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Author's Note: This article only covers Buffy the Vampire Slayer through season three and Xena: Warrior Princess through season four.

Introduction (01)
Xena and Angel (02-04)
Hercules and Buffy (05-06)
Willow and Gabrielle (07-08)
Xander and Joxer (09)
Cordelia and Aphrodite (10)
Spike and Ares (11)
Callisto and Drusilla (12)
Hope and Faith (13)
Conclusion (14)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess:
A Comparison of Characters


[1] I am an avid, okay obsessed, fan of both Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as anyone who has been to my web sites will testify. When I heard the character Angel was getting his own TV show, I got to thinking, and I realized that not only do Xena and Angel have a lot in common, but the rest of the cast of Buffy and Xena do as well.

Xena and Angel

I'm taller I'm prettier

Xena and Angel, two characters with dark pasts.

[2] Both leading characters started on another show: Xena on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for three episodes, and Angel on Buffy for three seasons. They both like dark clothes. (Ok, this is shallow, but it is a similarity.) It was Hercules who Xena credits with giving her the final push to change her evil ways, much as Angel credits Buffy. Angel and Xena then got their own shows, about their struggle to defeat evil, not only in the world, but in themselves as well. Xena's show, and apparently now Angel's, are dealing with more adult themes than their respective parent show. Both characters are also very mysterious, with bits and pieces of their past revealed here and there.

[3] When Xena leaves Hercules to go make amends for her past, they kiss, like Buffy and Angel did when they first realized they could not be together, and they both tried to walk away. Which brings us to how Xena/Angel told Hercules/Buffy they loved them. Xena told Hercules before the fight with Darphus because she did not want to die without letting Hercules know how she felt. Angel told Buffy after the fight with the Judge, because Angel too did not want anything to happen to him or Buffy without letting her knowing how he felt. Then Hercules and Xena and Buffy and Angel made love.

[4] Xena told Gabrielle that she might go back to her evil ways if something were to happen to Hercules. (She said that might be the consequences too if anything ever happened to her mother or to Gabrielle, but that is not relevant right now.) Angel gets very upset when Buffy is in danger as well. Xena and Angel would gladly die to save the life of Hercules and Buffy.

Hercules and Buffy

I'm stronger I've killed more

Herc and Buffy, both strong yet vulnerable.

[5] Buffy and Hercules both have been given the title "The Chosen One". Hercules received his title because he is to ensure that the Celts gain freedom from the threat of their gods, and Buffy because she is to ensure humans gain freedom from the threat of vampires and other forces of darkness. They have both rebelled against their destiny, which is to fight the forces of evil. They both have strength beyond that of regular people.

[6] For those they care about, there is nothing they would not do. Hercules has risked his life in a fight with Ares for Serena's freedom and life, and Buffy gave the Mayor the "grablocks" he needed for the Ascension to save Willow's life, and Buffy allowed Angel to almost completely drained her blood to save his life.

Willow and Gabrielle

[7] Gabrielle is the best friend of Xena, as Willow is to Buffy, and you could also call Willow Buffy's sidekick, like Gabrielle is for Xena. They both like books/scrolls, with Gabrielle writing them and Willow reading them. Gabrielle and Willow were both innocent and naive in the ways of the world when they met their best friends. They became stronger and more self-confident because of that friendship.

[8] In the last couple of seasons, Willow and Gabrielle have done the most growing. They both have been thinking about their future and what they wanted to do with their lives. They both wanted to make the world a better place. Willow decided to help Buffy fight evil with her magic. Gabrielle decided to help the world with the "Way of Love", and to help Xena with her support and friendship.

Xander and Joxer

[9] Both Joxer and Xander are trying to prove themselves, and both tag along with a couple of women who can take care of themselves. Both are considered by some people to be annoying, but both characters also have a loyal following, much like Joxer and Xander are extremely loyal to their respective heroes.

Cordelia and Aphrodite

I have
better fashion sense. Ex-squeeze me?!

Cordy and Aphrodite, studies in self absorbtion.

[10] Both Cordelia and Aphrodite, at first, seem really catty and self-centered, not to mention materialistic. But as time goes on, they show they actually care about people, and both know what it is like to be lonely. Both found love unexpectedly in unusual circumstances, Cordelia with Xander hiding in a basement from a member of the Order of Taraka, and Aphrodite with Hephaestus when he was holding her captive in his cave.

Spike and Ares

I wish my
hair was darker I wish my
hair was blonde

Spike and Ares, tough on the outside, perhaps softer on the inside.

[11] Spike and Ares both are, at first glance, bad guys. But they have both helped to save the world from destruction, Spike when Angelus wanted to open a portal to Hell, and Ares when Michael was trying to bring Armageddon to Earth. They both have weaknesses, Spike for Drusilla, Ares for Xena, and those weaknesses have been used against them. When Ares was mortal, he turned into a drunk, and Spike turned into a drunk when Drusilla left him.

Callisto and Drusilla

Here comes trouble! You got that
right, deary!

Callisto and Drusilla, two psychos, no waiting.

[12] Callisto and Drusilla both have had their families destroyed by someone who was evil at the time, but who later turned good. The loss of their families pretty much pushed each character over the edge, and they became nutsy-cuckoo. Because of that person who destroyed their families, both Callisto and Drusilla also became immortal: Drusilla directly when Angel sired her, and Callisto indirectly when Hera gave her the chance to kill Hercules (whom Callisto blames for making Xena good) in exchange for a chance at immortality. Drusilla and Callisto both blame the "Chosen Ones" for redeeming Angel and Xena, who made them what they are.

Hope and Faith

[13] When Faith turned bad, she tried to kill Xander, much like Hope planned to have Joxer killed by the Destroyer. They were both protected by someone who believed they were good, despite evidence to the contrary, Hope by Gabrielle, and Faith by Buffy. When Faith shot Angel with a poisoned arrow, and Hope was trying to bring Dahak into the world once more, the ones who had protected them once tried to kill them to save the ones they loved, Xena and Angel, respectively. Ironically, both Buffy and Gabrielle were unsuccessful in killing their foe.


[14] These are the main characters which are paralleled on the shows. There are no Xenaverse counter-parts to Giles, Oz, Jenny, or Joyce, but the search never stops.


Heather Schmidt Heather Schmidt
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