Season 4, episode 15
Series 415
1st release: 04/13/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro


Written by J.R. Orci and Jeff Pinkner
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Isabella Rossellini (Katya Derevko)
Izabella Scorupco (Sabina)
Michael Kenneth Williams (Roberts)
Michael Ensign (Vogel)
Joel Gray (Another Mr. Sloane)
Nickolai Stoilov (Jan)
Eamon Hunt (Gregor)
Nick Hoffa (Agent)
David Richard Thompson (Hospital Guard)
Michael Giordani (Male Nurse)
Nicoll Bacharach (Doctor)

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

Dixon and a team of CIA agents exchange gunfire with a group of masked gunmen. Dixon chases two of them into a tunnel. One of them falls down and turns to fire at Dixon. Dixon returns fire, shooting the fallen one. The other shoots Dixon in the chest. Dixon falls back against a wall, gasping. His eyes close as the masked shooter approaches. The mask is pulled off -- it's Vaughn.

48 hours earlier in LA, Sloane asks Sydney if Vaughn has contacted her. She says she would have reported it if he had. Sloane says Vaughn's phone records show a text message was sent to Sydney's phone. Sydney admits it, but says that it was just an apology for hitting her. Sloane says Vaughn has 48 hours to either return or explain his absence.

In Paris, Vaughn waits at a sidewalk table. Finally he gets up to leave. Roberts steps out of an alley. He says he had to make sure that Vaughn was alone. He wants to know why Vaughn didn't bring the transforming coil. Vaughn says the deal has changed -- give him answers about his father, or they'll never get the coil.

Sydney scrubs her sink. Nadia and Weiss come in from the grocery store. Nadia realizes she left something in the car and goes out to get it. Her cell rings -- it's a collect call from the Quantico Women's Detention Center. Nadia accepts the call -- it's Katya. Nadia says she's planning on visiting her tomorrow. In the house, Weiss asks if Sydney's heard from Vaughn. He thinks Vaughn is still visiting his sick uncle.

Roberts calls his employer, who wants to talk to Vaughn. The employer says there's another assignment. Vaughn says he's done. The voice tells him to look under the table. Vaughn finds an envelope with pictures of his father.

At the prison, Nadia is taken to Katya's cell. Katya is singing and says she is glad to see Nadia again.

Marshall goes to see Jack with some requisition forms he has to sign. Marshall asks if Jack has had a chance to see a doctor. Jack says he's fine. Marshall takes the papers that Jack signed and uses the oils from Jack's fingers to send a sample to the lab.

Katya reminisces about her childhood with sisters Irina and Elena. Irina was an accomplished pickpocket and used what she stole to buy things for her sisters. Nadia gives Katya some chocolate, and Katya eats it as they talk. Katya asks how Sydney is. Nadia reminds her that Sydney is off limits in their conversations. Katya tells Nadia that she is deathly allergic to chocolate. She shows her the rash that's already forming on her arms. She says she will lose consciousness soon. She says to tell Sydney she must see her. Nadia calls for the guards as Katya collapses.

Roberts tells Vaughn that their new mission is to steal a sort of instruction manual. He introduces Vaughn to the rest of the team -- Sabina, Gregor and Jan. The item they are to steal will be transported out of Darmstadt tomorrow. To get it they will need a special sort of laser that can be found in the R&D wing of a hospital in Bordeaux.

Sloane tells Jack that Dixon has been assigned to guard the transport of a Rambaldi artifact out of Darmstadt. Sloane was not told this directlly because he is to distance himself from anything Rambaldi-related. Jack says it's just a routine transport.

Nadia tells Sydney about Katya. Sydney is exasperated that Nadia ignored her warnings about Katya. Nadia says Katya is the only one who's willing to talk to her about Irina. Sydney says she's deluding herself. She tells Nadia about Irina putting out a contract on her. Nadia is appalled.

In Bordeaux, Vaughn and Sabina pose as a couple who have been in a car accident and get into the emergency room. They knock out the doctors and dress in their clothes. Then they get into the R&D wing and find the laser. While they are removing the laser, Sabina tells Vaughn she once went through CIA training, but they rejected her. Vaughn says she's better off. As they start to take the laser out, a guard comes in. Vaughn knocks him down, but he pulls a gun, and Sabina shoots him. Vaughn stares at the dead guard, then goes out with Sabina.

Sabina patches Vaughn up. She teases him for being torn up over the guard she killed. She says she thought agency boys were tougher than that. She starts to kiss him, but he pushes her away: "Consider this the second time you've been rejected by the CIA."

Sydney goes to see Katya in the hospital. She says if Katya talks to Nadia again she'll regret it. Katya says the world is never black and white. Sydney says the last time she saw her Aunt Katya, she tried to put a bullet in her head. Katya says she didn't intend to kill Sydney, and neither did Irina. Sydney asks what she knows about that. Katya says Irina loved Sydney. She says Irina contacted her and said someone was trying to make it look like she was putting a contract on Sydney's life. Katya wants Sydney to find that message.

Sloane asks Marshall about a test that Marshall sent to the lab. It appeared to be a sample from one of Dr. Vlachco's test subjects. Sloane wants to know why it was separate from the other samples. Marshall says he's just not been getting enough sleep lately, and he probably forgot to send it with the others. He asks if Sloane knows the results of the test. Sloane says it showed evidence of a large scale genetic mutation.

Roberts outlines how they will steal the manual from the convoy of vehicles that will be transporting it. Vaughn realizes it's a CIA convoy and is upset with Roberts, who says yes, they planned this all along. Vaughn says if he does this, he can't go back.

Nadia goes to Sloane and tells him she's been visiting Katya Derevko so she could learn more about her mother. Sloane says that Irina was committed to her work and perhaps did some bad things, but Irina also had a great capacity for love. He says he's sure that she loved Nadia very much. Nadia: "I'd like to believe that." Sloane: "Then do." They embrace.

Sydney goes to a clock repair shop and asks for a certain invoice number. The clerk brings it right out -- it's a music box. The clerk says it's already paid for. As she's leaving, her cell rings. No one answers, but she knows it's Vaughn. He hangs up.

Vaughn tells Roberts he's taking charge of the operation. He says CIA protocol means they won't fire unless fired upon first. So there is to be no shooting.

Sydney examines the music box. Nadia comes in and apologizes for seeing Katya without telling Sydney. She says when she found out Sloane was her father she was horrified. But now she sees that he has some good in him, and she was hoping the same would be true for Irina. Weiss arrives and he and Nadia go to lunch. Sydney goes back to the music box and sees that a small light is flashing numbers in a sequence. She copies them down. When she enters the numbers into her computer, she sees it is an account number for A. Sloane.

In Darmstadt, the convoy is surveilled by members of Vaughn's team. He and Sabina slide under the van and drill through the floor. There's one guard in the back, and they knock him out. Then they use the laser to get into the safe. Cars block the van, but Dixon, in the lead car, sees what is happening and turns back. One of Vaughn's team opens fire, and the CIA agents fire back. Vaughn and Sabina run into a nearby tunnel, pursued by Dixon. Sabina falls down and, seeing Dixon behind them, shoots at him. Dixon shoots her, and Vaughn fires three times at Dixon, hitting him in the chest. Dixon falls to the ground. Vaughn pulls off his mask.

Vaughn gets to Roberts at the meeting point and slugs him. He tells him he knows his father would never be involved in this. He wants to hear Roberts tell him the truth. Roberts admits that Vaughn's father has been dead all along -- he was killed by Irina Derevko. Everything was fake -- the pictures, the journals, everything. Vaughn wants to know who he works for. He beats up on him some more until Roberts tells him, "I work for Sloane."

Sydney goes to the prison to see Katya. She says she found bank records, payments to the assassin who tried to kill her. Irina is exonerated. Katya says if she had just gotten the message in time, Irina would still be alive. Katya wants to know who it is. Sydney says if she tells her, she must promise that Nadia will never know.

Marshall goes to see Jack and tells him he ran tests on Jack's blood and he may be very sick. Jack says he doesn't want to discuss it. Marshall says that this affects other people -- Sydney, for instance. Sloane comes in at that moment, and Marshall leaves. Sloane asks Jack if there's something thay need to discuss.

Sydney is at home when the doorbell rings -- it's Vaughn. They hug. Vaughn says his father's been dead all along. He says it was Sloane who was making him think his father was alive. Sydney says to come in -- there's something she has to tell him.

Jack tells Sloane that Sydney called -- Vaughn has returned and has the coil with him. Jack says he'll be debriefing Vaughn tomorrow. He also reports that Dixon ran into some trouble on the transport, but he was wearing his vest and he'll be all right. And the article they were transporting has been secured.

In Santiago, a man receives a report and goes to his superior's office: "Mr. Sloane? We didn't recover the manuscript, and Roberts hasn't reported in." He's speaking to a man behind a desk, who looks a lot like Arvin Sloane, but isn't. Mr. Sloane: "I see. Nothing changes. Everything proceeds as planned."

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