Whoosh! Issue 57 - June 2001

By Rhana McConnell
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Welcome to Xena Fan World (01-02)
Part the First: Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving (03-04)
Part the Second: A Picture is Not Worth a Thousand Words (05-07)
Part the Third: She's Got a Ticket to Ride (08-10)


Welcome to Xena Fan World

From the new Shakespeare spoof play, XENA AND GABRIELLE ARE DEAD

The call of nature can call at any time
(photo by Lida Verner)

[01] Friday, May 4, 2001 marked my first day at my first convention. WOW. So, with trepidation, anxiousness, and excitement, I entered the world of the Xena Fan, not knowing what to expect, what I would see, or if I would get out of California unscathed.

[02] There are many excellent convention reports out there so I decided to jot down three interesting tidbits that happened during the three-day celebration. Unfortunately, they all happened when I was in line for the little girl's room so be prepared!

Part the First:
Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving

Demonstrating how to disable a giant

Alex Tydings shows off her clean hands at the Charity Breakfast
(photo by Marilyn Cristiano)

[03] As I am next in line for the bathroom, water closet, little girls room, or whatever you wish to call it, I notice Sharon Delany walking with a purpose towards me, and someone trailing behind her trying to look inconspicuous. Realizing she was making a beeline for the bathroom, I step aside and blink as I recognize a tattooed forearm. It is Alexandra Tydings. Sharon remains on door patrol, so I ask for her photo and she obliges though we both laugh at the "women" sign in the shot. Then I enter the room. As I wash my hands (all those years as a food service worker does take its toll) I glance into the mirror and see Alex right next to me washing her hands (guess she has good hygiene too!). We smile at each other and as I leave, I decide to say something silly, for I am rather silly.

[04] In a stage whisper, I say, "We are not supposed to talk with you!" I then do a doubly silly albeit stupid thing and give her my 'woe is me' gaze and exit the room to her laughter. Then Alex and Sharon take off into the crowd, some people recognizing the actor, and staring in surprise. I am giddy. Maybe from seeing an actor up close or from being an ice tea lighter...

Part the Second:
A Picture is Not Worth a Thousand Words

I just *****ing love this ****ing water!

Claire Stansfield with some water. Hmmmm.
(photo by Marilyn Cristiano)

[05] Again, the ice tea demands a recount and I am back in line. Again, I am ready to enter when a purposeful Creation volunteer passes by with a very tall, longhaired woman who is keeping her head down, trying to hide under her dark hair. Whoa, it is Claire Stansfield. Several people rush into the bathroom so I stay outside because another actor is on stage and is telling an interesting anecdote and well, I can wait a bit. It was not a full glass of ice tea anyway.

[06] Exclamations come from the bathroom and then I hear a camera clicking away. I am shocked. Has that shutterbug ever heard of privacy? Of course, it was accidental that I met Alex in the bathroom, I was not stalking her. Really, I thought, how totally rude. A woman comes out of the bathroom and stops right in front of me to shoot some photos of the actor on stage. Again, very rude. Claire comes out, hiding under her hair again, and that woman chose that moment to step back and run into the actor. No "excuse me" or anything. Claire has to do a side step almost crashing into me to avoid running the woman over. She finally gets away.

[07] The woman didn't even turn around as I say, "That was Claire Stansfield!" hoping she would at least feel a little shame. The woman growled, "I know, I got a picture of her in the bathroom." I did not see this woman's face, but she was the epitome of paparazzi and if she is reading this, I feel sorry for you, ma'am.

Part the Third:
She's Got a Ticket to Ride

Even in a plastic gown, Hudson isn't sweating nearly as much as the guy she's talking to

Hudson "Gate Crasher" Leick in her challenging red dress
(photo by Marilyn Cristiano)

[08] Once more into the breach, only this time by a wicked two glasses of ice tea, I am waaaay back next to the Annex waiting in line for... you guessed it, the women's room. (Bladder control, Depends anyone?) People are gathering with their $30.00 tickets to get the stars' autographs. Poor Creation Volunteers, they are hard pressed to keep order here and go by numbers.

[09] An entourage of people try to enter with a tall, blonde woman in a white cotton dress who is in the lead. One of the Creation workers reaches out to stop her. Harried, the girl shakes her head and says "Only tickets 1-50!" The woman giggles and pats the girl on the arm. "I am sorry, I do not have a ticket, honey." The girl starts to get mad then recognizes the woman and sheepishly let her through. Yep, it was Hudson Lieck, being very patient and kind.

[10] I never said I had normal experiences. So if you want anything interesting to happen, just go wait in the restroom line. You meet everyone there.


Rhana McConnell. An Interview with Fan Fiction Bard LZ Clotho. WHOOSH #46 (July 2000)


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