Whoosh! Issue 84 - December 2003
Editor's Page

From the Editor-in-Chief:
Adventures in DVDdom

From the Editor-in-Chief:

Adventures in DVDdom

I think I am done with my contributions to the Davis Panzer Xena: Warrior Princess third season DVD set. The highlight was interviewing Rick Jacobson, Hudson Leick, Steve Sears, Jason Schmid, Rob Field, and Paul Robert Coyle in a a wild six hour period. The runner up highlights were choosing the deleted scenes from "Sacrifice II" and the scenes from "Sacrifice I & II" to use in the "Sacrifice" documentary. I am looking forward to seeing what the final product looks like. The Davis Panzer people have been very open to suggestions and they convinced me that they wanted to do the best fan package they could. The release date is January 13, 2003. They have filled it with as much commentary and interviews as was possible and also made the DVDs with closed caption.

See you next month!

Kym Masera Taborn
Executive Committee
Malibu, CA
November 30, 2003

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