Whoosh! Bianca, much to her horror, discovers that Lena can only 'perform' at airports or other such public places
Bianca goes into a montgomery
shock when Lena dumps her

Lena Kundera

April 21, 2003

(Lena mentioned on Next on AMC)
Last update: 10/10/03

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Lena Kundera
Bianca Montgomery


Lena and Bianca in the next AMC: Lena: We can't see each other anymore. Bianca: This is a joke, right?


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena not mentioned

From About All My Children

Next on All My Children:
When Lena says they can't see each other anymore, Bianca asks, "This is a joke, right?"
Erica proclaims that Jack isn't just going to leave her like that!
Greenlee and Kendall both accuse the other of starting it when Palmer finds them getting down and dirty!
Adam goes to Michael's and asks if he's surprised to see him? Cambias tells him, "Only that it took you so long."

From Soap Slut

On the next All My Children
Lena is dumping Bianca.
Erica is upset that Jack dropped her.
Palmer walks in on Greenlee and Kendall in a catfight. Whoa, what was that? Catfight? Oh, f*** YEAH!!
Adam drops in on The *sshat.


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today because there was no Lena in the actual show, only the "Next on AMC"

Edmund, Mia, Maria, and Aidan all ended up in the same little corner of SOS.
Mia: Is this awkward for you? We could go somewhere else.
Edmund: What would be the point in that? We're either here to show dramatic tension or they only put up one set today. I'm never sure which.
Mia: Dancing is nice but I want to be alone with you.
Edmund: Isn't it a little soon?
Mia: We've had three whole scenes together. Jake and I got engaged after two.
Aidan: Oi wish we didn't alwighs run into Edmund wherever we go. Mighbe we shewd move to another town.
Maria: I don't think that's a good idea. None of the other soaps has a casting call out for an amnesiac with big b**** and a guy with limited talent and a really bad accent.
Maggie: Hey guys, let's go to Henry's restaurant.
Henry: Why did you ask them to come with us?
Maggie: TPTB want to make us more interesting by hooking us up with some other characters.
Maria: I thought TPTB wanted to make us more interesting by hooking us up with some other characters.
Lizzie: Either way, it's a total failure.

Mia and Edmund made love.
Edmund: You were wonderful Mia.
Mia: So were you. But why didn't you take off that furry t-shirt?
Edmund: That's my chest hair.
Mia: Oh. Never mind.

The double daters headed over to the Chinese restaurant.
Henry: We want a huge dinner. We're starving and we want to celebrate.
Henry's uncle: Why can't the interesting characters ever have dinner here?
Henry: Come on Maggie, let's dance.
Henry's mother: What is this? You have degraded our restaurant by bringing these round eyed ones here! A curse on your head my son and on all those who would distract you from your studies.
Maria: Wow, and I thought Isabella could wreck a mood.

Liza stopped by Fusion and found Kendall there.
Liza: Girls, go play in the storeroom while I talk to Kendall.
Colby: Oh goody. I love to play in the storeroom. There are lots of dangerous chemicals in there.
Maddie: Is that anything like being sent to play in the attic? That happened to my brother Sam and no one has seen him in weeks.
Liza: What's wrong Kendall?
Kendall: I messed up big time. Have you ever made a mistake for love Liza?
Liza: Of course I have.
Kendall: That's because you're a passionate loving person. I never believed all those message board people who called you a cold unfeeling -
Liza: Never mind.

Greenlee confronted Michael about his mistreatment of Kendall.
Greenlee: You told her to sleep with Boyd to get the formula didn't you?
Michael: I would never do such a thing. I love Kendall. I'm crushed at the idea that you would think so badly of me.
Greenlee: Look mister, Kendall may have been dumbed down for storyline purposes but I haven't. I know you're up to no good.
Kendall: What are you doing here Greenlee?
Michael: She told me you tried to seduce Boyd to get the formula. Oh Kendall, tell me you didn't do such a thing. I need to sit down just at the thought of it.
Greenlee: He's playing you for a fool Kendall. Just look at the slime trail he left on his way to the couch.
Michael: Those were the tracks of my tears my dear.
Kendall: Oh my poor Michael. I'm so sorry. I don't even know where I came up with the idea to sleep with Boyd. It just came to me while we were talking. But nothing happened.
Michael: I don't know if I can ever look at you in the same way again Kendall. You meant everything to me and now it's all spoiled. Please leave me alone so I won't break down in front of you. Just be careful not to slip on the slime - er, I mean on the tracks of my tears on your way out.

Adam came by the gallery to visit Stuart.
Adam: Have you heard from JR lately?
Stuart: Yes, but I can't tell you where he is. Just know that he's happy.
Adam: All my children are gone. Skye's off on another soap, I have to watch Live with Regis to see Haley, JR was written out and Colby is being groomed to be a future Fusion girl.
Stuart: You aren't going to go crazy like you did when you thought I was dead are you?
Adam: That wasn't all bad you know. At least Arlene was around then for a storyline.

Adam left and Carlos came by.
Stuart: It's good to see you again Carlos.
Marian: How do you know Stuart?
Carlos: He was my art teacher in high school. I'm an artist as well as a writer, a poet, and a handyman.
Marian: If only you were an actor.
Stuart: I'm glad you came by Carlos. I know TPTB are hoping to make the newbies more acceptable by having them interact with veteran characters. I could be bitter that the only way I can get any screen time is to mentor a newbie but I'm not. I'll just be content with acting circles around him in our brief scenes.
Carlos: Thanks Mr. C. That's really nice of you.

Later Adam came back for one more scene.
Adam: Is the newbie gone?
Stuart: Yes, it's safe.
Adam: Good. I had enough of trying to pull that JR kid through a scene. I don't want to get stuck with doing that again.
Stuart: Speaking of JR, I'm going to let you read the letter he wrote.
Letter: Dear Uncle Stuart, I'm doing very well on the ship. I hardly twitch at all anymore. I think leaving was the best thing I could have done. Maybe if enough time goes by and the audience is able to forget the horror of trying to watch me act, then I can be recast and come home.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Next on AMC: Lena dumps Bianca]

On the next "All My Children"
[amc030421-inc starts]
Lena: We can't see each other anymore.
Bianca: This is a joke, right?
[amc030421-inc starts]
Erica: Jack? He's not going to just leave me like that.
Palmer: What the blazes is going on here?
Kendall and Greenlee: She started it!


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