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By Janet Elizabeth Swainston
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A Tour of the Joxerverse (01)
Joxer: The Legendary Journeys (02-15)
The Joxer Scrolls (16-23)
Joxer Online (24)

A Tour of the Joxerverse:
the Sites and Sounds of Joxer Online

A Tour of the Joxerverse

[01] For fans of Joxer the Mighty, there is no dearth of websites dedicated to him. I would estimate just under 100 sites that encompass both fan fiction and other media. However, do not be discouraged, for if you seek you shall find. Let me take you on a little tour of what the web has to offer with a pro-Joxer tone.

Joxer: The Legendary Journeys

Since Gabrielle never asks for directions, Joxer consults a map
Joxer has often been a legend in his own mind.

[02] There are several types of sites that feature Joxer [Note 01]. Many are fan fiction websites, either of a personal nature or a general Joxer archive. Multi-media websites have screen grabs, games, and a wealth of interesting information. Let me start with the fan fiction archives.

[03] You could start with the Bookcase [Note 02] hosted by a fan fiction writer that goes by the name of Raye. Here you can find many types of fiction, but most predominantly, you will find fan fiction. She features a variety of authors both prolific and occasional. Joxer fan fiction is a featured part of this site. This is a nice looking site. It is easy to maneuver with a built-in site search engine and handy table of updates. Not a lot of eye-candy but that's not what it is there for. The selection is chosen by the webmaster/archivist who likes to publish stories that she herself enjoys. Her motto is "If I like it, my visitors will like it." Good philosophy.

[04] Another fine fan fiction website is the Joxerite Fan Fiction Guild [Note 03] that is kept up to date by its diligent archivist and designer Xebbie. This huge Joxer fan fiction website hosts everything from its sister mailing list's Lyric Challenge stories to poetry and filks. Here you will find one of the largest archives of Joxer fan fiction by a variety of wonderful writers.

[05] If you are looking for song inspired Joxer fan fiction, try the Lyrics Challenge Story Archive [Note 04], which describes itself as "an archive consisting of "Xena" fanfiction based on song lyrics. It currently contains 108 stories" and gives this description of its history, "The lyrics story challenge originated in early 1999 on the Gabrielle and Joxer Romantics Society mailing list. It originally was posed by Jennifer Campbell and later taken over by Xebbie. Eight bards participated in the first round, and additional rounds are initiated about every two months. The archive was created in early 2000 as a place to preserve the wonderful fiction that the challenge bards were producing. By that time, the challenge had generated about fifty stories." The graphics are minimal but the fiction is plentiful and a great read. None of the stories is overly long and the lyrics that inspire each story are included. The archivist, Jen Campbell, puts a lot of work into maintaining this nifty site.

[06] The most famous of Joxer fan fiction sites is Miltiades Joxerverse [Note 05], owned and operated by Saskatchewan Joxerite, Scott Langham. This fabulous looking site is nicely laid out. Many secret Joxer fans have found their way here first and what a welcome they get. Great pictures and much fiction. A must see for Joxer fans or any fan.

[07] For faithful fans of the Gabrielle and Joxer dynamic, you can check out the Gabrielle and Joxer Romantics Society webpage [Note 06]. A beautifully designed website with lots of graphics and very easy to maneuver menus and indices. This site has lots to offer including a fan fiction archive among other things. There is also a nice collection of multi-media. Do not forget to check out the great links to other Joxer sites. The GJRS Amazon Council runs this site.

[08] You can visit The New Bard Library [Note 07] that hosts all sorts of fiction, but has a large Joxer fan fiction archive. I won't review this site, as it's my own, but I will say that a lot of work has/does go into keeping this site nice looking, easy to move around in and open to all types of fiction. There are a diverse group of writers represented here along with links to many other Joxer sites.

[09] Now let us look at the Joxer fan sites. The sites that have a little of everything for every fan are plentiful and offer some of the same things, but each of them has their own individuality.

[10] To start your tour of general fan sites, try the fan site that includes Joxer fiction – The Subtlety of Pickett's Charge [Note 08] run by Philip D. Hernandez. This is a big site for eye candy. Many pictures, screen grabs as well as links, and more links. In addition, this is Phil's personal website. It includes many of his hobbies and personal information about him. A nice looking site that is well put together and has some great fiction.

[11] Next, you can try the Ted Files [Note 09]. This sharp-looking website features everything Ted Raimi. Is includes a small archive of Joxer fan fiction, as well as many other features that include music videos featuring Joxer, images, and links. Another nice site with a lot to offer the Joxer fan by a Joxer fan.

[12] For fun and humor, try Blunder On! [Note 10] by Nancy Lorenz. A great little parody of the popular Battle On! that is well drawn and has a sly humor. A must see for Joxer fans. It is easy to move around the site and it has many features that you can check out. Nancy does a great job on a site that is sadly only seen by Joxer fans.

[13] Kawcrow's Aerie [Note 11], a site that claims that it is "a website for the easily amused" is a fun and funky little Joxer dedicated fansite. The graphics and pictures are just amazing and its webmasters/designer has put more than a little thought and effort into beautifying the web. This site has a plenitude of quirky things that should entertain and amuse just about any fan.

[14] For the more adventurous and adult fan, you can check out Joxer's sexy side at the adults-only website, GJErotica [Note 12], owned and operated by Findley K. Boyd, III. A lot of sexy fiction featuring Joxer and mostly Gabrielle that is well written. The site is beautiful to look at and has a large archive of erotic tales. A definite must see for the G/J subtext enthusiasts.

[15] A tour through the Joxerverse would not be complete without a trip to a sweet site hosted by Melissa Flores called That Was Scary [Note 13]. This site is dedicated to the Gabrielle/Joxer romantic theme and is beautifully designed. The fiction is plentiful and the graphics are subtle. This great site is safe for G/J shippers.

The Joxer Scrolls

Je suis un sidekick!
WhatJoxer-related scrolls might be unearthed in future?

[16] If there were a bard following Joxer around and writing down his adventures on a multitude of scrolls, what would that bard be like? What would they say about Joxer the Mighty? Who would that bard be? Joxer fan fiction writers are as prolific and talented as their counterparts in the mainstream part of Xena fandom. They have their own ideas as to what they would like to see happen and make a point writing those ideas down.

[17] Joxer fan fiction has its own celebrities in their corner of the Xenaverse. If you paid attention to this you would know names like Philip D. Hernandez, Filippa Morgan Flashheart, Melissa Flores, Nancy Lorenz, Xebbie, and Lori W. Bush, just to name a few. Here is a quick review of the works of the Joxerverse's most famous scribes.

[18] Philip D. Hernandez has written many Joxer/Gabrielle Romantic fictions, most specifically a series he calls "Joxer Loves Gabrielle." This series chronicles the journey that our well-meaning hero follows in a romance with the beloved bard. It also shows the character's growth as a person. One of my favorite highlights of the series is when Xena teaches Joxer to fight. Phil's work is memorable and touching, and his parodies will leave you in stitches. You can check him out at his own website, The Subtlety of Pickett's Charge [Note 08], or the New Bard Library [Note 07], the JFFG [Note 03] or the GJRS [Note 06] fiction archives.

[19] Our next celebrity is Fillipa Morgan Flashheart, who has written several series of tales starting with "Anastasios" and moving along to "The Black Horse Trilogy," just to name a couple. Filippa loves Joxer, horses, and J/G romance and it shows in her stories. Her work is lovingly crafted and sweeping in scope. To read this author's work is to experience something that will leave you changed. Filippa can mostly be found at the JFFG [Note 03] and the GJRS [Note 06] fiction archives.

[20] One of the most prolific Joxer writers is Melissa Flores, aka Misty or Mistiec. Her work is as diverse as the fandom that inspires it. No two Misty stories are the same, whether she is using pop culture films or delving into her own fevered imagination, and her work never ceases to entertain and illuminate. Whether you are looking for drama, romance, or comedy, Melissa has it all. Her fiction is posted all over the Joxerverse but most likely you will find her at her own website, That Was Scary [Note 13], or the JFFG [Note 03], the New Bard Library [Note 07] or the GJRS [Note 06] fan fiction archives.

[21] Another bard, whose talents are plentiful is outspoken Aussie, Nancy Lorenz. An artist, cartoonist, singer, actor, and, of course, writer, Nancy writes in epic proportions. Three of her most recent fictions that come to mind are the touching "Amazon King" where Gabrielle must fight her Amazon tribe to marry Joxer, the charming vignette "Bardic Blues" where Joxer helps Gabrielle entertain a frustrating group of children, and a sly and funny tale "The Playground of Gods and Men," where the author herself is transported into the Xenaverse by a meddling Goddess. Nancy's work is well worth the read and can be found mostly at the GJRS [Note 06] and JFFG [Note 03] archives.

[22] For some of the best in GJErotica, try Xebbie's work. With a nicely flowing style, Xebbie has a firm grasp of Joxer's more sensual and sexy side and she isn't afraid to show her readers. Her most widely known and adored series is "Pillow Talk" that takes Joxer and Gabrielle from playful bedroom banter to sensual delights you will just have to read to believe. This series is also a winner of a Golden Quill Award [Note 14]. You can find the "Pillow Talk" series [Note 15] at its own website and others at the GJErotica [Note 12] archives.

[23] Finally, you can always seek out the works of Lori W. Bush. An author who has dared to explore Joxer's childhood and can equally bring you to tears of joy or laughter. Recently, one of her stories and my personal favorite, "Innocence" won a GQA (Golden Quill Award) [Note 14]. Lori blends honest emotion with clever situations so that her stories draw the reader in and leave them wanting more. You can find Lori at her own website, Ted, Tim, Joxer and More [Note 16], the New Bard Library [Note 07], the GJRS [Note 06] and JFFG [Note 03] archives.

Joxer Online

[24] As you can see, the Joxer fan is as dedicated, prolific, and talented as the pro-X/G subtext or anti-Joxer fan. Web sites dedicated to this wannabe warrior are diverse and worth a visit, even from the non-Joxer fans. So, next time you're surfing the net and want to take a walk on the other side of the street, try one of the above sites or just type "Joxer" into your favorite search engine, sit back and appreciate the talents of those whose views differ from your own.


Note 01

The sites mentioned in this paper are by no means all-inclusive. There are more sites that are well worth the visit but I do not have the energy to mention them here! The sites mentioned in this article are the ones that this author visits on a regular basis.
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The Bookcase
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Note 03

The Joxerite Fan Fiction Guild
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Note 04

Lyrics Challenge Story Archive
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Note 05

Miltiades Joxerverse
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Note 06

The Gabrielle and Joxer Romantics Society
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The New Bard Library
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The Subtlety of Pickett's Charge
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The Ted Files
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Blunder On!
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Kawcrow's Aerie
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That Was Scary
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Note 14

The Golden Quill Awards
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Note 15

The Pillow Talk Series
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Note 16

Ted, Joxer, Tim and More
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Janet Elizabeth Swainston, "Subtext or Subconscious"
WHOOSH #42 (March 2000)

Janet Elizabeth Swainston, "The Joxer Fan Fiction Writer: The Xenaverse's Not-So-Secret Society"
WHOOSH #49 (October 2000)

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WHOOSH #50 (November 2000)


swainston Janet Elizabeth Swainston

Janet Elizabeth Swainston is an aspiring screenwriter and publishes her own and other's Joxer fan fiction on her own website, The New Bard Library.

Favorite episode: KINDRED SPIRITS
Favorite line: "I love you, I'm in love with you!" –Joxer, CHAKRAM
First episode seen: KEY TO THE KINGDOM (78/410)
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