Season 3, episode 21
Series 321
1st release: 05/02/04
2nd release:
Last update: 05/07/04

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye
COMMENTARY 1 by Adriane Saunders

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall
Melissa George (Lauren Reed)
Greg Grunberg (Eric Weiss)
David Anders as Mr. Sark
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow

Mia Maestro (Nadia)
Vivica A. Fox (Toni Cummings)
Isabella Rossellini (Katya)
Ric Young (Suit and Glasses, aka Dr. Zhang Lee)
Mikhail Tank (Russian Guard)
Ismail Abou-El-Kanater (Contact)
Mio Dzakula (Groggy Russian Guard)
Britney Espinoza (Young Nadia)

Written by Jesse Alexander
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Sunday nights.


ATTENTION SHOPPERS: VAUGHN'S LOST IT -- An angry pod person has replaced the gentle Vaughn we all know and love, and his overall vengeful attitude is starting to really piss Syd off. Nadia spends some more time in the Green Goo chair, but Syd rescues her before Sark and Moronen can pump her full of a lethal dose of the stuff. Sloane just stands around creeping us out, Jack just shows up long enough to make out with Auntie Katya, Vivica A. Fox just reminds us why she's cool, and the Sadistic Dentist of Asian Persuasion just cries and cries and cries. TWoP

Can I get mustard with that? Legacy - There are so many holes in the plot of this episode that you almost want to slice it up and serve it with ham on rye and a side of slaw. Vaughn's pissed. And he's not gonna take it anymore. And Syd's about thirty seconds away from telling him to take a Valium and call her in the morning. Also? Nadia gets rescued from Sloane's clutches, and Sark and Moronen escape to see another day. TWoP


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.


In Kyoto, Japan, Nadia, in a semi-conscious state, writes on a notepad in a strange language while Sloane watches. Sloane takes what Nadia has written and posts it on a large board. It forms a piece of a large puzzle. Then he prepares to inject Nadia again. Nadia pleads with him not to do it. Sloane compares himself to Abraham, having to make "an unbearable choice." Nadia says she understands. Then she grabs the syringe and plunges it into Sloane's stomach. She smashes all the bottles of elixir, but Sloane stuns her before she can get away. Sloane then calls a contact who says he can get more of the elixir. After the man hangs up, he calls Sark...

Vaughn returns to work, having checked himself out of the hospital. He tells Sydney he messed up when he went back to Lauren and asks if she'll at least try to get past that. Sydney is hesitant and says she'll think about it...

Dixon reports that a call has been intercepted from Sloane to a contact, and the location of the elixir has been discovered. The plan is to get to the elixir and put a trace on it so it will lead them to Sloane...

Vaughn and Sydney infiltrate the bunker where the elixir is. They realize that someone has been there ahead of them and has the elixir. Vaughn tries to collect data from the computers, and Sydney tries to get a sample of the elixir that spilled onto the floor. Vaughn finds a video file of Nadia as a child being given the elixir and writing something down. Marshall warns them that an alarm has been tripped, but it is too late. Armed guards enter the room with their weapons trained on Vaughn and Sydney. Another door opens and a figure enters -- it's Katya

Act One

Katya: "Sydney Bristow, we meet at last." Then she turns and shoots all the guards and introduces herself to Sydney as her mother's sister. Sydney and Vaughn dress in the guards' uniforms and they escape in a jeep...

Sloane gives Nadia a sedative. He tells her he was proud of her courage when she tried to get away. Nadia tells him of when she was little, and people would come to the orphanage where she was raised to look for a child to adopt. The other children would be clean and hopeful, but she would always be dirty and frown. She says she always thought her father was out there somewhere and that he would come to get her: "But if I had known it was you I was waiting for, I would have cleaned up."...

Sydney asks Katya what she was doing at the lab. Katya says she is tracking Sloane, too. She tells Sydney that Nadia began doing the transcription as a child but was taken away before she could finish it. Katya says she joined the Russian Secret Service to help Irina find Nadia. Sydney breaks the news to her that Sloane has Nadia...

Sloane thinks he is meeting with his contact, but it turns out to be Sark and Lauren instead. They tell him they want a partnership in exchange for the elixir, which they now have. They also want a demonstration...

Marshall tells Sydney that the elixir could have harmful side effects on Nadia. They enhance the video of Nadia as a child and see that the man injecting her is none other than the "Suit and Glasses" who tortured Sydney, Marshall and Will. They identify him as Dr. Zhang Lee...

Jack confronts Vaughn about his obsession with finding Lauren. He gives Vaughn a key to his secret bunker where he can find false IDs, untraceable weapons, and the means to eliminate Lauren so that no one will find her body...

Act Two

Jack and Katya work together to trace Sloane through his financial records. Katya wants to know if Jack knew of Irina's affair. She says she finds Jack sexy. He appears to ignore this. They find a payment for security in Chamonix, which reminds Jack of Toni Cummings, the designer of a security system in Chamonix, who is in CIA custody...

In Cuba, Sydney emerges from the ocean in a bikini and distracts some guards. Vaughn shoots the guards, and they get into the facility. Inside they find Dr. Lee doing an experiment. They knock him out and tie him up. Sydney asks if he remembers her. She wants to know how much information he got from Nadia. He remembers that she drew what looked like an equation, which were supposedly directions to a place. Vaughn wants to know where Sloane is. In spite of Sydney's protests, he pours acid on Dr. Lee, even though Dr. Lee swears he doesn't know Sloane's whereabouts...

Act Three

Jack tells Toni Cummings that if she cooperates and helps him trace Arvin Sloane, he might be able to shorten her sentence. She bargains for time served, and he agrees...

Sydney tells Vaughn that what he did to Dr. Lee was unacceptable. Vaughn protests that finding Sloane is important, but Sydney says what he did scared her. Vaughn says it scared him, too, but Sloane could be the means to finding Lauren, and he needs to find her...

Toni works with Marshall to get the equipment she needs to trace Sloane through his security system. Toni is impressed with Marshall and offers him a job for $1 million a year. Marshall stutters out that he kind of likes working for the good guys. Toni says she must access the system on site if she is to trace Sloane successfully. So Vaughn and Sydney go with Toni to Kyoto...

Lauren and Sark want Sloane to increase the dosage because Nadia is becoming resistant to the elixir. Sloane says no, she could die if they do that. Lauren says they must all make sacrifices...

Sydney, Vaughn and Toni parachute into Kyoto and kill several guards. The rest of the team moves in...

Sloane starts to inject Nadia with a larger dose but hesitates. Two guards enter and point their weapons at Sark and Lauren. Sloane: "I made a terrible mistake."...

Act Four

Sloane tells Sark and Lauren that the deal's off. Lauren distracts Sloane, and Sark kills the guards. Lauren knocks Sloane out...

Toni hacks into the security system, and Sydney and Vaughn get into the house. They break in just as Sark is about to give Nadia a large dose of elixir. Sark and Lauren run out, and Vaughn chases them. Sydney is left with Sloane and Nadia. She gets Nadia off the gurney, but guards rush in and hustle Sloane away. Sydney fights several of them, and Nadia shoots the last one just as he is about to shoot Sydney. Meanwhile, Vaughn chases Sark and Lauren to their vehicle, but Lauren fires a rocket launcher at him and they get away. Vaughn and Sydney then get Nadia to a helicopter and they take off...

Dixon wants to know if the mission was compromised, allowing Sloane to get away. Sydney says it wasn't. After the meeting, she tells Vaughn she won't cover for him again. She tells him she knows how he feels -- she was obsessed with getting Sloane, too. She says that she doesn't know if they can work things out between them, but that he must work this out first...

Jack answers a knock at his door to find Katya there. He says he can do this alone. Then they kiss passionately and Katya comes inside...

Vaughn goes to Jack's secret bunker. He takes a large rifle and aims it at an imaginary target.


This commentary is by Adriane Saunders.

Nadia grabs the syringe from Sloane's hand and plunges it into his stomach. As he doubles over in shock and pain, she smashes all bottles of Rimbaldi's elixir. Regardless, Sloane stuns her before she can escape. He calls a contact for more elixir.

That is how the episode starts (accompanied by Syd's voiceover explanation of what viewers can probably figure out just by watching). The episode ends almost the same (except Syd's input is not as a voiceover but a rescue). At the start Nadia almost escapes. At the end, Sloane does. Sark and Lauren do too, much to Vaughan's annoyance (and to my applause--as I continue to root for this multi-skilled and full of surprises villian Lauren)..


Anger eats at Vaughan throughout the episode--and at the pants and leg of "suit and glasses" villian Dr. Jong Lee (who I throught Marshall or Syd killed in Season Two). Vaughan pours acid on Dr. Lee in an attempt to extract Sloane's location (which Lee does not know). Acid rises in Syd's throat as she watches, shocked.

Both Syd and Jack inform Vaughan to get a grip on his anger with Lauren. Jack, though, offers more than criticism and distance. Jack gives Vaughan a key to his secret weapons warehouse. With that Vaughan has a choice of rifles to take down Lauren. Whatever happened to due process or divorce? Is this a spagetti western?

Irina's sister Katya drops in again. This time she is in her Russian Intelligence uniform. She rescues Syd and Vaughan, much to everyone's surprise. Later she seduces Jack. Katya's forward "I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it" declaration proves irresistible. Another charmingly ballsy character.

Lauren carries a bazooka in her car. As Vaughan chases after her at the end, she hefts it to her shoulder and launches a missile into the back of a semi-truck. The requisite explosion for the episode is accomplished, and Lauren surprises us all yet again. Kudos, Lauren.


OK. Interesting but not energizing. Pace and scripting: third gear but never up to fourth or into cruise control. Director and editing are limited by the script. Sure, surprises happen but repetition and unnecessary explanations interrupt. As I mentioned in the introduction: by the end we are back where we started with nothing much added to what we know or care to find out. This leaves a lot of pressure on the final episode to hook viewers until the Fall and the start of Season Four.


Television without Pity

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