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It's amazing that Michael
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Lena Kundera

May 15, 2003

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Kendall Hart
Michael Cambias
Erica Kane
Alexander Cambias
(no Lena)


Kendall tells Michael she was jealous of Lena; Michael rips Kendall's dress and starts to rape her but Erica interrupts them; Erica makes a business offer to Michael, but he refuses; Michael's father Alexander arrives; Erica finds Kendall outside her penthouse after the attempted rape


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Kendall covers her tracks when Michael finds her in his condo. Kendall is disgusted when Michael wants her to sleep with him in order to prove her loyalty. Michael becomes more forceful when Kendall tries to resist his advances. Kendall is spared from sleeping with Michael when Erica arrives. After seeing Kendall's panic, and realizing Michael was going to force himself on Kendall, a quick thinking Erica gets Kendall to leave without arousing Michael's suspicions. Michael is later shocked when his father arrives unexpectedly. Kendall thanks Erica for rescuing her from Michael.

From About All My Children

Kendall agrees she may not be a genius, but she’s not suicidal! She did break in here to see if she could find something to use as leverage if she had to; once they’ve accomplished the takeover, what’s to stop him from backing out of their deal? Maybe he wants to put Lena or some other girl he just met in a club into Enchantment, “Tell me you wouldn’t want insurance in my place!”

From Soap Slut

Reggie doesn't care that he's getting kicked out of Erica's "museum." He accuses Jack of only trying to stop him because he's legally obligated to, and tells him "if you marry this lady, you're going to be seriously whipped for the rest of your life." Heh, I'm starting to think that's what Jack LIKES about Erica. That just gets her bitching at Reggie more, though, and he snaps that if she wasn't a girl ... "What? What would you do?" she asks. "Come on, bring it on, give me your best shot!" Hee! First she says "Oh man" and now "Bring it on"? Whoever this new Erica is, I think I'd like to keep her. Jack calms them both down some and assures Reggie that he knows the kid has his reasons for staying quiet, and brings up his brother's death. Reggie's completely pissed now, though Erica's now contrite. Jack asks one more time for Reggie to trust him and come clean, but that's not gonna happen as Reggie stomps off for his room. Erica apologizes for being harsh, but Jack understands. She reluctantly admits that they can probably work out Reggie staying there. This is going to be so much fun! Get Kendall, Bianca, and maybe even Lena involved and you have the Brady Bunch on crack. Jack observes that there's something else bugging Erica, and guesses that it's Kendall...

On the next All My Children
Brooke and Jamie appear to invade Tad's.
Lena figures out that Bianca knows about her double-crossing.
Boyd questions Bianca's feelings for Lena.
Aidan states the obvious for Mauria -- she's getting her memory back.
Kendall sounds shocked to realize that Erica cares about her.
Daddy Dearest, sounding amused, wonders if *sshole is threatening him.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

No All Gay re-cap for this episode. Sniff.


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today because there was no Lena in the actual show, only the "Next on AMC"

Another good day in Pine Valley. If AMC stays this good, I'll probably be out of a job:)
Jack tried to get Reggie to tell him who else was in the alley the night he was shot.
Jack: Who was there?
Reggie: Who was where?
Jack: In the alley?
Reggie: What alley?
Erica: If you know who shot Jack you can either tell us who it was or you can pack your bags and leave.
Reggie: I haven't unpacked them yet.
Erica: Don't be difficult. Go to your room.
Reggie: I don't have one.
Erica: Then go to my room.
Jack: You don't have one either. I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Why didn't you tell me you didn't have a bedroom before you asked me to move in with you?
Erica: I've had enough of this. I'm going to go check on Kendall.
Jack: You're really starting to think of her as your daughter aren't you?
Erica: Why would you say such a thing?
Jack: Just in case there's anyone left in the audience that doesn't know which way this story is going, I thought I'd clue them in.
Erica: You're so thoughtful.

Over at Michael's Kendall had to think fast.
Michael: Tell me what you're doing here - and don't try to fool me with that old cliffhanger routine.
Kendall: I was hoping to find something to blackmail you with just in case you betray me.
Michael: What did you find?
Kendall: Not much. I did find out that you're probably the only person in America who actually opens all of his "Buy Viagra Cheap" and "Increase Your Size" e-mail.
Michael: I love it when you talk to me like this. Kiss me you fool.
Kendall: Ewwwww - I mean - yummmmmm. Let's talk first.
Michael: Forget it. I'm about to prove just how despicable I am. If I had a mustache I'd be twirling it now.
Erica: All right Michael, let me in.
Kendall: Erica, thank God - er, I mean Michael is a god, how dare you interrupt us.
Erica: Kendall, go to your room. I need to talk to Michael in private.
Kendall: Thanks Mom - er, I mean you never let me have any fun.
Michael: So Erica, what is it you came to tell me?
Erica: I think we should compromise on Enchantment. You back off my company and I won't pour salt on you.
Michael: You can't defeat me Erica. Slugs always win by the sheer grossness of their existance.
Erica: Your father must be so disappointed in the slug that you've become. I'm sure he was hoping you'd turn out to be a praying mantis instead.

Mia and Flanders continued their life or death struggle for the gun.
Gun: :::bang::::
Mia: Oww! The pain, the pain!
Flanders: I'm de one that got shot.
Mia: I know. But I saw on the preview's that Maria's getting her memory back soon and I'll probably get dumped again. The pain, the pain!
Flanders: Tell me where de kid is?
Edmund: I have to save Mia from this killer. I know! I'll throw a cell phone at him. That always works in the movies.
Edmund: I don't get it. Why didn't it work?
Mia: They don't throw cell phones in the movies. They throw hand grenades.
Edmund: Oh. Let me carry you up the stairs and make love to you.
Mia: That sounds lovely.
Edmund: I'm so glad you're safe Misty.
Mia: Mia.
Edmund: Right.

On the boat Maria told Aidan about getting her memory back.
Maria: It was amazing. I remembered holding Maddie when she was a tiny baby, which is strange because I didn't get her back until she was several months old. But it was wonderful. I felt just like a real mother.
Aidan: Did yew remember yew're other child?
Maria: The blonde kid? Not a chance.
Aidan: Oi'm glad yew're memory is coming back but Oi ope yew'll still love me and me spotted dick no matter whot.
Maria: I'm sure I will.
Maddie: Mommy, what's a spotted-
Maria: Let's go back inside and watch Aidan do card tricks.
Aidan: Pick a card, any card and Oi'll perform an amizing trick for yew.
Maria: Wow, I'm remembering something else. Owwwwwwwwwww! The pain, the pain!
Aidan: Are yew remembering aving a bighby?
Maria: Not really. I'm remembering my storyline for the past year. The pain, the pain!


Michael: You're not even bright enough to be afraid of me!

Kendall: I may not be a genius, but I'm not suicidal.

Kendall: You've been an education for me in more ways than one, Michael.

Kendall: That's why we make a great team. You balance me.

Kendall: Um, I'd like to go home first and change if I could.

Kendall: You want to sleep with me tonight, and sleep with who in Argentina tomorrow?

Michael: Not all sex has to be romantic.

Kendall: I don't respond to force.

Erica: Michael, I saw your car! I know you're home.

Erica: Kendall, you, uh, look so used.

Erica: I don't crawl for anyone.
Michael: I'm sorry, can you speak up, because it's hard to hear you when you're on your knees.

Erica: I will fight you tooth and nail. I will fight you to the end. And if that means that I wind up with nothing and Enchantment is left a rubble, then so be it. But you and Kendall Hart will never get your filthy hands on my company.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Kendall tells Michael she was jealous of Lena; Michael keeps Kendall from leaving his condo (no Lena)]
Michael: You don't listen. You're not even bright enough to be afraid of me!
Kendall: I know. I know how powerful you are.
Michael: Really? You know, I warned you, Kendall. I warned you about the consequences of double-crossing me.
Kendall: I'm not double-crossing you. I may not be a genius, but I'm not suicidal.
Michael: Really? Then talk, and talk fast because I've got plans for you, Kendall.
Kendall: Ok, ok, yes, I did break in here to see if I could find something I could use against you if I have to for leverage. I needed leverage. I mean, once we've accomplished the takeover, what's to stop you from backing out of our deal?
Michael: Why would I?
Kendall: I don't know, maybe you want to put someone else in Erica’s office -- Lena or some girl you just met in a club. I don't know. Tell me -- tell me you wouldn't want insurance in my place.
Michael: Well, you know what? Kendall, I wouldn't be in your place right now.
Kendall: Well, we all have to look out for our own interests.
Michael: Yeah. Sadly, we do.
Kendall: I learned that from you, Michael. I mean, look at you and your father.
Michael: My father has nothing to do with this.
Kendall: That's what I’m saying. You could've coasted on his reputation and accomplishments, but that's not who you are. You orchestrate your own opportunities. You know how to ensure your own success.
Michael: You're right about that.
Kendall: You've been an education for me in more ways than one, Michael. That's why you found me here.
Michael: Hmm. So tell me, Kendall, what did you find? What exactly -- what kind of ammunition have you discovered?
Kendall: Well, none yet.
Michael: Hmm. You see, you should've waited. You should've waited until my plane was in the air.
Kendall: See? I'm still learning.
Michael: Yeah, you're too impetuous. You're not methodical enough.
Kendall: Well, that's why we make a great team. You balance me.
[amc030515a-inc starts]
Michael: Well done. You've earned yourself a temporary reprieve.
Kendall: Only temporary?
Michael: I'm not allowing you another slip-up, Kendall.
Kendall: But we're still working together? I haven't ruined that?
Michael: No. No, I'm still willing to hand you the reins of Enchantment. But you're going to have to put something on the table that proves your loyalty to me.
Kendall: I'll give you anything you want.
Michael: See? You do know how to get on my good side.
Kendall: Ok. So what'll it be?
Michael: Oh, well, a little of this, a little of that.
Kendall: Ok, fine. Um, I'd like to go home first and change if I could.
Michael: You know, you're right about the importance of insurance, Kendall. And right now you're mine.
Kendall: Ok, I'm just going to run home and --
Michael: If you're stalling me or saying no, it'll be your second and last mistake, you understand me?

***** (clip b) [Michael rips Kendalls dress and starts to assault her but is stopped by Erica at the door (No Lena)]

Kendall: I only want to know, was your trip to Argentina real or was it a fake-out?
Michael: Hmm, would I lie to you?
Kendall: Huh. Only a million different ways for a million different reasons.
Michael: My trip to Argentina was for business, but my plane's grounded until the morning. Mechanical trouble.
Kendall: And commercial flights are so beneath you?
Michael: You know, if this is your idea of stalling, Kendall --
Kendall: No, I -- I’m just saying if -- if postponing the flight in any way threatens our success --
Michael: You know what? You'd better just concentrate on proving your loyalty to me right now.
Kendall: I can prove it anywhere.
Michael: Hmm.
Kendall: We can book two seats on the next flight to Argentina and we're out of here.
Michael: I fly alone on my own plane.
Kendall: Oh. Who is she? Who is she?
Michael: What are you talking about?
Kendall: You want to sleep with me tonight, and sleep with who in Argentina tomorrow?
Michael: Hmm. You know, Kendall, what I do and with whom is none of your concern. You did say I was the best lover you [amc030515b-inc starts] ever had, didn't you?
Kendall: Yeah.
Michael: Well, then how do we start?
Kendall: Isn't very romantic.
Michael: Well, not all sex has to be romantic. Doesn't mean it's not good. Besides, you are going to remember this for the rest of your life. Mmm.
Kendall: Not too sure of yourself, are you?
Michael: Well, now, that's part of the attraction, isn't it -- my power, my self-confidence? You think it's sexy, don't you, huh?
Kendall: I don't respond to force.
Michael: Well, then right now I suggest that you work up some enthusiasm. Hmm?
Kendall: I'll do what I can.
Michael: Good.
[knock on door]

***** (clip c) [Erica tells Michael she has a business proposition for him (no Lena)]

Erica: Michael, I saw your car! [amc030515c-inc starts] I know you're home.
Kendall: Go away, Erica!
Erica: Michael, open the door!
Kendall: Erica -- you're not wanted here, Erica.
Erica: Michael, open the door now. Michael!
Kendall: Erica. How unpleasant to see you.
Erica: Kendall, you, uh, look so used.
Michael: What is it, Erica? We're a little busy here.
Erica: I need to talk to you, Michael. I have a -- a proposition, a business proposition for you. Kendall, why don't you just run along, then?
Kendall: Michael, call me when she's gone.
[Kendall leaves]
Michael: Hmm. Interrupted a very tender moment there.
Erica: Oh, yes, I can just imagine.
Michael: Hmm. But I'm curious, what is it exactly that you came to offer me at this late date?
Erica: I've been informed that several front men have been buying up shares of Enchantment for you.
Michael: Well, it's a good investment, isn't it, Erica? Hmm?
Erica: I am not interested in a battle that neither one of us will win.
Michael: Oh, there will be a winner. It's just not going to be you.
Erica: I'm suggesting a compromise.
Michael: Hmm. Oh, come off of it, Erica. You're here to surrender.

***** (clip d) [Michael refuses Erica's offer (no Lena)]

Michael: Aw, poor Erica. You're not used to crawling, are you?
Erica: I don't crawl for anyone.
[amc030515d-inc starts]
Michael: I'm sorry, can you speak up, because it's hard to hear you when you're on your knees.
Erica: Gee, Michael, you're enjoying this far too much.
Michael: Oh, I'm sorry, go ahead. Please, please, continue to wave the white flag.
Erica: I'm not surrendering. I told you, I'm here to present you with a compromise --
Michael: Hmm.
Erica: A merger that will save us both a lengthy legal battle.
Michael: Oh, that's very considerate of you, thank you.
Erica: Well, a fight will only hurt both our companies.
Michael: You know, when the dust settles, Erica, you won't have a company.
Erica: Well, now you are underestimating me.
Michael: Oh, I don't think so. Hmm.
Erica: Michael, tell me something -- why should we both waste our time and energy making the lawyers rich? Why not work together? Enchantment's new miracle product will certainly generate enough profit for both of us.
Michael: Certainly, but if -- you see, if I continue with my plan, I have everything to win and you have everything to lose.
Erica: So what is it you're actually after, Michael? The thrill of the fight? Ok, fine. I admit it -- you won, you caught me asleep, and, yes, you probably could take over Enchantment. But the question is, would it be worth taking over?
Michael: Why, you'd dismantle it from the inside, would you?
Erica: No. But certainly in order for it to remain a prize worth taking, I'd have to remain as C.E.O.
Michael: See, how would that look, Erica? I mean, Cambias Industries takes over an ineptly run company and allows the regime that ruined it to remain in place? Public confidence in us would be shaken, huh?
Erica: Well, I can't walk away with nothing.
Michael: Well, you won’t. Please, Erica, I -- I would let you save a little face, give you a gold-plated parachute, farewell party.
Erica: Michael, I am Enchantment. The public would never accept anyone else in my place.
Michael: Well, unless you pass the torch on to your daughter -- Kendall. I mean, think -- think how wonderful it would be. It would be the most touching part of the farewell.
Erica: Kendall Hart? No, never. I would die first.
Michael: Erica, she's earned the position.
Erica: Yeah, please don't tell me how. No, no, I will do anything to keep you from committing that atrocity.
Michael: Well, those are my conditions.
Erica: Then I will fight you tooth and nail. I will fight you to the end. And if that means that I wind up with nothing and Enchantment is left a rubble, then so be it. But you and Kendall Hart will never get your filthy hands on my company.
Michael: Well, end up with nothing. I never needed a merger or a compromise. That was just you trying to save face.
Erica: No wonder your father has no respect for you. You're a complete disgrace to the Cambias name.
Michael: Get out.
Erica: At least your father has some intelligence and some finesse and some scruples.
Michael: I said get out.
Erica: This is not over, Michael. You haven't won, and you won’t.
[Erica leaves Michael's condo and smiles to herself]

***** (clip e) [Michael's father is at the door (no Lena)]

Michael: Kendall, as soon as you get this, slip into something that's easy to slip off and come back to me. We have 11 hours to fill.
[knock on door]
Michael: Hmm, maybe that's you reading my mind.
[amc030515e-inc starts]
Alexander: Hello, Michael. Still not shaving, I see.
Michael: Father. Um, it's good to see you.

***** (clip f) [Erica finds Kendall outside the penthouse (no Lena)]

[amc030515f starts]
Kendall: I -- I couldn't go home. I couldn't stand to hear his voice.
Erica: Kendall, Michael didn't actually hurt you, did he?
Kendall: You didn't give him the chance. Thank you. Thank you so much.

***** (clip g) [On the next AMC: Lena knows that Bianca knows; Boyd asks Bianca if se still loves Lena]

On the next "All My Children"
Tad: It's not really a good time.
Brooke: That's too bad because we're not leaving.
[amc030515g-inc2 starts]
Lena: She knows. Bianca knows.
[amc030515g-inc2 ends]
[amc030515g-inc3 starts]
Boyd: Are you still in love with Lena?
[amc030515g-inc3 ends]
Aidan: You're getting your memory back.
Kendall: You care about me.
Mr. Cambias: Are you threatening me, Michael?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030515a-inc.mpg (13.1; 1:17) Kendall tells Michael she was jealous of Lena; Michael keeps Kendall from leaving his condo (no Lena)
amc030515b-inc.mpg (10.4m; 1:01) Michael rips Kendalls dress and starts to assault her but is stopped by Erica at the door (No Lena)
amc030515c-inc.mpg (17.8; 1:44) Erica tells Michael she has a business proposition for him (no Lena)
amc030515d-inc.mpg (36.8; 3:36) Michael refuses Erica's offer (no Lena)
amc030515e-inc.mpg (2.2m; 0:13) Michael's father is at the door (no Lena)
amc030515f.mpg (4.7m; 0:27) Erica finds Kendall outside the penthouse (no Lena)
amc030515g-inc2.mpg (1.3m; 0:07) On the next AMC: Lena knows that Bianca knows
amc030515g-inc3.mpg (631k; 0:03) On the next AMC: Boyd asks Bianca if she still loves Lena

The above described clips can also be found on my shared folder on AIM (http://www.aim.com to download). My user name on AIM is kymtaborn. E-mail me with your AIM user name (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and I will give you access to the shared folder. When you have access, you can right click my user name on your buddy list and then click on get file. That should get you into the shared folder. If you have problems, then tweak your firewall. The downloads are slow because it has to go through the AIM filter AND often there are a lot of people downloading along with you. I apologize for the slow speed but this is the only way that I can distribute the clips at this time.

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