Season 5, episode 02
Series 502
1st release: 10/06/05
2nd release:
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Last update: 10/10/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Greg Grunberg (Eric Weiss)
Larry Cedar (Heinrich Roemer)
Kevin Cooney (Ahern)
Amanda Foreman (Carrie)
David Marshall Grant (Ivan Curtis)
Kathe Mazur (Doctor Lynn)
Christian Gill (Lars)
David Pressman (Walsh)
Marsh Mokhtari (Technician)

Written by J.R. Orci
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

Scenes from previous episodes, culminating with Sydney walking into a bar in London and starting a conversation with Renee Rienne. Renee says the people who killed Vaughn own this place, and she has been working toward getting into the control room located in the back. She advises Sydney to walk away, but Sydney says she will come with her. Together they overpower the guards and get into the control room. The last guard pushes a button that starts deleting all the computer files. They are unable to stop it, but Sydney grabs the hard drive as they leave. Sydney tells Renee that Marshall will be able to crack the encryption on the files. Renee says she's not sure she can trust Sydney. Sydney says she understands -- Renee is number eight on the CIA's most wanted list, but she wants to get the people who killed Vaughn, and if Renee doesn't want to get involved, it's okay. Renee is bummed that she's number eight -- she used to be number six. She agrees to work with Sydney and takes the cell phone Sydney offers her. Sydney remarks that Renee calls Vaughn "Michael", but Renee says not to worry, "he was crazy about you."

Back in LA, Sydney goes to the doctor and has an ultrasound done. She sees the baby's heartbeat. The doctor says everything looks great.

Jack identifies the man who killed Vaughn as Ivan Curtis, an Irishman who was presumed dead three years ago. He and Gordon Dean appear to be part of an organization that has been in place for thirty some years. Jack also tells Dixon and Weiss that he's recruiting a new man for APO.

Sydney calls Marshall late at night to ask for enhancement of some surveillance footage from London. Marshall stumbles to the computer and checks footage showing Curtis dialing a number, which he is able to enhance. Marshall and Sydney listen to the conversation, in which Curtis is ordering several kilos of something he doesn't identify. They trace the call to a Heinrich Roemer.

Sydney visits Sloane in prison. He gives her his condolences on Vaughn's death. Sydney asks about Roemer, whom Sloane worked with during his SD-6 days. Sloane warns Sydney that revenge is hollow, but Sydney says she'll never be safe as long as these men are out there. Sloane tells her to look in Amsterdam.

Weiss and Dixon pose as buyers and contact Roemer. When they are taken to his headquarters, Sydney monitors them to hack into the security cameras through Dixon's wristwatch. Weiss spills ink on Dixon's coat, and Dixon is taken through the halls to a restroom to clean up. When Dixon has made contact with all the security cameras, Sydney is able to see everything. She immediately radios Dixon that Curtis has just arrived in the parking garage. Dixon tells her to hold her position. Roemer leaves Weiss with one of his men while he goes to meet with Curtis. Curtis takes delivey of the nuridium he has purchased from Roemer, and then his men open fire, killing Roemer and several of his guards. Weiss and the guard start fighting. Sydney radios Dixon that Weiss is in trouble, and then she takes off for the garage. Dixon and Weiss take out the remaining guards and follow Sydney. When Curtis gets to his car, Sydney is waiting for him with a gun.

Curtis is cuffed to a chair, and Sydney insists on being the one to question him. She reminds him of Vaughn's murder and asks where she can find Dean. Curtis is not forthcoming with any information, so Sydney gets "hormonal" on him, slugging him in the face.

Marshall relays information about the nuridium -- an inherently unstable energy source, several cannisters of which were recently stolen in Russia.

Curtis says Sydney is better off not knowing the truth about their operation. Dixon calls Sydney out to tell her about the nuridium. They think Curtis only got part of it from Roemer and so must have the rest stashed somewhere. Weiss suggests that they let Curtis escape so he can lead them to the remaining nuridium. Sydney is reluctant but finally agrees.

Dixon goes to Curtis and offers him some water. He says if Curtis cooperates, they can offer him a deal. Curtis says he wants immunity for possession of the nuridium and for Vaughn's murder. Sydney comes in and Curtis looks at her stomach: "Sorry, baby, daddy just went snooping where he didn't belong." Sydney kicks him in the chest, and he crashes out the window and falls into the canal below. Dixon says it will take about two hours for the tracking serum that was in the water to enter Curtis' bloodstream.

Jack meets with Agent Ahern, who has a recommendation for the new man for APO -- no family, no entanglements, just off a four-year stint with special ops. Jack sees something he seems to be concerned about in the guy's files, but agrees.

In a bar, a fight is in progress between two men. The guy who gets the worst end of it is lying on the floor when Jack approaches and stands over him: "Thomas Grace?"

Sydney and Weiss are monitoring the tracking system, but the serum hasn't kicked in yet. Weiss says he can't wait any longer and tells Sydney that he's been offered a promotion to the NSC in Washington. Sydney is a little sad, but smiles and congratulates him. Suddenly they get a signal and realize that Curtis must be in an airplane.

In a restaurant, Rachel Gibson is arguing with her tablemates when her phone rings. She excuses herself to take the call. It's Curtis. He tells her to let Dean know they are on their way, and "the device is on board."

Jack radios that Marshall has traced Curtis' flight plan -- they are headed for North Korea with "several large containers" on board. Sydney, Weiss and Dixon board a stealth aircraft and fly to intercept the plane. Marshall jams the plane's radar so that the stealth aircraft can approach and dock with the airplane undetected. They do so, and Sydney, Dixon and Weiss get onto the airplane. They find a large container in the cargo hold. Sydney radios Marshall and gives him the particulars of what she assumes to be a bomb. Marshall talks her through accessing its controls.

Meanwhile, Weiss and Dixon begin overpowering the guards on the plane. Curtis is alerted, however, and heads for the cargo hold while Dixon and Weiss engage in a gun battle with the guards.

Marshall tells Sydney to look for the detonator, but Sydney doesn't see one. She opens the outer casing, though, and sees what appears to be a body inside a semi-transparent casket of some sort. There is a monitor, with a flatline showing on it: "Marshall, I don't think it's a bomb." Just then Curtis enters and points his gun at Sydney.

Sydney tells Curtis not to shoot or she'll cut the connection feeding the nuridium into the casket. She asks who gave the order to kill Vaughn. Curtis: "Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me."

In the battle between Dixon, Weiss and the guards, a stray bullet hits the pilot, and the aircraft pitches sideways, throwing Curtis off his feet. Sydney gets to his gun and holds it on him. Meanwhile, Weiss and Dixon get to the cockpit and get control of the plane.

Curtis tells Sydney she might as well kill him, since he'll never survive the night in custody. He pulls a cord, and a doorway opens, sucking him out of the plane.

Back in LA, Jack reports to the team that the nuridium was being used to power a cryogneic chamber. They haven't yet identified the body in the casket, which is now in DSR custody, but they assume it to be someone who died of some illness and is being preserved hoping a cure can be found. Marshall says bringing a body back is impossible -- he's tried. The rest of the team leaves, and Jack asks if Sydney is okay. She is discouraged that they lost their only lead to Gordon Dean. She tells Jack about seeing the baby's heartbeat and wishing Vaughn could have been there. Jack asks how he can help. Sydney asks him to go with her to her next doctor appointment. Jack says of course he will.

Thomas Grace arrives at APO and is shown to Vaughn's desk. Weiss comes over and says that desk is not very comfortable -- why doesn't he take Weiss' old desk, since he won't be needing it any more. Grace understands. Sydney comes along and hugs Weiss, but Dixon interrupts to tell them that the body has been stolen from the DSR.

Sydney calls Renee, whom she had earlier left a message for about the recovery of the body. Renee says she got the message. Sydney tells her that the body has been stolen. Renee says she will find out what she can. As she hangs up, Renee walks by the cryogenic chamber. The monitor starts to beep, as though the body inside has a heartbeat. Inside, the fingers on one hand start to twitch.

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