Season 4, episode 12
Series 412
1st release: 03/23/05
2nd release:
Last update: 01/05/05

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin as Sloane
Michael Vartan as Vaughn
Carl Lumbly as Dixon
Kevin Weisman as Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor Garber as Jack Bristow
Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss
Nadia Santos as Mia Maestro

Sonia Braga (Sophia Vargas)
Kevin Alejandro (Cesar Martinez)
Jose Zuniga (Roberto Fox)
Adrian R'Mante (Diego)
Alejandro Furth (Owner)
Ivan Saric (Architect)
Gisselle Castellanos (Young Nadia)
Alex Kuzne (Assault Team Leader)
Michelle Martel (Sleeping Girl)
Mark Pinkosh (Bearded Director)

Written by Jeffrey Bell and Monica Breen
Directed by Ken Olin

Broadcast on ABC, 9-10pm, Wednesday nights.


This synopsis is by Sally Dye.

Flashback - 1992, the San Marcos Orphanage. A man enters a dormitory with rows of sleeping girls in bunks. He puts his hand over one girl's mouth and makes her get up and go with him. Another girl gets up and shines a flashlight on him, telling him to let the other girl go. He orders her back to bed, but she runs at him and hits him with her flashlight. He knocks her down and hits her repeatedly. She gets away and runs out the door. The lights go on and Senora Vargas, the head of the orphanage, comes in. She orders the man to her office and then asks where Nadia is. One of the girls says Nadia saved her and then she left.

Present day. Nadia is jogging. She gets home and Sydney asks what's going on. Nadia says nothing is. Sydney says that when something's bothering her, she goes running, and Nadia has gone twice in the last 12 hours. The phone rings and interrupts them. It's Vaughn.

Vaughn shows Sydney his father's journal and fills her in on his investigation of it. He says there are names of classified missions in the diary and he wants Sydney's help in getting the details of those missions. Sydney says if his father is alive, they will find him, and if he's not, they will find out who is making Vaughn think he is.

Sloane tells the team about amplifying glass, a new component being developed in Belarus. Marshall explains that the glass can increase the strength of any laser beam to unimaginable proportions, making it a formidable weapon. Jack reports that the Jakarta Factor wants the glass and has hired an Argentine mercenary named Cesar Martinez to get it for them. Nadia reacts to the name, but doesn't say anything.

Flashback - A younger Nadia and Martinez come into a diner and rob it at gunpoint.

Sloane says he asked Nadia to work up a profile on Martinez. She says that he is an independent who built his reputation by killing Roberto Fox, a former Argentine intelligence officer. Jack says it will be a few days before Martinez gets his team together. APO's mission is to get the glass before he does. Sydney watches Nadia's expression and is puzzled by it.

Flashback - Nadia and Martinez meet after their heist. They celebrate until a policeman comes along. He knocks Nadia down and beats her with his nightstick.

Sydney asks Nadia if she's okay. Nadia says she knew Fox, the man Martinez killed. Sydney says someone else could take the mission, but Nadia says she can handle it.

In Minsk, Sydney, in a blond wig, enters a reception at the science institute. She targets the architect, who is supposed to have a PDA with blueprints of the building in his pocket. She has a cloning device in her purse and has to get close to him to copy the blueprints. She pretends to be a fan and asks for his autograph. The signature allows Marshall to get past the encryption on his PDA and pass the glass's location back to Sydney. Meanwhile, Nadia approaches a scientist who has an access card and lifts it from him.

Flashback - Nadia is in a jail cell. She is visited by Roberto Fox, who says he can help her and she can help her country by coming to work for him.

Sydney gets the access card and heads for the lab where the glass is stored. Nadia is surveilling the crowd when she spots Martinez.

Flashback - Senora Vargas visits Nadia. Nadia says she's sorry she ran away. Senora Vargas says she's sorry she couldn't protect Nadia. Nadia tells her of Roberto Fox's visit. Senora Vargas says if she is offered a fresh start, she should take it.

Nadia reports Martinez's presence to the team. Before they can do anything about it, Martinez's men open fire with machine guns. Everyone dives for cover. Dixon radios Sydney to abort, but she says she can still get the glass. She finds it, but as she is leaving the lab, Martinez comes in. He is surprised to see someone there. He pulls a gun and holds it to her head. Sydney hands him the glass. He asks who she is working for. Sydney: "You forgot to say the magic word." He hits her with his gun. Sydney: "Now you're going to have to say 'pretty please'". He says it's her last chance: "Who do you work for?" Nadia (from the doorway): "She works with me." Martinez: "Nadia?" Sydney looks on in amazement as Martinez goes up to Nadia and whispers something in her ear. Then he tells his men to tie them up.

Back in LA, Sydney and Nadia report to Sloane. He is not happy that Nadia didn't reveal that she knew Martinez. Sydney says Nadia knowing Martinez is the only thing that saved her life. Sloane is tempted to put Nadia on desk duty, but Nadia says she can contact Martinez and asks that he let her help recover the glass. Sydney (to Sloane): "She can use him. You of all people should appreciate that." Sloane tells Nadia to contact Martinez and offer to buy the glass. Sydney and Weiss will be her backup.

Flashback - Fox teaches Nadia and some other young people to assemble bombs. Nadia is good at it. Martinez comes in and takes part in the training, too.

Sydney tells Nadia she doesn't really care if Nadia keeps things from Sloane, but when they are in the field together, she needs to know what Nadia knows. She asks what Martinez whispered to Nadia. Nadia: "He said 'call me.' That's it." She says she's sorry for not telling her before, but there's nothing else Sydney needs to know.

Flashback -- Nadia and Martinez are training in martial arts. Martinez knocks Nadia down and says to kiss him and he'll let her up. Fox pulls him away and says he can't split his focus. He must be professional -- it will save his life.

Vaughn tells Sydney he has checked the missions mentioned in his father's journal and he can't verify that some of them even existed. Sydney suggests trying a substitution cypher on some of the names.

In Buenos Aires, Nadia waits at an outdoor cafe. Sydney and Weiss watch from a nearby van. Martinez approaches and sits with her. Nadia says she's in trouble with her bosses because of him. He says maybe next time it will go her way. She says with these people there won't be a next time. He says he will help her. She implies that she will be killed if she can't deliver the glass. He says it is hers, then. He says it is in his office, and he'll give it to her when they are alone. Sydney radios Nadia not to go without backup, but Nadia turns off her comm device and goes with him. Sydney and Weiss follow but lose them.

Vaughn translates one of the code names in the book -- it says Portugal.

Martinez takes Nadia to Roberto Fox's old training school. He says he bought it after Roberto's death. He asks if Nadia ever thinks about Roberto. She says yes, every day. She wouldn't be where she is if it hadn't been for him.

Flashback - Nadia comes to Roberto's office dressed in a beautiful dress, ready to go on a mission. She is to retrieve a disk from another operative, Diego. Roberto gives her a necklace. He says it's a graduation present. He puts it on her. She kisses him. When she goes to the appointed place, she is almost caught by some men, but gets away. She finds Diego, who has been shot in the chest. He says the men didn't get the disk and gives it to her. He says the disk is full of intelligence documents, and Roberto has been lying to them. He is really working for the other side, and he is using them to help him commit crimes. Nadia is disbelieving, but Diego says to look at the disk, and then he dies.

Martinez tells Nadia that his best memories are here -- learning and training. It's where life really began for him. Nadia says they need to get what they came for. Martinez takes her to his safe.

Sydney radios Sloane that they lost Nadia. He says they have discovered a number of buildings in Buenos Aires that could be Martinez's office -- one is Roberto Fox's old training facility.

Nadia follows Martinez to the safe, which is in Roberto's old office. Martinez says he owes everything to Roberto. In fact, Roberto's death made his reputation. The thing is, he didn't kill Roberto. He says he always wondered who really did it. He takes a gun out of the safe and turns to Nadia. He says he always wondered if she had done it, and now the look on her face confirms it.

Flashback - Nadia returns to Roberto's office. She tells him Diego is dead. She says she read the disk: "How could you do this?" She starts to cry and then pulls out a gun and shoots Roberto several times in the chest.

Nadia tells Martinez that everything Roberto said was a lie. He says Roberto took them off the streets and gave them a life. Nadia says he was an assassin and a criminal and he made them traitors, too. Martinez says he doesn't care -- Roberto saved him, and Nadia killed Roberto. Nadia: "And I'd do it again." Martinez points the gun at her, but she kicks it away and they fight all over the room. Nadia finally gets the gun and points it at Martinez. Sydney and Weiss arrive as she is taking Martinez out of the office. She tells them where the glass is. Weiss takes Martinez out. Sydney goes to Nadia and they embrace.

In Lisbon, Vaughn locates a house and knocks on the door. It is opened by Senora Vargas. She tells Vaughn that his father is the one who brought Nadia to the orphanage as a baby. He had been shot, but she knew not to ask questions. The only thing she remembers is a phone call -- he said the word "Nightingale" and it seemed important. She asks how Nadia is and Vaughn says she's good.

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