Whoosh! Quick! before your moth-- DRAT! Too late
Although only for an hour, Lena
and Bianca are at last 'together'

Lena Kundera

April 24, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/10/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Erica Kane
Jackson Montgomery
Michael Cambias
Kendall Hart


The ladies finish their kiss; Lena wants Binks to come with her to Prague; Binks says she can't leave everything behind; Lena brings Binks to her hotel room; Michael calls but Lena hangs up on him; before they can have sex or even just kiss, Erica bursts in on them


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Kendall is shattered when she learns that Michael had been sleeping with someone else during their relationship. Bianca convinces Lena not to leave Pine Valley. Michael calls Lena, who still refuses to do his bidding. Erica later arrives at Lena's and is surprised to find Bianca there.

From About All My Children

Lena pulls back from their kiss and exclaims that she shouldn’t have let that happen! Bianca joyfully tells her it had to happen and holding her feels so good! When Lena agrees but says she should be boarding her plane Bianca begs her not to make this the end! She’s stunned when Lena tells her, “Come with me--let’s go together!” Lena excitedly says she’d love Prague! They have savings and could travel all over Europe together, “Come with me--it’s our last chance!” Bianca insists it wouldn’t matter where they were as long as they’re together; she can’t just drop everything and race off. She agrees flying off together would be incredibly romantic, but why can’t they just stay here and get to know each other? Lena says she’s had many experiences, but how she feels about her is completely unexpected; it’s new, and she’s scared. Bianca admits nobody is more scared than she is! She had to risk putting it all out there, even though she could have been slapped down. Lena sighs that she is so brave in so many ways, and Bianca tells her not to disappoint her! Lena knows she’s been hurt before, which Bianca agrees is becoming a habit. She implores Lena to stay here and if things go the way they should, they can vacation in Prague. When Lena says she makes it sound so easy, Bianca points out that she hasn’t told her why it’s not; she again tells her to stay and they’ll get closer. She wonders if Lena worries that she’s too young and inexperienced, adding that she’s been through a lot, and Myrtle says she’s an old soul! She’s done some incredibly stupid things, but knows she can’t run away from her choices. Lena touches her cheek and sighs that she wishes she were more like Bianca. As Bianca insists that she can do this, the final call for boarding the flight is announced. Lena repeats that’s her flight. Bianca’s eyes brim with tears that belie her hopeful smile as she suggests they make it without her...

The bellman brings Lena’s luggage into the room at the Valley Inn, and Ms. Kondera notes that she wasn’t gone long enough for them to rent her room. The bellman grins that now she and her gorgeous sister are back, it makes him want to work here forever. Bianca says they’re not sisters, and Lena adds, “We’re together.” He looks from one to the other and asks, “Really? Well, that’s cool!” He tells the ladies to have fun, and leaves the room. Bianca asks Lena to say it again, “What are we?” Lena returns her smile as she repeats, “We’re together.” Bianca grins as she tells her not to be surprised if she asks her to repeat that every now and then! Lena touches her cheek and assures her, “You won’t have to ask.” Lena’s phone rings, and Bianca notes that it’s probably her mother! Lena answers, only to hear Michael say he thought she’d be halfway to Europe by now. When he says he hopes she’s cooled off, Lena pointedly says she’s feeling better than she has in a long time. Cambias says that’s good news, “So why don’t you slip into something sexy, find Bianca Montgomery, and get to work!” Getting no response, Michael asks if she heard him? Lena says yes, but she’s not interested. Michael asks who the hell she thinks she’s talking to? As he asks if she wants him to take over, Kendall comes into the courtyard and overhears as he asks, “How do you think your new lover will react when she finds out how many times you’ve shared my bed in the last month?” Lena repeats that she’s not interested, and hangs up. Michael furiously throws the phone across the room as he exclaims, “Stupid, ungrateful bitch!” Kendall looks through the window at the man she thought she knew.

Lena tells Bianca the call was nothing important, and they both agree they’re glad she stayed. As they move together once again, someone knocks at the door. Bianca rolls her eyes as she wonders if they’re cursed, and Lena laughs that maybe it’s their friendly bellhop – but whoever it is, they’re not staying! She opens the door, and Erica comes in as she says she’s left messages for her everywhere, and she has a crisis! She stops short at seeing Bianca, who greets her, “Hi, Mom.”

From Soap Slut

Previously on All My Children
Kendall was determined to believe The *sshat loves her.
Boyd visited *sshat.
Bianca tried a last ditch effort to get Lena back.
Jack came to investigate illegal claims against Erica...

Lena and Bianca break from their kiss and look quite relieved to have gotten all that pent-up anxiety out. Lena still needs to board her plane. She impulsively suggests that Bianca come with her...

Bianca can’t ditch her life and run away. She doesn’t understand why Lena is so anxious to bolt...

Lena would really like to stay as Bianca suggests but is still hesitant. She wonders how Bianca can be so unspoiled. Bianca assures Lena that she does indeed have a rotten, spoiled side (no kidding, as I’ve been forced to watch it for the better part of a year. Plus, Binks is related to Erica and Kendall. Genetics is NOT in her favor). Lena grits her teeth as the final boarding call is announced...

Erica makes her case against The *sshat to Jack. Must she use *sshat’s full name every time she says it? “Michael Cambias, Michael Cambias, Michael Cambias.” It’s like Dawson’s Creek and all that Joey Potter talk. Her only proof is her word which isn’t good enough. She informs Jack that she’s already working on getting proof. She’s currently trying to track down her Chief Financial Officer to see if Lena knows who might have helped *sshat. Ah, Erica. So clueless...

Lena brings Bianca to her room at the Valley Inn. They make a big deal of being “an out couple” to the bellhop. You can almost see his inner fantasy playing like a movie in his head. Once he leaves, Lena and Bianca’s ensuing close moment is interrupted by Lena’s ringing phone. Bianca snarks that it’s probably Erica, picking up on their vibe with her gaydar. It’s *sshat. He assumes she’s back on board and orders her to get her groove on and seduce Bianca...

Lena declares that she’s not interested in complying with *sshat’s orders. *sshat gets irate and, as Kendall approaches outside, loudly remarks about telling her new lover all about how much they f***** in the last month. Lena refuses to be bullied and hangs up. *sshat throws his phone. “Stupid, ungrateful b****!” he says as a shocked and dismayed Kendall observes all from outside the window. Pardon me while I giggle gleefully. Heeheeheeheeheeheehee! Kendall got a new sponge!

Bianca is just ecstatic that Lena stayed for her. They’re about to get cozy once again but are interrupted by a knock on the door. “Are we cursed?” jokes Bianca. Only by the censors, dearie. Lena answers the door and Erica barrels in, her rant on business halted when she sees Bianca sitting on Lena’s bed. Bianca “hi mom”s her with that tone one has when a parent catches their teen after a date with a shirt on inside out...

On the next All My Children
Bianca informs Erica that her timing sucks.
The Carlos and Greenlee black hole opens back up.
Smoan’s hooker friends jump to her defense in court.
Kendall confronts the *sshat


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Bianca continued to try to persuade Lena to stay in Pine Valley.
Bianca: You can't leave now. I just had my first kiss in two years. I don't want to have to start all over again.
Lena: Why don't you get on the plane with me right now?
Bianca: I don't have my passport.
Lena: This is a soap. No one pays any attention to details like that. Come with me to Europe. We can have any kind of storyline we want there.
Bianca: I can't just run away like this. Stay here with me and we'll face this storyline together. Sure, there may be people who won't like us but a lot of people don't like Maria and Aidan and they're still together. I think we have a real chance.
Lena: Well, all right. But I may still be mysterious sometimes.
Bianca: That's fine. I care about you just the way you are.

Later Lena and Bianca went back to Lena's hotel room.
Bellhop: Is there anything I can do for you and your sister?
Lena: She's not my sister, she's my girlfriend.
Bellhop: This could be the greatest moment of my life.
Lena: You're not staying.
Bellhop: Rats.

Kendall ran into Aidan at the bar.
Kendall: You know, maybe we should have stayed together. We didn't have a lot of chemistry but my mysterious newbie hasn't worked out like I thought he would and your relationship with Maria is doomed.
Aidan: Oi thawt yew said Mowreen and Oi were grite together.
Kendall: I did but now I'm foreshadowing things to come.
Aidan: Blimey! I ate foreshadowing. Whot appened between yew and Moichal?
Kendall: Same thing that happened between me and Ryan. He found out I seduced another man. Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over?
Aidan: Mighbe they're grewming yew tew be the new Erica.

Boyd confronted Michael.
Boyd: I know what you did to Kendall. But it won't do you any good. I've applied for a patent on my formula.
Michael: Give me the formula and I will give you precious jewels and expensive cars.
Boyd: Forget it.
Michael: Then I'll choke it out of you. Hey, how did you get away from me so easily?
Boyd: I just slid right out of the chokehold. Slugs may cling to surfaces but they don't have a very good grip.

Then Boyd ran into Kendall.
Boyd: Michael is behind the Fusion lawsuit Kendall. He's been playing you all along.
Kendall: I don't believe it. Michael loves me. Look at this beautiful necklace he gave me.
Boyd: Would a man who really loved you give you a necklace that says "swamp thing"? Wake up Kendall. You've gone from a smart sassy character to the landslide winner of Media Domain's Dope of the Week contest. Get your brain back.

Jack questioned Erica about the Fusion lawsuit.
Erica: Oh Jack, I knew you'd come back to me. Jack: I didn't come back to you. I came to check into the charges against you.
Erica: You just wanted to see me again. If it was all about the lawsuit you would have sent someone else.
Jack: There isn't anyone else. I'm the only lawyer in town and with Anna on maternity leave and Derreck not on contract I'm also the only law enforcement in Pine Valley. This is serious Erica. You could go to jail for 20 years.
Erica: 20 years! Why in 20 years I'd be - well, I'd be the same age I am now but that's beside the point. I'm not guilty. Michael Cambias did this.
Jack: Then I guess I'll be going.
Erica: Yes, leave. I'm throwing you out of my life.
Jack: You can't throw me out. I walked out on you, remember?
Erica: But you came back so now I'm throwing you out. Go!
Jack: I didn't come back, I came to check into the charges - oh, never mind.

Chris met with Flanders in the park.
Chris: Why are youse here by Enchantment?
Flanders: I'm watching the penthouse. It must not be up very high because I'm not using binoculars and I can see from here that Jack Montgomery is up dere with Erica Kane.
Chris: Sllowwwlllly I turned, step by step-
Chris: Hello. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Hey, dere's a bug around here.
Flanders: I hope it ain't a bee. I hate bees.
Chris: Not dat kind of bug. Dere's a bug in my jacket! How did dat get dere? I'll bet Aidan put it dere.

Chris attacked Aidan.
Chris: You put a bug in my jacket.
Aidan: Tike it easy mite. Oi was troing to elp yew. It's not moi fawlt that yew were cawt iring a it man.
Chris: You friggin limey! Who put you up to this? Was it Montgomery?
Aidan: Roito! Oi wood of bet me spotted dick that yew were clean but e knows yew're up to no gewd. Oi think yewr career is in trouble.
Chris: Sllowwwllly I turned, step by step, murder in my heart.....
Jack: I wonder what he's up to now. Hmm, did I just hear ominous background music?

Chris went back to the park.
Flanders: So boss, you want I should rub Montgomery out?
Chris: I'm trying to think what - hey, where did he go?
Lizzie: He's three steps ahead of you.
Chris: Great. Now I'll never find him.


Lena is not only an enchantment Vice President, but also its Chief Financial Officer! Well, soon to be was.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC: Bianca asks Lena for one more chance]

[amc030424a-inc starts]
Bianca: No, Lena wait. Look at me and please give us one more chance.
[Lena sighs]
[amc030424a-inc ends]

***** (clip b) [Lena asks Bianca to come with her to Prague]

[amc030424b starts]
[They finish kissing]
Lena: I shouldn't have let that happen.
Bianca: No, no, no, it had to happen. Lena, holding you feels so good.
Lena: It does for me, too.
Bianca: We can't pretend like we don't feel the way we feel.
Lena: I should be boarding my plane.
Bianca: No, please, don’t. Don't make this the end. Make this the beginning. Lena, please, you don't really want to go, do you?
Lena: Come with me. Bianca, come with me. Let's go together.

***** (clip c) [Lena still can't tell Bianca why she needs to leave]

[amc030424c starts]
Lena: Prague is so beautiful and so romantic. You'll love it. Even if you don't, it doesn't matter. I have savings. We can go traveling all over Europe. We can go wherever you want.
Bianca: It wouldn't matter where we were, Lena, as long as we were together. I don't think I would even notice.
Lena: Then come with me. This is our last chance.
Bianca: I can't just drop everything and race off somewhere. I have a life here. I have work. I have classes. I mean, why do we have to run away? I mean, I don't even have a toothbrush with me.
Lena: Bianca, I can get you anything you want the moment we land.
Bianca: I know, but why? What's the rush?
Lena: You want to be with me?
Bianca: Well, yes.
Lena: Then what's more romantic than flying off together?
Bianca: It is. It's incredibly romantic. It's just, why can't we just stay here and get to know each other better? Why do we have to run off somewhere?
Lena: Because --
Bianca: Lena, what's wrong?
Lena: Bianca, I have had many experiences, but this -- how I feel about you -- it's completely unexpected. It's new to me, and I’m scared.

***** (clip d) [Bianca convinces Lena to stay]

[amc030424d starts]
Bianca: Nobody is more scared than I am, Lena. I mean, when I came here and saw you here, I was absolutely terrified. I mean, what if I put everything out there and then you just slapped me down? But I knew that I had to risk it.
Lena: I know, Bianca. You're very brave in so many ways.
Bianca: So don't disappoint me.
Lena: I don't want to do that.
Bianca: Good. Because I would like my running days to be over.
Lena: I know you've been hurt before.
Bianca: Yeah, it was getting to be a habit.
Lena: Oh, Bianca --
Bianca: Lena, stay here. And if things go the way they should, we can vacation in Prague.
Lena: You make it sound so easy.
Bianca: Well, you haven't told me why it's not. Lena, is there somebody waiting for you in Prague?
Lena: No.
Bianca: You say that it's not me, that I haven't done anything wrong, but --
Lena: You're so open, and you're just lovely.
Bianca: Ok, so stay, and we'll get closer.
Lena: I'd really like that.
Bianca: If you're worried that I’m too young or that I’m inexperienced, I don't want you to let that stand in our way. I mean, I've been through more than you know.
Lena: So have I.
Bianca: So we'll have a lot of late nights and we will talk and we will grow closer and just see where it takes us. I mean, for what it's worth, Myrtle says that I’m an old soul.
Lena: Then how can you be so unspoiled?
Bianca: You know, if you stick around, you'll see my rotten, spoiled side.
Lena: Oh, Bianca, I don't believe you have one.
Bianca: I've done some incredibly stupid things, but I know that I can't run away from my choices or from who I am.
Lena: You shouldn't want to. I wish I were more like you.
Bianca: Lena, you can be whatever you want. You're strong. Come on. You can do this.
P.A. Announcer: Flight 159 boarding, gate six. This is the final call for flight 159, boarding at gate six.
Lena: That's my flight.
Bianca: They'll make it without you.

***** (clip e) [Erica talks to Jack about Lena]

Erica: Believe me, Jack, I am already on this. I have several calls into my C.F.O. to discuss some of the finer points.
Jack: And that would be --
Erica: That would be Lena. Do you remember Lena, the European woman?
Jack: Yes.
Erica: She has mesmerized my entire staff.
Jack: And you think she's going to tip to Cambias?
Erica: I think that she will know if and who on her staff would have helped Michael Cambias create this phony paper trail to me, yes.
Jack: Ok.
Erica: Ok. Sounds like you actually believe I’m telling the truth.
Jack: I believe it's possible that somebody could have hacked into your accounts and set you up, yes.
Erica: Thank you.

***** (clip f) [Bianca and Lena return to Lena's PVI room and Michael calls]

[amc030424f starts]
Lena: Well, I wasn't gone long enough for them to rent my room. Thank you.
Bellhop: Now that you and your gorgeous sister are back, it makes me want to work here forever.
Bianca: We're not sisters.
Lena: We're together.
Bellhop: Well, yeah.
Lena: No, I mean, we're together.
Bellhop: Really? That's cool.
Lena: Yes, well, thank you.
Bellhop: Have fun, ladies.
Bianca: Um -- say that again.
Lena: Thank you.
Bianca: No, the part before that. What are we?
Lena: We're together.
Bianca: Don't be surprised if I ask you to repeat that now and again.
Lena: You won't have to ask.
[phone rings]
Bianca: That's probably my mother. She's picking up on our vibes with her supersensitive gaydar.
Lena: Hello?
Michael: Well, well, well. I thought you'd be halfway to Europe by now.
Lena: No.
Michael: Well, I hope you've cooled off.
Lena: Yes, I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.
Michael: Well, that's good news. So why don't you slip into something sexy, find Bianca Montgomery, and get to work.

***** (clip g) [Lena blows off Michael, but Erica finds them]

[amc030424g starts]
Michael: Did you hear me?
Lena: Yes. But I'm not interested.
Michael: Oh, you're not? Who do you think you're talking to? [Kendall overhears Michael] Would you like for me to take over? How do you think your new lover will react when she finds out how many times you've shared my bed in the last month?
Lena: Like I said, I'm not interested.
Michael: Stupid, ungrateful bitch.
[Kendall has a lightbulb go on over her head]
Bianca: So I guess that wasn't my mother.
Lena: No.
Bianca: Well, what was it?
Lena: Oh, nothing important. Really.
Bianca: I'm so glad you stayed.
Lena: So am I.
[knock on door]
Bianca: Oh, are we cursed?
Lena: Maybe it's our friendly bellhop.
Bianca: Oh, I sure hope not.
Lena: Whoever it is, they're not staying.
Bianca: Ok.
Erica: Lena, I have left messages for you everywhere. I have a crisis that -- Bianca.
Bianca: Hi, Mom.

***** (clip h) [Next on AMC: Bianca telling her mother it is exactly what it looks like]

On the next "All My Children"
Bianca: This is exactly what it looks like, and your timing couldn't be worse.
Carlos: You can imagine me in your life?
Rosemary: Your honor, honey, in the name of the law, I want you to let our girlfriend go.
Kendall: Who is she, Michael? Who's the slut you've been doing on the side?


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amc030424b.mpg (5.8m; 0:34) Lena asks Bianca to come with her to Prague
amc030424c.mpg (13.5m; 1:19) Lena still can't tell Bianca why she needs to leave
amc030424d.mpg (27.6m; 2:42) Bianca convinces Lena to stay
amc030424f.mpg (16.8m; 1:39) Bianca and Lena return to Lena's PVI room and Michael calls
amc030424g.mpg (14.3m; 1:24) Lena blows off Michael, but Erica finds them

I have the following incomplete clips: A, H
amc030424a-inc.mpg (2.1m; 0:12) Previously on AMC: Bianca asks Lena for one more chance
amc030424h-inc.mpg (2m; 0:11) Next on AMC: Bianca telling her mother it is exactly what it looks like

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