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Made-for-TV mythology made easy

Posted 01-12-99

The Straits Times (Singapore)
By "Sunday Plus", page 2

Quick introductions to the show and includes websites for the shows. WHOOSH appears at its old url, listed with the old url of the Official Site.



    What happened: Hercules' Mum is a mortal, Alcmene, while Dad is Zeus, boss
of the Greek gods, hence his superhuman strength.

   Zeus' wife Hera, however, is very put out by his philandering and decides to
take it out on mortals, especially Hercules.

   She has the hero's beautiful wife and three kids killed. As a result, he
leaves home to wander the world and save mortals from the hands of fickle gods,
like Hera.  Friends: He is accompanied on his travels by good friend, Iolaus
(Michael Hurst), a hero-wannabe whose punchlines are deadlier than his punch.  

   Another recurrent character is Salmoneus, a smooth-talking toga salesman who
is into "self-actualisation" and who once offered to become Hercules' agent
because "I could get you a contract for big dinars".  Foes: Hera is the biggest
baddie of the piece, but another who appears regularly is Ares, the god of war,
who is forever trying to start a fight.  Mythic realm: For more information on
Hercules, you can check out the official website at
http://www.mca.com/tv/hercules /siteindex.html

   For more links, there is the ultimate list at http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/
virus/ hercules.html


    What happened: Xena is a warrior who wanted to kill Hercules in her quest
for power, but was betrayed by her own army. As a result, she turns over a new
leaf and decides to make amends for her bloody past.

    Friends: Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is Xena's companion on her travels.  A
peasant girl, she joins Xena in search of a more exciting life. Like Iolaus,
Gabrielle is more a talker than a fighter and she aspires to become a bard.

    Foes: Ares -yes, him again -is the recurrent foe. Xena was once his protege
and he is continually trying to win her back.

    Mythic realm: For more information, check out the official website at
http://www.mca.com/tv/xena The e-zine Whoosh, devoted to all things Xena, can be
found at http://www.third story.com/whoosh

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