the Fates. There are no other references to place names in the present. Most of the episode takes place in an alternate reality, in Amphipolis.

[99] GIANT KILLER (27/203) is, chronologically and geographically, one enormous YAXI.

[100] GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204) takes place in the Bacchae Forest, but the local villages have no names.

[101] RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205) - At the start of this episode, Callisto breaks out of jail, presumably near Delphi. There are no clues as to where Gabrielle and Perdicus get married. However, the sequence where Callisto dies in the quicksand is obviously on the coast, probably still the Gulf of Corinth.

[102] WARRIOR... PRINCESS... TRAMP (30/206) takes place in King Lias' kingdom. Xena is in Thebes, a day's journey away. Lias' army is described by Agis as 'the most powerful in Boeotia'. For once, geographical clues more or less agree, suggesting a site somewhere near the head of the Gulf of Corinth. This is just on the fringes of Boeotia, near enough for XWP (see Map 5).

[103] INTIMATE STRANGERS (31/207) commences on the way to Amphipolis, and concludes in a cave near the town.

[104] TEN LITTLE WARLORDS (32/208) takes place at a seaport, and on Sisyphus' island some hours' sailing off the coast. These locations could be anywhere in Greece, which has a plentiful supply of coastline and islands.

[105] A SOLSTICE CAROL (33/209) - There are no place names in this episode.

[106] THE XENA SCROLLS (34/210) takes place in Macedonia in 1940, according to a subtitle. The grave of Ares is located here. This has no geographical relevance to other episodes of XWP, except for the possibility that Ares' grave may be near the Halls of War, which would place the events of SACRIFICE II (68/322) in Macedonia. Mel Pappas' feeling that the grave was the site of a titanic battle between good and evil (Xena vs Dahak?) tends to support this. At the very start of the episode, Smythe is pointing to a spot on a map of Macedonia, though the map is yellowed and hard to read. It could be a point somewhere in the vicinity of the Aliakmon River west of Vergina, where it flows through what looks to be a gorge on my map, which could fit with Xena's identification of the Halls of War in SACRIFICE II as being 'somewhere along this line of cliffs' (see Map 6).

[107] HERE SHE COMES... MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211) - The leaders of recently warring states who entered contestants in the beauty pageant are the Doge of Messini, the Regent of Skyros, and the Palatine of Parnassus. There is no name given for Lord Claron's dominion (unless it is called Claron, which is untraceable). It is on the coast and was near the scene of a bloody coastal battle between Messini, Skyros, and Parnassus. Parnassus is the most famous mountain in Boeotia. Skyros is an island off the coast of Euboea. Messene, however, is miles away on the southwest coast of the Peloponnese. The best-guess location would be somewhere on the east coast of Euboea, or possibly even the southeast corner of Thessaly (see Map 6).

[108] DESTINY (36/212) commences in the ruins of Cirra, which is probably modern Seres (see Note 03). After Xena is injured, Gabrielle takes her to Niklio's hut on 'Mount Nestos, north of the Strymon River'. The Strymon is the major river which flows south of Seres (Cirra?) and past Amphipolis. The Nestos River is the next major river to the northeast. Presumably Mount Nestos is in the Menikio/Vrontous/Falakron massif which lies between the two rivers (see Map 2).

[109] In the flashback, Xena is seen first at the seaport of Neapolitis (presumably Neapolis, now modern Kavala), one of the seaports she raided. She had also raided Stagira, an 'ancient enemy of Amphipolis', to the west of the Strymon Gulf in Chalcidice. After M'Lila rescued Xena from the Caesar's vengeance on the beach (possibly near Caesaropolis on the Strymon river mouth), they went to Niklio's hut on Mt Nestos.

[110] THE QUEST (37/213) - Gabrielle is taking Xena's body back to Amphipolis to be buried when she is intercepted by the Amazons and taken to the Amazon village. This, in conjunction with DESTINY (36/212), conclusively fixes the Amazon village as somewhere in the Amphipolis area, and not on the Gulf of Corinth as other episodes might suggest (see Map 2). There is no name given for the temple where Autolycus steals the Dagger of Helios, or for the river they float the sarcophagus down, or for the Hall of Ambrosia, though they must be quite near the Amazon village. The Centaur land, however, is 'across the river', which confirms the information from HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110) that the two villages are not far apart.

[111] SURPRISE (H49/312) - This episode is mentioned here for its relevance to the location of the Labyrinth. The events of the episode take place inside a day, where Hercules and Callisto travel from Herc's birthday party to the Labyrinth where Hercules traps Callisto 'forever' and returns to save his family. Apparently, Alcmene borrowed Iphicles' castle near Corinth for the event, which would put the Labyrinth within a few miles of Corinth (See section 'Where are the Amazon and Centaur villages?')

[112] A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214) commences in the Amazon village. We know the Centaur village is nearby, as Ephiny sends her wounded to Tyldus to look after. There is a brief shot of Xena traveling before she rescues Callisto from the Labyrinth. They make a side trip to a village, where Xena confesses her crimes, then they confront Velasca in a quarry. After giving her the pile of rocks treatment, they continue "Just beyond the mountains there's a canyon - there are some ruins in it. And just beyond that, a lava pit. That is our best bet". They duly drop Velasca and Callisto into the lava flow. If the Labyrinth is in the Corinth area, then there is a lot of traveling to be done to get there. The lava flow could be somewhere in Boeotia (see Map 5).

[113] A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215) - The only places mentioned here are the villages of Piedmont and Laurel, which are as unlikely as they sound.

[114] FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216) - This is a day's hard riding from King Lias' kingdom, which (from previous episodes) appears to be at the head of the Gulf of Corinth. The episode takes place in Amphis, the neighboring kingdom is called Mylon, and Princess Ileandra is eloping to Pyros (none of which are traceable).

[115] THE EXECUTION (41/217) takes place in an unnamed village. The only clue is that, while Gabrielle was at Athens City Academy, Xena fought an assassin on the road outside Carinum or Calumnum (name indistinct), and he found his way back to the village to die. There seems to be no place with a name resembling this.

[116] BLIND FAITH (42/218) - This is somewhere a day or two's journey from Athens, since the Egyptian senna that Xena needs to save her sight could be obtained at 'any market in Athens' if she had not insisted on rescuing Gabby instead.

[117] ULYSSES (43/219) - At last, a positive identification! As usual, however, it raises as many questions as it answers. The episode starts somewhere on the coast, passes the island of the Sirens, and concludes on Ithaca, off the west coast of Greece. However, legend says the Sirens lived on an island called Anthemoessa near the southern coast of Italy between Sicily and the headland of Scylla. Perhaps Xena and Gabrielle encountered Ulysses in Sicily, but why they went there is not apparent. It would be much more convenient if this episode had followed LOST MARINER (45/221), but that is our dynamic duo for you, dashing from one end of the Greek world to the other and back again. (There were a number of Greek colonies on Sicily, most notably Syracuse.)

[118] THE PRICE (44/220) - Continuing the western theme, Xena encounters The Horde. She says 'the first time my army went west, they ran into The Horde'. Presumably this is still somewhere out west.

[119] LOST MARINER (45/221) sees Xena shipwrecked way to the west, somewhere around Sicily. On Cecrops' ship, they head east to Charybdis, which is the whirlpool in the Straits of Messina between Sicily and Italy, and not far from the Sirens' lair.

[120] A COMEDY OF EROS (46/222) takes place in and around the Temple of Hestia. There are no other clues.

[121] THE FURIES (47/301) - The only places here are Amphipolis (by implication, since it is Cyrene's home), the Temple of the Furies, which must be not far away, and 'a village not far from here', Andreas, where Orestes is in an asylum.

[122] BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302) - Once again, the village has no name, and it keeps having no name all the way through the episode.

[123] THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN (49/303) - There are mentions of hills and dead Athenian infantry. However, Greece is full of hills and nearly as full of Athenian infantry in various states of sentience, so this is not of much help. Likewise with Agathon's castle, the Xenaverse is full of warlords' castles. The one helpful clue is that Xena goes to see King Gregor to mobilize his army, and returns within (probably) a day. Now Gregor's kingdom is at Lerna, near Argos [CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104)], so Agathon's castle must be somewhere in Argolis in the Peloponnese (see Map 4).

[124] THE DELIVERER (50/304) begins somewhere in Greece, and concludes at Stonehenge, in Britannia. Most of it happens 'somewhere in England'.

[125] GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305) carries on from THE DELIVERER (50/304), in southern England. Xena has an encounter with Excalibur, King Arthur's sword (the 'sword in the stone'). It is not certain whether the Arthurian legends place this at Winchester or further west into Devon. The 'Warriors of the Pierced Heart' talk of the 'Round Table', so they are definitely precursors to Arthur. Xena bargains with a Phoenician trader for two passages to Greece, to be paid for on arrival in Athens, which suggests that the next episode [THE DEBT (52-53/306-307)] commences in Greece.

[126] THE DEBT I and II (52-53/306- 307) commences somewhere (probably) in Greece, (it could be Britannia, though this is less likely), and travels by sea to the Kingdom of Ch'in (China), ending up in Ming Tien's fortress. The flashbacks start after Xena was saved by M'Lila, presumably somewhere around Niklio's hut on Mt. Nestos in Thrace. (The map on screen shows her journey as starting somewhere in the Pindus Mountains west of Thessaly, but this is a YAXI. We know that Mt. Nestos is north of the Strymon River up in Thrace). Xena's track on the map runs across northern Turkey parallel to the Black Sea, through Baku, and across the Caspian Sea, then just to the south of the Aral Sea, and terminates between Lake Balkash and the Issyk Kul lake. Beyond that, all that is known for sure is that she reached some part of China. (For more speculation about Xena's travels in Britannia and China, see "Xena's Travels in THE DEBT" Whoosh! #29.

[127] KING OF ASSASSINS (54/308) - The warlord in whose pursuit Xena disappears for most of the episode is heading towards Persimenas. The action takes place in Miramus. Both places are untraceable. There was a Myrrhinous in Attica, but it hardly looks large enough to have a castle where Cleopatra might stay.

[128] WARRIOR... PRIESTESS... TRAMP (55/309) - Xena meets Gabrielle and explains she was delayed by running into Zagreus 'near Corinth'. There are no other clues as to the location of the Temple of Hestia, which could be anywhere in Greece.

[129] THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310) - The Sisters of Gaea tell Joxer that weapons are 'a hot commodity in Kargas', which is presumably the town featured in the episode. When Gabrielle sends the barbarians east, they head for Akanasia. Neither of these is traceable, nor are the much-visited caves in which most of the cast wind up.

[130] MATERNAL INSTINCTS (57/311) is set in the Centaur village and the Ixion Caves a year and two months since Xena and Gabrielle were last there. Hope releases Callisto from the lava flow where she was trapped in A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214). By implication, this is near the Centaur village, but also it must be near Herc's party in SURPRISE (H49/312). See 'Where are the Amazon and Centaur villages?' for a discussion of the YAXIs this raises. There is actually no evidence that Hope previously lived in the Centaur village, other than the presumption that she told Callisto about Solan, which implies background knowledge. But she could be getting inside information from Dahak. After all, how else did she know where to go to release Callisto? The lava flow could actually be in Boeotia, near Corinth, and Hope and Callisto could have just made a trek up from Boeotia to the Centaur village to join in the fun.

[131] THE BITTER SUITE (58/312) commences with Gabrielle in the Amazon village and Xena on a mountain in the snow. Mount Pangeon east of Amphipolis (and close to the conjectural position of the Amazon village) is 5000 feet high, which would fit well. The 'Gabdrag' terminates on a sea cliff, so the Amazon village must be within a mile or so of the coast. Illusia, of course, could be anywhere - and nowhere (see Map 2).

[132] ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313) - For once, there are plenty of place names, and I wish there were not! Xena and Gabrielle are heading for Thessaly at the beginning. Pheidippides tells them a Persian army defeated the Greek troops at Marathon two days ago and is headed on a forced march for Athens. Marathon to Athens equals 25 miles, or one day's forced march. Xena says the pass at Thermopylae is the shortest route from Marathon, but can be blocked by a landslide. Gabrielle asks, 'What if they just go around the mountain?' which makes more sense than anything else in this episode. Xena replies, 'Then they'll be where we want them, at Tripolis.' (There is no place called Tripolis anywhere between Marathon and Athens. The town of Tripolis is 100 miles beyond Athens). When they find that the inhabitants of Tripolis have fled, Xena decides to head for Thessaly. Thessaly (the province?) would certainly be out of the way of the Persians, being 100 miles away (via Thermopylae, incidentally), but Gabrielle would be long dead of arrow poison by then. This episode is geographically beyond help. Read a history book and wince. Look at the map and weep (see Map 6).

[133] FORGIVEN (60/314) - There is a reference to an abandoned castle on the Manie River, but this river is unidentifiable.

[134] KING CON (61/315) - There are no place names in this episode.

[135] WHEN IN ROME... (62/316) begins, so far as Xena and Gabrielle are concerned, in Syria. They travel by sea to Italy and overland to Rome, and make their escape on a ship, presumably back to Greece.

[136] FORGET ME NOT (63/317) opens at the Temple of Mnemosyne and spends most of the rest of the episode in Gabrielle's mind. It does tell us how Gabrielle got to Ch'in ahead of Xena in THE DEBT (52-53/306-307) - she had help from Ares.

[137] FINS, FEMMES & GEMS (64/318) - The episode opens in one of Aphrodite's temples, within a day's journey of Parnassus, and spends most of its time at a lake between there and Parnassus. Parnassus is a notable mountain in Boeotia just north of Delphi (see Map 5).

[138] TSUNAMI (65/319) - Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus are on a convict ship heading for a diamond mine on an island. This is obviously somewhere in the vicinity of Sicily, since the ship is sunk shortly after leaving port by a tsunami caused by an eruption of Mount Etna, which is 'just past the horizon' when it erupts. Assuming an Earth radius of 3960 miles, Mount Etna at 10706 feet high would be just on the horizon at 127 miles distance on a clear day. In fact, normal visibility would be far less than this, but the view from the ship clearly shows a column of smoke coming from a clear horizon. This cannot be near Greece, the nearest part of which is 300 miles away. It is doubtful whether an eruption of Etna would cause a sufficiently large tidal wave at 300 miles distance, or cause discernible earth (sea) tremors at that distance. (By way of comparison, the apocalyptic eruption of Thera (Santorini), which blew half the island into oblivion and may have wiped out the Minoan civilization on Crete by tidal wave, took place at just 80 miles range). 130 miles from Etna would put them either just off the coast of Sicily, near the western end, anywhere from Castellamare round to Marsala; off Cetraro on the Italian west coast; off Catanzaro on the south coast; or Malta.

[139] VANISHING ACT (66/320) starts in a coastal village. Xena is detained in Pergos and will be back 'tomorrow morning', say, ten miles away. The statue was stolen by Tarsus of Syros, who now has his base on the island of Mykonos. This well-known island is in the Cyclades, so probably the gals are island hopping. There is a Pirgos in southern Lakonia, a hundred miles to the west, but it is probably not the one referred to in this episode.

[140] SACRIFICE I (67/321) - The only place mentioned in this episode is the cave of the Sister Peaks, and the Halls of War, which is one night's travel away. Would this be about ten miles by moonlight? The entrance to the Halls of War is along a line of cliffs.

[141] SACRIFICE II (68/322) - Xena tells Hope (incorrectly) that the hind's blood dagger is hidden in the ruins at the foot of Mount Areopagus. The Areopagus was a low hill west of the Parthenon in Athens, where Ares was tried for the murder of Halirrhothios, son of Poseidon. However, this does not really seem to fit the episode very well. It would be preferable to tentatively place this episode in Macedonia, somewhere northwest of Mount Olympus, but only because this is where Ares was dug up in THE XENA SCROLLS (34/210). Even more tentatively, this could be along the Aliakmon River west of Vergina.

[142] ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE I and II (69-70/401-402) - Xena travels from Greece to the Land of the Dead of the Siberian Amazons. (Nowhere in the episodes does it say 'Siberia', but the TV Guide promo says it is. For a detailed examination of the 'Siberian' connections, see "The Siberian Connection" by Simahoyo in the Whoosh! Episode Guide page for SIN TRADE I. Xena starts her journey in Greece, and makes a long journey, through pine- clad snow-covered hillsides, burning sandy deserts, past rushing rivers with forested banks, through flat plains and more forests, to reach the Steppes. Later, one of the young Amazons mentions Xena's and Borias's army sweeping across the Steppes from the East. The Steppes stretch northwards betweenthe Urals and the Altai mountains, trending into woodland atabout 55 degrees north, roughly the line of the Trans-Siberian Railway between Sverdlovsk and Novosibirsk, and onthe southwest edge of the vast land area of Siberia. Theapproximate northern limit of the 'Nomad belt' was the 48degrees north parallel.

[143] The scene of the final battle, where Xena had killed the Amazon leaders 'ten years ago', is in a pine forest, some distance from the Amazon Land of the Dead and its volcano guarding the way to eternity. We could put this scene just east of Semipalatinsk on the western edge of the Altai Mountains, where the steppes give way to West Siberian fir forests. (Altai/Alti: were Xenastaff trying to tell us something? Yakut, on the other hand, is the vast area of Siberia northeast of Lake Baikal; no clues there). The nearest volcanic area is the low range of hills around Karaganda, 300 miles to the west. The nearest area which has both fir forests and volcanic rocks is Alma Ata, south of Lake Balkash, but that is getting rather a long way from Siberia. Xena's route from Greece to 'Siberia' would be through the snowy fir-covered Balkans north of Greece, due east to cross the patches of desert just north of the Caspian Sea, across the southern edge of the Urals (the forest gorges), then almost due east to reach the Semipalatinsk area (see Map 7).

[144] A FAMILY AFFAIR (71/403) begins in Dahak's temple, but almost the entire episode takes place in Poteidaia.

[145] IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404) takes place in an unnamed village, which is just as well, since the wildlife depicted in its vicinity would probably be grounds for a defamation lawsuit by the town council.

[146] A GOOD DAY (73/405) is 'somewhere in Greece', or possibly in a Greek colony, but other than the fact that the whole place is honeycombed with old mine workings, there are no clues as to where. Could it be around the old Athenian mines of Laurion, on the peninsula south of Athens - possibly a strategic spot for invading armies to land?

[147] A TALE OF TWO MUSES (74/406) takes place in the village of Baylia or Paleos (pronunciations differ), in some remarkably dry desert-like countryside. Still, I cannot locate the name. The countryside (and the music) appear to be Middle Eastern. This would fit with CRUSADER (76/408), but only if Shark Island, which intervenes, was also somewhere in the Middle East (rather than Greece).

[148] LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN (75/407) is set in Shark Island Prison. Other than being on an island, no further information is provided.

[149] CRUSADER (76/408) is set in Phoenicia (modern Lebanon). The village of Zorah, Kuta Lake, and Ribo or Riba Falls are mentioned. The countryside looks surprisingly green; however Lebanon was known for its pleasant climate. Whether Zorah, Kuta Lake or Ribo Falls exist (or ever did) cannot be confirmed.

[150] PAST IMPERFECT (77/409) is set in the city of Actis, which is, needless to say, not locatable. Both Xena and Gabrielle see 'Claw Mountain' from Xena's crucifixion vision in the distance. However, the events of that vision finally happen in Italy, 80 miles east of Rome. Perhaps they both saw the same hallucination, or, since neither of them described in detail the mountain they saw, possibly Xena 'saw' Claw Mountain, and Gabrielle saw one of the ordinary mountains in the scene, and they both thought they were talking about the same mountain. (Anything to avoid a YAXI.) The flashbacks in the episode are set outside Corinth, which barred the way to Athens. It appears that Xena must have been marching into Greece by way of the Peloponnese (very cunning, as no one would expect a Siberian nomad invasion from that direction), unless her route ran down through Thessaly, and she made a side trip after passing Thebes in order to take out Corinth in a pre-emptive strike before tackling Athens (see Map 5).

[151] KEY TO THE KINGDOM (78/410) is set in Thrasos, which does not seem to relate to any known place.

[152] DAUGHTER OF POMIRA (79/411) - There is a flashback to the time when the Horde decimated Xena's army, and a comment that taking the 'northern route' would avoid them. The mountains of Epirus toward the west would probably fit as well as anywhere.

[153] IF THE SHOE FITS (80/412) - There is a reference to heading 'east to Lameria (Lumeria? Lumaria?), but this cannot be identified.

[154] PARADISE FOUND (81/413) takes place in mountains that are a 'holy place', and on the way to India. This rather leaves it wide open. There are many holy places in the Himalayas and western extensions.

[155] DEVI (82/414) takes place somewhere in India. Big place. Take your choice.

[156] BETWEEN THE LINES (83/415) - Still somewhere in India.

[157] THE WAY (84/416) and still in India. There is a big river which could be the Ganges, but India has plenty of rivers.

[158] THE PLAY'S THE THING (85/417) finds our heroines back in Greece. Gabrielle is putting on a play in Piraeus, the port of Athens. Xena is away in Archon (location unknown).

[159] THE CONVERT (86/418) - There is no specific place mentioned in this episode. Based on the adjoining episodes, it is convenient to assume that it is in Greece.

[160] TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE (87/419) is set in Cyrene's tavern in Amphipolis.

[161] ENDGAME (88/420) all takes place near the Amazon village. No place names are mentioned.

[162] IDES OF MARCH (89/421) - Xena is planning to take the next ship for Athens when she is attacked by bounty hunters. This could well be somewhere near the Amazon village, if we assume it to be near Amphipolis. Xena travels to Rome to assassinate Caesar, meanwhile Gabrielle and Amarice are captured and taken to a prison in the Apennines near Monte Amaro. There really is a Monte Amaro, just east of the town of Sulmona, 80 miles east of Rome. Yes, 'Claw Mountain' is visible in the background.

[163] DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN (90/422) takes place 'now', probably somewhere in California.

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