Whoosh! Issue 73 - 
October 2002
Editor's Page

From the Editor-in-Chief:
Looks Like We Made it!
From the Graphics Editor:
The Night Of The Shifting Seasons

From the Editor-in-Chief:

After a grueling month we got this issue out...true it was late, but we got it out! Computer problems, time constraints, pressing real life needs, and the like conspired to make this the first tardy issue of Whoosh EVER. But we worked through the problems, jumped the hurdles, and forged ahead. And here we are. And here we hope to remain. Thanks for your patience and support.

Kym Masera Taborn
Executive Committee
Calabasas, CA
October 12, 2002

From the Graphics Editor:

It is the nature of editorial writing to forever operate in the past, at least somewhat, relative to the current issue. Thanks to the electronic age, it is possible for one to compose an editorial scant hours before an issue is released (not that I'd ever do that, of course). More often than not, the editorial gets written somewhere "middle of the month-ish" prior to release of the next issue. This allows for a little time to digest current events of interest, do a bit of research, and just check which direction the fan wind happens to be blowing (and believe me, fans can make a lot of wind when they've a mind).

At the moment, for example, it is still pre-equinox summer. Although not by much, the days are yet a wee bit longer in the Northern Hemisphere. The evening air is measurably crisper, but the days, when mostly cloud-free, can still be quite warm. The cicadas are still making quite a racket in the middle of the day, and the odd firefly is still out at night. Only in the highest of mountains and latitudes do the trees show a hint of change to herald the fall. The hawks have not yet begun to spiral upward and glide to the bottom of the next updraft on their journey south.

For the vast majority of the city-bound population, who measure the seasons not by meteorological conditions or the shape of the flora and fauna, but rather by whether school is in session or not and what upcoming holiday will we spend at which relatives' house, the wind is certainly about to change.

Television viewers have already got the sad news that there will be no more new episodes of FARSCAPE nor WITCHBLADE. BUFFY fans are counting the hours, if not the very moments, until the new season debut. Soon we can see what this new FIREFLY thing is all about. Some new blood is in the offing, some old faves are history.

So this October, between raking leaves and carving pumpkins, you can read this issue of WHOOSH! and attend the theatre, if only virtually, as well as check out the icky bits inside the heads of a few people.

As for myself, I'm going to sit here in the shade a bit longer as my horse munches on some grass near a tree she's tethered to. When both eyes are open, I'll keep one eye on the end of the fishing pole and the other on my notebook and pen (not that it means I'll be using them a great deal), as well as glance occasionally at that western sky where the clouds are getting a bit darker and thicker as the afternoon wears on.

This week, that's a full day for me.

Bret Rudnick
Whoosh! Executive Committee
Under a tree, by a stream, somewhere in the middle of Nowhere Missouri
16 September 2002

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