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WHOOSH Author/Title Index
through issue 97

W01 (9609) = WHOOSH No. 1, September 1996
WE02 (9610) = TEXT edition of WHOOSH No. 2, October 1996


Nash, Terri. Two Sparrows in a Hurricane. W69 (2002/06)
Nayko. Nicholas. Avengers or Airheads: The Xenaverse Furies. W15 (9712)
Nayko, Nicholas. Bitter About the Third Season. W23 (9808)
Nayko, Nicholas. Callisto: Die Furie? W11 (9708)
Nayko, Nicholas. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN vs. Euripides' THE BACCHAE.
    W14 (9711)
Nearing WHOOSH's First Anniversary (editorial) Taborn, Kym Masera. WE11
Nelson, Rhonda. Female Hero, Duality of Gender, and Postmodern Feminism
    in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. W13 (9710)
Nelson, S. L. Cry Murder: The Politics and Ethics of Homicide in XENA:
    WARRIOR PRINCESS. W17 (9802)
Nelson, S. L. Cry Murder Redux. W50 (2000/11)
Never Be the Same Again. O'Neill, Kevin. W69 (2002/06)
The New Joxer Wars (editorial). Robillard, Stacey. W20 (9805)
The New Season (editorial). Robillard, Stacey. W15 (9712)
New stuff! (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. W86 (2004/02)
New XENA Ezine Premiering Soon (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera.
    W03 (9611)
The New Year (editorial). Robillard, Stacey. W16 (9801)
The New Year (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. W16 (9801)
The New Year and a Few plugs (editorial). Book, Betsy. W16 (9801)
New York City XenaFest (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. W07 (9704)
New York City XenaFest: Reminiscence. Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W07 (9704)
Nguyen, Spring and Goodman, Kate. Memo to Robert Tapert and Company:
    Unsolicited Advice from Armchair Critics. W56 (2001/05)
The Night of Absent Friends (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W33
The Night of Our Departed Callisto (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W21 (9806)
The Night of the Advancing Armies (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W47
The Night of the Amazing Aphrodite and the Final Finale (editorial). 
    Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W72 (2002/09)
The Night of the Big Blowout (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W29
The Night of the Boggling Blackout (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W44 (2000/05) 
The Night of the Cancelled Conspiracy (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W23 (9808)
The Night of the Cinematic Show (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W46
The Night of the Comedic Catharsis (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. 
    W88 (2004/04)
The Night of the Concomitant Casualties (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W49 2000/10) 
The Night of the Cord Cutting (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W75
The Night of the Cord Cutting (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W76
The Night Of The Crushed Credits (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W27
The Night of the Dearly Departed (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W37
The Night of the Decided Disappointment (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W58 (2001/07)
The Night of the Deer Widow Weekend (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W39 (9912) 
The Night of the Eclipsing Epiphany (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W60 (2001/09)    
The Night Of The Edited Episodes (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W26
The Night Of The Engaging Ensemble (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. 
    W70 (2002/07)
The Night of the Evil Editorial and the Contemplative Convention
    (editorial).  W41 (2000/02) 
The Night of the Festive Xena Fest (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W32 (9905)
The Night Of The Fictitious Fans (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W25
The Night of the Fleeing Fans (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W42 
Night of the Full Circle (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W40 (2000/01)
The Night of the Hard-Core Nutballs (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W17 (9802)
The Night of the Heeltapped Heart (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W38 (9911)
The Night of the Incredulous Irony (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W57 (2001/06) 
The Night of the Jilted Joxer (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W45   
The Night of the Jocular Joxer (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W55
The Night of the Lamentable Loss (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W67 (2002/04)
The Night of the Lesson (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W22 (9807)
The Night of the Liquidated Landmark (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W53 (2001/02)
The Night of the Loquacious Editor (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W34 (9907)
The Night of the Malcontent Milestones (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W50 (2000/11) 
The Night of the Multiple Messages (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W77 (2003/05)
The Night Of The New Year (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W28 (9901)
The Night of the New York Nutballs (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W20 (9805)
The Night of the Opportune Apology (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W62 (2001/11)
The Night of the Past Production (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.  W54
The Night of the Post-Production Praises (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W30 (9903)
The Night of the Promoting Publicity (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W52 (2001/01)
The Night of the Raucous Retrospective (editorial). Rudnick, Bret 
    Ryan. W64 (2002/01)
The Night of the Recurring Remembrance (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W68 (2002/05) 
The Night of the Revisited Requiem (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W65 (2002/02)  
The Night of the Ruminous Reflection (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W69 (2002/06)  
The Night of the Salacious Survey (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W48
The Night of the Scary Fans (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W24
The Night of the Scintillating Statistics (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W18 (9803)
The Night of the Seasonal Greetings (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W63 (2001/12)
The Night of the Seasonal Siesta (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W74 (2002/12)
The Night Of The Sensational Season(editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W51 (2000/12)
The Night Of The Shifting Seasons (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W73 (2002/10)
The Night of the Sudden Blackout (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W19
The Night of the Summer Breeze (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W35
The Night of the Terrible Tragedy (editorial). Rudnick,  Bret Ryan. 
    W61 (2001/10)
The Night of the Terrifying Transition (editorial). Rudnick, Bret
    Ryan. W43 (2000/04)
The Night of the Unexpected Reunion (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W31 (9904)
The Night of the Voracious Vultures (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. 
    W56 (2001/05)
The Night of the Wanting Words (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W59
Night, S. FRIEND IN NEED: A Story of Transcendent Love. W60 (2001/09)
"No Fate But What We Make": Xena's Perceptions of Religion, Destiny and
    Free Will. Yellin, Hamutal. W40 (2000/01) 
No, It Is Not the End of the Millenium, Forced Syllogisms and Other
    Matters (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. 
No, Rob, Subtext Did Not Ruin Xena. Foster, Valerie. W50 (2000/11)
Norman, Jodi; Dunn, Pam; Maynard, Kate; and Thomas, Gary, editors.
    The Gabberish Lexicon. 2nd Edition. W21 (9806)
Not Fair! Lavester, Denise. W60 (2001/09)
Not the Sincerest Form of Flattery (editorial). Rudnick, Bret Ryan.
    W15 (9712)
Not Your Typical Fan. Knapp, Nina.  W51 (2000/12) 
Notes for Therapy. Giorgio, Carole. W60 (2001/09)
Nowlan, Diane. Lao Ma as the Classic Good Mother Archetype. W17 (9802)
Nussbaum, Margo. Confessions of a XENA Freak. W13 (9710)

Oak, Lena. Why Did You Have to Go and Die on Us? W59 (2001/08)
An Oasis in a Cultural Desert: Part One: Introduction and the
    Cultural Desert. Ashworth, Alison. W62 (2001/11)
An Oasis in a Cultural Desert: Part Three: The Cultural Oasis and 
    Conclusion. Ashworth, Alison. W65 (2002/02)
An Oasis in a Cultural Desert: Part Two: The Creative Context. 
    Ashworth, Alison. W63 (2001/12) 
Obi-Wan Kenobi And Lao Ma: The Guide's Influence On A Young Hero.
    Baker, Ed. W28 (9901)
Obsessed Fan Story: A Hat By Any Other Name. Folds, M. W32 (9905)
Obsession, Thy Name is Xenamania. Rudnick, Bret Ryan. WE05 (9702)
Obsessive Fandom (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. W50 (2000/11)
O'Connor, Renee. Friends and Co-Workers Share Their Memories and 
    Impressions of Kevin Smith. W67 (2002/04)
October, What a Month (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. W03 (9611)
THE ODYSSEY vs. ULYSSES. Stephens, J. S. W17 (9802)
Of Bangs and Bangles, Xena and Bliss. Monroy, Deborah. W69 (2002/06)
Of Garters and Kings. Mazzeri, Edward. W75 (2003/01)
Of Some Varieties of Fan Fiction. Bailey, J. W53 (2001/02) 
The Official Guide to Clan MacGab and The Gabberish Lexicon. Maynard,
    Kate, ed. W04 (9701)
O'Gorman, Dean. Friends and Co-Workers Share Their Memories and 
    Impressions of Kevin Smith. W67 (2002/04)
O'Grady, Catherine. Blessed Are the Greek: Christian Symbolism in XENA:
    WARRIOR PRINCESS. W31 (9904)
O'Grady, Catherine. Gabrielle's Relationship to Trees. W21 (9806)
Oh, My God! They Killed Xena! You B*st*ards! Hall, D.J. W59 (2001/08)
Oh, No, Fan Fiction Again? (editorial) Taborn, Kym Masera. W46 
Olson, Paul. Xena on Rome's Side: The Warrior Princess and La Gran
     Contessa. W53 (2001/02)
On Linking Caesar and Xena. Lashmar, Brian. W17 (9802)
On Sappho. Mazzeri, Edward. W72 (2002/09)
On the Set of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Helberg, Michele. W30 (9903)
On the Set with Renee O'Connor. Rudnick, Bret Ryan. W21 (9806)
On Watching the Director's Cut of the Series Finale. Mazzeri, Edward.
    W70 (2002/07)
The Once and Future Beaver. Carper, Virginia. W36 (9909)
The Once and Future Warrior: Parallels Between Colonel Kira Nerys
    and Xena Warrior Princess. Rasmussen, J.R. W34 (9907)
Once Upon A Time. (editorial) Batmorda. W25 (9810)
Once Upon a Weekend Dreary (editorial). Bongo Bear. W46 (2000/07)
One Against an Army. Wilcox, W.F. W60 (2001/09)
One Night at the Museum of Television and Radio. Holland, Sandra. W60
One Obsession Leads to Another. Swenson, Gregory R. W50 (2000/11)/
One Step Beyond -- Uber, That Is. Maas, L.J. and Wilson, Murphy. W49
One Year After. Taborn, Kym Masera. W69 (2002/06)
O'Neill, Kevin. How XENA and WHOOSH! Changed My Life. W76 (2003/02)
O'Neill, Kevin. Never Be the Same Again. W69 (2002/06)
O'Neill, Pat. How Do I Feel about the Series Finale? W59 (2001/08)
Onita@netcom.com; Poirier, Tamara; Rudnick, Bret Ryan; Sullivan,
    Shelley; Malone, Dinah; Blau, Katrina; Draganis, Mary; Error, 
    Darise; Gaynor, Beth; and Taborn, Kym Masera. When Titles Collide:
    A Title Wave. W20 (9805)
The Online Life and Adventures of Bat Morda. Morda, Bat. W50 (2000/11)
The Origin of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Movie Genre and Its Influence 
    on the American Television and Movie Industry. Michallet-Romero, L. 
    Crystal. W84 (2003/12)  
Ortega, Teresa. Memo to Mr. Tapert: A View from the Cheap Seats. W59
The Other Side: Writing Alternative XENA Fan Fiction from a Male Point
    of View. Rooks. W46 (2000/07)
Ott, James. What Was I Ever Going To Do? W61 (2001/10)
Ottinger, Ila. All You Need Is Love. W72 (2002/09)
Ottinger, Ila. XENA: Looking at the Six Years. W70 (2002/07)
Our First Anniversary (editorial). Taborn, Kym Masera. W08 (9705)
Our First Anniversary (the Continuing Saga) (editorial). Taborn, Kym
    Masera. W09 (9706)
The Outsider: Confessions of a Joxer Fan. Swainston, Janet Elizabeth.
    W50 (2000/11)/Contributors. 

Packard, Sarah. Burbank Con report 2004. W88 (2004/04)
Paddock, Holly. BITTER SUITE of Editing, The. W38 (9911) 
The Palace, Again (editorial). Book, Betsy. W21 (9806)
Palumbo, Alice. Lao Madonna: RAY OF LIGHT and Its Influence on Seasons
    Four and Five of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. W56 (2001/05)
Pangan, Kathleen. With Xena as a Role Model, Nothing is Impossible. W13
Pankow, Deborah. Xena Conventions. W48 (2000/09)
Panzer-Davis XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Season One DVDs. Starr, Daniel.
    W76 (2003/02)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 6. W44 (2000/05)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 7. W45 (2000/06)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 8. W46 (2000/07)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 9. W47 (2000/08)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 10. W48 (2000/09)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 11. W49 (2000/10)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 12. W50 (2000/11)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 13. W51 (2000/12)
Pappaceno, Marian; Guest, Nicola. Caption This, No. 14. W52 (2001/01)
Pappaceno, Marian. Caption This, No. 15. W53 (2001/02)
Pappaceno, Marian. Caption This, No. 16. W54 (2001/03)
Pappaceno, Marian. Caption This, No. 17. W55 (2001/04)
Paradee, Carol. Searching for Meaning. W59 (2001/08)
Parker, Judith. An Easy Way to Enjoy the Series Finale. W59 (2001/08)
Parker, Judith K. It's A Wonderful Life, Xena: A Critical Comparison 
    A WONDERFUL LIFE. W04 (9701)
Parker, Judith K. It's Just a Show. W59 (2001/08)
Pasadena Con Report: May 3-6, 2001. Walton, Jodi. W57 (2001/06)
Pasadena Diary. Tracy, Philip. W57 (2001/06) 
Pasadena Lite: Or the Report You Write When You Weren't Actually at the
    Convention. Amazon, Nancy. W57 (2001/06)
Pattee, Christine. Heroic Deeds and Moral Dilemmas: Reading About Women
    Before and After Xena. W40 (2000/01) 
Patton, Lori C. Working Out Your Own Salvation with XENA: WARRIOR
    PRINCESS. W33 (9906)
Patton, Lorien. The Death of a Warrior. W59 (2001/08)
Pechin, Jean. Xena and Gabrielle: Romantic Warrior Heroes. W53
Penandswrd@aol.com. The Unanswered Question: AoL Live Chat with Renee
    O'Connor, April 23, 1997. W08 (9705)
The Perdica Collection. Cavert, Mary Beth. W07 (9704)
Perdicas: His Growth as a Character, and His Influence on the
    Development of Gabrielle. Baker, Ed. W08 (9705)
Perkins, Heather. Music and Sound Design of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. W23
Perry, Cheryl L. Comments, Concerns and Thoughts Regarding XENA:
    WARRIOR PRINCESS. W50 (2000/11)/Readers.  
Persaud, Seeta. When Creations Outgrow Their Creators. W60 (2001/09)
Peterson, Alicia Cherie. I Dream If Only Through Her. W43 (2000/04)
Phaup, Nancy. Betty Page and Xena. W34 (9907)
The Phenomenal Effect WHOOSH Has Made on My Life. Dunckel, Tina M. W50
Picone, John. And the Oscar Goes To: Faster Chakram, Kill, Kill!
    W34 (9907)
Picone, John G. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Theme Music. W14 (9711)
Pisafe. Interview with Deborah Abbott. W44 (2000/05)
Pittsburgh XenaFest: May 3, 1997. Baker, Ed. W09 (9706)
Plot Developments and Fun Facts I Learned from XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS,
    Season 2. Clogston, Christi. W10 (9707)
Plourd, Donna. Amazons: Beyond Fiction Into Existence. W12 (9709)
Plunkett, Donald. Gabrielle's Staff Techniques. W17 (9802)
Plunkett, Donald. Martial Arts and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: Questions
    and Answers. W22 (9807)
Plunkett, Donald. What Are Little Girl's (Swords) Made Of? W27 (9811)
Plunkett, Donald. Whips in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. W14 (9711)
Plunkett, Donald. Xena and Skill Development. W20 (9805)
Plunkett, Donald. Xena's Attributes for Personal Defense. W15 (9712)
Plunkett, Donald. Xena's Breath of Fire. W18 (9803)
Poems in Memoriam, Kevin Smith 1963-2002. W67 (2002/04)
Poirier, Tamara. Alzheimers, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Xena, and Me: A Journal.
    W38 (9911)
Poirier, Tamara. Thoughts of Africa. W50 (2000/11)/Contributors.
Poirier, Tamara; Rudnick, Bret Ryan; Sullivan, Shelley;     
    nita@netcom.com; Malone, Dinah; Blau, Katrina; Draganis, Mary; 
    Error, Darise; Gaynor, Beth; and Taborn, Kym Masera. When Titles 
    Collide: A Title Wave. W20 (9805)
Political Themes in the XENA Finale. Zidell, Amy. W60 (2001/09)
Powers, Clayton J. The Battle of Corinth (Part 1). W01 (9609)
Powers, Clayton J. The Battle of Corinth (Part 2). W02 (9610)
Powers, Clayton J. The Battle of Corinth (Part 3). W03 (9611)
Powers, Clayton J. The Battle of Corinth (Part 4). W04 (9701)
Powers, Clayton J. The Battle of Corinth (Part 5). W06 (9703)
Powers, Clayton J. The Battle of Corinth (Part 6). W07 (9704)
Prast, Simon. Friends and Co-Workers Share Their Memories and 
    Impressions of Kevin Smith. W67 (2002/04)
Preferred and Oppositional Readings of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.  
    Jennings-Voykovich, Hannah.  W81 (2003/09) 
A Pregnant Action Hero: What a Concept. Suro, Xiomara. W58 (2001/07)  
THE PRICE: An Application of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. LaFleur,
    Richard. W11 (9708)
Price, Lynn M. "Twas the Night Before Solstice". WE15 (9712)
THE PRICE: Xena And Gabrielle In War And Peace. Whitney, Lance. W28
Propps, Jacquie; Clogston, Christi; Sosna, Laurie; Frost, Cheryl; 
    Meister, Melissa. HERCULES/XENA Convention, Sacramento, May 31,
    1997. W10 (9707)
Propps, Jacquie. Interview with Sandra Wilson (Renee O'Connor's
    Mother). W05 (9702)
PtahOpener. Xena's Fight Scenes. WE10 (9707)
Published Fan Fiction: A Critique of Emerson's Latest XENA Novels.
    Bluecitywriter. W46 (2000/07)
Puritanism, Capitalism, and Transcendentalism in XENA: WARRIOR
    PRINCESS. Swenson, Gregory R. W08 (9705)
Pursuing Vengeance: Becoming a Monster. Waite, Linda. W35 (9908)
Pusateri, Karen. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS -- An Analytical Review. W01
Puzzled. Epstein, Nathan. W59 (2001/08)

The "Quest" Kiss and its Aftermath: How XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS'  
    Greatest Scene Damaged the Show. Fisher, Judy. W87 (2004/03)


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