Season 4, episode 03
Series 403
1st release: 01/12/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/26/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Peter O'Meara (Martin Bishop)
Dayo Ade (Bank Manager)
Sharon Ferguson (Bank Officer)
Yuri Lowenthal (Bishop's Driver)
Kevin Scott Allen (French Police Officer)
Jon Dixon (Oliver)
Mark Anthony Vasquez (Bishop's Guard)

Written by Jesse Alexander
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


Sydney and Marshall, in disguise, enter a bank in the Bahamas. They are pretending to open an account, and the bank manager takes them into his office. Meanwhile Vaughn is asking a bank officer for information on his account, which they can't seem to find. Dixon enters, disguised in long dreadlocks, and he and Vaughn get into an argument. The manager is called to deal with the fight. When he leaves, Sydney and Marshall access his computer, find what they are looking for and copy it.

Back in LA, Sydney hosts a birthday party for Weiss, who is hitting it off pretty well with Nadia. Jack comes in unexpectedly. He tells Sydney that the Bahama mission was a success and then wants to know if Sydney has told Nadia the truth about Irina's death. She says no, but she is planning to. Jack is not pleased.

Act I

Sloane tells the team that the Valta computer has been stolen. Since it is able to access information from satellite networks, it is imperative that it either be recovered or destroyed before it can fall into the wrong hands. They know that it was stolen by a man named Martin Bishop, who is planning to sell it to German terrorists. The team is to get into Bishop's compound in Spain and access his computer. They hope it will tell them where the Valta is.

Sloane thanks Sydney for letting Nadia stay with her. She lets him know that it wasn't to make him feel better. Then Sydney confronts Jack, who is planning to give Nadia her psych eval. She is suspicious that he may have an ulterior motive. He denies it.

In Spain, Sydney pretends to have been in a car wreck. Vaughn, Marshall and Dixon are monitoring the action. Bishop and his driver come upon the wreck and "rescue" Sydney. She implies to Bishop that she is on the run from someone, and he offers her the hospitality of his home.

Act II

While Sydney showers, Bishop goes through her things, but finds nothing suspicious. When she comes out, he wants to know who she's running from. She implies that she was in an abusive relationship. He says he's going into town, but that they will have dinner when he gets back. He warns her not to wander around the grounds.

Vaughn radios Sydney with the location of the computer and the compound's guards. She goes to the basement and finds the computer and gets the location of the Valta. She is leaving the house when Bishop drives up. He offers her his arm, and she has no choice but to go back into the house with him.

Jack puts Nadia through a long grilling, asking question after question about what she would do in dangerous situations. When he learns that Sydney did not leave Bishop's house as planned, he says he and Nadia will go to Spain.


Vaughn radios Sydney that she must get out of Bishop's house -- a raid is taking place on the Valta's location by a CIA team. If Bishop learns of it, he will suspect her. She says that if the raid goes sour, she should not blow her cover.

Weiss leads the raid at Alameda Yards. They destroy the Valta with a grenade, but the team is discovered, and Weiss is captured.

Bishop gets a call about the Valta and looks at Sydney suspiciously. Vaughn and Dixon move in to extract her, but find the house empty.

Marshall traces Bishop through his cell phone signal.

On the way to Spain, Jack tells Nadia that there is something he needs to tell her. He says he decided to after her psych eval revealed results very similar to her sister's. He hands her a file, the results of an ongoing investigation that just came into his hands. He says Sydney doesn't even know about it yet.

Act IV

Sydney wakes up in a room, tied to a chair. Weiss is tied to a chair across from her. Bishop says now that the Valta is destroyed, he will be killed unless he can provide the terrorists with something else of value -- like info on the CIA's operations. He asks Sydney what her real name is. Sydney says it's Ima. Bishop: "Ima what?" Sydney: "Ima gonna kick your ass." He slaps her and leaves the room, telling the guard to shoot them in the kneecaps if they move. Sydney uses the laser from her watch to burn through the cords holding her. Weiss provides a distraction by pretending to have a heart attack, and Sydney knocks the guard out. Weiss says this must be black ops. He wants to know if Vaughn is involved. Sydney says she'll tell him later and runs after Bishop.

Weiss runs after the other guards and runs right into Vaughn. Weiss: "I knew it!"

Bishop gets his car and drives off, but Sydney jumps onto the roof. Bishop stops and she rolls off. He is about to shoot her when other shots ring out and Bishop falls over. Nadia comes up and shoots him until her gun runs out of bullets. Sydney asks if that is always the way she treats the bad guys. Nadia says that Bishop is the one -- the one who killed their mother.

Sydney confronts Jack about Nadia's assumption. He says two problems have been solved and now Nadia has closure. Sydney is not so sure. She goes into HQ, where she and the others welcome Weiss, who is now a part of the team.

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