Season 4, episode 04
Series 404
1st release: 01/19/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/27/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Kelly MacDonald (Kiera MacLaine)
Mark Aiken (Fintan Keene)
Richard Speight, Jr. (Derek Modell)
Daniel Kash (Soldier)
Michael J. McKay (Injured Soldier)

Written by Jeffrey Bell
Directed by Jeffrey Bell

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


In a marketplace, a man stands repeating the phrase "My bird is missing." Weiss approaches and tells him he has it wrong -- it's supposed to be "I lost my canary." He directs the man upstairs, where he meets Sydney. He says he wants his money. She says he'll get it when he gives up the weapon. He says he swallowed it to smuggle it out. Meanwhile, Vaughn sees a blonde about Lauren's height and watches intently until she turns around. He breathes a sigh of relief. Then he spots some suspicious strangers and radios Sydney that the man may have been followed. Sydney is exasperated with the man and hustles him away. The strangers follow but are delayed by Dixon and Vaughn. Weiss gets a van and comes to meet them. The man keeps saying he's cold, and Sydney has to kind of pull him along. Suddenly, his leg just breaks off below the knee. Sydney and Vaughn drag him toward the van. One last stranger shoots the man, and he explodes like a shattered block of ice.

Act I

Sloane tells the team that the man -- Derek Modell -- had stolen a sample of a biological weapon in Montenegro. It was called Ice 5. He offered to sell it to the CIA. It is believed that the agent he swallowed caused his body to turn turn ice-like. Marshall explains that Modell's body cells were crystallized when the agent leaked out of the container it was in.

Sloane continues that intel has revealed that the agent is being manufactured by a man named Fintan Keene at the Hospital Sava in Montenegro. Keene is an arms dealer wanted by just about everybody. Sydney is to go in as a relief worker from Omnifam and get a viable sample of Ice 5.

Vaughn confesses to Jack that Lauren seems to be haunting him. He seems to see her everywhere. He wants to know if that happened to Jack. Jack says that it did, but now it doesn't.

Nadia finds some pictures and asks Sydney if she can look at them. Sydney says yes, that they were pictures her dad had -- all of hers were burned in the fire in her former place. There is one picture of Irina holding a baby. Sydney doesn't know who the baby is. Vaughn arrives, and Sydney leaves.

Act II

In Montenegro, Sydney arrives at the Hospital Sava and meets Kiera MacLaine, a nurse who is more or less in charge there.

Nadia admires Marshall's pictures of Mitchell, especially one of Marshall holding him. Weiss interrupts to ask about Ice 5. Marshall theorizes some uses for Ice 5, and Weiss goes to put together a list of groups that might be in the market for it. As he leaves, he whispers to Marshall, "You're married."

Sydney searches through storage rooms and finds a locked door. She tries to open it, but is interrupted by Kiera, who wants to know what she's looking for. Sydney starts to answer, but suddenly they hear shouting and rush into the hall. A man is on a gurney -- one side of his face is blue, and one of his arms is missing. Two guards say that their jeep was hit and he was carrying "the container". Sydney tries to follow them, but Kiera takes the man into the locked room. Sydney notes the code Kiera keys into the lock.


Nadia asks Jack if he knows who the baby in the photo is. Jack is abrupt: "There's nothing to tell." Weiss interrupts to tell them they have contact with Montenegro. Vaughn fills them in on the situation there. They research Kiera and find her clean.

Vaughn has Dixon hit him until his face is cut and bruised. Then he goes to the hospital dressed as a priest. As Kiera is stitching his cuts, Sydney slips Kiera's key card from her pocket. She passes it to Dixon, who makes a copy. Then he slips it back to Sydney, who puts the original back in Kiera's pocket. Meanwhile Vaughn is flirting with Kiera. As they talk, Fintan Keene comes in. He reveals that he is Kiera's brother.

Sydney uses the new card and the code to get into the locked room. She searches through cabinets as Keene and his men walk toward the room. Sydney finds samples and takes some of them. Then she hears the door. She hides and hears Keene say something about the "guinea pigs". She looks through a window and sees men spraying something on a man's chest. His chest turns blue as he screams in agony.

Act IV

Sydney radios the info that Keene is testing Ice 5 on human subjects. Vaughn and Dixon forward photos. Sloane is concerned that Keene is making the weapon airborne. Weiss reports that they have discovered the potential buyer in Damascus. Sydney and Vaughn feel that they can reach Kiera, who turns out to be a former IRA fighter like her brother, but seems conflicted.

Vaughn invites Kiera to a tavern for a drink and she accepts. Sydney is listening to their conversation. Kiera says her situation is complicated. She says her brother saved her life, but that he's done awful things. Vaughn says he understands -- he has a past he can't escape, too. He tells her about his marriage, how he realized that his wife was an evil person and he began to hate her. Sydney finds it difficult to listen to his words. Vaughn says he did kill his wife, but knows that it was wrong and now he can't close his eyes without seeing the moment when she died. Kiera says that forgiveness is tricky, that "even God can't do it if you won't let him." She says she can't say no to her brother and that is what she can't forgive herself for. Vaughn tells her that she can leave if she wants to and he can help her.

Nadia shows the photo to Sloane and asks if he knows who the baby is. He shakes his head and says the his relationship with Irina was...brief.

Kiera and Vaughn go to the hospital. He tries to convince her that what her brother is doing is wrong, but she can leave with his help. A click is heard and suddenly a gun is pointing at Vaughn's head. Keene says he can't wait to hear the rest.

Act V

Vaughn is strapped to a table. Keene asks if he really thought his sister would betray him. Keene prepares a syringe full of Ice 5. He says he has never tried injecting it directly into the brain. He hands Kiera the syringe and tells her to do it. Vaughn says he could have helped her. Keene says Kiera's heart is as black as his is. Vaughn says he doesn't believe it. Keene tells Kiera to inject the Ice 5 into Vaughn's eye. Just then Sydney enters and knocks Kiera down. Then she and Keene fight. Sydney thinks Keene is knocked out and goes to get Vaughn off the gurney. Keene gets the syringe and throws it at Vaughn, but Kiera steps in the way, and the syringe pierces her chest. Sydney knocks Keene out while Vaughn goes to Kiera. Kiera whispers, "Forgive..." Vaughn says he's not really a priest. Kiera: "No...I...forgive...you." Then she dies, her eyes freezing over.

Back at HQ Jack tells Nadia that the team is safe. He asks to see the photo again. Nadia gets it. Jack says that Irina said it was her niece she was holding. He says that she held Sydney just the same way, and he's sure she did the same with Nadia.

On the plane, Sydney tells Vaughn that hearing him talk to Kiera....that he can talk to her anytime. She suggests that he spend the night when they get home, but Vaughn has fallen asleep. Sydney covers him with a blanket.

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