Whoosh! Issue Fifty - Seven June 2001


Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

The Convention As Authentic Xena Experience
By Carolyn Bremer (carolyn@carolynbremer.com) and Christine Boese (nomad@innova.net)
Pasadena Con Report: May 3-6, 2001
By Jodi Walton (JodiMnstr@aol.com)
Pasadena Lite: Or the Report You Write When You Weren't Actually At the Convention
By Nancy Amazon (nancyamazon@hotmail.com)
Pasadena Diary
By Philip Tracy (philt53@home.com)
Convention Thoughts
By Mil Toro (lucyfer@idirect.com)
Has Everyone in the Xenaverse Been To a Con Except Me?
By Anita Firebaugh (bluesong@aol.com)
Retrospective Article About a Retrospective Panel: Pasadenas "Six Seasons of Xena: What Went Right and What Went Wrong"
By Beth Gaynor (BGaynor@compuserve.com)
WHOOSH! Panel Notes
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (penandswrd@aol.com)
Creation Impressions
By Sally Dye (sallydye@wabash.net)
Stranger Than Fiction
By Rhana McConnell (quinrhan@bossig.com)
Behind the "Xenes" At the Pasadena Convention
By mrjamester@hotmail.com
Do You Collect Stamps?
By Nola Johnston (nolaj@telus.net)
Between the 1 and the 6
By Dyann Esparza (geekgrrl@geekgrrls.com)
Three Days in May
By Anthony Ward (CPTSKIP01@aol.com)
Xena Convention: Pasadena 2001
By Kelly M. Lupher-Rathka (TrueXena@aol.com)
The Volcano Looks Fine From Here: Confessions of a Con Virgin
By V. Anderson (vandersonsc@yahoo.com)
She Said "It's Magic"
By Anonymous
The Feeling
By Jennifer Schofield (jnschof@milehigh.net)
Convention Virgin's Journey Into the Xenaverse
By Nora O. Manzanares (Amiznom@aol.com)
When Fates Combined
By Deborah Abbott (debb@texas.net)
Xena Fan
By Silencebard@aol.com
My First Convention Experience
By Andrea Young (critic2000@yahoo.com)
Virtual Con