Whoosh! Issue 83 - November 2004
Letters to the Editor

Last update: 10/31/03

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Topics Covered: Lena Kundera on All My Children; Michael Levine; Things To Look Out For; Futurama; Kudos

Letters To The Editor

Lena Kundera on All My Children

From: Maribel Piloto
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 5:03 PM
Subject: AMC clips

Wanted to thank you for making those AMC clips available through WHOOSH and the Instant Messenger. I've been downloading them and enjoying them. I don't know if my downloading the clips through Instant Messenger affects your PC connection in any way Kym. If it does and you'd rather I not download several at a time let me know.

I want to share in the LenaLahv, you know. Heh heh. The AIM shared folder is over 5.5 gigs now. By the time I am done, it will probably be 10 or more gigs. I am working on May 2003 now and adding to the mov collection which I already have up. The additional clips fill in a lot of the story and add quite a bit to the over all presentation. I am happy I was able to locate all this stuff and find a way to share it.

Zephyria was kind enough to offer the 200megs for the Lena Kundera Theater. That is a fun project. It will be fun going through Lena story 200 megs at a time per week! It will take about 20 weeks to get to where we are now in the story so I aniticpate beginning the cycle over in about half a year.

The Lena on AMC episode guide is now officially the most popular area on Whoosh. It finally overtook Alias last week! I would love it if I could get people writing articles about the show, but perhaps there just isn't the depth there that was for Xena: warrior Princess.

I am always happy to hear of people enjoying the clips. I love the heck out of them for some inexplicable reason. They amuse me constantly and consistently. My goal is to spread the LenaLahv. I have gotten too much enjoyment out of the character and it has been fun creating the Lena Kundera episode guide and also editing/watching the clips and also being able to distribute them to the people who would like to see them that did not get the chance to see them before or just want to refresh their memories. When I was amassing my collection, there were certain avenues which were expensive to go down, but now hopefully, others will nothave to shell out cash to scalpers and/or use up valuable time by having to reinvent the wheel.

My happiest Lena news (other than the promise of some Lena expositon and action in a sweeps month) is that I have located the two clips I did not have (and will not have to pay scalpers $20 per clip!) and I should be getting them this coming week. That will be the clips for the 12/13/02 and 01/15/03 episodes. The 12/13/02 clip is the Holy Grail of Lena clips.

Thank you for asking about how offering these clips on my computer affect my computer. Having ten plus people download from my computer does slow it down quite a bit. But do not worry, when I need the speed, I just log off of AIM, do what I have to do, and then re-connect. I have DSL so I can keep it on overnight with little difficulty. So please, download away. If AIM is on, then I do not care.

From: Tracy Moore
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 7:15 PM
Subject: Re:

Thank you. I just discovered the AMC story line between Bianca & Lena through online clips & I have to say I'm quite hooked. Look forward to your clips.

Michael Levine

From: Kristin
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2003 2:00 PM
Subject: Michael Levine

I really enjoyed your interview with Michael Levine. I was wondering if you happen to know how to get in contact with him? I would like to ask him some questions about a few specific "Forever Knight" episodes he directed.

He can be reached in care of:

(310) 274-6611

Things To Look Out For

From: Rozemarijn Hoobroeckx
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 8:52 AM

I just wanted to tell you this: Whoosh is excellent! But I'm not that good with short messages, so sorry: there is more.

I stumbled onto your website about a year and a half ago, in search for some information. I had just seen the season 4 finale, and my sister and I stared at the screen, convinced it was the very last episode. At that time, I had watched almost all previous episodes, but I didn't know that, nor did I know anything other than that the show probably was a (better) spin-off of Hercules (which I didn't watch anymore because I found it boring). Xena had grown on me, however, and after I found out that this actually wasn't the last one, but the next one was to be the last they would broadcast, I started to get sad. Yeah, my first encounter with XWS [Xena Withdrawal Syndrome]. I went investigating. The broadcasting channel didn't make me much the wiser, because in my little country XWP is more of a fill-in show. At the end of beginning of the evening, usually it doesn't encourage people to give a lot of information. So I set foot on the WWW. And found far more than I expected. I narrowed the zillions down to a few and one of them was Whoosh.

And that was an eye-opener. Not only did I discover that there were two more seasons, I went from enjoying this show to loving it and being secretly obsessed with it. I have you to thank for many a sleep-deprived night! After I went through the episode guide of season 1-4, I discovered how great this show really is. I just couldn't get my fill. People around me don't really understand it, but I know it isn't just me: You could start a nation with all the people loving this show. I don't try explaining it, I just enjoy it. I had six years of info and fanfic to catch up to, and have only made a dent in it, so I prepare myself for more sleepless nights and loving it. And the best part is, now 18 months later, I still have a whole season of episodes to go: 22! Never broadcasted here, so brand new for me. It is rather hard to avoid spoilers, but I manage. I really enjoy reading the episode guide after watching a new episode and then watching it again with different eyes.

And I'm amazed by and grateful for the way the Xenaverse is still going strong, now that the series has ended. So, after all my rambling, here is my pointless and useless contribution:

My own list of things to look out for:

- Lost Mariner: at the end, when Xena helps a queasy Gab stand up, my tv made me think there was a tattoo of some kind on G's lower back. Still don't know if it's just my imagination...

- the Bitter Suite: There's a song in The wizard of Oz called 'ding dong the witch is dead', change one letter and you get that great line from Ares...

-Purity: the door to the temple in Chin looks an awful lot like the door in Chakram, but without the chakram.

- Amphipolis Under Siege: When Xena makes the tunnel collapse she seems to lose her sword, but she holds it in the next shot; The make-up artist was paying attention: In the closing scene Xena has a scar on her upper left arm, where she always gets herself cut. Haven't seen it since, though.

- Life Blood: The sacrificial knife is clean one moment and bloodied the next.

- Looking Death...: Gab fights one of Athena's girls, who has straight hair in one shot and dreads in the next.

-Livia: Great detail: when Livia splits and catches the chakram, look at the reflection of the spark in her eyes!

-Eve: I'm not sure, but I thought they played Solan's music from the end of Orphan of War when Gab tells Xena Eve is dead, there is just Livia. I liked that.

I know: get a life. But it's fun. And tomorrow night I get to see the season 6 premiere, with, as I understand, new opening credits. Can't wait.

Excuse me for my dutch english, thank you for your time and effort and battle on.

Roos HBX, the Netherlands

From: Thad Ward
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 2:40 AM
Subject: "Things to Look Out For" on Xena 92/502 "Chakram"

Hello. I was just watching "Chakram" while sorting through my piles of unlabeled tapes, and happened to notice a mistake. When Xena grabs a chakram from the alter to kill Kal, she actually grabs the dark chakram, not the light one. (The dark chakram has rectangle-shaped gold colored patterns around the inner circumference (kinda like |__|), whereas the light one has ones shaped kinda like this: >__> )


From: Sean Clancy
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 8:18 PM
Subject: Question About Episode...

I was wondering if you could please inform me on the name of the episode of Futurama that was aired on Adult Swim on Monday night, October 20 2003? It was especially funny!

#16 A Head in The Polls. Richard Nixon buys benders body.

Whoosha Lauda

From: Katrina Blau
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 7:09 PM
Subject: As per usual

As per usual, Whoosh is delightful. Glad you are carrying on. :)

From: KTogna
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 8:51 AM
Subject: xena/whoosh fan

feel a little ridiculous writing an email about a tv show and a website about it, but just wanted you to know i very much enjoy whoosh. i caught xena about 5 months ago on oxygen tv, got hooked, and now have the dvds and am taping shows!!! of all the websites, i believe yours is the best and want to thank you for it. keep up the good work, try to push out the dvd's if you guys have any pull at all and would not mind seeing a movie. torn about the way xena ended.....cant seem to make up my mind about it. oh well. again, thank you.

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