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Posted 01-12-99

Entertainment Weekly
By Page 104
Photo: [Lucy Lawless in TV show Xena: Warrior Princess]

Wow! We got reviewed in Entertainment Weekly. They only do one or a week so we feel this was our 15 minutes of fame with EW. Okay we got only a B+, but at least we left that "The Rules" site in the dust with their pathetic C+. And we were listed first too!!! But old url (pout)


(www.thirdstory.com/whoosh/) Whoosh is the sound of Xena's chakram--that metal
discus-shaped weapon--flying through the air. For nondevotees of TV's Xena:
Warrior Princess (photo below), it's also the sound of this monthly E-zine's
obsessive content--academic articles, gossip column, thesis-size episode
synopses, an Encyclopedia Xenaica--flying over your head.   But even fans who
aren't "hardcore nutballs" (one encyclopedia entry) should appreciate the site's
camp, Xena-worthy humor. B+ --Megan Harlan

   --THE RULES (www.therules book.com) Whether you think the Rules book is
outdated man-trappin' hooey or dating gospel, its official site boasts a perfect
marriage of style and content. Pink-and-purple froufrou graphics--heart-shaped
hyperlinks, luminescent engagement rings-- tell-all message boards, and
author-answered E-mail advice column (typical query: "Should I answer his
E-mail?") should leave Rules girls, anyway, in a swoon. C+ --MH

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