Whoosh! Next time, I get the witty come back, you [polish expletive]
Ever have one of those days where
you wanted to kill Michael Cambias?

Lena Kundera

May 1, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/16/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Michael Cambias
Kendall Hart
Erica Kane
Jackson Montgomery


Michael knows Lena's mother isn't really dead; Lena swears at Michael in Polish, lunges at him trying to strangle him and they fall off-screen; Lena comforts Binks at the hospital - "Do you trust me?"


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Kendall confronts Lena and lets her know that she knows about Lena's affair with Michael. Michael learns that Lena lied about her mother being dead. Michael later threatens Lena and tells her she mother will suffer if she doesn't get Boyd's formula for him.

From About All My Children

Bianca and Lena arrive [at the hospital]; Lena suggests that she wait outside, but Bianca asks that she not leave her...

Bianca tearfully tells Lena that her father died so suddenly, she never got a chance to say goodbye or any of the things that needed to be said; one day he was just gone. She says he died without really knowing her, as a woman, and asks if it was that way with her mom? Lena nods, and Bianca cries that her Uncle Jack is always there, and makes her feel she’s never alone—she needs for him to be okay!...

Kendall finds Lena waiting outside, and notes, “You're here! Fast work, Lena—why am I not surprised?” Lena explains that she was with Bianca when she heard about her uncle and didn’t want to leave her alone. Kendall sarcastically says it’s so sweet that she’s concerned, and she’ll tell Bianca she was here. Lena’s not leaving and asks if her relationship with her sister is a problem for her? Kendall tells her not at all, “I just didn't think she was your type.” When Lena asks what that’s supposed to mean, Kendall says she’s a smart woman and can figure it out. Ms. Kondera doesn’t think it’s worth her time, and Kendall catches her arm as she asks what is worth her time, “Other than my sister, of course.” Lena notes that she’s very protective of Bianca, and she had no idea they were so close. She asks Kendall to let go of her arm, saying she has a phone call to make. She agrees when Kendall says she assumes it’s business, and is taken aback when Kendall tells her, “Well, in that case, tell Michael I said hello.”...

Bianca comes out and asks Kendall if she’s seen Lena? Kendall says no; she was here earlier, but she doesn’t know where she went. Opal suggests a caffeine boost, and Bianca agrees to go with her after Erica agrees if Lena comes back, she’ll tell her where to go. (We know she’d like to!)...

Michael is on the phone, saying he asked someone to do this because he thought he was capable. He listens and says that’s good, and he doesn’t expect to have to ask again, “She needs to be put in her place today, so do it!” He’s pleased to get the information and asks that he send it by fax. Michael laughs as he hangs up and muses aloud, “Well, I knew you were hiding something from me, Lena. Now I know what it is.”

Lena shows up at Michael’s and tells him Kendall knows about the two of them. When he agrees he’s aware, she asks if that’s all he’s going to say? Cambias adds that she isn’t pleased about it; he didn’t tell her, but he couldn’t deny it after Kendall saw her here last night; it’s not over, he’s just changed tactics. He asks how she found out, and Lena explains that Kendall told her and she was quite proud of it, “She told me to say hello to you before I left the hospital.” Michael questions what she was doing at the hospital; Lena tells him Jackson Montgomery was shot, and Kendall was there with Erica. “Erica?” Michael demands, “What the hell was she doing with Erica?” Lena doesn’t know—she just wanted to get out of there, and the whole thing’s beginning to unravel! Cambias calmly tells her not to worry; she still has plenty of time to get Boyd’s formula before that patent is secured. Lena protests that Kendall could tell Bianca what they’ve been doing, but he insists she won’t; she gave him her word. Lena argues that he can’t trust her, but Michael laughs as he holds up a folded sheet of paper and replies, “Well, as it turns out, Lena, the only woman that I can't trust is you.”...

She asks what he’s talking about and he tells her it’s that sad little story she spun about her mother’s death, “Well, as it turns out, your mother isn't dead. Good news, huh?” Michael says Lena she lied to him, and that’s unforgivable! When Lena protests that her mother is dead, Michael notes, “To the rest of the world, maybe.” When she says she went to her funeral, Michael roughly grabs her chin and demands that she stop lying to him! He holds up the paper and shows it to her, saying she looks pretty alive to him! “You bastard!” she exclaims, “What have you done to her?” Cambias tells her nothing yet, adding that her mother’s a good-looking woman, “Don't ever cross me again!” He turns his back and Lena lunges at him.

Cambias quickly gets the advantage and grips her tightly as he asks if Lena ever wants to see her again? He’s hurting her, but tells her to stop fighting her and he’ll tell her; he warns, “Don't you ever raise a hand to me again, you understand?” Lena asks what he’s done to her, and Michael says nothing yet; she’s still safely tucked away in that little villa in Belgium—she’s been putting that money he’s been paying her to good use. When she asks if she knows she’s been found, Michael says no, and if she cooperates, nothing changes. Lena pleads that she’s done nothing wrong, but Michael reminds her that she used to work for the secret police; he’s sure a few people would disagree with her. But, if she does as he says, that stays buried. Ms. Kondera accuses him of not caring what happens to her or her mother; Michael says compassion is for the weak, and he only promised her a paycheck. Lena says this is all about power for him and Cambias asks what else there is? “Love,” she tells him, but Michael scoffs, “What, like you and Bianca have? Please, she’s just a mark to you, Lena, right?” Lena sits down and tries to catch her breath as she says she thought, after all the time he’s spent with Kendall, he’d feel something for her. When he says it was just amusement for him, Lena tells him he’s sick! Michael lays it out for her, “Do as you're told, your mother lives. You go against me, I'm sure you're well aware of what I can do to your mother, well, what's left of her life, and how unpleasant it will be. And one more thing--Bianca will learn the truth about you."

From Soap Slut

Previously, on All My Children
Mia promised Maddie that she wasn't trying to replace Mauria.
Kendall told *sshat that she knows Lena's spying at Enchantment.
Smoan interrupted the literal steamy goodness of Lianca with news of Jack.
Erica got in the way as usual, this time in the ER begging Jack not to leave her...

Bianca, still in her sweats, rushes into the hospital with Lena close behind. Lena offers to leave, but Bianca's relieved and comforted by having her around.

The *sshat is on the phone demanding that someone, presumably Lena, be "put in her place." Bah...

Bianca shares her fear with Lena that she's going to lose Jack just as suddenly as she lost her father. The difference is that Travis never really knew her as a person, but Jack did. Lena nods quietly when Bianca asks if it was the same way for her mother. Jack gets wheeled out of the room and past them then, and aww. Bianca looks so crushed and Eden is such a good crier, this is just making me sad...

... Kendall backs up and [goes] out the doors. She finds Lena outside and smirks. "Why am I not surprised?"

The *sshat has learned something about Lena. Well, that was helpful...

Kendall fakes polite but eventually grabs Lena's arm as she's about to walk away. Lena insists that she has to leave, and Kendall lets her go and smiles smugly. "Tell Michael I said hello!" Exit Lena...

Lena thinks she has news for *sshat about Kendall but is shocked to find that he already knows. She fills him in on the shooting too, and he's suspicious about the fact that Kendall was there with Erica. He then finally reveals Lena's big secret to her and to us: her mother isn't really dead...

Lena sticks to her story about her mother until *sshat grabs her by the jaw and shows her a picture. He says nothing's happened to her ... yet. She curses and yells at him in Polish and rushes him from behind, knocking them both out of the frame. Ha. I love that girl...

*sshat wrestles Lena to a couch with what looks like a painful grip on her arm. He promises that nothing's going to happen to her (secret police, cool!) mom. Lena can't believe that *sshat didn't develop any real feelings in all his time with Kendall, but I'm surprised that she's surprised. Then again, I guess it's not wrong to assume he might be, y'know, human. He threatens her mother again, but adds this time that Bianca will find out the truth as well...

Lena approaches Bianca and leads her away by the hands, saying only "do you trust me?" by means of explanation...


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix


  • Jack is still comatose.
  • Kendall is proud.
  • Lena is caught.
  • Erica flips her hair.

At Hospital - Erica is in the middle of the ER, getting in the Doctors' way and freaking out about Jack. "If that doesn't work, do something else!"

I think the Doctors know that, Erica.

Lena was thinking she should leave, but Bianca made her deep brown eyes deeper and said: "No Lena. Stay. Please stay with me."

Oh look, Erica said: "Jackson, wake up!" And, of course, he did.

And by wake up I don't mean conscious, I mean he is no longer flat lining: he now has a rhythm. Huh. White men have that?

Bianca is crying with Lena, thinking about the sudden death of her father. Whuh? Bianca's father is dead? Yet another AMC mystery, but I don't care, so all is good.

She is asking if Lena felt the same when her mother died. Lena nods. Both parents died without getting to know their girls as "women." Is that a code for "gay?" Or, in Lena's case, "tramp?" One can only speculate.

Kendall is now approaching Lena. "You're here. Fast work Lena! Why am I not surprised?"

*****Boring AMC stuff ensues. Who are these people? I snooze.*****

Kendall is making fun of Lena's concern for Bianca.

Kendall: "So what are you doing here?"
Lena: "I was with Bianca when she heard about her uncle: I didn't want to leave her alone."

Now, now: if Lena were not a fake-foreigner, she would know that she should have said "I didn't want her to be alone." Moving on.

Kendall: "Oh, you're concerned for her: that's so sweet. I'll be sure to tell her you were here." (Do I need to tell you Kendall's tone is sarcastic? No? I didn't think so.) Lena: "You don't need to, I'm not leaving.
Kendall: "Oh, I seriously doubt Bianca expects you to wait around for her."
Lena: "I'll be the judge of that.
Kendall: "Yeah, I'm sure you will."
Lena: "Is this a problem for you, my relationship with your sister?"
Kendall: "No, not at all. Hey, good for Binks, that's what I say! I just didn't think she was your type."
Lena: (again with the good eye acting) "What's that supposed to mean?"
Kendall: "You're a smart woman Lena, you can figure it out."

Lena snorts derisively. "I don't think it's worth my time." She turns to leave, Kendall grabs her arm.

Kendall: "Really, well then, what is worth your time? Other than my sister, of course."
Lena: "You're very protective of Bianca: I had no idea you two were so close."

Lena presses on the word "close" here and makes it mean lots of different things. The mocking comes through very well. Subtle. Nice work Olga!

Lena: "Would you please let go of my arm, I have a phone call to make."
Kendall: "I assume it's business, right?"
Lena: "Yes."

Kendall, seems quite triumphant. I mean, come on, I knew all she wanted was to get to this point: "Well, in that case, tell Michael I said 'hello.'" You guys are getting this, right? This whole conversation was initiated so that Kendall could let Lena know she is aware of her Stealing-The-Formula-By-Getting-In-Bianca's-Pants thing Lena and Michael are doing.

Lena turns around and looks at Kendall; Kendall looks back and seems to be quite proud of herself for having caught Lena.

Be proud Kendall: you made me write this whole thing even though I knew the only thing that mattered was you letting Lena know that you know about the Michael-formula-into-Bianca's-Pants-Lena thing.

Before I go on, let me say that Lena's hair looks particularly good in this scene. I think that is the cut I should get. Also, everyone has changed clothes. Lena is all in black. She looks very good.

Lena is at Michael's place now; she informs him that Kendall knows about the two of them and he says he knows Kendall knows.

Michaels seems concerned that Kendall was hanging with Erica. No s***. Kendall spilled the beans to Erica, remember?

Lena is freaking about Kendall telling Bianca about her and Michael.

Michael tells Lena he does not trust her because...*enter music of doom here* She lied about telling him her mother was dead.

Lena seems shocked, though I don't know whether she is shocked that he knows or
shocked that her mother is not dead.

*****I hate Soaps. Why am I watching this stupid crap again?*****

Erica with Bianca at the hospital. Erica is being a good mom while Bianca cries and thinks about her dad. Erica is One With The Hugging And The Comforting. And I have to wonder, just 10 minutes ago Soap Opera Time, Erica wanted to warn Bianca about Big Bad Lena, and now she says nothing. Whatever AMC!

Lena says her mother is dead. "I went to her funeral." Lena is very adamant about her mother being dead. Michael shows her a piece of paper.

Lena: "B******, what have you done to her?"
Michael: "Nothing. Yet."

Lena attacks Michael. So--is her mother alive or dead?

There is an Opal person who is, what, clairvoyant? She is telling Erica that Chris, someone I have never heard of, is the one who hurt Jack. Why oh why do all the story lines have to be related???? I just wanted to see Bianca and Lena.

*****Some more people I have never seen are now talking. I snooze while I fast-forward. VCRs are great inventions. Not as great as pure black licorice, but great nonetheless.*****

Lena and Michael are still fighting. Lena wants to know what he has done to her mother who, apparently, is in a villa in Belgium. Lena's mother used to work for the Secret Police. OK then. Did we need another plot twist?

Lena seems to be telling Michael she loves Bianca, but it's so convoluted, who can tell?

Michael: "Do as you're told and nothing will happen to your mother. Go against me...."

Yes, we get it Michael.

Michael: "And another thing: Bianca will learn the truth about you."

Lena looks scared, more so than before.

I am on your side Lena. I would tell you to just come clean with Bianca, but I know Soaps need to kill time and make all story lines convoluted and long, so I will not yell at the TV in the hope you will hear me.

Back at the hospital, Bianca asks Kendall whether she has seen Lena.

Kendall tells her Lena left. Bianca asks her mother to tell Lena, should she come back to the hospital, where she has gone.

Erica: "I will tell her where to go."

To hell, Erica? Will you tell Lena to go to hell? But, no. Erica is all PFLAG mom about it instead. What, has she forgotten about Lena already? This is why I loathe Soaps: everything takes 3 years. At least.

*****More people about whose lives I don't care. Fast-Forward baby!*****

Michael is now at the hospital, too. It's getting crowded there! He wants to know why Kendall was with Erica. I'm sure you'd love to know Michael. I hope Kendall makes you into a eunuch.

Bianca is sitting alone outside uncle Jack's room.

Lena arrives, Bianca is now happy.

Bianca: "I thought you left!"
Lena: "Where would I go without you?"

Very sweet looks from both of them. AMC had better not f*** up this story line, too. Bianca wants some Happy Gay Love after all the girls she has liked so far have either left town, been killed or decided they wanted to do the Mambo with a guy instead.

See? SEE? This is why I torture myself so with this stupid Soap!

The looks between them are sweet. Sigh. D*** it.

Lena motions to take Bianca's hands. "Where are we going?," Bianca asks. Lena responds with: "Do you trust me?" Bianca smiles really hugely and takes Lena's hand and they go...hum...I dunno yet.

Erica is talking with Jack and asking for forgiveness. Jack is unconscious, of course. Boy, is he out of luck should he want Erica to shut up already! He might wake up just to tell her to stop talking.

TOMORROW ON AMC: Well, a lot of crap.


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today, sniff.

Aidan played soccer in the park with Maddie.
Maddie: It's too bad Sam never gets to have fun in the park.
Aidan: Oo is Sam?
Maria: My other child. It seems that I'm not the only one with amnesia. No one else ever remembers him either.
Aidan: Oi need to answer me phone. Blimey!
Maria: What's wrong?
Aidan: Jack's been shawt.
Maria: Why did they call you?
Aidan: Oi don't know. Oi don't know Jack awl that well. Mighbe Oi'm supposed to ave some scenes wit Kendall. Cheerio Maddie.
Maddie: Can we go see my Daddy now? He's probably really lonely at Wildwind all by himself.

Mia came by Wildwind to keep Edmund from being lonely.
Edmund: I have a deadline but I'd rather make out with you.
Mia: Are you sure our relationship doesn't feel a little rushed?
Edmund: Of course not Melissa.
Mia: Mia.
Edmund: Whatever.
Maddie: Stop kissing my daddy you Fusion bimbo!
Edmund: I'd better go talk to her.
Maria: I don't like this. Maddie is upset by seeing you and Edmund together.
Mia: And I suppose she wasn't upset when you ran off to the Bahamas with the spotted dick.
Maria: How dare you say that to me?
Mia: Face it sweetie. Im only saying what a lot of people are thinking. You're not the beloved character you once were.

Edmund talked to Maddie about Mia.
Maddie: I hate seeing you kiss Mia. Why don't you kiss Mommy like that instead?
Edmund: Because Mommy would tell me to keep my tongue to myself. She loves Aidan and I'm seeing Mia. I think you need to apologize to Mia..
Maddie: If you insist. What's another couple of years of therapy?

Over at the hospital Jack was still flatlined.
Joe: Still no pulse. Clear. ::::zap:::::
Grim Reaper: Come on guys, I'm on a schedule. Work with me here.
Erica: Get away from him.
Grim Reaper: :::whimper::::
Erica: Stand back Joe. I"ll take care of this. Jack, you can't die. You're the only man I ever really loved.
Grim Reaper: I thought I was the only man you ever really loved.
Joe: Still no pulse. Clear::::::zap:::::
Erica: Jack, I'm getting really irritated. You get back here right now!
Mona's ghost: You might as well live Jack. She'll never let you rest in peace if you don't. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
Heart monitor: ::::beep::::beep:::::beep::::
Joe: He's alive.
Grim Reaper: I don't know why I even bother coming to Pine Valley. No one ever stays dead anyway.
Erica: I wonder who would try to kill Jack.
Opal: I have a feeling it was the guy that went nuttier than a bobcat in a brushfire when he found out you were cheating on him.
Erica: Huh?
Opal: I'm talking about Chris Stamp.
Erica: Don't be silly. Chris would never do such a thing - unless of course this is going to be his big exit story.
Joe: The surgery is over. Jack survived but he may not be the man he once was.
Erica: I thought he got shot in the chest, not in the -
Joe: He did. I'm talking about the time he was without oxygen. There may be decreased brain function.
Erica: Oh is that all. A little decreased brain function doesn't scare me. I was engaged to Chris Stamp for a year.


Unverified in non-clip parts
Annotated transcript by "C"

***** (clip a) [Previously on AMC: Simone tells Bianca that Jack has been shot]

Previously on "All My Children" --
Mia: I promise that I am not going to keep your mom away. I don't want to take her place.
Kendall: You and Lena came on the scene at almost the exact same time. She's your spy.
[amc035001a-inc starts]
Simone: Bianca, are you in here? You've got to get out. Your uncle Jack's just been shot.
[amc035001a-inc ends]
[monitor flat-lines]
Erica: Jack! You promised you'd never leave me, Jack! Jack!

***** (clip b) [Bianca and Lena arrive at the hospital]

[amc030501b starts]
[Hospital. Binks runs into the corridor, followed a few steps behind by Lena. A couple of nurses rush by her pushing a small machine on a cart into a room offscreen to stage right, presumably the ER]
Bianca: [looking intently after them] My God, my Uncle Jack is --
Random Hospital Extra [shoves Binks out of the way as he storms into the ER]: Watch it!
Bianca: [backs up] Sorry! I'm sorry.
Lena: [edges away uncomfortably] Bianca... Bianca, maybe I should wait outside.
Bianca: [spins around to face Lena] No, no, please stay. Please stay with me, Lena.

***** (clip c) [Michael plots against Lena]

[amc0501c starts]
Michael: Well, I asked you to do this because I thought you were capable. Well, good. Then I don't expect to have to ask you again. She needs to be put in her place today, so do it.

***** (clip d) [Bianca tells Lena about her father's death]

[amc030501d starts]
[Binks stands at the Admit desk, crying. Lena's about a step behind her looking concerned]
Bianca: My father died so suddenly, without any warning. [sniffles] I never got a chance to say goodbye or any of the things that need to be said. One day he was just... gone.
Lena: [placing hands on Binks' shoulders] Bianca, I'm so sorry.
Bianca: [looks briefly toward Lena to acknowledge her, walks forward a few steps, then turns back to Lena] He died without ever really knowing me. As a woman, you know. Was it that way with your mom? [Lena nods and looks down, not answering] But Uncle Jack [sniffles harder]... he's just always there, you know? He always makes me feel like... like I'm never alone, even though sometimes it seems like I am.
Lena: [steps forward and places hands on Binks' arms (out of frame)] He loves you very much.
Bianca: [whispers] I know. I need for him to be okay.
[Bianca looks intently into Lena's eyes. Lena nods sympathetically. The door behind Binks swings open; Binks turns quickly to see a bunch of doctors and nurses wheeling out Jack on a gurney. Erica is briefly glimpsed in the room]
Doctor: Get him to OR 2.
[Scene ends on Binks and Lena watching Jack]

***** (clip e) [Erica comforts Bianca (no Lena)]

[amc030501e starts]
Bianca: Mom?
Erica: Oh, sweetheart!
Bianca: I just saw him. He looked so bad.
Erica: Shh.
Bianca: What did the doctor say? Is he going to be ok?
Erica: He's going to be all right. Now you listen to me. Your uncle Jack won't leave us. You believe that, don't you?
Bianca: Mm-hmm.
Erica: Yes, yes, that's my girl, that's my girl. That's my girl. He's going to be fine.

***** (clip f) [Kendall finds Lena at the hospital]

[amc030501f starts]
Kendall: You're here. Fast work, Lena. Why am I not surprised?

***** (clip g) [Michael gets the goods on Lena (no Lena)]

[amc030501g starts]
Michael: What have you got for me? Oh, good, that's good. So you can fax me? Excellent. Well, I knew you were hiding something from me, Lena. Now I know what it is.

***** (clip h) [Kendall lets Lena knows she knows about Michael]

[amc030501h starts]
Kendall: So, what are you doing here?
Lena: I was with Bianca when she heard about her uncle. I didn't want to leave her alone.
Kendall: Oh, you're concerned for her? That's so sweet. I'll be sure to tell her you were here.
Lena: You don't need to. I'm not leaving.
Kendall: Oh, I seriously doubt Bianca expects you to wait around for her.
Lena: I'll be the judge of that.
Kendall: Yeah, I'm sure you will.
Lena: Is this a problem for you -- my relationship with your sister?
Kendall: No, no, not at all. Hey, good for Binks, that's what I say. I just didn't think she was your type.
Lena: What's that supposed to mean?
Kendall: You're a smart woman, Lena. You can figure it out.
Lena: I don't think it's worth my time.
Kendall: Really? Well, then, what is worth your time? Other than my sister, of course.
Lena: You're very protective of Bianca. I had no idea you two were so close. Would you please let go of my arm? I have a phone call to make.
Kendall: Oh. I assume it's business, right?
Lena: Yes.
Kendall: Well, in that case, tell Michael I said hello.

***** (clip i) [Michael threatens Lena's mother]

[amc030501i starts]
Lena: Kendall knows about us, about you and me.
Michael: Yeah, I'm aware.
Lena: That's it? That's all you're going to say?
Michael: Well, she isn't pleased about it.
Lena: You're the one who told her?
Michael: No. No, but I didn't deny it.
Lena: Well, why not? You could've made up some excuse.
Michael: She saw you here last night.
Lena: So that's it? It's over just like that?
Michael: No, no. It's not over, not at all. I've just changed tactics. So tell me, how did you find out?
Lena: About Kendall? She told me herself. She was quite proud of it. She told me to say hello to you before I left.
Michael: Left where?
Lena: The hospital.
Michael: What were you doing at the hospital?
Lena: Oh, Jackson Montgomery was shot last night.
Michael: And Kendall was there?
Lena: Yes. With Erica.
Michael: Erica? What the h*** was she doing with Erica?
Lena: I don't know. I didn't want to stay around to ask. I just wanted to get out of there. The whole thing's beginning to unravel.
Michael: Well, don't worry. You still have plenty of time to get Boyd’s formula before that patent is secured.
Lena: But, Michael, if Kendall tells Bianca what we've been doing --
Michael: She won’t.
Lena: How do you know?
Michael: Kendall gave me her word.
Lena: And you believe her? Michael, you can't trust her.
Michael: Well, as it turns out, Lena, the only woman that I can't trust is you.
Lena: What are you talking about?
Michael: Oh, that sad little story you spun about your mother -- her death? Well, as it turns out, your mother isn't dead. Good news, huh?
Lena: What?
Michael: You lied to me, Lena. That's unforgivable.

***** (clip j) [Erica comforts Bianca some more in the hospital (no Lena)]

[amc030501j starts]
Erica: Sweetheart, I know you're scared. I know. And so am I.
Bianca: I just -- when I heard about uncle Jack --
Erica: Oh, I wanted to be the one to tell you. I tried so hard to reach you --
Bianca: I know.
Erica: All the way over here.
Bianca: I just --
Erica: What is it?
Bianca: I keep thinking about daddy.
Erica: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, baby. Don't you do that to yourself.
Bianca: I can't help it, Mom. It's the same thing all over again.
Erica: No. No, it's not. It's not. It's not at all like your father.
Bianca: But it's so fast, it's so sudden -- no warning at all. Oh, God -- Lily. How are we going to tell her? What are we going to do?
Erica: Bianca, you listen to me now. Your uncle Jack is going to be fine. Do you hear me?
Bianca: Mm-hmm.
Erica: He is not going to die.
Bianca: Ok. Ok.
Erica: Ok.
Bianca: Oh, Mom. I didn't even ask you -- how are you doing? I know that things aren't very good between you and uncle Jack and --
Erica: Oh, that is all behind us, sweetheart. That is all in the past, I promise you.
Bianca: I just don't understand who would want to shoot uncle Jack.
Erica: I don't know.
Opal: I do.

***** (clip k) [Michael enrages Lena and Lena attacks]

[amc030501k starts]
Lena: My mother is dead.
Michael: To the rest of the world, maybe.
Lena: Michael, I went to her funeral.
Michael: Stop lying to me, Lena.
Lena: Let go of me!
Michael: I want to hear you say it right now.
Lena: My mother is dead!
Michael: Look at this! Look at this! You see this? Huh? You see it? She looks pretty alive to me.
Lena: You b******! What have you done to her?
Michael: Nothing yet. She's a good-looking woman, Lena. Don't ever cross me again.
Lena: [Speaking polish]
[Lena lunges at Michael]

***** (clip l) [Opal accuses Chris of shooting Jack (no Lena)]

[amc030501l starts]
Erica: Oh, you know who did this to Jackson? Who?
Opal: Oh -- oh, sweetie --
Erica: Did they catch him?
Opal: No, no, it's nothing like that.
Erica: Well, then how do you know who?
Opal: I just do, that's all. Lord knows, I wish I didn’t.
Erica: Opal, you are not making any sense.
Opal: Well, I'm sorry. It's just that you're not going to like what I have to say. But I had the great misfortune to be in range back when Chris learned about you and Jack.
Erica: Opal, why are you bringing this up now? This has nothing to do with anything.
Opal: This has nothing to do with anything? If you want me to keep talking, you're going to have to zip it, ok? This isn't easy.
Erica: Ok, I'm sorry. Go on.
Opal: Well, Chris was really coming apart at the seams about you rendezvousing with Jack. I have never seen him that out of control.
Erica: Opal, don't tell me that you are suggesting that -- that Chris --
Opal: I'm more than suggesting it, honey. I'm saying it flat-out.
Erica: That's ridiculous.
Bianca: Opal, no. Chris is just not capable of that.
Opal: Not the Chris that you know and love, no. But the one I saw, the one who was possessed by the green-eyed monster -- that is another story altogether.
Erica: Opal, that's really enough.
Opal: Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I saw Chris just a few hours ago, and I got this very clear premonition that somebody was going to die.
Erica: That's it? That's what you're basing all this on -- some flash of E.S.P.? Opal, let me tell you something. When I told Chris that Jackson was missing, he was genuinely concerned.
Opal: Well, of course he was, because he knows what his passion has driven him to.
Erica: No! You are wrong! Chris is not like that. Chris believes in law and he believes in justice, and he would never take it into his own hands.
Opal: Well, except that you are the one person that could maybe push him right over the edge.
Erica: I don't believe this. I am suffering right now. Do you have to say these things to me?
Opal: Jackson is the one who is suffering. And he is suffering because he could not resist your charms. And that just may be the death of him.

***** (clip m) [Michael gets Lena under control by threatening her mother]

[amc030501m starts]
Michael: Hey, hey, you want to see her again?
Lena: Ah --
Michael: Shut up! Shut up!
Lena: No -- you tell me! Let go!
Michael: Stop fighting me and I'll tell you.
Lena: Ow!
Michael: Stop fighting me and I will tell you. Good. That's better. Now, you listen to me. Don't you ever raise a hand to me again, you understand?
Lena: What have you done to her?
Michael: Nothing yet. She's still safely tucked away in that little villa in Belgium. Ok? Which, by the way, I have to tell you, you've been putting that money I’ve been paying you to good use.
Lena: Does she know she's been found?
Michael: No. And if you cooperate, nothing changes.
Lena: Michael, she's done nothing wrong.
Michael: She used to work for the secret police, Lena. I'm sure a few people would disagree with you. But take heart. Do as I say, that stays buried.
Lena: You don't care what happens to me or to her.
Michael: Compassion is for the weak. I only promised you a paycheck.
Lena: That's what it's all about to you, isn't it? Power.
Michael: What else is there, Lena? Huh?
Lena: Love.
Michael: What? What, like you and Bianca have? Please, she's just a mark to you, Lena. Right?
Lena: You know, I thought that after all this time you spent with Kendall, I thought you'd feel something for her.
Michael: What, that I would fall in love with her while I was sharing my bed with you? All it was to me was amusement, Lena.
Lena: You're sick.
Michael: And you have to do as you're told, without question.
Lena: As though I ever had any choice.
Michael: Ok. You want choice? You got it. Do as you're told, your mother lives. You go against me, I’m sure you're well aware of what I can do to your mother -- well, what's left of her life, and how unpleasant it will be. And one more thing -- Bianca will learn the truth about you.

***** (clip n) [Bianca asks where Lena is]

[amc030501n starts]
Bianca: Kendall, have you seen Lena?
Kendall: No, she was here earlier. I don't know where she went.
Bianca: Ok.
Opal: You know, I can use a caffeine boost. Would you like to keep me company?
Bianca: Sure. Mom, if Lena comes back, would you --
Erica: I'll tell her where to go.
Bianca: Ok. Thank you.
Erica: Ok. Joe, could you just give me one moment, please?
Joe: Yes. Yes, of course.
Aidan: Erica, how's Jackson?
Erica: Aidan, hello. Yes, he's fine. The surgery was a -- was a big success. Kendall, I wanted to thank you for before.
Kendall: Well, you're welcome.
Erica: I'll be in touch.
Kendall: Ok.

***** (clip o) [Lena returns and asks Bianca if she trusts her]

[amc030501o starts]
[Binks sits on a wooden chair in a corridor. A hand comes into the frame and rests on her shoulder; she looks up, startled, at Lena smiling down at her]
Bianca: Lena! I thought you left.
Lena: [laughs gently] Where would I go without you?
Bianca: [indicates room] Mom just went inside. I thought I would just wait here for her, but...
[Lena holds out her left hand, palm down, fingers extended. Binks looks up at her]
Bianca: Where are we going?
Lena: You trust me?
[Lena holds out her right hand as well. Smiling, Binks takes Lena's hands, allows herself to be pulled up and -- still holding onto Lena's left hand -- follows her down the hall and out a door]


I have the following complete clips: B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O
amc030501b.mpg (2.6m; 0:15) Bianca and Lena arrive at the hospital
amc030501c.mpg (2.5m; 0:15) Michael plots against Lena
amc030501d.mpg (12.7m; 1:15) Bianca tells Lena about her father's death
amc030501e.mpg (4.8m; 0:28) Erica comforts Bianca (no Lena)
amc030501f.mpg (3m; 0:18) Kendall finds Lena at the hospital
amc030501g.mpg (3.4m; 0:20) Michael gets the goods on Lena (no Lena)
amc030501h.mpg (11.7m; 1:08) Kendall lets Lena knows she knows about Michael
amc030501i.mpg (19.1m; 1:52) Michael threatens Lena's mother
amc030501j.mpg (13.9; 1:21) Erica comforts Bianca some more in the hospital (no Lena)
amc030501k.mpg (6.7m; 0:39) Lena attacks Michael while swearing in Polish
amc030501l.mpg (26.3m; 2:34) Opal accuses Chris of shooting Jack (no Lena)
amc030501m.mpg (23.8m; 2:20) Michael gets Lena under control by threatening her mother
amc030501n.mpg (9.1m; 0:53) Bianca asks where Lena is
amc030501o.mpg (6m; 0:35) Lena comes back for Bianca

I have the following incomplete clips: A
amc030501a-inc.mpg (1.8m; 0:11) Previously on AMC: Simone tells Bianca that Jack has been shot

If anyone has complete clips or access to a videotape or other media with full clips on them, please contact me ASAP, Kym

The above described clips can also be found on my shared folder on AIM (http://www.aim.com to download). My user name on AIM is kymtaborn. E-mail me with your AIM user name (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and I will give you access to the shared folder. When you have access, you can right click my user name on your buddy list and then click on get file. That should get you into the shared folder. If you have problems, then tweak your firewall. The downloads are slow because it has to go through the AIM filter AND often there are a lot of people downloading along with you. I apologize for the slow speed but this is the only way that I can distribute the clips at this time.

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