Whoosh! Issue 57 - June 2001

By Kelly M. Lupher-Rathka
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Stir Crazy (01-02)
Adventures in Steerage (03-04)
That's How It Goes, First Your Money Then Your Clothes! (05-06)
Prozac Nation (07-07)


Stir Crazy

Whom do I have to kill to get out of this series?!

Xena had a rough time in THE FURIES

[01] What are my thoughts and feelings on this convention? They are jumbled for the most part, and wild and crazy to say the least. Arriving a week before the planned events, I went a little stir crazy waiting for Thursday to come around. Once the party stuff began it was fun and fulfilling.

[02] I thought for sure my happiness about the weekend and the people I had visited would quickly slip into a depression by the appearance and/or disappearance of Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless on stage. I am glad to inform you that the happiness inside me stayed well into Monday night. I met some of the people I have known online, some for the first time. I also caught up with many of the people I had met years ago at my first Xena Fest. I also met a bunch of folks I had never talked to, in person or by email. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, I got a *Kiss* from Hudson Leick!

Adventures in Steerage

[03] I was more than FAR from the stage the whole weekend, yet I felt like a very big part of the action and interaction with the talent on stage. I missed a few things on Sunday that I wish I had not, but got other memories in return for my troubles.

[04] I wanted to be everywhere at every moment. I did not want to miss a thing, not one-second. I knew that I would run myself ragged if I tried to do what I used to do at these things in the past. Not to mention I had the 14 month old to tote around this time. She was the one walking me around the whole weekend with the "Born to be a Xenite" T-shirt and "Bottle On!!" on the back. Trying to keep things simple and get the most out of the weekend, I used the Creation schedule as a template to make up my own schedule, complete with times I could venture off to the bathroom. Hey! I REALLY did not want to miss anything! For the most part, I kept to my schedule, but the Tike had her own plans, she forgot to inform me about. So, we did not miss much of the convention. She had many XenAunts to play with and entertain.

That's How It Goes, First Your Money Then Your Clothes!

Sugar and spice -- red hot peppery spice!

Hudson Leick usually wears memorable clothes
(photo by Marilyn Cristiano)

[05] I did not go to any of the Creation planned events before or after the "Con" stuff. Yet, Creation was able to usurp over $350 from me throughout the weekend. I think I even enjoyed spending the money, too, which was a real shocker for me. I did have a full weekend with other things to do when the Convention was not in session.

[06] I loved all the talent, but enjoyed Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless' time on stage. I only got a slight lump in my throat when it seemed like Renee was getting a bit emotional with one of her answers. I loved the song, and applaud Renee for having the guts to start it on her own. To me, Renee was the best thing at this convention, though Hudson Leick came in a close second. I loved the little signs of motherhood about her. I liked the fact that Lucy tried not to steal Renee's thunder or spotlight. I really enjoyed the *friendship* that was conveyed by both, with their speech and actions. I was very glad I saved up to attend this one.

Prozac Nation

[07] The *depression* did not sink in until Monday night, while in the Hotel lobby. All weekend, the lobby was filled with Xenites going back and forth. Mini groups huddled here, a band of smokers there and pretty much the same in ALL the hotels. I even got a feel that most of the hotel was filled with Xenites Monday morning. Though most of the ones I saw had luggage and were waiting for cabs. I got to catch up to a few friends who had been too busy with guarding the *Talent* to socialize during the con. When I returned to the same hotel later that evening, it was eerie. The air seemed to have lost its electricity. Nobody outside in a huddle of smokers, nobody lounging in the lobby couches. The weekend was officially over for me. I knew a few people were still around, but it just was not the same, with the bulk of Xenites gone.

[08] I want to thank every person who spent hard-earned money on tickets to attend. Without the fans, these weekends just would not and could not be what they are. I am sure if Creation decides to keep on doing such blowout bashes like this one, they will have plenty of fans to fill the seats. It is truly wonderful to spend the last part of the last season with the fans. I will wait impatiently for the next big event to happen, and try hard to attend it as well. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all that are a part of Xena: Warrior Princess, to include the fans.


Kelly M. Rathka. Memories of the Last 50 Months of Xena. WHOOSH #50 (November 2000)


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