Whoosh! Issue 57 - June 2001

By Silencebard@aol.com
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The Good (01-02)
The Bad (03)
And Not the Ugly (04-07)


The Good

Budget cuts force the use of children as stand-ins for the final episodes

Costume contest contestants line up for the judges
(photo by Marilyn Cristiano)

[01] I had the pleasure of going to the Pasadena Convention, May 4th through the 6th. It left me awestruck, seeing so many people gather for the love of this show from all over the world and all ages. That left this small town girl with some good memories. Cute memories like the kids all dressed up as Xena and Gabrielle, and adults too. There was even one man dressed in a battle dress.

[02] It was nice to see the stars as much as I could. I have to admit that Creation Entertainment was the only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth. Greed does not even seem to touch the surface to describe the Convention experience. Maybe I was a fool to believe a fan meant something, it was a culture shock to find out differently.

The Bad

[03] With all the hard work we as fans put into petitions, charities, and watching the show with the utmost loyalty, even when we felt the show was deserting us, did we not deserve better? Did we not deserve that special time with our two heroes? Why did I leave feeling like a dollar sign with an empty soul? I asked a few regulars that go to many of these functions and their reply was, that is just Creation. Or, Creation is out to make a profit, that they are a company after all. Hmm, I thought they were there because us fans made them. Is it not our support, time, blood sweat and tears, oh and our money that made the company? Am I, as a fan just supposed to go with the flow and open my wallet, shut my mouth, and take it? It would not be so bad money wise, if Creation put on an outstanding show. Not sub par. I feel very disgusted by all of this, wondering why I am a fan of anything.

And Not the Ugly

The new St. Pauli Girl... from HELL!

What is the power that this woman has over otherwise sane people?
(photo by Debbie Cassetta)

[04] What was nice and positive was Hudson Leick (Callisto). She went out of her way to make a fan feel like they meant something. Thanks Hudson. Special thanks to Claire Stansfield and Alex Tydings for acknowledging the Fan Fiction world. It was nice to be thought of something other then a Nutball.

[05] What about seeing Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor? From what I could -- wow, what a concept, seeing the actual persons. I just wish I could have heard what they said. Maybe I will when the Creation video comes out. Maybe then I can see better and hear what was said. Hmm, more money for Creation? No, I should not think that.

[06] I wish as a fan I got to tell them right in person what the show meant to me. As an abused woman, it was nice to see a strong, positive female influence. It helped me make it through those dark times when I just wanted to give up. These words stayed with me, while I sat through watching Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor being asked the same questions we had all heard a thousand times, that they had answered a thousand times. Sigh. My chance to tell them what they meant to me and many others came and went in a blur.

[07] I will have to pass on any other Conventions. My soul cannot take it. Maybe writing this article will help my heart heal. I am blessed and so grateful for meeting my online friends, and seeing what stars I could. Now I will try to move on. Just watch some reruns and read some good Fan Fiction. I am thankful a show like Xena came my way. It is time to forget about the greed. May the Gods bless all the Xenites.


Silencebard@aol.com Silencebard@aol.com

Just a girl from a small town in the midwest.
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Favorite line: Favorite line: Xena: "I have many skills."
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