Lena Kundera

Bianca Before Lena
July 2000

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July 03, 2000
Barbara, Bianca's stepmother, calls Erica to complain of Bianca's behavior since coming back from rehab

Erica: Well, you think you're pretty adorable, don't you?
Leo: No, just bored.
Erica: Well, this is my bedroom, Leo. You'll have to knock.
Leo: I flunked.
Erica: Just knock next time, Leo, ok?
Leo: No, I mean that career choice test you gave me. I flunked it.
Erica: Well, Leo, you can't flunk a questionnaire.
Leo: Yeah, well, I've always been a pioneer.
Erica: Ok, look, give it to me. Let's do this together, ok? Tell me your accomplishments, Leo. Tell me what excites you. I mean, what inspires you in a job, Leo, and so help me, if you get vulgar, I'm kicking you right out of this house.
Leo: Hmm -- I can order a five-star meal in five different languages. I can recite the addresses of the three best coffee shops in Vienna and the names of the maitre d's. I'm on a first-name basis with the chef of the best restaurant in Portugal.
Erica: Well, that and a dollar won't pay the rent.
Leo: What rent? I live with you, Erica. You're practically my sister-in-law.
Erica: Speaking of David --
Leo: Oh, must we?
Erica: David loves his job, and do you know why?
Leo: He's an idiot? He's brilliant.
Erica: He's found what he likes to do. And he's really good at it. And he sticks to it. It's easy, Leo. Can't you learn something from this even though you're so jealous?
Leo: Honey, I am so 50 miles from being jealous of your boyfriend it isn't even funny. He's a phony.
Erica: Leo.
Leo: He is. He's a phony of the first order. I would rather be shark food than --
[Telephone rings]
Leo: Oh, let me, let me. I'll just tell them that I'm your new houseboy. Now, there's a thought.
Erica: Just give me the phone. Leo?
Leo: Kane residence. Leo speaking. Barbara who?
Erica: Give it to me. Barbara, hi, it's me. Slow down, Barbara, please. What? Oh, my God. What's wrong, Barbara? Is it Bianca?
Erica: Well, yes, Barbara, you did frighten me, after all we've been through with Bianca. Barbara, Blanca's going to be battling those demons for years. I mean, the counselor said that just is a given with anorexia. Barbara, do you think there's just a chance that you might be overreacting? Because she's a teenager, that's why, Barbara. Because everything is a drama of epic proportions. Barbara, stop right there, please. I really resent your calling my daughter sullen, and I certainly hope that you're not saying that to her. No, Barbara, if you have a problem with Blanca's attitude, then you need to talk to Bianca about it. You need to find out if there's something behind it. All right, look, just have Bianca call me when she gets home from school today. Yes, that's all I have to say. Fine, have Travis call me, too. That's fine with me. I'm happy to talk to -- Barbara, I'm hanging up now. I am. Yes, I am. Watch me. What?
Leo: Your daughter's all right?
Erica: Yes. Yes, my daughter's fine, thank you very much. Her stepmother, on the other hand, leans to the hysterical.
Leo: You're good at it.
Erica: What?
Leo: Being a mother.
Erica: Thank you.
Leo: All the more reason you deserve somebody better than David.

July 06, 2000
Erica tries to tell David about Barbara's phone call about Bianca but is unsuccessful

David: Oh.
Erica: David?
David: Hey. Come on in.
Erica: I missed you last night. I called your room. You weren't there.
David: Well, that's probably because I was in surgery for the last 14 hours straight.
Erica: You haven't slept?
David: Don't worry about it. I've gone without sleep a lot longer than that.
Erica: Well, I do worry about it. I'm here to take you to breakfast. Can you go?
David: Oh, you know, actually, I have rounds I have to make before the morning's over.
Erica: Well, then, we'll make it quick. Anyway, I have something I want to talk to you about.
David: About what?
Erica: About a call I got last night from Barbara about Bianca. But we can talk about that at breakfast. Come on. Can you go now?
David: Darling, I really should get some rest before I see my patients.
Erica: Well, you told me Alex is back. You certainly won't get any rest if you stay here.
David: I guess you can say news of my co-director's return was premature. I haven't seen or heard of her in the last 24 hours. That's probably because her mother's in town, but that doesn't help me any.
Erica: Are you sure I can't steal you away for just a few minutes? I mean, after all, a man's got to eat.
David: I suppose I can go without sleep for a little while longer.
Erica: Oh, good.
David: All right, look, let me get out of these scrubs first, ok?
Erica: Mm-hmm.
David: So why don't you meet me downstairs in the lobby. I'll come down right after that.
Erica: Ok, hurry up.
David: I will.

July 13, 2000
Jack approaches Erica about Bianca's recent behavior; they plot on how to get Bianca back in Pine Valley; Jack is worried about exposing Bianca to Leo

Jack: Your young friends tell me that you're doing your receiving in here this morning. And by the way, is this my tie?
Erica: Actually, yes, it is.
Jack: Uh-huh.
Erica: So, what is it?
Jack: Actually, Erica, it's about Bianca.


Jack: I gave Bianca a call last night, as I do from time to time. Only this time, I caught her in mid-argument with Barbara. Barbara got on the phone then, and I got to tell you, Barbara was very, very upset.
Erica: About what?
Jack: About the fact that Bianca has been skipping school.
Erica: Now, that's impossible. Bianca doesn't skip school anymore.
Jack: Well, it gets even stranger than that. Evidently, she's neglecting her horse.
Erica: Oh, come on. Now, that's impossible. I mean, because riding and her horse, those are things Bianca loves best in the whole world.
Jack: I find it very hard to believe myself, but Barbara also told me that she's let a lot of things go that she used to really care about. And she's become sullen, sometimes even surly.
Erica: You know something? Every time I talk to Bianca, Bianca is totally adorable, and I talk to Bianca a lot. What did Travis have to say about this?
Jack: Well, that, I believe, is a further complication. I guess he's having a little trouble at work, spending a lot of late hours at the office. He's not around there very much, I guess.
Erica: Oh, I see. Well, then it all becomes crystal clear now. Barbara's marriage is crumbling, and she's blaming my daughter.
Jack: Whoa, whoa, I think that's a pretty big leap. Barbara sounded genuinely concerned when she was talking to me about Bianca.
Erica: Barbara is a crashing bore, and Barbara has no clue how to talk to my teenage daughter. I could tell her what she's doing wrong.
Jack: Now, wait, wait. Just wait a second. Now, let's be fair about this. Ok? Barbara has been a very good stepmother to Bianca through some very, very hard times. Now, you have to admit that.
Erica: But a stepmother, nonetheless. And I doubt very much if Bianca has ever felt very at home there.
Jack: Sweetheart, listen to me a second. When Bianca was released from that clinic, we all agreed that because of her eating disorder, the best thing for her was to lead an ordinary life.
Erica: Yes, and I agreed that she should spend time with Travis temporarily, but I certainly didn't like it.
Jack: I know you didn't like it. That's why I was so d*** proud of you when you agreed to it. But she is now out of the spotlight. She's getting to be herself, not a child of a celebrity.
Erica: And luckily, Blanca's eating disorder is fine now. And she's grown into a beautiful and bright teenage girl, thanks to a lot of work on her own part.
Jack: Amen, Sister.
Erica: And so she's wonderful now. Unless Barbara is undermining all of this. Hmm, hmm.
Jack: "Hmm, hmm"? What are you doing?
Erica: I'm going to Bianca, that's what I'm doing. You know something? It may have been really difficult for Bianca at one time to be the daughter of Erica Kane. But right now, it is very important that she knows that I stand by her. And it's important that Barbara knows I stand by my daughter, too. There are a lot of people I have to go out there and straighten out.
Jack: No, you, my dear, are not going anywhere.


Erica: Look, Jack, I'm just going along with everything you just said. I'm sure that Bianca's feeling very alone right now. Her father's not around, her stepmother doesn't understand her. I'm not going to let my daughter think that I'm letting her be stranded.
Jack: Erica, you can't do this, and I'll tell you why. Because I know what you're going to do the minute you get there. You're going to start pointing fingers and making accusations and in general making a bad situation worse. Do you really think it's going to be helpful if you go out there and try to tell them how to raise your child?
Erica: I think that's the only thing I can do. I mean, look, Barbara has children of her own, and maybe there is a problem in her marriage to Travis, and heaven knows what else is going on in that house. No, I cannot bear it, Jack, to think that they're going to allow Bianca to be shunted to some minor position in that family.
Jack: So what are you going to do? Go charging in there and start barking orders and expect them to say, "Oh, Erica, thank goodness you're here because we have so many big problems in our life, we just don't have time for Bianca"? Now, what the h*** do you think that's going to do to my niece's self-image, huh?
Erica: Well, that's the first thing you've said that makes any sense.
Jack: Well, thank you very much. It's nice to hear I haven't been completely useless.
Erica: On the contrary. You're the one who's going to solve the whole problem.


Erica: It has to sound like your idea.
Jack: I see. Well, in that case, maybe you better tell me. What's my idea?
Erica: Ok. I want you to call Travis, and I want you to suggest to him that Bianca come here and spend some time with me here. And you tell him it's because I'm feeling very blue because I'm depressed and Bianca is the only one in the whole world who can really cheer me up.
Jack: Well, I know Bianca would like that.
Erica: Of course she would. And Barbara doesn't have to know anything about that this has anything to do with her problems.
Jack: Ok. All right, all right. Let's -- whoa, whoa. What about your other boarder, Leo Le Pew?
Erica: Oh, Leo. Poor Leo.
Jack: Poor Leo?
Erica: Yeah.
Jack: Can I take that to mean that you're going to be showing poor Leo the door?
Erica: Well, I can't help feeling sorry for Leo because he doesn't have anyplace to go.
Jack: And you trust him with Bianca?
Erica: I trust Bianca.
Jack: I trust Bianca, too, but let's not forget, she's growing up.
Erica: Well, I'll just keep an eye on everything.
Jack: Yeah, you and me both, Sister. Ok, I'll do it. I'll call Travis right now.

July 21, 2000
Jack tells Erica if Bianca does come back she had better clean up her relationsahip with David (and they discuss the French maid's outfit)

Erica: I'm not defensive!
Jack: Look, all I'm saying is it sounds like there's a communications problem.
Erica: I listen to David. It's David who refuses to listen or talk.
Jack: Aha. So it is David's fault, huh?
Erica: No, it's Vanessa's fault. Vanessa has really scarred him so badly that he's incapable of trusting anyone, especially a woman who really cares for him.
Jack: You don't have to defend David to me, but you do need to find a way to communicate. Now, I don't care if you use semaphore, smoke signals, or the sweet science, but you've got to find a way, Erica.
Erica: Well, I don't think going a few rounds is going to solve our problem.
Jack: Ah. So there is trouble in paradise.
Erica: Look, why are you so interested in my love life?
Jack: Because Blanca's coming home. And whatever problems you guys have, you better have them straightened up before she gets here.
Erica: Well, I don't think that's any of your concern.
Jack: Oh, you don't? Do you want to welcome your daughter, my niece, to a war zone?
Erica: Jack, I have every intention of showering Bianca with all the love and attention that she needs. David won't interfere with that.
Jack: Tell me something. Is David looking forward to her visit?
Erica: Actually, you know what? We haven't even had a chance to discuss that. David's been so completely overworked.
Jack: Yeah, I know he's got his private practice and the foundation, but he does find time to spend with you, now, doesn't he?
Erica: He did. He did. He just right now is putting his work first.
Jack: Look, you're both high-powered and high-profile professionals. You had to expect to share him with his career.
Erica: Share him with Alex is more like it.
Jack: With Alex? I thought they weren't even especially friendly.
Erica: Yes, so did I. It's just that lately David seems to have become secretive, and I'm sure that he's taken Alex into his confidence.
Jack: But not you. Look, do you suspect that there's anything going on between those two?
Erica: No, of course not. No, it's just that there are certain parts of David I can't reach no matter how much I love him.
Jack: Oh, yes, well, these men of mystery, sometimes they're just incapable of commitment.
Erica: No, Jack, David loves me. It's just sometimes he seems to be oblivious to the way I feel.
Jack: Have you spoken to him about this?
Erica: No, of course not. Why would I do that? I mean, he knows me well enough to know what my needs are. I'm certainly not going to beg.
Jack: What do you think he wants out of it?
Erica: You know, it's just frustrating to keep on giving and giving more and getting and getting less, that's all. What?
Jack: Erica, you're a slice of heaven, no doubt about that. But a giving lover you are not.
Erica: How can you say that? I wore that French maid's uniform for you -- twice. Now, how many women would do that?
Jack: And I could never thank you enough, but the fact remains - you spend too much time on planet Erica.

Erica: No, Jack. I have absolutely upended my life for David. I've accommodated his schedule. I've put up with his mother, I've taken in his brother. And I'm the only person in this community who stood by him when everybody else ostracized him.
Jack: Well, that's all very commendable. But let's face it, you are one high-maintenance piece of work. Don't get me wrong, Erica. You're worth every second of it. But it can be very wearing on even the strongest relationship.
Erica: So you're saying I'm the one who has to change?
Jack: I'm saying if you want this relationship to last, if you want to make it work -- this, or any relationship -- you should look to yourself first.


Erica: Jackson?
Jack: What? Don't hit me.
Erica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I walked away from you. You just made me really angry.
Jack: Yeah? And now?
Erica: Now? A hot shower has put a lot of perspective on things. And I think you were right, ok? I mean, I hate to admit that, but I think I have been a little too critical, and I'm going to work hard to be more understanding of David's work.
Jack: Well, good for you.
Erica: I mean, he's a world-famous doctor, for heaven's sakes. I can't expect him just to short-change his career for me every time he turns around. I mean, he's going to have to work at this, too, obviously. I mean, I'm just as dedicated to my career as he is.
Jack: Well, of course you are. Can ask you a question? When you two are alone, you don't argue about who's the more famous, do you?
Erica: Well, now, why would we do that? It's obviously me. It's a joke.
Jack: No, it's not. But I commend you. That's good. I think now if just David would follow your lead and lighten up a little bit, everything's going to be fine.
Erica: It is. It really is, Jack. With Bianca, too, you'll see.
Jack: Good.
Erica: Thank you, Jack.
Jack: One more thing. You haven't worn that French maid's outfit for him, have you?
[Everyone at the health club hears Jackson]
Jack: That's right, a French maid's outfit.

July 27, 2000
Erica and David have a knock out drag drown fight while poor Bianca is ignored as she arrives in Pine Valley

Erica: Oh. You get out or I will call the police.
David: We're not through talking.
Erica: We have nothing more to say to each other.
David: Oh, yes, we have. I proposed to you, d*** it!
Erica: Well, I'm turning you down!
David: Because I refuse to give up every aspect of my life, my work?
Erica: Because you say that we have no secrets and then you deliberately withhold everything from me just to torture and torment me just so you can have the upper hand!
David: Oh, yeah, that's right. I keep forgetting. It's Erica’s world and the rest of us poor slobs just live in it!
Erica: And you should be grateful!
David: And you should realize that not every aspect of my life pertains to you!
Erica: Yes, so you have made abundantly clear!
Bianca: Mom?
Erica: I will not take up any more of your precious time!
Bianca: Mom!
Erica: Oh, and don't flatter yourself for one minute and imagine that you will be missed because --
David: Oh, here we go. Here we go.
Erica: I have a very full, very rich --
David: Oh, yeah, sure you do.
Erica: Very fascinating life without you! I don't need you to complete it at all!
Bianca: Mom! Mom?
Erica: Bianca? Hi! Sweetheart! Welcome home!

July 28, 2000
Bianca explains she took an earlier plane; Erica insults Bianca many times within minutes of her arrival; David wants to bond with Bianca but Erica tells him to take a hike; Bianca can sense that David's days are numbered

Bianca: Hey, mom.
Erica: My goodness. Bianca, honey. What are you doing here so early?
Bianca: I caught an earlier plane, so I took a cab home and --
Erica: A cab? Oh, honey, I would've sent a limo for you at the airport. You should've called me.
Bianca: I did call, mom. I left a message. Hey, David.
David: Hi, Bianca. It's nice to see you
Erica: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. Just work has been so busy. And it's just been, you know, one thing after another and -- well, you're here now, and that's all that matters.
Bianca: Actually, I think I'm just going to head upstairs and crash. I'm really tired, and you two were, like, talking, right?
Erica: Oh, honey, you don't have to go to bed early. I mean, you're on vacation. We need to catch up.
Bianca: Actually, I mean -- I don't know -- I was interrupting something, wasn't I?
Erica: Nothing comes ahead of my baby. Oh. Oh, I'm so happy you're here.
David: You really look great, Bianca.
Erica: Well, of course she does, David. She's my girl.
David: I meant hat she looks healthy.
Bianca: I really am. I mean, you know, I still have that outpatient stuff with my shrink, but it's routine. Since rehab, I've learned food isn't my enemy anymore. As a matter of fact, I am so starving. That airplane food is totally gross.
Erica: Oh, honey, let me fix you something. We have salad in the fridge and ice cream.
David: You know what? Why don't I do that, ok? Give you two a chance to catch up.
Erica: That would be wonderful, David. Thank you.
David: You're welcome.
Bianca: Mom, I'm so glad I'm home.
Erica: Oh, honey, so am I. Did Barbara tell you to wear those jeans on the airplane?
Bianca: Huh?
Erica: Your outfit -- Barbara -- she told you to wear this, right?
Bianca: Mom, I'm 16 years old. Nobody tells me what to wear anymore. Not that I'd let Barbara do that, anyway.
Erica: Well, good. Good for you. Anyway, I'm going to take you shopping tomorrow.
Bianca: No, that's ok. I brought stuff.
Erica: Well, we'll get you some new things.
Bianca: Mom, I like my clothes. I picked them out myself. Mom, what's up with you?
Erica: What do you mean?
Bianca: Well, Uncle Jack said that you needed some cheering up.
Erica: And here you are. And I couldn't be happier.
Bianca: No, mom, he said that something was the matter. What's wrong?
Erica: Oh. Nothing. I just wanted to get you away from that overbearing stepmother of yours.
Bianca: That's it?
Erica: That's it. Except that I know that she's been making your life really, really hard.
And when she called here to complain to me about you, that --
Bianca: Wait – wait a minute. Back up. She called you to complain about me?
Erica: Well, she -- she said that you were withdrawn. She said that you were sullen and when she said that, I gave her such an earful on that. And that's exactly when I started hinting to Uncle Jack how much I'd like you to come to and stay with me just as soon as possible so I could get you away from all of that horrible criticism she was laying on you. And now that you're here, I can treat you like the treasured child you are.
Come here. Oh, sweetheart. I just love you so much. And we're going to go out, and I'm just going to show the world what a special daughter you are.


Bianca: That was awesome, David. Thanks.
David: You're welcome. You know, I was thinking that if you both want to go see a movie or something, we could --
Erica: No, no. I want to stay in. I want to catch up with Bianca.
David: Fine. Then we can --
Erica: No, David, I haven't seen my daughter in such a long time. I really, really need some private time with her.
David: Of course.
Erica: And it's what Bianca wants, too, isn't it, honey?
Bianca: I'm pretty tired. You guys can go ahead and --
Erica: No, no.
Bianca, you go on upstairs. You, you know, get settled in and maybe look through the TV listings, and then maybe there's a good movie on. Nothing r rated yet, though, ok?
Bianca: Sure, mom. I'll just go see if that new cartoon flick with the talking chickens is out yet.
Erica: Ok.
Bianca: I'll catch you tomorrow, David?
David: Sounds good.
Erica: Oh, honey, David is just so busy at the hospital.
Bianca: Ok. Well, good night.
David: Good night, Bianca.
Erica: I'll be up in a minute, sweetheart.
David: What are you doing?
Erica: I'm showing you out. I meant what I said, David. I need time alone with my daughter.
David: You are a piece of work, Erica.
Erica: Are you saying that you begrudge me this time with my daughter?
David: You accuse me of keeping you at arm's length, and now you do the same thing with me? I want to get to know your daughter, Erica. I mean, if I'm going to be her stepfather --
Erica: Shh, David -- David, she might hear you.
David: And?
Erica: And? It's not settled. Look, David, I can't just dump this on her right now.
David: "Dump"? Oh, I see. I ask you to marry me, and that's a burden for your daughter.
Erica: Please, David, this is just so inappropriate. Would you just go? Please. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I mean it.
David: Take all the time you need.


Erica: That's right, Val. I want you to cancel all my appointments for tomorrow. Yes, all of them. Ok. Right. Thanks, Val. Bye. Sweetheart, hi. So, did you come up with a movie for us to watch?
Bianca: Mom, you know, you didn't have to kick David out.
Erica: I didn't kick him out. He knows that we want to spend some time alone together.
Bianca: Are you guys going to break up?
Erica: No, honey, of course we're not. And it's nothing for you to worry about, ok? Well, I'm going to go in the kitchen now. I'm going to try to make popcorn. Last time I tried to make it, I almost blew up the microwave. So you come and help me, ok?
Bianca: Sure. I'll be in there in just a second.
Erica: Ok.
Bianca: Who are you kidding, mother? David is taillights. You blew it again, didn't you?

July 31, 2000
Erica continues criticizing Bianca's clothes choices; Bianca meets Leo; she shares with Leo her prognosis on David and Erica; Leo and Bianca share neglect stories; Bianca meets Greenlee

Bianca: Well, Mom, what do you think? I know it's not exactly your style, but works for me.
Leo: Oh. But, sweetheart, you would look so fabulous in a silk slip dress.


Bianca: Who are you? How did you get in here? Are you a reporter?
Leo: Don't freak out. I'm Leo. You're Bianca, right? I recognize you from the photos. I like the one of you on the horse.
Bianca: Maximillian. You're Leo?
Leo: Leo du Pres. Your mother hasn't told you about me?
Bianca: No. No, she hasn't.
Leo: I'm David's brother. You do know about David, I suppose.
Bianca: Yeah, I know David. You're his brother? You guys don't look anything alike.
Leo: Yeah, we had different fathers.
Bianca: Ah. And you're staying here?
Leo: Well, she hasn't kicked me out yet, much to my surprise. Erica actually took pity on me after I was accused of murdering a gigolo. No one else wanted me, so she took me in.
Bianca: You killed a gigolo?
Leo: No, actually, my mother did it. So I think that's another reason why Erica let me stay here. She knew that it would drive Vanessa crazy.
Bianca: Oh, hold on. Wait a minute. I'm just catching up here. Your mother is Vanessa? From what I hear, my mom and your mom don't exactly get along.
Leo: Yeah, well, the words "extreme hatred" come to mind. And there is no love lost between Vanessa and David, either, so it's probably another reason why she's letting me stay here. I mean, not only does it stick it to Vanessa, but it also helps Erica win some points with David.
Bianca: Well, you better. I really hope that's not the only reason she keeps you around because, from what I saw last night, looks like my mom and your brother's days are numbered.


Leo: My mother's been predicting that breakup all along. D***, she was right. She's going to love that.
Bianca: Well, I know my mom wasn't too thrilled with Vanessa's marriage, either. I mean, she was really upset when she got her claws into Palmer. I'm sorry. Those were my mother's words.
Leo: No worries. I know Vanessa for what she is -- a first-class gold digger.
Bianca: You'd say that about your mother?
Leo: Only because it's true. So, you were talking to the portrait earlier. What was up with that?
Bianca: Oh, um -- I was just practicing. Pretty lame, huh?
Leo: No, I don't think so. I used to do the same thing with one of my mother's oil portraits all the time. That's probably because she wasn't around much. This one time she -- she promised to take me to the carnival, but she didn't make it back from Paris on time, so I got mad and grabbed a laundry marker and scribbled a little goatee and a mustache. I think it was indelible ink.
Bianca: You're kidding. Didn't you get in trouble?
Leo: No, actually I blamed the horrible housemaid, which was good because I'd been complaining about her for months.
Bianca: So, if you and your mom didn't get along, well, how come you just didn't live with your dad?
Leo: That's not possible. I'm a bastard -- in every sense of the word.
Bianca: Wow. You like to just let everything hang out there, don't you?
Leo: Well, why not? So, how long are you around, Bianca?
Bianca: I don't know, actually. My dad and my step mom in Seattle got sick of dealing with me, so they shipped me off here. I guess they figured it was my mom's turn to handle me.
Leo: Welcome aboard.
[Doorbell rings]
Leo: That's Greenlee, my soon-to-be ex-friend. You'd better leave if you don't want to be an eyewitness or an accomplice. I didn't kill Paolo the gigolo, but I just might kill this woman.
Greenlee: Why was I summoned so early this morning -- hello. Who do we have here?
Leo: Greenlee, this is Bianca Montgomery.
Bianca, Greenlee Smythe.
Bianca: Hi.
Greenlee: Erica's daughter. Far out. Nice to meet you, Bianca. How long are you staying in Pine Valley?
Bianca: I'm undecided. Excuse me. I need to go get the milk. Can I get you something?
Greenlee: Oh, I'm fine, thanks.
Leo: You're coming back, right?
Bianca: Oh, sure. I just want to be able to tell the judge that I saw nothing and heard nothing.
[Bianca leaves]
Greenlee: What did she mean by that?
Leo: Never mind.
Greenlee: Careful, Leo. She's probably young enough to get you arrested. It's too bad she doesn't have Erica's flair for style.
Leo: Style isn't everything, Greenlee. One Erica is more than enough.
Greenlee: So, what's up? You didn't bring me here to meet Bianca. Or is it to crow about how miss purity finally succumbed to your charms last night?
Leo: Not exactly. But it is interesting how that always springs to your mind, Greenlee. It's almost like you're fixated on Becca's virginity.
Greenlee: Please. Me fixate on she with big hair?
Leo: Shut up. I know everything.
Greenlee: Are you in one of your funks again? Because I told you I'm through letting you take them out on me.
Leo: No. You put our bet back into play.
Greenlee: The virgin bet? No, I didn't.
Leo: Shut up! I saw the web site. You devious little creep.

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