Whoosh! 'Since Boyd was such a party pooper, I will bring Simone on our next double date'
Myrtle tells the frustrated Bianca
to go after Lena and try to get her back

Lena Kundera

April 23, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 11/28/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Michael Cambias
Liza Colby
Erica Kane
Boyd Larraby


Lena walks out on Michael; Binks talks to Myrtle and wonders if she did anything to scare Lena off; Myrtle points out that not everyone wears her heart on her sleeve like Bianca does and observes that Lena's push away/run back behavior is a lot like Erica's; Val informs her that Lena has resigned from Enchantment (via email) and is leaving for Europe that day; Lena buys a ticket to Prague; Lena sees a woman who looks like Binks from behind and embarrasses herself; Binks shows up; much angst, then Lena kisses Binks (to which absolutely NO one in the airport reacts)


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena stands up to Michael's threat and refuses to use Bianca to try and get Boyd's formula. Michael later calls his private investigator wanting information about Lena's friends and family with possible retaliation clearly in mind. Myrtle consoles Bianca over Lena ending their friendship. Myrtle suggests there is more to the picture than Lena is admitting and urges Bianca to give her another chance. After learning Lena quit her job and is returning to Europe, Bianca heads to the airport to find her. A heartbroken Lena doesn't tell Bianca about her former alliance with Michael as she prepares to board her plane. After saying goodbye, Lena has a change of heart and calls out for Bianca to wait.

Erica is shocked when Liza accuses her of being behind the lawsuit against Fusion. Erica tells Boyd about Liza's claim that money was sent from Enchantment to a bank in the Caymen Islands and then subsequently used to pay off the plaintiff to bring the lawsuit against Fusion. Boyd suspects that Lena is responsible. After telling Erica about Kendall's failed attempt to seduce him, Boyd and Erica determine that Michael is behind Kendall's actions...

From About All My Children

Erica phones Enchantment with instructions to find Lena and have her return the call ASAP...

someone knocks on the door. It’s Boyd, saying he really needs to talk to her. Erica asks if he knows where Lena is, explaining that Liza Colby was just here, and accused her of bankrolling that lawsuit against Fusion; she says that she has proof that the plaintiff was paid off by Enchantment! Boyd exclaims that Lena did this – he knew it! Erica asks if he thinks Lena is the one who wired the money? He is one of her most valued and trusted employees, and anything he says will stay between them. Larraby says it’s just a feeling, but he doesn’t trust her, at least not one on one. He doesn’t know if she’s capable of embezzlement, but she hasn’t been completely upfront about certain things. Boyd is surprised when Erica asks if he means things like her sexual orientation? Erica agrees that she knows Bianca was interested in her, but Boyd says he saw them out together last night, and he’s never seen Bianca look happier! He hopes she’s right when Erica says Bianca’s an adult and knows what she’s doing, but thinks Lena bears watching. Erica agrees not to tell Bianca he said that...

Lena repeats that she’s not going to seduce Bianca for the formula, and is never seeing her again. Michael says she’ll see Bianca when he tells her to, and she’ll stop when he tells her to stop, which is when she has the formula in her hands. Lena insists he’ll have to find a different way, but Michael knows he has her, and she’ll do as she’s told. When she protests that her life doesn’t belong to him, he reminds her that she was nothing when she came to him. Lena says she was intelligent, and still is. Cambias notes that for an intelligent woman, she’s broken some rather serious American laws. He agrees the lawsuit against Fusion was brilliant – paying that old woman to sue Fusion and having Lena wire the money from Enchantment to implicate Erica. Lena argues that it was Michael who did it, but he says her fingerprints are all over this. She says he used to protect her, but Cambias counters that she used to be more efficient with her assignments. Lena shrugs that she’ll just tell the truth. Michael tells her she’ll be tried and convicted; by the time she sees the light of day, she’ll be an ex-con hag of no use to anyone – especially the lovely Bianca! He taunts her about her feelings, and Lena suggests that he sounds a bit jealous. Cambias counters that she’s pathetic, especially when she started believing all the lies she spun for Bianca. Lena suggests that maybe for the first time she’s seeing the truth. Michael sneers that he loves how she takes her job so seriously, but this Montgomery girl isn’t a love match for her, just a means to an end like all her other conquests. Lena again insists that she won’t exploit Bianca, but Michael says she’s done nothing but exploit her; she shouldn’t forget that she’s lied since the day she met her. Ms. Kondera argues that it’s different now, but Michael wonders how Bianca will feel when she learns that Lena is his go-to girl, not to mention his favorite waste of time. “You mean I’m your whore!” she exclaims, and Michael agrees, “And a good one at that.” Lena tells him it’s over; she doesn’t care about the money, and she’s tired of being alone, whether he’s in her bed or not. Cambias says if she wants to go back where she came from, he can arrange it, but Lena proclaims that he doesn’t scare her anymore! He asks if she’s going to throw away years of hard work and a brilliant future for one little love match? Lena says yes, and she’s going to spend the rest of her life trying to become someone she’s not ashamed of. He calls out to her, but Lena storms out of the condo. Michael calls her later and leaves a message that he hopes she’s come to her senses. Michael needs what they came here for, and asks Lena not to give up on him now, because they’re so close to getting what they want; she’s to call him when she gets this, and not make him come looking for her! He makes another call, instructing someone to get the names and addresses of Lena’s family and everyone she’s ever known or cared about; there’s a bonus in it for him if he gets it to him yesterday!

Erica calls the office for Lena again, and gives orders to find her, because they have a situation on their hands...

Bianca paces in Erica’s office, going over Lena’s parting words in her mind. She takes out a journal and writes, “I miss you so much. If you were here, you’d know just what to say to me. Even better, you’d just hold me.” Myrtle comes into the office and gives Bianca a kiss as she asks what she’s doing. Bianca replies that she’s writing a letter to her father, “Ridiculous, huh?” Myrtle sagely tells her it’s not if she has something to say and looks as if she’s got plenty to write about. Bianca cries as she asks how Myrtle knew, and Mrs. Fargate explains that Val called and told her something had happened between Bianca and Lena. She asks what happened, and Bianca tells her what always happens, “She told me that she can’t see me anymore.” Myrtle holds Bianca in her arms as she cries. Bianca asks why this always happens to her? She meets someone and thinks there’s something there, and then they get scared, or they’re not really gay, or they just disappear; it happened with Sarah and Frankie and Maggie, and now Lena. Surprisingly, Myrtle says she thinks Lena has real feelings for Bianca. When Bianca points out that she left, just like everyone else, Myrtle delicately says that not every girl knows her feelings and herself as well as she does. Bianca counters that Lena isn’t a girl; she’s a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. She laments that she thought Lena wanted her; she flirted with her and asked her out on a date, and now it’s over, just like that! She said she wishes she could tell her why she called it off, but she can’t. Bianca thinks she must have done something to scare her off, and Myrtle agrees. She says that she saw the beginning of something last night, a spark between them. Bianca notes that it fizzled fast, but Myrtle thinks it may have been too hot; maybe she woke up this morning and discovered that she was falling for her, adding that people often run from what scares them. She says Bianca’s feelings are open and unafraid; that doesn’t make her needy and desperate as she suggests, but brave enough to take chances. Bianca shakes her head as she notes where it’s always gotten her. She says her mom always runs away from relationships out of fear, and she always ends up hurt, alone and miserable. She swore to herself that she would do the opposite, take those chances, and here she is, just as unhappy and just as alone. Myrtle says she leads with her heart and can’t always avoid heartache, but Bianca thinks maybe her mom has the right idea, “Maybe it’s better to run off before you get left behind.” Myrtle doesn’t think Lena wants to leave her, but Bianca thinks it seemed pretty final. Myrtle asks if Lena’s coming close, pulling away, coming back and then running away doesn’t remind Bianca of her mother? Aghast, Bianca asks if she’s saying she cares about Lena because she’s like her mom? Myrtle laughs that she just means it could help her understand Lena and how Lena opened up to her, and doesn’t believe it’s over just because she ran away.

She agrees when Bianca says she’s a hopeless romantic, but wants her to give Lena another chance. As Bianca says no, she doesn’t want to get her heart broken all over again; if Lena wants her, she knows where she can find her, Val comes into the office and tells Bianca he thought she’d want to know that Lena resigned today by e-mail, and is on her way back to Europe; she’s got a flight today.

Myrtle asks Bianca what she’s waiting for? “Go to the airport and stop Lena before it’s too late!” Meanwhile, a shaken Lena is at the airport, and purchases a one-way ticket on the first available flight to Prague. She sees a woman at the counter and thinks it’s Bianca; she calls out to her, but a stranger turns around. As she gets in line to board her flight, Bianca does arrive and calls out, “Lena, wait!” She asks if Lena’s leaving because of her, and Lena agrees she is. Bianca argues that they had something and now it’s over with no explanation? Lena protests that Bianca is a very beautiful woman and deserves someone better; the decision has been made for them and it’s for the best. Bianca respects that she doesn’t want to be with her--she’s hurt, but she’ll deal, but she doesn’t have to leave! She knows there’s something else going on, and asks, if she cares about her at all, to please level with her; then she’d know the real reason, and maybe start to understand. Lena insists she cares for her, and what she’s doing is for her. Bianca questions if Erica is behind this, adding that she’s done this before, and thinks Lena is too old for her. Lena insists Erica has nothing to do with this; she loves her very much, and Bianca is very lucky. Bianca counters that she doesn’t feel lucky. She cries as she says Lena was going to slip out of her life unnoticed, and now she’s here, making a scene, and she’s sorry, but she wants her to be here with her! She’s found someone worthy of her heart, and now she’s leaving; she challenges Lena to tell her she doesn’t have feelings for her, and doesn’t want to be with her. Lena sighs that it’s just something she has to do, but Bianca insists she doesn’t want this, either! Whatever reasons she thinks she has for leaving don’t matter; what they have is worth fighting for, but she can’t do it alone. The flight is called again, and Lena says she has to go. Bianca begs her to wait, “Please just give us one more chance.” Lena regretfully says it’s not their time, under different circumstances… “What circumstances?” Bianca demands, but realizes Lena’s not going to tell her, and she’s never going to see her again. “Bianca, you don’t know how much you honor me,” Lena begins, but Bianca angrily says she didn’t come here to honor her! She came here to try to understand what happened, and to see if there could possibly be another chance for them! She shakes her head then and says this is all wrong, and she’s sorry! “Don’t ever apologize!” Lena exclaims. Bianca says she’s not sorry for the way she feels about her; she touched her heart and she’ll always treasure that. Wishing her a safe flight, Bianca turns to go, but Lena calls her name. She goes to Bianca, and the two share a long look before Lena moves closer and the two star-crossed lovers kiss passionately [passionately??!!??]...

When Boyd tells Michael that he’s too late and it’s over, Cambias retorts, “It’s not over ‘til I say it’s over.”
Aidan confides to Kendall that has a feeling Maureen is going to break his heart; she agrees that Maria Grey might.
Erica asks Jack, “Just a few days ago, you were professing your undying love to me, and now you want to put me in prison?”
Bianca’s eyes light up when Lena tells her, “Come with me--let’s go away together.”

From Soap Slut

Previously on All My Children
Tad and Liza investigated the lawsuit against Fusion.
Kendall and Greenlee quarreled.
Lena dumped Bianca...

Lena refuses to seduce Bianca. The *sshat points out how much trouble she could get into for setting Enchantment up to look like they instigated the faux lawsuit.

Bianca mopes in Erica’s office. She writes in her journal to someone. “I miss you so much. If you were here, you’d know just what to say to me. Even better, you’d just hold me.” I’m going out on a limb and say that it’s probably a letter to Leo.

Myrtle arrives and greets Bianca who reveals that she’s writing a letter to her dad (ah) and feels silly. She tells Myrtle what happened and wonders if she did something to scare Lena off. Myrtle proposes that may be exactly what happened, that Lena was afraid of her feelings for Bianca.

Lena tires of listening to *sshat’s derogatory remarks and walk out on him.

Erica can’t explain the money trail. Liza wants her to find out. Erica picks up the phone and tries to call Lena at work. When she can’t be found, La Kane wants her paged...

...Boyd knocks on her door. She immediately asks if he knows where Lena is. He’s confused at the inquiry so she fills him in. Boyd immediately jumps to the conclusion that Lena is behind it...

Boyd backpedals and says that he was accusing Lena because he has a personal bias against her. He doesn’t trust Lena. Erica thinks it has to do with Lena’s orientation and the conversation veers over to Boyd telling her about Bianca and Lena’s joyous date the night before.

Myrtle points out that Bianca wears her heart on her sleeve but not everybody is like that. Bianca wonders if maybe her commitment-phobic mother has the right idea. Myrtle observes how Lena’s pull-away/run-back antics are similar to Erica’s. Ha! Someone finally noticed that Bianca has fallen for someone just like her mother (AND her sister, though no one has made THAT observation yet). Val enters the office with the news that Lena just resigned by email and is headed back to Europe that very day.

Lena is at the airport buying a ticket to Prague...

...Speaking of The *sshat, he’s trying to call Lena. No joy, he gets her voicemail. His next call is to order someone to track down the name and address of every friend and relative Lena has.

Lena sits at the airport. She sees a woman that looks like Bianca from the back and does the thing that you do to someone you think you know but don’t. It’s just as embarrassing for Lena as it is for anybody. Her flight is announced so she makes her way to the gate. Cue Bianca. Why am I suddenly thinking of Casablanca?...

Lena admits that she’s leaving because of Bianca. Bianca is confused but Lena is unable to explain why. She only says that she’s leaving because it’s best for Bianca who wonders if Erica had gotten to her somehow. Lena says no. Bianca is getting teary now as she pleads with Lena to give them a chance.

I started school today, see? I was at school when this thing recorded and right here, right on the commercial break is where my dad changed the channel to FX while it was still recording. All of a sudden I’ve got M*A*S*H. Fear not. I’m grabbing the 4 AM airing of AMC on SoapNet and I’ll have to finish it up later.

Okay, starting back up...

Erica still can’t find Lena...

Lena continues her attempts to brush Bianca off but her heart isn’t in it. Bianca knows that something is up but decides to give up. She says that Lena touched her heart and she will always be grateful for that. Lena reluctantly turns away. Bianca takes a hesitant step towards her but changes her mind. Lena turns back around, drops her bag and calls out to Bianca. She strides over to Bianca, takes her by the shoulders and lays a hot kiss on her. Whoo!

On the next All My Children
It’s Boyd and The *sshat’s turn again for a pissing contest.
Kendall takes a time out from her own storyline to breathe life into Aidan’s.
Erica can’t believe Jack would actually do his job and prosecute her.
Lena wants Bianca to run away with her.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Liza informed Erica that she knew all about what she had done.
Liza: You won't get away with this.
Erica: Get away with what?
Liza: You know.
Erica: No, I don't.
Liza. Yes you do.
Erica: I really don't have time for this. I need to concentrate on me for a while.
Liza: Don't mess with me missy. I tossed the last woman who crossed me out of a window and she was my sister. I have proof that you're behind the Fusion lawsuit. You hired someone to sue us.
Erica: No I didn't. I don't have time to worry about Fusion. Jack just dumped me.
Liza: Again?

Over at Fusion the company seemed to be falling apart.
Kendall: I quit last night but now I'm unquitting.
Greenlee: I don't want you to unquit. If you unquit then I'm going to really quit.
Mia: You two can't quit. You're the ones holding this company together.
Simone: That's right. If it's just me and Mia the audience will FF all of Fusion's scenes.
Lizzie: If this is going to be another one of those all the Fusion girl's have to stick together scenes, then I'm going to get some salsa to go with my chips. I've seen this scene already.
Liza: Wait! I have news. I found out Erica was responsible for the lawsuit. I've reported her to the authorities.
Mia: Now Kendall and Greenlee don't have to quit. They have to stay to stick it to Erica.
Simone: You've saved our company Liza.
Liza: So now can I be a Fusion girl? Please! Pretty please!
Kendall: Maybe. I guess you can sit with us at lunch.
Greenlee: But we're still not inviting you to our slumber parties.

Lena went to see Michael.
Lena: I'm not going to use Bianca.
Michael: Oh yes you will or I'll make you sorry. I'll see to it that you go to prison for what you've done.
Lena: But it was all your idea. I'll tell them that.
Michael: They'll never believe you.
Lena: They might when you leave a slime trail leading up to the witness stand.

Myrtle tried to console Bianca over losing Lena.
Bianca: I just don't understand it. I thought I was going to get a real storyline and then bang - she's gone.
Myrtle: Don't let it end this way Bianca. Go out there and make that storyline happen. Take a chance on love.
Val: Bianca, Lena's leaving for Europe. If you hurry you can have one of those classic "don't leave me" scenes at the airport.
Myrtle: Oh, I wish she was taking a train. You could run along beside the train just like in those great old movies.

Jack showed up at Erica's.
Erica: Oh Jack, I knew you'd come back to me.
Jack: Actually I came to talk about a crime. It seems you've been accused of fraud in the Fusion lawsuit.
Erica: Oh no. We're not going to do that dreary "you prosecute me but you love me" story again are we?
Jack: It's a strong possibility.

Bianca caught up with Lena at the airport.
Bianca: You can't go Lena. You're the only woman I've ever really loved.
Lena: I wish I could stay but I can't. I must go back to Europe.
Bianca: I don't believe this. I've never had a woman go so far as to leave for Europe just to dump me before. Sarah got married and Maggie ended up in a boring romance with a newbie but at least they stayed on the same continent. Of course Frankie got murdered so if you count her -
Lena: Stop Bianca. The moment has come.
Bianca: It has?
Lena: Yes. They've hyped it for days. Everyone is talking about it. It's time.
Some airport patrons: Woohoo! It's about time!
Some airport patrons: Ack! It's a sign of the apocolypse! Unclean!
Some airport patrons: What's the fuss about? A kiss is just a kiss.


The Ghost of Liza Colby's Past watches the two lovers

Gee, Lena you look so determined

Neither getting their arm placement switched nor being in a public place deters not these lovers

The historic airport kiss


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC; Lena dumping Bianca]

Previously on "All My Children" --
Tad: Looks to me like somebody's out to destroy Fusion without getting their own hands dirty.
Kendall: You don't have to worry about me ruining your stupid little company anymore! You know why? Because I quit!
Greenlee: Fine, quit -- again! We'll all be better off!
[amc030423a-inc starts]
Bianca: Why don't you want to see me again?
Lena: No, it's not that I don't want to. It's that I -- I can't.
[amc030423a-inc ends]

***** (clip b) [Michael threatens Lena if she does not seduce Bianca]

[amc030423b starts]
Lena: I'm not going to seduce Bianca for the formula.
Michael: Really?
Lena: Yes, I told you, I'm never seeing her again.
Michael: You'll see her when I tell you to, and you'll see her until I tell you to stop, which is when you have the formula in your hands.
Lena: You'll have to find a different way.
Michael: Uh-uh. No, I don't because I have you and you'll do as you're told.
Lena: My life doesn't belong to you, Michael.
Michael: Since when? You know, my dear, you were nothing when you came to me.
Lena: I was intelligent. I still am.
Michael: Mm-hmm. No, for an intelligent woman, you've broken some rather serious American laws.
Lena: And that phony lawsuit was your idea.
Michael: It was brilliant -- paying that old woman to sue Fusion, having you wire the money from Enchantment to implicate Erica.
Lena: Me? We both know it was you.
Michael: What? Hmm? Can you prove that? No matter which way you spin it; your fingerprints are all over this, Lena.
Lena: You used to protect me.
Michael: You used to be more efficient with your assignments.
Lena: Well, if it comes to it, I’ll just tell the truth.
Michael: And with no evidence, you'll be tried and convicted. By the time you see the light of day, you'll be an ex-con hag who is of no use to anybody, especially your little lovely Bianca.

***** (clip c) [Bianca tells Myrtle that Lena has dumped her]

[amc030423c starts]
Bianca's voice: You said you liked me.
Lena's voice: I do. I do like you, and I really hope that --
Bianca: You hope what, that we can still be pals? You know what? Spare me the speech. I've heard it before, endlessly, from practically every woman that I have ever been interested in.
Lena: Bianca, you're a wonderful person.
Bianca: Just not wonderful enough to date.
Lena: You will find someone.
Bianca: When? Every time I meet somebody that I think that I share a connection with, that someone changes their mind.
Bianca's voice: "I miss you so much. If you were here, you'd know just what to say to me. Even better, you'd just hold me."
Myrtle: Bianca?
Bianca: Oh, God.
Myrtle: What are you doing?
Bianca: I'm writing a letter to my dad. It's ridiculous, huh?
Myrtle: Not if you've got something to say. And it looks as if you've got plenty to write about.
Bianca: Myrtle, how did you know?
Myrtle: Well, Val called me and told me something has happened between you and Lena and you had run off.
Bianca: He shouldn't have called you.
Myrtle: He was concerned about you, and so am I. What did happen?
Bianca: What always happens. She said that she doesn't want -- that she can't see me anymore.
Myrtle: Oh, darling. Oh, dear.

***** (clip d) [Bianca discusses Lena with Myrtle]

[amc030423d starts]
Bianca: God. Oh, why does this always happen to me, Myrtle? I meet somebody and I think that there's something there, and then they get scared or they're not really gay or they just disappear. It happened with Sarah and Frankie and Maggie and now with Lena.
Myrtle: Darling, just follow your heart.
Bianca: Oh, Myrtle. I don't think I'm going to trust my heart anymore.
Myrtle: Well, trust mine. I think Lena has real feelings for you, darling.
Bianca: But she left, just like everybody else.
Myrtle: Darling, you know, not every girl knows her feelings and herself as well as you do.
Bianca: But Lena is not a girl. She's a woman. She knows exactly what she wants, and she goes for it. And I thought that she wanted me. I mean, she flirted with me and she asked me out on a date. We made plans for more dates. Now it's over, just like that.
Myrtle: Did she tell you why she called it off?
Bianca: She says that she wishes she could but she can’t. It's not a reason. I -- I must have done something to scare her off.
Myrtle: Maybe you did.
Bianca: Well, what?
Myrtle: Darling, last night, I saw the beginning of something. I could feel the spark between you and Lena.
Bianca: Well, that sure fizzled fast.
Myrtle: Maybe it was too hot. Maybe -- maybe Lena woke up this morning and discovered that she was falling for you.

***** (clip e) [Lena tells Michael to stuff it and leaves]

[amc030423e starts]
Lena: What's between me and Bianca is --
Michael: What, private? What, does she make your heart go pitter-patter? Does she put a little bounce in your step, a sparkle in your eye, Lena?
Lena: You sound jealous.
Michael: Of you? Please. You're pathetic, especially when you start believing all the lies you spun for Bianca.
Lena: Well, maybe for the first time, I'm seeing the truth.
Michael: You know, I love how you take your job so seriously, but this Montgomery girl is no love match for you. She's a means to an end, just like all your other conquests.
Lena: I will not exploit Bianca.
Michael: You've done nothing but exploit her. You've lied to her since the day you met her. Don't forget that.
Lena: No, now it's different.
Michael: Why? Because you care about her? How do you think your little Bianca will feel when she finds out that you're my go-to girl, not to mention my favorite waste of time?
Lena: You mean I’m your whore.
Michael: And a good one at that.
Lena: Look, Michael, it's over. I don't care about the money, and I'm tired of being alone whether you're in my bed or not.
Michael: Listen; if you want to go back to where you came from, I can arrange it.
Lena: You don't scare me, Michael, not anymore.
Michael: Hmm.
Lena: Goodbye.
Michael: So that's it? One little love match for you, and you're going to throw it all away, years of hard work not to mention a brilliant future?
Lena: Yes, and spend the rest of my life trying to become someone I'm not ashamed of.
Michael: Lena? Hey, Lena!

***** (clip f) [Erica tries to contact Lena but she's not there]

Liza: Why don't you explain to me the money transfers?
Erica: I can’t. I have no idea what this is about. But there certainly must be a logical explanation.
Liza: Find out.
Erica: Yes, this is Erica. Put me through to Lena. Where is she? All right, page her and tell her to get back to me. It's urgent. She should get back to me ASAP. Look, Liza, if there is a snake at Enchantment, nobody wants to find this snake more than I do.

***** (clip g) [Boyd suspects that Lena's behind the pay off by Enchantment]

[knock on door]
Erica: Oh, Boyd.
Boyd: Erica, hi. I hope it's not a bad time, but I really need to talk to you.
Erica: Yeah -- no, please. Come in.
Boyd: Thanks.
Erica: Boyd, do you know where Lena is?
Boyd: Lena? Why? What's wrong?
Erica: I need to talk to her. Liza Colby was just here, and she has accused me of bankrolling that lawsuit against Fusion.
Boyd: You? Why?
Erica: I don't know. She says that she has proof that the plaintiff was paid off by Enchantment.
Boyd: It was Lena, wasn't it? I mean, she did this.
Erica: Excuse me?
Boyd: I knew it.

***** (clip h) [Boyd and Erica discuss Lena's shadiness]

Erica: Boyd, what do you know about Lena? What are you talking about?
Boyd: It's nothing. Never mind, really.
Erica: Well, do you think that she is the one who wired the money?
Boyd: Look, Erica, I’m sorry. This was none of my business. I shouldn't have said anything.
Erica: Boyd, believe me, you are one of my most trusted, one of my most valued employees. Whatever we say really will stay just between us. So if there is something --
Boyd: It's -- it's really -- it's just a feeling.
[amc030423h-inc starts]
Erica: You don't trust her?
Boyd: No. I don’t. At least, not one on one.
Erica: Do you think that she's capable of embezzlement?
Boyd: I really don't know about that. But if Lena told me it was sunny out, I’d pack an umbrella.
Erica: She lied to you about something?
Boyd: Let's just say she hasn't be completely upfront about certain things.
Erica: Things like her sexual orientation?
Boyd: You mean, you know about that?
Erica: Well, I'm certainly aware that my daughter was interested in Lena.
Boyd: Was interested? Erica, I saw Bianca out with Lena last night, and believe me, I've never seen Bianca look happier.

***** (clip i) [Myrtle tells Bianca to go get Lena]

[amc030423i starts]
Bianca: Lena is falling for me? She's running from me is more like it.
Myrtle: Darling, people often run from what scares them.
Bianca: So I am scaring her off.
Myrtle: Well, not everyone has your courage, darling. Look, your feelings are -- oh -- open to everyone. And you know, you're not afraid to show them to other people.
Bianca: Right, and that makes me what? Needy and desperate.
Myrtle: No, it makes you brave enough to take chances.
Bianca: And look where it's always landed me, Myrtle. You know something -- mom always runs away from relationships because she's too afraid to take a chance, and she always ends up hurt and alone and miserable. And so I swore to myself that I wasn't going to do that. I would do just the opposite, I would take those chances. And here I am, just as unhappy and just as alone.
Myrtle: Darling, you lead with your heart. Now, when you do that, you can't always avoid heartache.
Bianca: Yeah, but maybe mom has the right idea. Maybe it's better to run off before you get left behind.
Myrtle: I don't think Lena wants to leave you.
Bianca: Well, she sure seemed pretty final to me.
Myrtle: Well, don't be too sure about that. Look, last night, she came very close to you, and then she pulled away and she came back, and then she ran away. Does that remind you of anyone? Your mother?
Bianca: What -- Myrtle, are you saying that I care for Lena because she's like mom, that --
Myrtle: No, no, no. What I’m saying is that knowing your mother the way you do should help you to understand Lena.
Bianca: I understand that it's over.
Myrtle: Well, I'm not sure about that. I -- I saw how she opened up to you last night. Now, I -- I don't know what's between you both, but it's not over just because she ran away.
Bianca: Oh, Myrtle. You're such a romantic.
Myrtle: I know. I know I am. Hopeless. So do something for me -- give Lena another chance.
Bianca: Hmm. And get my heart broken all over again? No, Myrtle, I don't think so.
Myrtle: Bianca --
Bianca: No, listen; if Lena wants me, she knows where she can find me.
Val: Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Bianca, but I thought you'd want to know.
Bianca: What's up?
Val: Lena resigned today, by email, and she's on her way back to Europe.
Bianca: She's leaving?
Val: She's got a flight today.
Myrtle: So? What are you waiting for? Go to the airport and stop Lena before it's too late.

***** (clip j) [Lena buys a ticket to Prague]

[amc030423j starts]
Lena: I need to buy a ticket.
Woman: What's your destination?
Lena: Prague. Next available flight, please.
Woman: Would you like to book your return?
Lena: Uh -- no.
Woman: Are you all right?
Lena: Yes, yes, I'm fine.

***** (clip k) [Boyd tells Erica to watch Lena closely]

Erica: Well, Bianca's an adult. I'm sure she knows what she's doing.
Boyd: I hope you're right, but Lena definitely bears watching. Just please don't tell Bianca I said that.
Erica: Oh, no, I won’t.
Boyd: Thanks.

***** (clip l) [Michael starts searching for dirt on Lena]

[amc030423l starts]
[phone rings]
Lena’s voice: I'm not available at the moment. Please leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible.
Michael: Lena, it's me. I hope you've come to your senses. I need what we came here for. We're so close, Lena. Don't give up on me now. Call me as soon as you get this. And don't make me come looking for you.
Michael: It's Cambias. I've got a job for you. It's Lena. I want the name and address of every one of her relatives and anyone she's ever known or cared about. Well, that's why you get paid the big bucks. Now, there's a bonus in it for you if you get it to me yesterday.

***** (clip m) [Bianca finds Lena at the airport]

[amc030423m starts]
Lena: Bianca?
P.A. Announcer: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We're ready to begin boarding flight 159. At this time, first-class passengers and anyone needing assistance, please come to the gate.
Bianca: Lena. Wait.

***** (clip n) [Lena tells Bianca that she has to go]

[amc030423n starts]
Lena: How did you know?
Bianca: Val told me. Are you leaving because of me?
Lena: Yes.
Bianca: I don't understand.
Lena: I know.
Bianca: That's it?
Lena: I know it's not enough.
Bianca: No, it's not enough. Lena, I know that I haven't known you for that long, but we had something. I felt it. And I know you did, too. And then now it's just over? No explanation whatsoever?
Lena: I told you --
Bianca: Yeah, I know you told me, it's you.
Lena: Bianca, you're a very beautiful woman, and you are worthy of something better.
Bianca: You know what? Stay. Let me figure that out.
Lena: Look, the decision has been made for us.
Bianca: Well --
Lena: It's for the best.
Bianca: What aren't you telling me?
Lena: Don't ask me that, Bianca.
Bianca: You don't want to be with me. I respect that. I mean, I'm hurt, but I'll deal. But you don't have to leave. I mean, there's something else going on here, isn't there? Lena, if you care about me at all -- as a friend, as anything -- just please level with me.
Lena: If I did, if I leveled with you, then what?
Bianca: Well, then I would know the reason -- the real reason. And then maybe I could start to understand.
Lena: Just -- please, just understand that I care for you and that what I'm doing is for you.
Bianca: Did my mother get to you?
Lena: Erica? No.
Bianca: You don't have to protect her or anything. She's done this before. She paid one of my friends to leave town.
Lena: Erica had nothing to do with this.
Bianca: Are you sure? She thinks that you're too old for me.
Lena: She loves you very much, and you're very lucky.
Bianca: I don't feel lucky. I mean, you were just going to slip out of town, out of my life unnoticed. And now I'm here, and I'm making a scene, and I’m -- I'm sorry, but I want you to be here with me.
Lena: I'm sorry, but I know you'll find someone who's worthy of your heart.
Bianca: I did. And you're leaving. Just tell me that you don't have feelings for me. Tell me that you don't want to be with me.
Lena: It's just something I have to do.
Bianca: But you don't want this any more than I do, Lena. Look, whatever reasons that you think you have for leaving me don't matter. Don't you see? What we have is worth fighting for. But I can't do it alone.
P.A. Announcer: Flight 159 is now boarding rows 35 through 50.
Lena: I have to go.
Bianca: No. Lena, wait. Look at me and -- please, just give us one more chance.

***** (clip o) [Erica is still looking for Lena]

Erica: Any word on Lena yet?
[knock on door]
Erica: Well, find her because we have a situation on our hands.

***** (clip p) [Bianca pleads for lena to stay and Lena kisses her]

[amc030423p starts]
Lena: This isn't our time.
Bianca: Not our time? What does that even mean?
Lena: Under different circumstances --
Bianca: What circumstances? You're not going to tell me, are you? And I'm never going to see you again.
Lena: Bianca, you don't know how much you honor me.
Bianca: I didn't come here to honor you, Lena. I came here to try to understand what happened, to see if there could possibly be another chance. Forget it. This is all wrong. I'm sorry.
Lena: Oh, don't say that. Don't ever apologize.
Bianca: Well, I'm not sorry for the way I feel for you. You touched my heart. And I will always treasure that. Have a safe flight.
Lena: Bianca –
[Lena kisses Bianca]

***** (clip q) [Next on AMC; Lena asks Bianca to go with her to Prague]

On the next "All My Children" --
Boyd: You're too late, Cambias. It's over.
Michael: Come on, Boyd, it's not over till I say it's over.
Aidan: I don't think Maureen’s going to break my heart.
Kendall: Maria Grey might.
Erica: Just a few days ago, you were professing your undying love to me, and now you want to put me in prison?
[amc030423q-inc starts]
Lena: Come with me, Bianca. Come with me. Let's go together.
[amc030423q-inc starts]


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