Whoosh! Lena and Bianca find time to play a game of Xena and Gabrielle in the hottub
While in the sauna, Bianca
enjoys Lena's handiwork

Lena Kundera

April 30, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/14/03

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Lena Kundera
Bianca Montgomery
Greenlee DuPres
Simone Torres
Kendall Hart
Erica Kane


Lena and Bianca take in a yoga class with the rest of Pine Valley; Kendall tells Erica that Lena is Michael's mole; Lena and Bianca visit the sauna room alone but are interrupted by news of uncle Jack being shot


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Kendall tells Erica that Lena is Michael's spy. Erica immediately becomes protective of Bianca and agrees to work with Kendall.

From About All My Children

Bianca and Lena come into the gym. Greenlee tells Bianca, “I think it's totally cool Mommy hired you a girlfriend. Beats the personals!” She walks up to Lena and asks how she does it, Erica by day, Bianca by night?” Bianca tells Greenlee she should be thanking Lena, not dissing her; she's the one who nailed that freak that tried to frame her mom for filing that lawsuit against Fusion! Simone exclaims that’s great, but Lena suggests that maybe they shouldn’t discuss this here. Greenlee wants to know who did it, and Bianca tells her it was this peeved ex-Enchantment accountant named Barton Phillips. Greenlee argues that she knows everyone at Enchantment, but she’s never heard of him. Lena says he works for outside auditors, and suggests to Bianca that they should warm up...

Bianca and Lena are enjoying the closeness of the exercises as Lysistrata says that yoga is about stilling the movement of thought, “Always be mindful of your pose and each other. Be in the moment and at one with each other.” Simone tells Mia, “No offense or anything—I love you and all, but I was really hoping I'd be one with Carlos.” Mia looks over at Greenlee and Carlos, and notes that those two seem very in the moment. Lysistrata goes on that breathing helps you move more deeply into the poses, more fully into intimacy with your spirit and your partner's. Greenlee bursts into tears, but doesn’t know why...

Bianca and Lena relax in the spa, and Bianca notes that she’s never been in the middle of a meltdown in a yoga class before! Greenlee is such a diva to the rest of the world, but she's miserable inside. Lena points out that not everyone’s as open as she is; it’s charming, and she wishes she had the guts to put herself out there. Bianca asks if she’s kidding her? That sophisticated, mystery thing she’s got going is completely irresistible!..

Erica asks, “You want me to trust you, Kendall? You've lied your way through a tri-county area. You stole from this company. You stole from this office.” Kendall argues that she set her up, but Erica points out that she took the bait. Kendall insists this is legitimate, and could blow him back to Europe in pieces. Erica agrees to listen, and Kendall tells her Michael has a mole at Enchantment, “Michael's spy is your chief financial officer; she’s been selling out Enchantment and sleeping with Michael.” Erica admits she had her doubts about Lena, but she’s done so much for Enchantment. Kendall retorts that she’s doing a lot more for Michael; she saw them together, and Michael confirmed it. Erica recalls that Boyd also tried to warn her about Lena, and Kendall agrees Boyd was right; Lena’s so good at conning people that they don't figure it out until they're too far gone. Erica pales as she asks what if Bianca is their target? Kendall says it makes sense. Lena was supposed to seduce that concoction out of Boyd, but that failed so Michael used her. And of course, that was a failure, so he sics Lena on Bianca, and she gives it up, so to speak. Erica’s not worried about the formula—she doesn’t want anyone to hurt Bianca! She knows Michael used Kendall, too, and wishes she had listened to her warning; but now to toy with Bianca’s heart like that is unforgivable! When she’s finished with Cambias, he’s going to be so sorry he ever even looked at her daughter, let alone tried to use her! Erica can understand corporate espionage, but pretending to be gay just to take advantage of Bianca's innocence? Kendall reminds her that Bianca’s an adult, and maybe Lena isn't totally pretending to be gay. Erica doesn’t care; whatever Lena’s doing, she's obviously up to no good. She starts to call Bianca to warn her, but Kendall thinks maybe she should wait. Val buzzes Erica, who agrees to take a call from Joe Martin. Joe tells Erica there’s no easy way to say this—Jack has been shot, “If you want to see him, you should get over here as quickly as you can.” Erica says she’s on her way. She tells Kendall that Jack’s been shot, “Joe says he may not… I have to get to the hospital. I have to be there. I have to tell Jack…” Kendall follows her out the door, saying she’ll take her...

Bianca is enjoying Lena’s shoulder massage when Simone finds her and says it was on TV— her uncle’s been shot! Bianca and Lena hurry out after her.

From Soap Slut

The director chooses to have all these hip, establishing shots of people working out to clue us in that, yes, this is a gym. Greenlee (with NO hangover at all, just like Kendall; what is their secret?) gripes to Mia about Smoan and Kendall not showing up for the Mandatory Fusion Yoga Class. That is SO dumb. WHY would Greenlee make this crap mandatory?...

Erica is worrying about Jack’s disappearance some more. There’s a ruckus outside her office door and Kendall barrels in with Val in tow. He’s trying to boot her. Kendall declares that she’s there to save Erica. This gets Erica’s attention for no other reason that idle curiosity...

...The debate soon takes the backburner as Greenlee notices Lena and Bianca arriving on the scene. Greenlee immediately launches into Bash Bianca mode, “I think it’s totally cool Mommy hired you a girlfriend!” Wow, Bianca has removed her sweatshirt and is only wearing a sports bra with her workout pants. Eden really gives Rebecca a run for her money in the Outstanding Abs department.

Bianca cautions Greenlee about giving Lena s*** since she’s the one who discovered the perpetrator of the phony lawsuit against Fusion. So I take it the lawsuit is dropped and histoire now? Bianca tells Greenlee the guy’s name and Greens frowns in non-recognition. She states that she knew everybody who worked there and never heard of him. Lena tells her that he was an outside contractor. Greenlee still isn’t convinced but the subject gets dropped when Bianca and Lena decide to go warm up...

The yoga instructor arrives, raring to go. It’s Lysistrata. She orders her class patrons to gaze into their partners’ eyes. Unfortunately, the camera shot is concentrated on Greenlee and Carlos instead of Mia and Smoan or Bianca and Lena, the far more palatable choices...

Kendall begs Erica to give her the time of day. Erica concedes to listen and dismisses Val. Erica is the one who opens the floor by bringing up Kendall’s seduction attempt on Boyd. Kendall sighs heavily, as she knows she’s got her work cut out for her today already. She insists that she there to help but Erica isn’t all that eager to listen to her after all what with Kendall’s recent stunts hanging over her. Kendall is ready to give up and tells Erica that when The *sshat is kicking Erica’s *ss, she should remember that Kendall tried to warn her. Erica states that will never happen because she won’t let herself be victimized by *sshat like Kendall did. Kendall admits that Erica is right about having fallen victim to *sshat but she chuckles that now she’s the one taking HIM for a ride. Erica is surprised that Kendall is trying such a thing since she’s way out of her league. Kendall says that Erica is correct which is why she needs her mother’s help to finish *sshat off...

In the yoga class, they’re doing that thing where partners stand back-to-back, lock arms and sit down. Luckily, the focus is on Lena and Bianca for this part. Now the class has to turn around and face each other, lock arms and touch feet. D*****, the shot is back on Carlos and Greenlee. Okay, good, it’s over on Smoan and Mia who are noticing the chemistry between Lena and Bianca. D*****, it’s back on Greenlee and Carlos again. Lysistrata is going on and on with her yoga instructor babbling. Greenlee inexplicably starts crying.

Erica wants to know why she should believe that Kendall is now working against The *sshat. Kendall declares that it’s because he cheated on her. Erica points out that she’d tried to warn Kendall about him. Kendall sighs and admits to that. I like how they got the “I told you so”s and the “you were right”s out of the way and completely drop it and move on to the hot issue: the formula. Erica informs Kendall that the formula is on its way to a patent and now belongs to Enchantment. Kendall says that it explains why *sshat is trying to make a grab for Enchantment now. Erica is skeptical that he’d try that since a previous one had already failed. Kendall insists that it’s true since he already agreed to make her CEO when he gets it. Erica still doesn’t see what she needs Kendall on board for. Kendall says it’s because she knows what *sshat’s secret weapon is...

Kendall announces that The *sshat has a mole in Enchantment. Erica doesn’t blink as she now knows that Bart was the perpetrator and is already gone. Kendall scoffs, doubting that the Bartman even exists. She reveals that *sshat’s spy is none other than Lena, who also happens to be knocking boots with him. Erica is gobsmacked. She immediately assumes that Bianca is their target now. Aaaaand now they have all the pieces of the puzzle. Bravo! The two eldest Kane women are almost on the ball. All they need is the cooperation of the junior Kane and all will be complete. Something tells me that’s not going to be easy. Oh, and I love Kendall’s progressionary tale of the formula grail: that Lena was to seduce Boyd, then Kendall was slated for it, now Lena is to seduce Bianca, “…and she gives it up. So to speak.” Snerk. Erica isn’t worried about the stupid formula, she doesn’t want Bianca to get hurt.

Oh my. Lena and Bianca wearing skimpy towels in a sauna? Why wasn’t I informed of this in advance? Those spoiler sites really dropped the ball on this one. The two discuss Greenlee’s breakdown which brings them around to discussing how open Bianca is with her feelings versus Lena’s guise of mysterious and guarded. They both just look so cute and giddy to be spending time alone together. Not that they’re doing a whole lot about it. Yet, anyway. Lena prods Bianca to turn away from her so she can give a shoulder massage. Bianca moans contentedly. Whoo! *fans self*...

Erica is gathering her things together and ranting about The Asshat hurting Bianca. Kendall tries to garner a little sympathy that he played around with her emotions as well but Erica is only fixated on Binks. Kendall does this great look of dismay that Erica doesn’t give two s**** about *sshat hurting HER. Erica wants to call Bianca and warn her but before she can, gets Joe’s phone call about Jack. Erica is distraught and immediately heads for the door. Kendall volunteers to take her to the hospital...

Lena continues to massage Bianca. She’s leaning in and semi-hugging her from the back. My my my. Smoan busts in with the news she just saw on TV about Jack. Bianca and Lena immediately head out...

On the next All My Children
Maddie is being a little s*** again.
Aidan seems to be suspicious of Kendall (what else is new?).
The *sshat seems to be calling Lena on a lie.
Jack is getting the shock treatment.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Jack arrived at the hospital and was rushed into the ER.
Joe: Hmm, it doesn't look good.
Jack: :::How about operating and removing the bullet?::::groan
Joe: Sorry. We have to milk this for the whole episode.

Half of Pine Valley gathered for yoga class at the gym.
Lysistrata: OK everyone, pair up with a partner and let's stretch.
Bianca: I've got a partner. Do you hear that everyone? I've finally got a partner!
Lena: And we have a steam room scene coming up later. Maybe ABC is finally entering the 21st century.
Greenlee: Carlos is my partner.
Simone: But he came with me.
Greenlee: But he was cast for me. Go be partners with Mia.
Simone: Rats. I hate always being the loser.
Mia: I think I was just insulted there.
Greenlee: ::::::waaaaaaahhhhhhh!:::::
Carlos: What's wrong?
Greenlee: :::sob::: I used to have such good storylines. I was in romantic triangles, super romances, action packed adventure sequences. Now I'm reduced to fighting with Simone over who gets you for a yoga partner. :::::waaaahhhhhhh!::::::: I'm sorry to be so emotional.
Carlos: It's all right. I only wish I could show emotion.
Greenlee: ::::waaaahhhhhh!::::::

Jack: :::groan::::Can I at least have some oxygen?::::gasp:::
Joe: Sorry. Dramatic tension you know.

Chris ran into Opal.
Chris: Have youse seen Jack?
Opal: No, but I'm getting one of my funny feelings. Whenever I feel this way someone is going to be written out.
Chris: Have youse ever been wrong?
Opal: Never. The last time I felt this way was when I danced with Jake Martin at the Fusion party. Next thing you know he's gone without so much as a goodbye scene.
Chris: I don't know what happened to Jack. I hope dat hit man I hired didn't do nothin to him.

Anna told David she wouldn't let him stop Leora's surgery.
Anna: I'll see you in jail first.
David: What did I do?
Anna: You've committed about 50 different crimes including manufacturing an illegal drug.
David: That was back in February sweeps. I can't be arrested for that during May sweeps. I can't believe you don't trust my skills as a doctor.
Joe: Excuse me, I thought you'd want to know that Jack's been shot in the chest.
David: And you want me to operate.
Joe: No, we've got it under control.
David: What's going on here? My wife stands up for her beliefs and ignores my wishes. I save lives but you don't beg me to do the surgery. Am I losing my powers?

Jack: :::groan::::How about some pain killers?:::::
Joe: No. But it's almost time for your code blue. I'll go call Erica now.

Kendall arrived to see Erica.
Erica: Val, hold all my calls unless of course someone calls and tells me I'm needed at Jack's deathbed.
Kendall: I'm here to save your company from Michael Cambias.
Erica: I thought you were dating him.
Kendall: I was but now I'm on your side.
Erica: Why should I believe that?
Kendall: Because I know who he put in your company to work against you. It was Lena.
Erica: Lena! I should have suspected something. Mysterious lurking newbies always turn out to betray you. And she's dating Bianca. How could she use my daughter like this? And Michael used you. How could my daughters have so much trouble when it comes to relationships? Speaking of troubled reationships-
Joe: Erica, Jack's been shot. If you want to get here in time for a touching deathbed goodbye, you'd better hurry.

Erica arrived at Jack's bedside just as he flatlined.
Heart monitor: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Grim Reaper: I'm here to pick up Jack Montgomery. Is he ready?
Erica: Back off Death Boy. I'm not through with him yet. Jack, you can't die do you hear me? No one dies unless I say so. After all, I am Erica Kane.


Val? Call security, I have a Kendall in my office

Erica can completely understand corporate espionage, but pretending to be gay crosses the line for her.


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Annotated transcript by "C"

***** (clip a) [Greenlee taunts Bianca and suspects Lena at yoga class]

[Gym. Many Random Extras pretending to sweat in the background. Simone and Greenlee are talking in front of a mirror. Greenlee is wearing a baby pink zip-front hoodie sweatshirt over a striped pink t-shirt. The color reminds me of Ralphie's bunny costume from "A Christmas Story" and I half expect her sweatpants to have feet]
Greenlee: Where's Kendall?
Simone: Uh -- AWOL, so Carlos said he'd fill in for me. Big improvement, huh? And yoga is so good for the muscles.
Carlos: Hope you don't mind.
Simone: Oh, she's fine.
Greenlee: Practice your breathing. Can I talk to you for a minute?
Simone: Of course.
Mia: Let's stretch.
Greenlee: What's going on?
Simone: I needed a partner. Carlos said he was available.
Greenlee: Oh, rosemary chicken is busy? [amc030430acgi-inc.wmv starts] You had to bring Carlos?
Simone: You have a problem with that?
Greenlee: I just... I don't think it's appropriate.
Simone: Ohhh. I see. [sing-song voice that's nearly as annoying as her hair] It's because you're jealous. Greenlee's jealous 'cause Simone's gonna swap sweat with Carlos. And you're stuck with Mia.
Greenlee: [quickly, stepping on Simone's line] No, you're stuck with Mia!
[amc030430a-inc starts]
Simone: I am?
Greenlee: Don't you get it? [Lena's back and the top of Binks' head are briefly reflected in the mirror behind Greenlee] Carlos only came here because he knew I would be here.
Simone: Really? Is that right? [Greenlee catches sight of Lena and Binks walking in together, talking and laughing] What? [Simone turns to see what Greenlee's looking at. Lena's all in black, of course, a collared shirt with very short dolman sleeves over slightly flared pants. Binks wears a seafoam green zip-front hoodie; her grey sweatpants, also flared with little slits at the bottom, show off her ass to excellent effect. They kick off their shoes in the corner]
Greenlee: [fake cheerfulness. I love Bitchy!Greenlee. Simone gives them a speculative look] Bianca! I think it's totally cool Mommy hired you a girlfriend. Beats the personals.
Bianca: [removes her sweatshirt, revealing a dark blue sports bra that showcases the splendor of her abs. Lena, arms akimbo, looks down, then at Binks. Binks tosses her sweatshirt somewhere] Greenlee, cute. [rolls her eyes]
Greenlee: [approaches with her hands in her pockets, smiling up at Lena. There's a good eight or nine inch height difference so she really has to crane her neck] But tell me something. How do you do it? Erica by day, Bianca by night.
Bianca: Hey, Greenlee, you should be thanking Lena, not dissing her. [Lena stares down at the floor] She's the one that nailed that freak that tried to frame my mom.
Greenlee: For filing the phony lawsuit against us?
Simone: Wow, that's great.
Lena: [tries to wave it off] Anyway, maybe we shouldn't discuss this here.
Greenlee: [brightly] So... who did it?
Bianca: This [exchanges a glance with Lena] peeved ex-Enchantment accountant named Barton Phillips? [looks to Lena for confirmation]
Greenlee: [she and Simone squinch up their faces in confusion] Wait a minute, I knew everyone at Enchantment and... I never heard of a Barton Phillips.
Lena: Yeah, he works for outside auditors.
Greenlee: Really.
Lena: [not too subtly] Anyway, maybe we should, ah, warm up.
Bianca: Oh! Great idea. [she and Lena move to a corner of the mat and go through vaguely stretch-like motions, although neither Riegel nor Sosnovska appears to be especially coordinated. Hee! Greenlee watches them a moment, suspicious of Lena's non-reply, then takes off her sweatshirt, revealing her own very nice abs as Meathead -- er, Carlos walks by behind her]
[amc030430acgi-inc.wmv ends but continues in clip c below]
Carlos: I have to warn you -- I've never done yoga before.
Simone: Well, neither have I. You'll do just --
Greenlee: Warning taken. Let's warm up.
Carlos: But I thought Simone --
Greenlee: No, Simone had her heart set on partnering with Mia. How could I say no?

***** (clip b) [Lena and Bianca gaze into each other's eyes]

[amc030430b starts]
Lysistrata: Hello, hello, hello!
Greenlee: I didn't know you were taking this class, too.
Lysistrata: Taking it? I'm teaching it. Everyone, get your partner and stand facing me. Welcome, you lucky people. We're about to discover the divine in ourselves and each other. Now, I want you to gaze into your partner's eyes -- go ahead -- and find the spirit behind the veil. Together you'll challenge perceived limitations, go to the edge, and return with new trust in yourself and your partner. Now, let's begin with our --

***** (clip c) [Simone and Mia snark to themselves on Lena and Bianca]

[amc030430c and amc030430acgi-inc.wmv starts]
[Lena and Binks stand back to back and link arms, giggling as they lower themselves to the floor]
Bianca: [over her shoulder] That felt good.
[Lena smiles; she looks almost giddy]
Lysistrata: Yoga is about stilling the movement of thought.
Greenlee: [just loudly enough that everyone can hear her] That shouldn't be hard for Simone.
Lysistrata: *And* the mouth. Now let's move into navasana.
[Apparently Pine Valley's yoga teachers are just as knowledgeable and effective as its doctors, lawyers and businesspeople: the position everyone assumes, with members of each pair facing each other holding onto one another's wrists and with knees bent, feet touching, is *not* navasana (see http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/489.cfm for a description, http://www.chrysalisyorgasmog.homestead.com/navasan.html for a pictorial demonstration). Unfortunately, Greenlee and Carlos are in the foreground; Carlos has an ugly tattoo on his shoulder that looks like an enormous black birthmark. Binks and Lena are to Greenlee's immediate left]
Lysistrata: Now, always be mindful of your pose, and each other. Be in the moment and at one with each other.
Simone: [to Mia] No offense or anything, I love you and all but I was really hoping I'd be one with Carlos.
Mia: [slowly opens her eyes] Well, those two seem very in the moment.
[Mia gestures with her head. Simone looks over at Lena and Binks, who are staring intently into one another's eyes, then smirks at Mia]
Lysistrata: Don't forget your pranayama, people. Breathing helps you move more deeply into the pose, [amc030430acgi-inc.wmv ends but continues in clip G] more fully into intimacy with your spirit and your partner's.
Carlos: Are you all right? What's wrong?
Simone: What is it?
Greenlee: I don't know.

***** (clip d) [Kendall asks Erica to help her bring down Michael (no Lena)]

[amc030430d starts]
Erica: What do you mean, I need you?
Kendall: Trust me, Erica, you do. I have information about Michael that could change everything.
Erica: For all I know, Michael sent you here.
Kendall: He didn’t.
Erica: And I should believe you because?
Kendall: Michael cheated on me. It's over between us.
Erica: I tried to warn you, Kendall. You refused to believe me.
Kendall: Yes, you did. Yes, you did. He was using me to get Boyd’s fabulous formula, which, by the way, you have got to protect that.
Erica: I've already taken care of that, Kendall. Boyd's product is already protected. He's written it all down. We've filed for a patent. That product belongs to Enchantment now.
Kendall: That explains it. That explains it. Michael really is planning to take over Enchantment.
Erica: Kendall, you're a few pages behind. Michael has already tried and failed.
Kendall: No. This time he won't stop until your company belongs to him.
Erica: What makes you so sure?
Kendall: He all but confirmed it when I told him to put me in charge of Enchantment.
Erica: You told him what?
Kendall: I had to, Erica. I had to say it. If I’m going to bring Michael down, I had to convince him that I would help him bring you down.
Erica: That's not a far stretch.
Kendall: I don't care about your company, Erica. I could care less about your company. What I really want is to see Michael suffer -- a lot.
Erica: So let me get this straight. You lied to Michael about being on his side, but now you're telling me the truth about being on mine?
Kendall: Yes, I swear it.
Erica: Michael Cambias may not be half the man his father is, but he's lethal, especially when he's crossed, and so am I. This is a very dangerous game you're playing.
Kendall: This is a game that will get us both what we want -- you keep Enchantment and your product and I see Michael squirm like the worm he is before we both crush him.
Erica: "We"? Kendall, I can handle Michael Cambias alone.
Kendall: He has a secret weapon.
Erica: And I have a poison pill. So let Michael Cambias throw everything he's got. Enchantment is safe.
Kendall: No, Erica, you are still vulnerable.
Erica: All right, I’ll bite. What is Michael Cambias' secret weapon?
Kendall: Ok, if I tell you -- if I tell you, you have to promise me --
Erica: Are you kidding? Now you're negotiating?
Kendall: You have to promise me that you'll trust me.
Erica: Kendall --
Kendall: If you trust me on this, we can bring down Michael Cambias together.

***** (clip e) [Lena and Bianca leave the yoga class in the background]

[amc030430e-inc starts]
Lysistrata: We'll do our "ohms" next time. Namaste, kids.
Mia: Are you feeling better now?
Greenlee: I feel like an idiot.
Simone: Why? Just because you fell apart in front of everyone?
Mia: You know, all this enlightenment is making me really thirsty. Would you like to go get some juice?
Simone: Sure, yeah. You want something? Ok.

[amc030430e-inc ends]

***** (clip f) [Kendall tells Erica that Lena is Michael's spy]

[amc030430f starts]
Erica: You want me to trust you, Kendall? You've lied your way through a tri-county area. You stole from this company. You stole from this office.
Kendall: You set me up.
Erica: You took the bait. Val? Time's up.
Kendall: I'm not dangling bait, ok? This information I have about Michael is legitimate. It could blow him back to Europe in pieces.
Erica: Val, hold on a minute, please. All right, I’ll trust you on this. But I swear to you, if I get one inkling that you are conning me --
Kendall: I'm not.
Erica: Val, I’ll get back to you in a few minutes. Ok, tell me. What don't I know about Michael Cambias' takeover plans?
Kendall: Ok, I'll tell you. But you can't cut me out this --
Erica: Just tell me, Kendall, before I change my mind.
Kendall: Ok. Michael has a mole at Enchantment.
Erica: Of course. Barton Phillips. The man who framed me for this ridiculous Fusion lawsuit. He's been fired.
Kendall: Yeah, even if he really existed. Michael's spy is your chief financial officer.
Erica: Lena?
Kendall: Yes, Lena. She's been selling out Enchantment and sleeping with Michael. All this time, I thought he loved me and he was with her.
Erica: I -- I had my doubts about Lena but nothing concrete. She's done so much for Enchantment.
Kendall: Yeah, well, she's doing a lot more for Michael.
Erica: Are you sure about this?
Kendall: Yeah, I saw them together. Michael confirmed it.
Erica: Boyd tried to warn me about Lena, too. I should have listened to him.
Kendall: Yeah, well, he was right. She is so good -- she is so good at conning people that they don't figure it out until they're too far gone.
Erica: Oh, my God. Lena and Bianca. What if Bianca is their target?
Kendall: Yeah, well, it makes sense. Lena was supposed to seduce that concoction out of Boyd, but that failed. So then Michael used me. And of course, that was a failure, as well. I mean, what's next? He sics Lena on Bianca, and she gives it up, so to speak.
Erica: Dear God.
Kendall: I mean, Binks is looking for love. A little sugar from Lena, she might spill the formula.
Erica: I'm not worried about the formula! I don't want anyone to hurt Bianca.

***** (clip g) [Lena and Bianca make a sauna trip]

[amc030430g starts]
[Door to the steam room opens and towel-clad Binks and Lena enter]
Bianca: I've never been in the [amc030430acgi-inc.wmv starts] middle of a meltdown in a yoga class.
Lena: I felt the heat myself.
[They sit on a bench]
Bianca: [smiles] Well, me too, but I meant Greenlee. [looks at Lena, who's zhuzhing her hair and looking up at Binks through her bangs] It's such a shame, she's such a diva to the rest of the world but she's... [Lena rubs the side of her neck] miserable inside.
Lena: [leans toward Binks] Not everyone's as open as you, Bianca.
Bianca: Well, I guess I'm kind of obvious.
[Bianca laughs, a little embarrassed; tucks her hair behind her ear]
Lena: [right hand touches Binks' leg] No, it's charming. [looks up] I wish I had the guts to, um... [fumbling gesture] how you say, put myself out there, you know?
Bianca: No, are you kidding me, that sophisticated mystery thing that you've got going is completely irresistible.
[Lena smiles at Binks, her head tilted to one side; they gaze at each other and laugh]
Lena: Here. Turn around.
[Lena makes a rotating gesture with her finger. Binks turns and Lena starts to rub her shoulders]
Bianca: Ohhh...
[Binks closes her eyes and has an sighs]

***** (clip h) [Erica decides to warn Bianca but finds out Jack was shot instead]

[amc030430h starts]
Erica: How dare Michael Cambias use Bianca like that? She is so trusting.
Kendall: Michael used me, too.
Erica: I know. I tried to warn you. And how I wish you would have listened. But now to toy with Bianca's heart like that -- it is just -- it is unforgivable. Well, when I am finished with Cambias, he is going to be so sorry that he ever even looked at my daughter Bianca, let alone tried to use her like that.
Kendall: Yeah, well, technically, Lena is doing the hands-on work.
Erica: Yeah, Lena. Lena. I can understand corporate espionage, but pretending to be gay just to take advantage of Bianca’s innocence?
Kendall: Bianca's an adult. Maybe Lena isn't totally pretending to be gay.
Erica: Look, I don't care. Whatever Lena’s doing, she's obviously up to no good.
Kendall: What are you doing?
Erica: I'm calling Bianca. I have to warn her.
Kendall: No, maybe -- maybe you should wait.
[intercom buzzes]
Erica: Val, I told you, no calls whatsoever -- all right, all right. Put him on. Yes, Joe, what is it?
Joe: Erica, there's no easy way to say this. Jack has been shot.
Erica: Oh, my God!
Joe: If you want to see him, you should get over here as quickly as you can.
Erica: Yes. Yes, Joe. I am -- I'm on my way.
Kendall: Erica, what -- what happened?
Erica: Jack's -- Jack's been shot.
Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Is he ok?
Erica: Joe says he may not -- I have to get to the hospital. I have to be there. I have to tell Jack --
Kendall: I'll take you.

***** (clip i) [Bianca finds out Unca Jack has been shot]

[amc030430i and amc030430acgi-inc.wmv starts]
[Closeup of Binks's blissed-out face, eyes still closed, as Lena continues her massage. Much as I adore the HPF, she gets no points from me for her pinchy tips-of-the-fingers technique, although Binks doesn't seem to mind. Still kneading, Lena snuggles her face against the back of Binks' neck. Binks moans.]
Lena: Mmm, this is heaven.
Bianca: I feel like a noodle.
[They laugh]
Simone: [offscreen] Bianca, are you in here?
[Lena starts at the sound of her voice; Binks looks --understandably -- annoyed at the interruption]
Bianca: [calls out, her hand going to her forehead] Uh, yeah, I'm in here, what's up?
Simone: [sticking her head into the steam room] No, you gotta get out.
Bianca: What? [stands up, clutching her towel]
Simone: It was on TV, your Uncle Jack's just been shot.
Lena: [stands] Oh, my God.
Simone: He's at the Pine Valley Hospital, come on!
Bianca: [panicked look at Lena] I have to go!
[Bianca rushes out]
Lena: Bianca --
[Lena reaches for Binks' shoulder, then follows]

***** (clip j) [Next on AMC: Michael telling lena that she lied to him]

On the next "All My Children" --
Maddie: Stop kissing my daddy right now.
Aidan: I'm just trying to work out exactly what you're trying to pull, Kendall.
[amc030430i-inc starts]
Michael: You lied to me, Lena. That's unforgivable.
[amc030430i-inc ends]
Erica: Jackson, I’m right here.
Nurse: Ready.
Doctor: Clear!


I have the following complete clips: B, C, D, F, G, H, I
amc030403b.mpg (6.1m; 0:36) Lena and Bianca gaze into each other's eyes
amc030403c.mpg (16.2m; 1:35) Simone and Mia snark to themselves on Lena and Bianca
amc030403d.mpg (26.1m; 2:33) Kendall asks Erica to help her bring down Michael (no Lena)
amc030403f.mpg (27.3M; 2:40) Kendall tells Erica that Lena is Michael's spy
amc030403g.mpg (9.5m; 0:56) Bianca and Lena in sauna
amc030403h.mpg (16.8m; 1:38) Erica and Kendall discuss Lena and Michael
amc030403i.mpg (6.1m; 0:36) Massage time; Bianca finds out Uncle Jack shot
amc030430acgi-inc.wmv (6.6m; 3:59) incomplete compilation of some clips

I have the following incomplete clips: A, E, J
amc030403a-inc.mpg (14.2m; 1:23) Greenlee taunts Bianca and suspects Lena at yoga class
amc030403e-inc.mpg (3.4m; 0:20) Lena and Bianca leave the yoga class in the background
amc030403j-inc.mpg (1m; 0:05) Next on AMC: Michael telling lena that she lied to him

If anyone has complete clips or access to a videotape or other media with full clips on them, please contact me ASAP, Kym

The above described clips can also be found on my shared folder on AIM (http://www.aim.com to download). My user name on AIM is kymtaborn. E-mail me with your AIM user name (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and I will give you access to the shared folder. When you have access, you can right click my user name on your buddy list and then click on get file. That should get you into the shared folder. If you have problems, then tweak your firewall. The downloads are slow because it has to go through the AIM filter AND often there are a lot of people downloading along with you. I apologize for the slow speed but this is the only way that I can distribute the clips at this time.

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