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Kemosabe substitute keeps on Tick-ing

Posted 01-12-99

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
By Page W2

An actual section about IAXS! States we have "set a new standard in fandom", it is "well-written", and money never exchanged hands! Author Ellis states his pride in being mentioned in an article in WHOOSH ["The Curse of Baywatch" by Kym Taborn] and quotes where he is mentioned. Uses the old WHOOSH url.



Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess who have computer access are well
aware of the multitude of Web sites dedicated to the show and
its star, Lucy Lawless.

But one has set a new standard in fandom. The International
Association of Xena Studies is a group of serious Xena fans who
publish an online, well-written journal called Whoosh!  Yes,
they are rather obsessive, but this bunch has a real spirit of
fun about what they do. Whoosh! got its name from the sound
Xena's chakram (or circle thingie, as one character called it)
makes flying through the air.

I really got a kick out of the July issue. There was a good,
chatty interview with Kevin Smith (who plays Ares, the god of
war) and an insightful chat with Robert Field, one of the show's

Then there was an article titled "The Curse of Baywatch."
Whoosh! editor Kym Masera Taborn (who also edits the Xena Media
Review), explored the media's "mass hallucination" that Xena is
Baywatch set in mythological times. Taborn enumerates the
stories and publications that followed and how they built on the

Then came the graph that really got my attention:

"The first mainstream defense of Xena: Warrior Princess from the
pestilent Baywatch association was in the Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette (11-17-95) ... by Ellis Widner ... [he] averred
that Xena was fundamentally different because of content ...
that Xena: Warrior Princess and Baywatch were not different
breeds of the same animal; rather, Xena was as different to
Baywatch as a cat was to a dog." Later, she refers to my
comments as a "lofty" defense.


Xena isn't Bullfinch's Mythology. But this entertaining show
might lead people to Bullfinch's and the writings of Joseph

I e-mailed the editor, and got a nicely written reply. "You
should be proud of your place in Xena media history," Taborn

You know what? I am.

You can find Whoosh! at:


Now, bring on the new season, I'm ready!

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