Out of the Box

Season 5, episode 05
Series 505
1st release: 10/27/05
2nd release:
Production code:
Last update: 11/20/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow)
Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane)
Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon)
Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman)
Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson)
Elodie Bouchez (Renee Rienne)
Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace)
Victor Garber (Jack Bristow)

Tyrees Allen (Gordon Dean)
Joel Bissonnette (Keach)
Jennifer Hetrick (Senator Lewis)
Patrick Bauchau (Luc Goursaud)
Patrick Gorman (Flashback Desantis)
Annie Quinn (Daughter)
Ashlyn Sanchez (Young Renee)
Sean Smith (Storage Manager)

Written by Jesse Alexander
Directed by Jay Torres

Broadcast on ABC, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

At a US army facility in Germany, a break-in occurs. Guards fire on the intruder, who leaps out a window and falls to a pallet down below. She rips off her hood as she gets away-- it's Renee.

In LA, Sydney is exercising in her living room when Rachel comes into the room. Sydney says her baby is sure to be a black belt. Rachel says she must be excited. Sydney: "Yeah...when I'm not terrified." She says it's just that the thought of her life changing and doing it on her own is a little overwhelming. Rachel says she knows what she means. Sydney tells Rachel she can stay with her as long as she wants. Rachel says Sydney will be a great mom.

Jack joins Sloane at a restaurant table. Sloane says he wants to return to APO. He says he will respect Jack's position as team leader, but he wants to have the resources of the CIA to search for Nadia's cure. Jack says he has already put in a request, but he has the impression that someone is opposing it.

Renee opens the cryochamber, exposing the body of a man.

Dixon tells Jack of the break-in in Germnay. An experimental stimulant called atropine ZX was the only thing that was stolen, and the intruder took down the guards with non-lethal means. They theorize that the same one who stole the cryochamber could be using the atropine ZX to resuscitate the body. Grace manages to get surveillance footage of the intruder, and they see that it is Renee.

Sydney doesn't want to believe that Renee stole the chamber. She has been in weekly contact with her and says that she should be the one to meet with her. Jack says Renee is an assassin, but Sydney says that Vaughn trusted Renee. She feels that if Renee did steal the body, it's their best chance to discover more about Prophet Five. Jack says he will not let her go alone. He talks to Grace and tells him that he doesn't share Sydney's trust in Renee. Grace says he'll make sure that Sydney is safe.

In Marseilles, Sydney and Grace find Renee's location. Renee sees them coming and comes out to meet them. Sydney says they know she took the body. Renee says Sydney doesn't understand. They look up and see someone in the window. When they go into the building, a man grabs Renee and holds a knife to her throat. Sydney and Grace both draw their guns, but Renee says he won't hurt her. She speaks to the man in French, and he drops the knife. He asks if it is really her, and she replies, "Yes, Papa."

Renee's father, Luc Goursaud, asks what year it is, and Renee says it is 2006. He says 23 years have passed without his being aware of it. Sydney asks who did this to him. Renee says it must have been Desantis. Luc says yes -- Desantis wanted to know where Renee was, but he wouldn't tell, and then he remembers nothing. Sydney asks if it has something to do with Prophet Five. Suddenly, Luc has a seizure. They get him to the couch, and Renee gets a sedative for him.

Sloane is approached by Keach, the man who brought Gordon Dean's message to him in prison. Sloane says not to contact him in public again, just tell whoever he is reporting to that he (Sloane) is proceeding as instructed. Keach says to tell him himself. A car pulls up, and Sloane gets in. He and Gordon Dean greet each other by their first names. Dean asks if Sloane knows a Senator Lewis, and Sloane says she is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Dean says she's the one standing in the way of Sloane returning to APO, and Dean wants Sloane at APO, so he is going to have to find a way to persuade the Senator to reinstate his clearance.

Grace calls APO to see what they can do for Renee's father. When he mentions the name Desantis, Rachel recognizes it. She says Dean had her send some of his files to a storage facility in San Francisco. Jack tells Grace to get Goursaud to a clinic outside Marseilles. Grace starts down to get the van ready, but the power goes out. He sees several men in riot gear sneaking into the facility. They spot him and begin firing. He gets into the elevator shaft and blocks it. Meanwhile, Renee gets a phone call that says she has 20 minutes to give back what was taken. Grace comes in to tell them that they are under seige. Sydney tries to call APO, but their phones are jammed. They see on the cameras that the men are preparing to pump gas into the building from a van. Grace tells Sydney and Renee to seal themselves in, and he'll take out the van.

In San Francisco, Marshall shows Dixon and Rachel a tiny remote controlled device shaped like a spider -- he calls it "Charlotte" -- which will be able to copy the Desantis files from inside their storage container. Dixon and Rachel pretend to be customers wanting to store a valuable item in their most secure room. Rachel calls Marshall on her cell to establish a connection, while Dixon takes their container into the storage room and puts it on a shelf. When the room is sealed again, Marshall sends Charlotte out of the container and to the container holding Desantis' files. Charlotte begins copying the files through the walls of the container.

Sydney asks Renee why the men would want her father. Renee says she was very sick, and her father went to work for Desantis to earn money for her treatment. She says that one night he came home with a lot of money. They tried to leave, and Renee knew that they were running from something or someone. In flashback, she remembers her father being taken by some other men and being injected with something that knocked him out. She had thought her father was killed by his employer, whom she later discovered was named Desantis. He was somehow associated with the Prophet Five project. She had devoted her life to making them pay.

Grace takes out one of the guards and dresses in his clothes. He plants an explosive under the van and blows it up, barely making it back inside just as Goursaud wakes up. Renee tells him that some men are after him, but she will protect him.

Sloane approaches Senator Lewis, who is watching her daughter ice skate. He asks her to reconsider her opposition to him. He says his only agenda is his daughter. She says she sympathizes, but she will never reinstate his clearance. He shows her photos that were taken on the inside of her home. He says it should make her wonder about her security detail. Then he thanks her in advance for her support.

Renee checks the cameras and sees that the men are not in sight. Grace shows her a device that was in the guard's pocket. It seems to be tracking a signal. He follows it to a beacon that was apparently activated when Renee opened the cryochamber.

Dixon tells Jack he got a call from Senator Lewis that Sloane's clearance has been reinstated. Jack says he requested it, and he believes that Sloane merely wants to use APO's resources to find a cure for Nadia. Dixon says it will also make it easier to keep an eye on Sloane. Jack says he thought of that, too.

Marshall analyzes the data from the Desantis files and finds some strange things. The man in the cryochamber was receiving doses of immune suppressing drugs. Also, his EEGs don't match the ones the DSR took when they analyzed the chamber. Marshall tells Jack that the only conclusion is that the man who came out of the cryochamber is not Luc Goursaud. Dixon comes in to report that Sydney and Grace never arrived at the clinic, and they can't be reached on their phones.

Goursaud tells Sydney that they should just give him to the men to save Renee. Sdyney says that won't work. Goursaud says that once they traced the beacon here they could have just blown them all up, but they must want him alive. Sydney: "What beacon?" Goursaud pulls out a gun and takes Sydney into the next room. He tells Renee that Sydney tried to kill him. Grace pulls out his gun and points it at Goursaud, but Renee points her gun at Grace. Sydney says Goursaud must have led the men here: "It's not an abduction -- it's a rescue." Sydney tells Renee to ask her father where he left her on the night Desantis kidnapped him. Goursaud says he doesn't remember. Renee asks who he is. Suddenly the wall explodes inward, and a rope is thrown in from a helicopter hovering outside. Goursaud grabs the rope and is pulled out through the opening.

Sydney tells Renee that they tracked the helicopter to an airport, where a jet took off for North Korea. Renee asks who the man really was. Sydney says they are working on it. She says it's not the first time a doubling technique of some sort has been used. She says she will let Renee know when they find out something. Renee says that Michael always told her she could trust Sydney -- now she knows he was right.

In North Korea, Gordon Dean enters a room where "Goursaud" is lying on a bed. He asks, "How are you feeling, Dr. Desantis?" The man says he's fine and that "the girl's alive -- she calls herself Renee Rienne and works with the CIA." Dean says keeping an eye on her won't be a problem, then. Flash to Sloane, who enters APO and walks down the corridor to meet Jack, who is standing at the other end

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