Whoosh! Issue Sixty-Eight - May 2002

Issue 68 - May 2002

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

An Interview With Campbell Rouselle (Stunt Actor)
By Cr@Orcon.Net.Nz ()
Examination Of Xena As Nietzsche's "Uberbabe"
By Bradley Danbrook (bdanbrook@hotmail.com)
A (Semi-) Defense Of Ulysses
By Lee Reams (sulla80@msn.com)
Did We Say Violence?
By Xiomara Suro(beboman@earthlink.net)
Xena Is Dead
By Michael Walker michaelrewalker@ntlworld.com

By Amy Murphy
Adrienne Wilkinson
Actor: As If And Xena: Warrior Princess
Amanda Coe
Creator/Writer: As If
Bat Morda
Fan fiction author
Anne Azel
Fan fiction author
Malaurie Barber
Fan fiction author
Kristien Damon (Lawlsfan)
Fan fiction author


No one was harmed by the episode ULYSSES,
except for a few people who got slivers from some wooden acting.

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