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By Sally Dye
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Where I Am Coming From (01-02)
My Past (03-04)
Pasadena 2001 (05-09)


Neither rain...

Discussing Creation Entertainment with fans can be an uncertain enterprise

Where I Am Coming From

[01] Pasadena 2001 was my third Creation Xena Convention and my first big con experience. I do have to admit that I really have nothing to compare it to, say DragonCon or any other fan-run convention, so my critique may be a little uneducated. However, I believe I have seen enough of Creation's method of operation that I have formed a valid opinion on said operating practices.

[02] I have heard many horror stories online about tickets lost, rudeness to fans, and insensitivity to problems encountered by fans attending the conventions. Moreover, while this may have made me a little uneasy about placing so much confidence in this company to fulfill my dreams, I have to say honestly that I have never experienced any of these horrors first hand. I have always received my tickets in plenty of time to take them to the conventions. I have always been happy with my seats and with the entertainment offered. Any Creation staff that I have dealt with, either on the telephone or in person, has always treated me in a friendly and helpful manner.

Nor warrior princesses...

Creation Entertainment is best known for their conventions...

My Past

[03] My first two conventions were smaller ones held in Chicago. I had read about them online and was anxious to experience one up close and personal. I shanghaied my cousin, not a Xena fan at the time (but she is coming around as I continue to drag her to more conventions), into going with me, ordered the tickets, and we were set. In my excitement, I posted to one of the many mailing lists I belong to that I was headed to my first Xena con. The first reply I received was something along the line of, "Have a good time, IF you get your tickets." I was nonplussed and a little hesitant to ask what the cryptic comment referred to. From that and other comments that came up on the list, I gathered that Creation was held in low esteem by many con-goers.

[04] I was apprehensive as I waited for my tickets to arrive, but arrive they did, and in plenty of time. Once at the convention, I kept an eagle eye out for any sign of unfairness in the way the convention attendees were treated, but the only thing I could see that remotely resembled rudeness or unfairness was the way everyone was hustled through the autograph line. My seats were fairly close to the front, so it was even harder to see the necessity for that, but I imagine if I had been near the back I would have been much more thankful for the staff's diligence in keeping the line moving. Other than that, everyone was cheerful and seemed to be having just as good a time as those who had paid for admittance. I went home happy with the memories of my first convention.

Nor server failures...

... but they also do a brisk business selling genre fandom merchandise.

Pasadena 2001

[05] I was determined to attend the Pasadena convention in 2001 and ordered my tickets as soon as they went on sale last summer. At Thanksgiving, I attended my second Chicago convention, which went just as smoothly as the first one did. Nevertheless, I kept reading gloomy e-mails about how Creation was bound to mess things up for the big con in Pasadena. Despite my two good experiences, I was worried all over again, wondering if my tickets would come in time, and whether the experience would be as memorable as I was hoping or if it would be ruined by some incompetence or inefficiency on Creation's part. My tickets did arrive on time and the Pasadena convention was the greatest fan experience I have ever had.

[06] None of the Creation staffers I encountered were anything but friendly, even the people who urged no pictures or conversation in the autograph line. The fact that many people did not really listen to them could be seen as an excuse for a bit of rudeness. However, I did not see any of them lose it completely, as I personally might have done, frankly, because as a junior high teacher I am not very understanding when someone blatantly ignores what I have told them to do. I loved Sharon Delaney's role as emcee and questioner for Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor and even wish that that format could be adopted for other, smaller cons.

[07] Therefore, I count my Creation con experiences as some of the greatest fan moments I have had since I became a Xena fan. I thank Creation for that and wish them much success in future cons. I will certainly continue to attend.

[08] I also do business with Creation by buying merchandise from them online and on eBay and have never been disappointed in a purchase made from them. I know that no business is perfect, and that there are bound to have been mistakes that have been irritating to some who have dealt with Creation, just as there would be with any other organization. I can only say that I have not encountered any of those mistakes or inconveniences.

[09] If after reading of my experiences you feel the need to refute anything I have said, please feel free to do so, but know first that I have already heard all the negative opinions and many of the negative experiences. I am not trying to say none of these things happened. I am also not writing this to be a cheerleader for Creation. I do not work for them, and they are not paying me anything to write this. However, amid all the negative comments, I thought someone should speak for the good in what they do, and that is what this is.

Will keep us from your merchandising needs!

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Sally Dye Sally Dye

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