Season 3, episode 20
Series 320
1st release: 04/25/04
2nd release:
Last update: 05/03/04

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
COMMENTARY 1 by Adriane Saunders

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall
Melissa George (Lauren Reed)
Greg Grunberg (Eric Weiss)
David Anders as Mr. Sark
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow

Richard Roundtree (Brill)
Mia Maestro (Nadia)
Glenn Morshower (Agent Bell)
Erik Jansen (Phillip Terrance)
Yun Choi (Carl)

Teleplay by J.R. Orci
Story by Monica Breen and Alison Schapker
Directed by Jack Bender

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Sunday nights.


SISTER MY SISTER -- Syd and Sloane and Jack locate Syd's sister, Nadia, by using brainwaves and a satellite. Don't ask. Sark and Moronen capture Vaughn and torture him with a gigantic electric sex toy and some blue liquid. Don't ask. And it turns out that Sloane only wanted to find his daughter so that he could fill her full of Rambaldi goo and make her channel the dead inventor so that his endgame is finally revealed. Don't ask. Really. Don't. TWoP

Swing Out, Sister. Blood Ties - Syd finds her little sister, and she turns out to be just as bad-ass as Syd. Their reunion is short-lived, however, because Sloane just wants to take Spy Skipper off to a remote corner of the planet and make her channel Rambaldi. God. He couldn't just GROUND her or something? TWoP


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


Vaughn and Dixon argue over preserving Vaughn's marriage and delaying taking Lauren into custody. Dixon says they need more time to find out what she's up to.

Sydney reluctantly meets Jack. She is astonished to see Sloane there, alive. They explain how Jack orchestrated Sloane's "death". Sloane asks for the Hourglass, and Sydney gives it to him. Sloane explains that the Passenger is a direct conduit to Rambaldi. Upon administration of a particular elixir, the Passenger can reveal a message from the prophet himself. Sloane is worried that, if the Covenant gets to her first, they will destroy her to get the message. Sloane takes the Hourglass and smashes it. A strange glow emanates from it, and a globe of green liquid is revealed.

Vaughn and Lauren discuss taking a trip to Fiji. Vaughn suggests they go next month. Vaughn's phone rings -- it's Brill, suggesting a meeting. When Lauren leaves, Weiss tails her.

Vaughn meets with Brill, who tells him he was with Vaughn's father on his final mission -- a non-sanctioned mission. Brill says that Vaughn, senior, died trying to protect "the little girl", because he was a follower of Rambaldi. Brill and Vaughn leave the meeting place separately, and when Vaughn leaves, he is ambushed and knocked unconscious by two masked men.

Jack tells Sydney and Sloane that one member of the 5-man "Trust" has been identified -- DOJ Agent Bell, who was present at Sloane's execution. They need the other four members to get into the Smithsonian vault, where a Rambaldi box with info on the Passenger is located.

In D.C., Agent Bell is stunned to see a living and breathing Arvin Sloane pass him on the street. Sydney and Jack monitor Bell's phone, because they are sure he will call for a meeting of the Trust. Jack tells Sydney that he now has proof that he is her biological father, but even before that was the case, "my feelings for you never changed."

Vaughn awakens suspended by his wrists with water dripping on him from the ceiling. Sark begins torturing him with an electric prod, trying to get the location of the Passenger.

Act One

Weiss reports that Lauren eluded him, and Vaughn has not been heard from for several hours.

In D.C., Sydney goes to the Smithsonian and is met by a docent named Phillip Terrance. They discuss dinosaurs. He offers to show her a recently acquired dinosaur skeleton. When he leaves her alone, she heads for the vault. Meanwhile, Sloane enters the room where the Trust is meeting, and taunts them on not being able to kill him. He talks to each one while Jack gets their retinal scan through a small camera. Jack then transfers the scans to Sydney so she can access the vault. There she finds the Rambaldi box. Phillip finds her there, and she has to tranq him, but apologizes as she does so.

Sloane is able to open the box with the globe of liquid. Inside are what appear to be brainwaves. Sloane: "We've found her."

Act Two

Lauren begs Vaughn to tell Sark what he wants to know. Vaughn: "Why should you care?" Lauren: "Not everything was a lie." Lauren asks Sark to spare Vaughn, but Sark has the guards take her away. He prepares to inject Vaughn with some sort of truth serum.

Sloane says his daughter's brainwaves can be tracked by satellite. They locate her at a prison camp in Chechnya. Lauren wakes Vaughn and tells him he told Sark everything. She says their marriage was real to her, and so she is going to make sure he gets away. She takes him to the exit, and he escapes.

In Chechnya, Sydney gets into the facility disguised as a prisoner. She sets an explosive to create a diversion and gets into the general population.

Vaughn flags down a truck and asks the driver to take him to a phone. The driver hands him his cell phone. Vaughn calls Dixon and tells him the Passenger's location has been compromised. Dixon asks how, and Vaughn says through him. Dixon asks for the Passenger's location, and Vaughn starts to tell him, then hesitates, suspicious of the driver, who keeps eying him. In another vehicle, Sark and Lauren are monitoring his conversation. Vaughn realizes what is going on and causes the truck to crash. He gets out before the truck explodes, but Sark and Lauren pull up in their car and force him to his knees. Lauren: "You're smarter than I thought you were." Then she kicks him in the face.

Sydney finds the prisoner who has been identified as her sister tied to a bed, in an apparently unresponsive state. There is a definite resemblance to Sydney and Irina.

Act Three

Sydney talks to her sister, even though she doesn't seem to hear her. She tells her that she is her sister and she is going to get her out of there.

Marshall shows Dixon surveillance footage showing Lauren and Sark putting an obviously injured Vaughn into a car.

Sark and Lauren use a procedure on Vaughn to brainwash him. They question him about the Passenger, but he still won't tell them. Sark gets a phone call. He tells Lauren that they are done here -- they have the location. Lauren wants to know what to do with Vaughn. Sark: "Kill him." Lauren does something to Vaughn's IV tube and they both leave.

Sydney is accosted by guards as she takes her sister down a hall in a wheelchair. She fights the guards, and suddenly her sister gets up and joins in the fight. The fight is brutal, but the sisters prevail and head for the exit, Sydney supporting her injured sister.

Marshall traces Vaughn to an abandoned warehouse. Weiss and a tactical team find Vaughn unconscious on a gurney. Weiss calls for a medivac.

Sydney asks "Talia", as she asks to be called, why she was pretending to be catatonic. "Talia" says she is with Argentine Intelligence. She wants to know if the things Sydney told her are true. Sydney says yes, and it was her father who found her. They begin to make for the exit once more. Talia: "Nadia. My name is Nadia."

Act Four

In a safe house, Nadia sleeps while Sloane watches over her. Sydney and Jack talk quietly. Sydney says Will always told her she was lucky to be an only child, but she knew he really loved his sister. Jack warns Sydney about making assumptions, but Sydney is obviously happy to have a sister.

Nadia awakens and tells Sloane she knows who he is. He says he never knew he had a daughter. When he found out about her, he was ashamed of his past and felt unworthy, and that's why he changed. Sark and Lauren, along with several armed Covenant soldiers, try to get into the house. Jack and Sydney fight them off. When they look back, Sloane and Nadia are gone. Jack and Sydney hide in the ceiling. Sark and Lauren find an escape tunnel and curse Sloane for betraying them. When they leave, Jack and Sydney emerge and realize that Sloane tricked them, too, so he could escape with Nadia.

Sydney goes to see Vaughn in the hospital. He wants to know if she found the Passenger. Sydney says yes, but she's gone. Vaughn says she can't go after her. He tells her that Brill told him that his father hid Nadia from Irina, and that's why Irina killed him. Brill also revealed the prophecy -- "The Passenger and the Chosen One shall battle. Neither shall survive."

Nadia awakens to find herself strapped to a bed. Sloane enters and takes the elixir and injects it into her arm, even though she pleads with him not to. Sloane: "I only wish there could be another way." Nadia begins to convulse, and Sloane says, "I'm so sorry."


This commentary is by Adriane Saunders.

Sloane lifts the hourglass over his head and smashes it to the floor! The glass shatters! The luminous green liquid inside splatters in globs, then starts immediately to coalesce into one huge ball. Surprising special effects! What is this? It's key to finding Syd's newly discovered "sister" (actually stepsister), The Passenger, and link to Rimbaldi's endgame.


Sloane is alive, thanks to Jack's subtrefuge. Syd's only interest is in finding her stepsister. The glowing glob released from Rimbaldi's hourglass is an elixir. This liquid, when injected, will allow the Passenger to deliver a message from Rimbaldi. Sloane pretends to want to protect his "daughter" (Syd's stepsister) only to "stick it to her" in the end. Meanwhile Vaughan is kidnapped and tortured, after finding out his father was killed to protect "The Passenger". Vaughan's father too was a follower of Rimbaldi. Lauren shows her "true colors" to Vaughan. Sloane outsmarts everyone. No one is happy about that, particularly his daughter who gets zapped with the Rimbaldi elixir. Syd swears.


This episode rocks! This is what an episode looks like when everything is done exactly right. From start to finish, kudos all around. Way to go, J.R. Orci, for the teleplay, writers Breen and Schapner, for the story. Jack Bender, director, and Federick Toye, editor: well done. Photography at the hand of Thorin, Jr. is as always first rate. Actors and acting: all bang on believable. Each piece of this episode fits with precision. Pace is fast forward. Nothing is overdone, or underdone--just well done. Kudos.


1--Jack and Syd in a surveillance car, await a member of the Trust to contact others about Sloane's still being alive. Jack tells Syd that when he first learned of Irina's affair with Sloane, he had to consider the possibility that Syd was not in fact his biological daughter. "I had our medical files examined," he tells Syd. "Our relationship is clear." Most important, though, Jack wants Syd to know that during the uncertainty, his "feelings for [her] never changed." Syd responds with a whispered, "Dad," holding his gaze. The deep connection between these two shows in this long held look.

2--Syd pretends research on dinosaurs to a hapless museum guard. She all but bats her eyelashes to gain access to a vault containing yet another Rimbaldi artifact. When he discovers her duplicity, she apologizes. "You've been so nice," she says, just before spraying knockout juice in his face. The artifact she rescues prints the brainwave pattern of The Passenger, to pinpoint where she is on the planet..Yeowie, Rimbaldi! Impressive.

3--Vaughan is on the run. Lauren helps him escape lock up and torture at the hands of Sark. Vaughan flags down a semi-truck. The driver offers his cell phone when Vaughan asks to find a phone. Part way through a call to Dixon, Vaughan clues in to a set up. The semi is a plant. With elbows and punches, Vaughan overpowers the driver. The semi twists and turns and skids into a array of parked cars. After Vaughan staggers out, the semi explodes. Flashy! "On the ground, on the ground," Sark commands as Vaughan comes forward. A gun is extended in Sark's hand. Lauren is by his side, in the same pose. "You're smarter than I thought," she tells Vaughan, just before delivering a round house kick to his head. Vaughan is kneeling on the ground before Lauren flattens him. Cold.

4--Syd finds her stepsister Nadia in a Chetnya hospital, strapped to a bed and catatonic. Garner's [Syd's] reaction is eloquent before a word is spoken. "I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm your sister," Syd says. Tearful, she releases the bonds holding Nadia on the bed. There is no reaction to Syd or her words. The vacant stare continues until Syd is nearly overpowered by guards. Then Nadia comes alive, and backs the action. Nadia is no innocent, instead a competent fighter. Surprise, surprise. Syd and Nadia escape together. Cool.

5--Marshall locates Vaughan's lock up by piecing together feed from ATM surveillance cameras. (This gives me pause. Big Brother IS always watching! All of us! All the time!) Marshall dithers through explanations, while Weiss and companions "cut to the chase" and break down doors to rescue Vaughan. Marshall's long winded explanations ratchet up suspense through all our "hurry up and say where" impatience. Action overlaps pause.

6--Sloane strokes his sleeping daughter's hair. When she wakes, Nadia draws back. Her reaction shows she knows Sloane's reputation. Sloane tells her that he has changed: "I didn't want you, my daughter, to meet me face to face and despise me." Explosions interrupt. Sark and Lauren with armed men force their way into the buidling. Jack and Syd fire, then hide. Out of sight but still within hearing, Jack and Syd hear Lauren say, "Sloane set us up. He betrayed us." This she says to Sark, when she locates Sloane's escape tunnel. When Sark and Lauren are gone, Syd swears at Sloane's betrayal too. Welcome back, Sloane You are much better as villian than philanthropist.


In a hospital bed, Vaughan takes Syd's hand. "I know the prophecy," he tells her. "The Passenger (stepsister Nadia) and the Chosen One (Syd) will battle. Neither will survive." He of course wants Syd to back off. Fat chance.

Segue to Nadia, handcuffed to a lounge chair. Sloane takes her wrist as she struggles to resist. "I wish there could be another way," Sloane says as he gives Nadia an injection, the Rimbaldi elixir. He puts an oxygen mask over her face as she twitches, gasps and arches her back. End of episode.


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