Whoosh! Issue 78 - June 2003
Editor's Page

From the Editor-in-Chief:
Boy Am I Ever Tired

From the Editor-in-Chief:

Boy Am I Ever Tired

But tired in a good way...I guess if being tired can ever be good. Of course it can be good! What was I thinking to ever doubt that? Tired yes, disenchanted no! I am still OBSESSED with keeping this website going regardless of how many candles I have burning at once (I have one of those 6 dimensional candles...you know, one with "many ends"). I feel so achieved to have gotten the June issue's beginning up by June 5th! Late June 5th. Hey...it's still June, all right? And of course, I still have these plans churning in my devious little head, or mind, or whatever it is growing out of my neck. And they may be realized before the turn of the next century.

On my secular front, last week under the color of my duty as President of the Malibu Creek State Park Docents, I was a speaker at the May 31, 2003 Sepulveda Adobe Dedication. I got to put on a suit, make a speech, shake hands with a California Legislature representative after receiving a California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the Docents, accept a commemorative copy of a limited run book on the Santa Monica Mountains from the Sierra Club, and try not to pass out from the heat. All that after being an Acting Manager at my office for the previous week, and then everything crashing into my birthday Sunday June 1st. And not to mention that I now hike in the Las Virgenes Canyon three times a week. Yes, I am tired. But in a good way. Lots of things compete for my time, but it's nice to come back to Whoosh.

And what of my usual "great plans" speech? Nothing much other than I have plans afoot to completely overhaul the Malibu Creek State Park area and to greatly expand the movies review area. I also am going to clean up the episode guide and make the world safe for democracy.

Many thanks for the birthday greetings I have gotten all week. It is greatly appreciated. I am also heartened by the mail I receive from people who still enjoy this site, and the excitement that many have when they first encounter whoosh.org. I wish everyone the best and thank you all for letting me enjoy this time so much.

A woman out standing in her field

Kym in docent mode near Malibu Creek State Park's Visitor Center

Kym Masera Taborn
Executive Committee
Calabasas, CA
June 5, 2003

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