Whoosh! Issue 76 - March/April 2003
Editor's Page

From the Editor-in-Chief:
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From the Graphics Editor:
The Night Of The Cord Cutting

From the Editor-in-Chief:

Because of computer malfunctions, Kym's editorial will be late this month. Check back soon!

From the Graphics Editor:

This year is a double whammy for fans of BUFFY and FARSCAPE, as both shows wind down to an end.

I can't really speak to any global statistical certainty, but I know several people personally who watch both shows and enjoy them, primarily, as is the case with all quality shows, for the interesting and varied characters portrayed.

Fans of both shows have had their share of knuckle-biting experiences this season, and indeed, in virtually all seasons. FARSCAPE, losing a little steam of late (though that may be my perception alone) has heated up with the capture of a principle character and the effort to recover her. BUFFY prepares for the latest "big bad" that is poised to - all together now - take over (and/or destroy) the world.

For me, both shows have been successful in keeping their characters interesting while still providing a means for some sort of change. Characters grow, learn, change, not always for the better, but also not in a haphazard or jarring/unpredictable way.

This is the heart of any successful show - memorable characters that keep the audience so interested that they keep returning. If you ask someone about his/her favourite show, chances are the person will not start with what the show is about, but will first describe a character and what that character does/says/thinks.

The most successful shows have people continue to talk about them long after their first-run episodes have aired.

It will be very interesting to see how both FARSCAPE and BUFFY end. Will the creators of those shows pull something sudden or unpleasant? Will major characters die or will the shows end on a hopeful note? Will sacrifices be in vain or for a greater good? Will there be fan reaction on a scale equal to FIN, regardless of the outcome?

Stay tuned.

Now *that's* entertainment!

Bret Ryan Rudnick
Whoosh! Executive Committee
28 February 2003
Hermosa Beach, California

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