Season 4, episode 13
Series 413
1st release: 03/30/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/30/06

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Amanda Foreman (Carrie)
Diego Wallraff (Alex Rucker)
Ulrich Thomsen (Ulrich Koture)
Gina Morelli (Grandmother)
Raoul Rizik (Merchant)
Richard Willgrubs (Technician)

Written by Drew Goddard and Breen Frazier
Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

In Havana, salsa music is playing. Sydney, wearing a dark wig, dances with many other girls in colorful dresses. She dances over to one man and takes him out on the dance floor with her. As they dance, the man is nervous about betraying the people he works for. Sydney: "We can help you with that." He asks if she brought the payment, and Sydney says, "I hope you like diamonds." He says "they" are planning a large scale attack. He doesn't know where, but he says it should be on the hard drive, and he gives directions to an LA location where the hard drive can be found. Sydney relays this info to Dixon, who finds the hard drive in a locker. Sydney slips a diamond bracelet into the man's hand.

At home, Marshall and Carrie are having a trying morning -- Marshall is late and Mitchell has a fever. Sloane calls wanting to know where Marshall is. He says Dixon is en route with the hard drive and Marshall needs to get to HQ asap. Carrie is upset, but Marshall has to go.

Sydney reports what she learned to Vaughn. She says Vaughn needs to take her dancing, but she knows he hates it. Vaughn says he loves dancing, and they will go as soon as she gets back. Sydney meets her driver and hangs up. When they pull out, another car follows them.

Dixon brings the hard drive to APO and gives it to a technician. He hooks up the drive to their computer system and establishes a connection.

Sydney notices the car following them, but it's too late. Her driver is shot and the car crashes, stunning her. Men jump out of the other car and grab her.

As the tech works with the hard drive, it suddenly explodes, emitting a dense gas. Biohazard alarms go off and the outer doors all slam shut. The tech is unconscious, and Dixon goes into convulsions. An antidote is administered to each person.

Sydney is pushed to her knees in front of a group of men. On his knees next to her is her contact from the dance floor. He pleads with the leader of the group, Ulrich, to give him another chance. Ulrich pulls out a gun and shoots him between the eyes. Ulrich says he doesn't care who Sydney is or who she works for -- they are going to be having a difficult enough time with the hard drive. He says this is a demonstration for some others to see what he does when he's betrayed. Sydney asks if it would help the demonstration if she begged for her life. He says she doesn't understand. The dead man was his friend -- she is not. He has something much worse planned for her.

In LA, Sloane tells Jack that because of their undercover status, regular rescue teams cannot respond to them. They are preparing an ICU for those who are affected the worst -- like Dixon -- and now they have to wait in quarantine until a hazardous materials team clears them. Jack says the hard drive was attached to their system when it exploded, so their own systems may be compromised. Sloane: "Where's Marshall?"

Marshall is just pulling up in the parking garage when his phone rings. Sloane tells him a nerve agent has been released inside APO. No one can come in or out. Nadia asks if Sydney has checked in. No one has heard from her. Vaughn calls her cell phone. She answers, but the signal is lost. Sydney uses the light from her phone to look at her surroundings. She is in a coffin and can hear dirt being thrown on top of it. She looks to the side and sees the body of her contact next to her. She calls Vaughn back and tells him not to hook up the hard drive. Sloane says they know. Vaughn asks where she is. She tells them she was taken to a cemetery and knocked out -- now she's in a coffin, buried alive. She says they will have to come and get her out. Vaughn explains about the quarantine. Marshall breaks in and says he could go to Cuba. He says he can trace Sydney by her cell phone signal. Sloane says they can't get any technology out to him. Marshall says he will rig something when he gets to Cuba. He tells Sydney to conserve her battery. Sydney hangs up and then starts to cry.

Sloane reports that ten containers of cyclosarin was stolen a week ago from a warehouse in Monacco. That's enough toxin to affect an entire city. They need to find out what the target is.

In Havana, Marshall is in a shop trying to assemble a tracking device. He asks the proprietor is he has a radio. The man produces a very old-fashioned one. Marshall: "Bueno."

Sydney calls Vaughn and says she can send a phone picture of her contact. They can check airport security, etc. and track him and his associates through their movements. Sydney's voice is getting weaker and she keeps repeating things she's already said. Jack calls Marshall, who says he has the tracking device and has her signal locked in. Jack says Sydney is running out of time. Marshall says he's on his way to her location now.

Vaughn tells Sydney that Marshall is on his way -- they'll be dancing before she knows it. Marshall gets to the cemetery, which is huge. He runs amid the gravestones, following the tracker. Suddenly, it goes dead. In the coffin, Sydney's phone light goes out.

Marshall sees several fresh graves and has no way of knowing which is Sydney's. He calls Vaughn and tells him to task a satellite over his location. Vaughn follows his directions and changes the satellite's feed to thermal. Vaughn is able to locate Sydney, and directs Marshall to her. Marshall starts to dig. Jack, Nadia and Vaughn watch on the satellite feed as Marshall digs, finally reaching the coffin. He opens it and drags Sydney's body out. She isn't breathing. Marshall does CPR. All of the APO members are watching now. Finally Sydney coughs and begins to breathe. Marshall collapses at her side.

Sloane tells Sydney that her contact was identified as Alex Rucker, a high-tech specialist who was recruited for the Third Faction by Ulrich Koture. Sydney identifies Ulrich as the man who killed Alex and buried her. Jack says that APO will be locked down for another 24 hours. Sydney and Marshall are to go to Ulrich's headquarters in Berlin and download the contents of his hard drive so they can identify the target of the coming attack. Sydney says Ulrich will recognize her, so Marshall will have to go in.

In Berlin, Sydney prepares Marshall to confront Ulrich's bodyguards and Ulrich himself. She gives him a cell phone that converts to a gun and shows him how to use it. Marshall: "Sydney, I built that, remember?" Sydney says using it is different -- it has a hair trigger and Marshall will have to be careful handling it. Marshall's cell phone rings -- it's Carrie. Marshall tells her to put Mitchell on, and Marshall sings to him. He promises Carrie he'll be home tonight. Sydney says he'll make it.

Marshall goes into the club and bluffs his way into Ulrich's office. He introduces himself as Jack Bristow and says he has evidence that Alex was not the only one betraying him. Meanwhile, Sydney is trying to download info from Ulrich's computer, but it's encrypted. Vaughn says the computer system is located in the basement and requires a retinal scan for entrance. Sydney tells Marshall he has to get Ulrich to the basement, and to use the gun. Marshall is converting the cell phone to the gun when it goes off, killing Ulrich. Marshall radios Sydney to come and help him. Jack tells Marshall they aren't going to get Ulrich's body to the basement -- he's going to have to cut out Ulrich's eyes. Marshall is reluctant, but Jack talks him through the process. Marshall botches one, but gets the other.

Sydney fights her way into the club and takes out several of the bodyguards. She meets Marshall coming out of Ulrich's office and they head for the basement. Sydney uses the eye to get past the biometric lock on the door. More guards shoot at them, and Sydney fires back while Marshall downloads the info from the hard drive. Vaughn gets the info and locates the target -- Hong Kong. They alert the local CIA office there.

Sloane reports that the cyclosarin bomb was confiscated in Hong Kong and the immediate threat was eliminated. They also have much more work to do tracking down all the names and contacts found on Ulrich's hard drive. A recovered Dixon comes to join in the task.

Sydney drives Marshall home. Marshall says he hates lying to Carrie. Sydney: "Well, you could tell her the truth -- that you had to cut out a man's eyes to save the world." Marshall says he didn't save the whole world -- just Hong Kong. Sydney: "You saved me." Marshall asks Sydney to stay for dinner, but Sydney says she has to get to the train station. Marshall goes in and Sydney drives away.

Sydney waits at the station. Vaughn comes in and goes over to her. He holds out his hand and she takes it. They dance as travelers rush by them.

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