Whoosh! Issue 59 - August 2001

By Judith K. Parker
Group Therapy Project
Content © 2001 held by author
WHOOSH! edition © 2001 held by Whoosh!
302 words



I'm just about to show you where you can stuff your frequency, Kenneth!
TV shows can be larger than life.

I watched a TV show
and found my love,
Demeter, red-haired goddess,
tender of heart,
taking on others' sadness and happiness,
enfolding me and my dreams,
teaching me that love is art.

I watched a TV show
and found my friends,
in couples and singly,
friends who can challenge,
friends who can support.

I watched a TV show
and found a world.
Greece with a New Zealand flavor
brought Charleston and Chicago,
Los Angeles and Washington,
Vancouver and New York.

I watched a TV show
and found writing.
As questions fired stories and poems,
a dream became a hobby
and someday may grow into more.

I watched a TV show.

I watched a TV show,
and found



Judith K. Parker. It's a Wonderful Life, Xena: A Critical Comparison Between Xena: Warrior Princess' REMEMBER NOTHING and Capra's It's A Wonderful Life. WHOOSH #4 (January 1997)


parker Judith K. Parker, B.S., The Ohio State University; M.Ed., Wright State University. Judith divides her time between rural Central Ohio and Vancouver, British Columbia.. She has worked as a university instructor and public school teacher. Publications include Waiting For Spring, a poetry chapbook published by Counterculture Press of Montgomery, Alabama, Four From Wishes, a collection of stories, available from Xlibris, and Stone Pillars, A Book Of Poetry, published by Rapbooks of Austin, Texas.
Favorite episode: REMEMBER NOTHING (#26) and WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (#30)
Favorite line: Xena, to her son, Solan: "I can sing for you." (ORPHAN OF WAR, #25); Meg, in front of the mirror: "That's Xena with a capital Z!" (WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP, #30).
First episode seen: REMEMBER NOTHING (#26)
Least favorite episode: MARRIED WITH FISHSTICKS



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