Whoosh! Issue Eight - May 1997

By BRET RYAN RUDNICK (brudnick@ivanova.harvard.edu)
Copyright © 1997 held by author
368 words

[01] Ah, the things I do for "WHOOSH!".

[02] The May issue of PLAYBOY MAGAZINE contains, beginning on page 144, a "20 questions" interview with Lucy Lawless.

[03] There is one colour picture of Ms. Lawless, but before some of you get excited, it is a very tasteful, indeed humourous, shot which shows little skin. She is sitting, legs exposed, dressed in a sheerish cream-patterned robe with black trim. She wears a string of pearls around her neck, and her hair is done in a rather 1940's style. Perched on her shoulder, like some sort of audioanimatronic s/m parrot, is a small Xena doll, and she is looking at this with an impish smile.

[04] The interview was obviously conducted shortly after Ms. Lawless' accident last year since the interviewer refers to her being still in a wheelchair at the time.

[05] In the article, we learn things like Ms. Lawless toyed with going by the name "Rita Reckless" before she decided to go with her married name. She liked her first costume on HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS because "it was *sexy*", and we also learn there is only *one* Xena costume.

[06] She repeats some things many Hard Core Nutball fans already know, such as how she got the part and the "fortune teller" story we heard on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO. But we also learn she is "a recovering Catholic". We find out she keeps a sword from the show in the back of her car for "practise". We learn a little about the differences between New Zealand and American culture (e.g., in New Zealand, eye contact with strangers is regarded as impolite).

[07] Subtext runs strong in the article as well, since while discussing the things Gabrielle is and is not allowed to do (e.g., Gabby cannot touch Xena's weapons -- big no-no), Ms. Lawless says: "She can't use my toothbrush. That's reserved for the fourth season."

[08] Finally, the last question asked was "What's Xena's vacation fantasy?" The answer: "A biennial sailing trip to Lesbos."

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