Season 5, episode 06
Series 506
1st release: 11/10/05
2nd release:
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Last update: 11/20/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Mia Maestro (Nadia)
Tyrees Allen (Gordon Dean)
Amy Acker (Kelly Peyton)
Ron Bottitto (Janos Vak)
Darcy Shean (Sales Clerk)
Purva Bedi (Fiancee)
Boyuen (General)
Trevor Duke (Eric)
Jordan Claire Green (Nicole)
Sathya Jesudasson (Fiancee's Mother)
Kaye Kittrell (Mom)
Ian Patrick Williams (Dad)
Emil Lin (Embassy Guard #1)
Vanna Salviati (Armenian Woman)

Written and directed by Jeffrey Bell

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

A family is watching TV and discussing their daughter, who is traveling in Europe and hasn't gotten in touch lately. Suddenly the lights go out and the family is silently taken prisoner. When the lights come back on, the camera pans to a picture on the wall -- it's Rachel.

The family is taken to a sterile-looking room. Rachel and Sydney watch through a one-way glass. Rachel says she's ruined their lives. Sydney tells her it's the only way to keep them safe. Rachel is sad that she won't even be able to contact them: "How am I going to do this alone?" Sydney: "You'll do it because you don't have a choice -- because you want the world to be safe for the people you love." Rachel goes into the room to embrace her family and explain to them what has happened. They are put into the witness protection program.

Sloane tells Dean he will not harm Rachel or anyone else at APO. Dean says he will do what he is told to do. He tells Sloane that he wants him to find an inventor named Janos Vak, who has disappeared.

Sloane reports to the APO team that Janos Vak has developed a targeting software that would allow an incoming missile to be redirected. He suggests that APO locate Vak and use him as bait to capture Gordon Dean, who is also looking for Vak. The only lead they have is in the Algerian underworld. Sydney suggests that Renee might have contacts there. Jack says to contact her.

Sloane thanks Sydney for her letter to the Senate committee. He says he has a confession to make -- he goes daily to visit Nadia but is unable to actually go into her room. Sydney says she knows he will do everything in his power to find a cure for Nadia. Sloane says yes, he will do whatever it takes.

In Marseilles, a motorcycle crashes into a gambling den, and the rider takes out all the participants. She removes her helmet -- it's Renee. She asks the only one left conscious where she can find Janos Vak.

Rachel asks Grace if he will spar with her, since she really needs the practice. He tells her she has to fight dirty -- cause as much damage as possible to her opponent. Rachel says she doesn't know if she can do that. Grace: "Then you shouldn't be here." He tells her to go back to her mommy and daddy, and Rachel slugs him. He says he wants to see more of that.

Sydney reports that Renee found an arms dealer who told her that Vak sold his targeting software to a Chinese general. The team decides to crash the general's engagement party and get his contact info.

In Bombay, Grace and Sydney enter the party as guests. They meet Dixon, who says the general is still in his room, and the rumor is that he is having second thoughts. Sydney and Dixon quicky put a plan together. Dixon approaches the general's fiancee and pretends to be a jilted former lover. Grace comes to pull Dixon away and attracts the attention of the security in the room. Meanwhile, Sydney slips upstairs and approaches the general's room. She tells the guard outside that she must see the general. When the guard refuses, Sydney rubs her pregnant belly and says she'll just go talk to his fiancee, then. The guard calls her back. She goes inside and darts the general with a tranquilizer before going to his safe. Marshall has trouble getting a signal to the safe, so Rachel goes inside to set up a relay. Sydney gets into the safe and gets all the info there. Rachel runs into a guard on her way out and panics. Grace comes to her rescue, and Rachel is chagrined that she hadn't been able to handle the situation herself.

Sydney goes to a department store to buy a rocking chair. She sees a father with his little boy and is sad.

Sloane meets with Dean and tells him the info they got in Bombay was encrypted, but he should have Vak's location by the end of the day.

Sydney returns to APO and is informed that Vak has been located on an oil platform in the South China Sea. Sydney is surprised to hear that Jack plans on sending Rachel in to get the software. She and Jack argue, and he tells her that she -- being pregnant -- can't do this, since Rachel will be posing as Vak's female companion. Sydney thinks Rachel is not ready. Jack says this is no different than when Sydney was sent back into SD-6. Sydney: "It is different -- I had Vaughn." Jack: "And Rachel will have you."

Marshall gives Rachel a lipstick which contains a tranquilizer to knock Vak out. He also gives her a hairbrush that conceals a spring-loaded ice pick, which kind of freaks Rachel out. Marshall reassures her that she probably won't need it.

Sloane gives Dean Vak's location. He tells Dean that Rachel is going to get the software. Once she has it, Sloane will switch it out and give the real software to Dean. After Sloane leaves, Dean tells Peyton he doesn't trust Sloane, so he wants Peyton to go in and get the software first. Peyton says it will be strange if she and Rachel cross paths. Dean says if they do, to "show her the professional courtesy of putting a bullet in her head."

In the South China Sea, a motorboat approaches the off-shore platform, and Rachel, dressed in a short skirt and heels, comes aboard. As she climbs the stairs, she remembers Sydney's advice -- to be the alias, in this case, the sluttiest girl Rachel remembers from high school. Sydney also told her she would be there for her, just like Vaughn was for Sydney. Rachel reaches Vak's cabin and the guard lets her in. She flirts a little clumsily with Vak, who offers her champagne. Rachel is so nervous, she drops her lipstick/tranquilizer and can't find it. When Vak approaches, she slaps him. He likes it. Sydney says this will be easy. Vak lets Rachel tie him to the bed. Then she slaps some tape over his mouth and starts downloading the software. Meanwhile, Peyton climbs aboard the platform and shoots a guard. When she gets to Vak's cabin, she sees him still tied to the bed and smoke coming from the computer.

As Rachel is leaving, she sees the dead guard and radios Sydney that the motorboat is gone. Sydney says she is sending emergency extraction. Dixon heads toward the platform in a helicopter.

Rachel heads for the helideck but runs right into Peyton, who is pointing a gun at her. Rachel: "My god, you're..." Peyton: "Not dead?" Rachel: "I was going to say evil." Peyton says they just work for different teams. She says she doesn't want to kill Rachel, so if she'll just give her the software, Rachel can walk away. Sydney radios Rachel to give Peyton the software, that her life is more important than the mission. Rachel reaches into her purse and pulls out her hairbrush. She flicks out the ice pick and stabs Peyton in the shoulder. Peyton drops her gun, and they fight. Peyton: "You should have given me the disc." Rachel: "You were going to kill me anyway." Peyton: "Yeah, but I would have felt bad about it -- now, it's gonna be fun." She pulls a knife from her boot, and they fight some more. Rachel fights dirty and kicks the knife away. Some of Vak's soldiers start shooting at them, and they dive behind some barrels. Suddenly Dixon arrives in the helicopter and fires back at the soldiers. Peyton runs and jumps into the sea, and Rachel gets to the helicopter.

Sloane tells Dixon that none of his people were to get hurt. He refuses to give Dean the software. Dean asks how Nadia is doing.

Sydney tells Rachel she did a great job. Rachel says Sydney's voice is what got her through it. Sydney says she knows how important that voice can be -- Vaughn talked her through all her early missions for the CIA. Rachel says she wishes she could have met him. When Sydney leaves, Grace nods at Rachel to acknowledge her success.

Sloane goes to Nadia's room, and this time he is able to go inside. He sits by Nadia's bedside and holds her hand.

Rachel sits at her desk and looks at a picture of her family.

Sydney sits at home and listens to tapes of her early conversations with Vaughn during her CIA missions. She holds the microphone close to her stomach so the baby can hear, too.

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