Season 4, episode 16
Series 416
1st release: 04/20/05
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Michelle Forbes (Dr. Maggie Sinclair)
Michael Kenneth Williams (Roberts)
Paul Ben-Victor (Carter)
Rocco Sisto (Ignacio)
Tony Colitti (Businessman)

Written by Luke McMullen
Directed by Greg Yaitanes

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

In Krakow, Poland, a Professor Maggie Sinclair is stopped at a security checkpoint in the airport. The guards tell her to come with them. She is taken into a dark hallway, where she is overpowered.

Sydney and Vaughn meet with Jack to tell him that Sloane is the one who was making Vaughn think his father was still alive. Sydney adds that Sloane was also the one who took out the hit on her life, not Irina. Jack says to let him handle it.

Professor Sinclair is taken to a room where she is met by the other Arvin Sloane. He gives her a copy of Rambaldi's instructions for constructing something far ahead of his time. He says he's been collecting Rambaldi prototypes for 35 years, but he needs Professor Sinclair's expertise to build this one. She says the specs are only theoretical. A small prototype is brought in and shown to her. She wants to know what will happen if she doesn't cooperate -- "Sloane" says she will.

Jack meets Sloane in an empty restroom and shoves him against the wall. He says the only motive he can think of for Sloane orchestrating his killing Irina would be to drive a wedge between him and Sydney. Sloane denies wanting Irina killed. He says that, given his and Jack's agreement, why would he try to gain Sydney's trust this way -- she has too many others she would turn to first. Sloane concludes that someone is setting him up, and Jack concurs.

Jack tells Sydney and Vaughn that he believes Sloane is innocent. They suggest that Roberts be brought in to identify his former boss. Jack agrees. Roberts sees Sloane and says that he's him, "sort of." He says both of them give him the creeps. Sydney and Vaughn are still reluctant to believe Sloane is not somehow involved.

Professor Sinclair tells "Sloane" that a vital component is missing -- the transformer coil. Without it the device cannot withstand its own power output. "Sloane" says that she is known for improvising solutions when others have failed. He expects he to do so this time, too. She says she has her limits. "Sloane" goes to his assistant: "Motivate her."

Nadia can't help but believe that Sloane is being drawn into the search for Rambaldi again. Sloane tells her he gave up his past obsessions for her. He says that what happened in Siena won't happen again.

"Sloane's" assistant, Carter, gets an electric sander and begins to torture Professor Sinclair with it.

Sloane tells the team that their mission is to find the man who is impersonating him. Their best lead is Roberts. Sydney says he knows the contact protocol used by his former boss. She suggests they give Roberts the coil and put him into play: "He makes the exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Clone." Sloane's raised eyebrow prompts Sydney to explain that that is what they're calling the impersonator. Weiss chimes in with "Marvin Sloane" and "Rolling Sloanes", but Sloane is not amused. Marshall expresses concern that Sloane continues to be involved, since he is to have no part in any mission involving Rambaldi. Sloane says this is about proving his innocence.

Sydney and Dixoon talk to Roberts. At first he refuses to double cross "Sloane". They promise him protection and relocation to someplace safe afterwards. He finally agrees.

Carter's phone rings, and he finally stops torturing Professor Sinclair long enough to answer it. Roberts tells him things got hot and he had to lay low, but he has the coil and still wants to deal. Carter says to call back in half an hour and he'll give him a location. He hangs up and tells Professor Sinclair it's her lucky day.

The meet is set for the next day in a tall office building in LA. Sydney and Nadia tap into the security system so Marshall can monitor through the security cameras. Nadia tells Sydney she knows Sloane is innocent. Sydney says she hopes she's right.

Dixon, Vaughn, Sydney, Weiss and Nadia are undercover in the building's lobby. Roberts sits at the bar and is approached by a man who tells him the meeting's been moved to the penthouse. Roberts goes with him to the elevator. Sydney gets into a nearby elevator. As she goes up, she sees another elevator going down. In the glass cage a man is looking at her, and she realizes she's looking at Arvin Clone himself. She radios Jack and says something is wrong. Sloane realizes what is happening -- they're going to cut the cable. Just then Roberts' elevator gets to the top and an explosion cuts it loose -- it plummets to the ground. Sydney reverses her elevator and heads down as well.

In the sub-basement, Carter pries open the elevator door. Roberts and the other man are dead. Carter gets the coil and hands it to Arvin Clone. Sydney gets out of her elevator and sees the dead bodies. She radios that the coil is gone.

Sloane examines a security picture of Arvin Clone. Sydney comes in and says everything about the man is a carbon copy of Sloane -- "even the way you look at me." Slaone wants to know what way that is. Sydney: "Let's just say it's equally disturbing." Sloane says the operation is a carbon copy of one in Moscow four years ago. Sloane wonders if Marshall is right. Sydney says no, he has to stay in it -- he might be the only one who can anticipate the Clone's next move. Sloane: "You're asking me to go back to Rambaldi?" Sydney: "God help us -- yes."

Sloane and Dixon go to the area where the Rambaldi artifacts are stored. Sloane goes through the area and reads the manuscripts. He finally says he knows what the Clone is going to do.

Sydney tells Nadia she was wrong about Sloane. Nadia is disturbed to learn that Sloane is studying Rambaldi. She tells Sydney about the time in Siena, when Sloane's personality seemed to change as they got closer to the Rambaldi artifact. He seemed to be a different man -- with a mad, lost expression in his eyes. She says the only reason she agreed to join APO was that Sloane promised that part of his life was over.

Sloane tells the team that the Clone is attempting to construct an energy source. Jack says that a gifted physicist, Dr. Margaret Sinclair, disappeared from an airport in Poland last week. They believe the impersonator kidnapped her to construct the power source. Sloane says they also need Xanthium 242, an illegal chemical. Sloane has contacted a former colleague in Sicily, who trades in such chemicals. Apparently "Arvin Sloane" recently ordered an unprecedented amount of Xanthium 242. Sloane told him he would pick it up personally.

Nadia wants to go with Sloane. He says she has nothing to worry about. He tells her that knowing her means more to him than Rambaldi or anything else. She says what about Siena. He says the man she saw there no longer exists.

In Sicily, Sloane meets with his contact, Ignacio. Ignacio gives him the Xanthium 242. Sloane tells him that someone is impersonating him and has placed all the previous orders for Xanthium. Ignacio says the man followed all Sloane's protocols. He is clearly worried about a reprisal on Sloane's part. Sloane reassures him and says he just wants to know where the Xanthium was to be delivered.

In Santiago, Vaughn and Dixon drive a van up to the entrance to the compound and kill the guards. Dixon stays at the checkpoint to monitor comings and goings, and Vaughn drives on in.

Carter tells "Sloane" that the shipment is here. They go to get Professor Sinclair. She says she could have worked more efficiently if he hadn't ruined her hands.

When the guards open the van doors, Sydney, Nadia, Weiss and Sloane shoot them and jump out. Dixon guides them to Professor Sinclair's location. Vaughn, Nadia and Weiss go to retrieve her. Sydney and Sloane head for the lab. Sloane says it's the first time he's been with her in action.

Vaughn's team runs into "Sloane" and his group and they exchange fire. "Sloane" radios Carter and tells him to secure the device and meet him at a side exit.

Sydney tries to break into the lab, but the security system is coded. She asks Sloane what the code might be, if it were his door. He suggests "Jacquelyn". It works. Sydney: "Am I supposed to know who that is?" Sloane doesn't answer. They go inside and see the huge Rambaldi device pulsating. Sydney suggests they blow it up, but Sloane says they don't have to destroy it -- they can dismantle it. Sydney is doubtful, but Vaughn radios that "Sloane's" men are headed her way and have the hostage. Sloane tells her to go. Sydney is reluctant, but goes.

Carter gets to the lab and sees Sloane from behind. At first he thinks it's "Sloane", but then Sloane turns around. He asks who the man impersonating him is. Carter: "It's Arvin Sloane." Sloane shoots him in the leg. He asks if Carter knows what he's done. Carter: "He told me I could live forever." Sloane picks up a huge wrench and begins hitting him over and over again, shouting that he's unworthy of these secrets.

Sydney intercepts "Sloane's" group, but he's not with them. Sydney shoots a steam pipe, which throws steam at the group. In the confusion, Sydney fights the guards and knocks them out just as Vaughn and Weiss come in. They go to Professor Sinclair.

Nadia comes into the lab and sees Carter's dead body and Sloane covered in blood. Sloane: "It's all over, honey." Nadia just stares at him.

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