Prophet Five

Season 5, episode 01
Series 501
1st release: 09/29/05
2nd release:
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Last update: 10/02/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Greg Grunberg (Eric Weiss)
Tyrees Allen (Gordon Dean)
David Marshall Grant (Ivan Curtis)
Leon Russom (James Lehman)
Lindsey Haun (Miranda)
Art Chudabala (Dr. Parks)
Dominic Comperatore (Doctor)
David Jean Thomas (Butler)
Nico Samano (SWAT Team Leader)

Written by Alison Schapker and Monica Breen
Directed by Ken Olin

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


It's like the Jackson Five, only without Tito. There's a new Rambaldi in town and it goes by the name of Prophet Five, y'all. What's Prophet Five, you ask? I think it's a page. Or a book. Or the person who will save the world after the Mueller device blows up. No, wait, that's the Chosen One. Or is it? …Oh, who cares? Vaughn's dead, Syd's pregnant and out for revenge, and Jack just looks constipated. Hit the saloon, amigos, it's gonna be a bumpy season. Television Without Pity


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

Sydney and Vaughn are on their way to Santa Barbara when Vaughn starts to confess something to Sydney. He says it was no coincidence that she came to him when she approached the CIA. Sydney is alarmed and wants an explanation. Vaughn says, "For starters, my name isn't Michael Vaughn." Suddenly another car crashes into them. Sydney regains consciousness in the car to find an unconscious Vaughn being put onto a stretcher. An EMT is preparing to give Sydney an injection, but Sydney becomes suspicious when when she sees that he's armed. She knocks him aside and runs into a nearby cornfield as Vaughn is being taken to an ambulance. The "EMTs" fire at Sydney and chase her through the corn. She kills the men trying to kill her and sees Vaughn being loaded into a helicopter, which takes off and flies away.

Back in LA, Sydney is examined by a doctor, who does some tests. An agent enters the exam room as the doctor leaves and introduces himself as Gordon Dean, from the Office of Special Investigations. He asks Sydney questions about what Vaughn said to her before the accident. Sydney is puzzled and then angry when Dean tells her to make sure her loyalties are in the right place. Jack comes in to tell Dean that Sydney can answer his questions at a later time. When Dean leaves, Jack tells Sydney that Vaughn is under investigation and is thought to be a double agent -- and the crash may have been an extraction of sorts.

Vaughn is seated in a sterile-looking room. The man who had piloted the helicopter comes in and says, "It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Michaux."

Sydney makes a sketch of the helicopter pilot as she heads for APO headquarters.

Vaughn wants to know how Sydney is. The pilot, Curtis, tells him she's in better shape than Vaughn, whose shoulder seems to be dislocated. He gives Vaughn a piece of paper with what appears to be a list of numbers. Vaughn says he can't decipher the numbers. Curtis says they want to know where Lehman is. Vaughn says he doesn't recognize the name. Some guards enter to "help" Vaughn remember.

Sydney asks Weiss why Vaughn was assigned as her handler when she first approached the CIA. Weiss says Vaughn asked for the assignment.

Vaughn holds out until Curtis tells the guard to go down the hallway and bring back his fiancee's ring finger. Vaughn says he will try to decipher the code.

Dean asks Marshall to bring up all of Vaughn's personnel files. Marshall says Dean will not find anything in the files, that he knows Vaughn is loyal because they're friends: "We do lunch."

Meanwhile, Sydney is checking databases to ID the helicopter pilot. Dixon approaches and asks how she's holding up. Sydney asks what if she's wrong about Vaughn. Dixon says that when he thought Sydney was being disloyal (back when they were with SD-6), he hadn't given her the benefit of the doubt -- and now he wishes he had.

Vaughn tells Curtis he can't write with his dislocated shoulder. Curtis comes around the table and roughly pulls Vaughn's shoulder back in place. Vaughn knocks him out and then grabs the guard and holds a pencil to his eye until he tells him that Sydney escaped. He gets out of the building and gets to a phone to call Sydney, who goes into the restroom to take the call. He tells her to bring his father's watch. She says she has to think about it. When she leaves the restroom, she is confronted by Dean and Jack. Dean demands to know Vaughn's whereabouts. Sydney hesitates, and Jack says if Vaughn really is innocent, he's in danger and should be brought in safely. Sydney: "He's in Mexico City."

Dean and several agents surround a facility in Mexico City. Vaughn approaches a set of lockers and opens one, finding it empty. Dean and his men rush into the building. Vaughn turns in surprise as Sydney walks up holding the watch. Dean and his men are dismayed to find the building they have entered empty. Sydney tells Vaughn she wants the truth, starting with his real name. He says it's Andre Michaux, and he'll tell her everything on the way. They leave the building and walk out into Washington, D.C.

Vaughn tells Sydney that seven years ago a girl came to him to tell him of a project her father had been involved in -- a project that others had gone to great lengths to keep secret. The project was called Prophet Five, and the girl said Vaughn's father had been involved in it, too. Vaughn says that is when he learned that his father had been a renowned mathematician before joining the CIA, and that he had changed his name and his son's when Vaughn was only 18 months old. When Sydney came to the CIA with evidence of the Mueller device, Vaughn had his first proof that the girl's story had been true, because Mueller was the name of the man who originated the Prophet Five project. Vaughn says that he and the girl -- Renee Rienne -- have been searching for this man Lehman for years, because he supposedly worked with their fathers. Suddenly the elevator they are in stops and the doors open. A man is standing there. He demands that Vaughn show him the watch. Vaughn does, and the man says to follow him.

Dean tells Jack that he was prepared to bring Vaughn in peacefully, but now he has been classified as a fugitive and Sydney as his accomplice. When Dean leaves, Marshall tells Jack that he encrypted all of Vaughn's files before he turned them over to Dean. Jack tells him to bring him the original files.

Lehman tells Vaughn that he was a cryptologist recruited by a private organization, along with several other brilliant scientists. He and the others were each given one page of a book, "The Fifth Prophet", to decode. It took him years, but he successfully decoded his portion. He says it seemed to be some sort of advanced genetics, written 500 years ago but centuries ahead of its time. Lehman says Vaughn's father warned him he was in danger when the other scientists began dying in all sorts of accidents. He says he just disappeared. Over the years he had used his sources to try and find the book. Now he has uncovered a promising lead, and he needs Vaughn's help. Vaughn says he will contact him when he has the book.

In Cape Town, Sydney and Vaughn crash an exclusive party at a coastal estate. They create a diversion, and Sydney goes to the alarm control room while Vaughn gets into their host's study. Sydney has to call Dixon to get the code numbers of the alarm system. Meanwhile, Vaughn is interrupted by a young woman who introduces herself as the host's daughter. She seems to mistake Vaughn for a man her father is trying to set her up with. Vaughn gets rid of her, but she returns just as he is taking the book from the safe and sets off another alarm. Sydney and Vaughn run to the cliff's edge with guards in pursuit. Sydney's phone rings -- it's her doctor. When Vaughn reaches her, Sydney breaks the news that she's pregnant. Before they can talk more, the guards begin shooting at them. They parachute off the cliff and float down to the ground below.

Jack visits Sloane in prison. Sloane asks about Nadia, and Jack says there's been no change. Sloane wants Jack to get him out so he can help in finding a cure for Nadia's condition. Jack says he's working on it. He asks Sloane if he knows why Vaughn would have taken so many off-the-book trips while he was with APO. Sloane looks at the dates and locations and asks if Jack knows of The Raven, Renee Rienne. Jack recognizes the name. Sloane says she was involved in assassinations on those dates.

Dean has a woman agent decrypting the files that Marshall gave him. She finds that one of Vaughn's aliases was used to pass through customs last night. Dean says she's a genius.

Vaughn and Sydney arrive early for their rendezvous with Lehman and have a moment to talk about Sydney's startling news. Vaughn says he hadn't thought bringing children into the world was a good idea, but now, thinking about their child, he can't wait to meet this new little person. He says Sydney will be an amazing mom, but he will be a disaster because he can't change a diaper. Sydney laughs and says they will have to call Marshall for an assist.

Lehman arrives and Vaughn gets out of the car with the book, telling Sydney to start thinking of names. He approaches Lehman and gives him the book. Lehman says he will contact Vaughn when he has decoded it. Suddenly a car pulls up and Gordon Dean gets out. Another car arrives just as a train starts passing by, separating Sydney from the others. Lehman turns and tries to run, but Dean shoots him in the back. Sydney watches in horror from the other side of the tracks as Curtis gets out of the other car and pumps several bullets into Vaughn's chest. Dean gets the book, and they get back in their cars and drive off. The train passes, and Sydney runs to Vaughn, who is barely breathing.

Vaughn is rushed into surgery. Sydney is in the waiting room when Jack arrives. Jack is indignant that Sydney would have risked her life to help Vaughn when she really didn't know what he was involved in. Sydney stops him by saying she does know what he was involved in and she and Vaughn are having a baby. The doctor comes out to tell them that Vaughn is in recovery and they will know more in the next 48 hours. Jack tells Sydney he will do anything he can to help them both.

Dixon calls Jack to tell him that Gordon Dean wasn't Special Investigations after all -- he had gone off the grid several years ago and was presumed dead. Jack passes this info along to Sydney and then mobilizes Dixon, Marshall and Weiss to find out all they can about Prophet Five and the villa in Cape Town.

Sydney and Vaughn discuss names. Sydney makes a few suggestions that Vaughn is not crazy about, and then she suggests Isabelle. Vaughn: "Isabelle Bristow Vaughn." Sydney thinks that's pretty. She gives Vaughn a sip of water. He says he's tired, and she tells him to close his eyes. He tells her he loves her. Sydney: "I love you, too." She kisses him and walks to the window. The monitors begin beeping, and the doctors rush in. Sydney is pushed outside as they begin performing life-saving measures on Vaughn.

Sydney sits next to Vaughn's bed and holds his hand. The doctors come in and cover Vaughn's face with the sheet. He is wheeled away as Jack and Sydney watch. Later, they sit in church together as Vaughn's closed coffin is on display.

In London four months later, Sydney enters a bar and tells the bartender -- a woman with curly, red hair -- "You're a hard person to find." The woman pretends not to know what Sydney's talking about, but Sydney addresses her a Renee and says they need to talk: "It's about Michael Vaughn." Renee: "You're Sydney." She wants to know how Sydney found her. Sydney says she knows everything. Renee: "Then you should have walked away." Sydney: "You don't know me very well."

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