Whoosh! 'Mother always liked you best' 'Yes, and your point?'
Bianca wonders if Michael had
ever tried to assault Lena as well

Lena Kundera

May 28, 2003

(Lena mentioning)
Last update: 11/25/03

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Erica Kane
Jackson Montgomery
Kendall Hart
Bianca Montgomery
Michael Cambias
Derek Frye
(no Lena)


Bianca tells Maggie many times to drop Henry; Michael brings charges of assault against Kendall; Jackson informs Erica and Kendall they would be the worst two witnesses in a trial ever; Bianca finds out Michael tried to rape Erica and Kendall; Bianca wonders if Michael tried to rape Lena as well; Kendall tells her not to waste any sympathy on Lena (no Lena)


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No Lena mention

From About All My Children

Kendall concludes that’s when she came up behind Michael and bashed him. Bianca notes it doesn’t look like she did too much damage, but Kendall says he’s acting like she crippled him! Bianca wants to know why he hasn’t been arrested? Kendall admits that, if the person who testifies is a known liar, then the bad guy gets to walk the streets, and now Michael’s compounded things by charging her with assault. Bianca wonders aloud, if Michael did the same thing to Kendall and her mom, maybe he did the same thing to Lena. Kendall tells her not to waste any sympathy on that woman!

From Soap Slut

Bianca arrives in Maggie’s dorm room. She assumes the rumor she heard was true as she observes Maggie’s packing procedures. Bianca scoops up a pair of pants and wants to hear what the story is. Maggie stomps her feet about being expelled...

Kendall is irate that *sshole has the gall to press charges against HER. What’s cute is Erica’s attempts to restrain Kendall. She’d stand no chance at actually holding Kendall back if the girl really launched herself at Asshole but it’s a nice gesture on Erica’s part...

*sshole continues to whine about how victimized he was from Kendall’s assault. Joe sends him off to bookkeeping to pay his bill. Kendall mutters that she wishes she’d killed him. Jack warns her about making threats that other people can attest to on the stand. Erica realizes that it’s a he said/she said situation when it comes to whether she can make rape charges stick. Jack remembers that Erica has surveillance cameras all over Enchantment.

Maggie tries to take her article of clothing back from Bianca but she holds firm. “Just tell me the truth and then I will give you your pants back.” Okay, that line out of context is fucking hysterical. I laughed for ages on that one. Whoo, we have filler now as Maggie does her ‘splainin.’ Well, at least filler makes the recapping go by faster...

More anvils drop as Bianca is obviously paralleling Henry’s situation with Lena’s. Not that she mentions the Lena part to Maggie, though I think I would pay good money to watch that. After Maggie departs for her meeting with Shambala, Bianca calls Enchantment where Val fills her in on what’s up. Bianca heads for the hospital.

Erica says that the camera in her office isn’t turned on until after she leaves (I assume the security guard notes her departure and flicks a switch) so no joy on the cameras. Kendall says that hers and Erica’s testimony should still be enough. Jack begs to differ since both Kane women are convicted perjurers. Kendall reveals that Asshole’s assault on Erica wasn’t the first; that he attacked her last week as well. Jack’s face falls when he hears that the only witness to it was Erica which puts them back at square one. But it’s a place to start as Derek gets the idea to check Asshole’s background for prior sexual assault charges...

Bianca barrels into the hospital. Erica leaps up and hugs are exchanged. Asshole smarmily saunters back on by. Kendall yells at him for daring to show his face around them. Bianca’s confused so Kendall tells her what transpired. Bianca (atta girl!) has to be restrained by Erica and Jack as she launches herself at him. Asshole finally oozes back off. Jack requests that Kendall fill Bianca in on all the gory details because he has something to talk to Erica about. Before Erica goes off with Jack, Binks makes sure her mother is all right. Erica says yes, “thanks to your sister.” Awww...

Bianca is gobsmacked at Kendall’s story. Bianca complains about Asshole walking free. Kendall shrugs that her and Erica’s words aren’t good enough, they need more. Bianca wonders if Lena might have also been victimized by Asshole. Kendall is a little too quick to wave that off. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, Kendall!...


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  • Erica flips her hair.
  • Bianca steals Maggie's pants.
  • The lipstick sticks.
  • Orange takes over the dorm.
  • Michael gets a new nickname.
  • So does Erica.
  • Bianca goes Topside.

Dorm - Bianca walks in - without knocking - just as Maggie tears Sporty Spice's poster off her wall. What? Did you see whose face was on that thing? No? Then I'm telling you: it was Sporty Spice.

Bianca: "I know that you're upset, but don't rip the place apart."

Oh. So, this whole time, Maggie and Binks have been talking? And what’s that orange paper lantern thingy hanging from the ceiling? Did Henry steal that from the restaurant and give it to Maggie as a present? AMC is up with the multicultural symbolism, yo.

And the shoes! Maggie is wearing the most horrible shoes I have ever seen! Listen to me Maggie: great things come in small packages and you don't need the Shatner Platforms to be taller, k?

Bianca asks Maggie about the rumors she's heard, but first she steals her pants, runs outside, lights a bonfire and burns them. Oh wait, no: she's taken Maggie's pants in order to stop her from packing because, we all know, it's the one pair of pants that will throw the entire moving out plan into disarray.

The Hospital - Michael. He's not yet dead. To add insult to injury, the Sniveling Disgusting Pig is pressing on with assault charges against Kendall, who points in his direction and tells the detective he's lying. She moves too quickly though and almost tips over: those tiny bodies are a real bitch if you want to maintain your equilibrium. Erica catches her on time and flips her hair.

Erica turns around and as Jack, Kendall and the Detective all check out her ass, she has a freak-out moment about the fact that all rapists get away with it just as the one who assaulted her when she was a little girl did. Cruella De Enchantment realizes it's her word and Kendall's against Michael's and that amounts to...hum...the lint in my pockets.

Dorm - Maggie's hair is nice today: did you primp up for Binks? Anyway, she's morose because Bianca can't help her. Bianca snags the pants back.

Bianca: "Just tell me the truth and then I will give you your pants back."

Man, you have sex once and already you're stealing pants?

Maggie tells Bianca everything; Bianca, who has had her own recent experience with - let's call it obfuscation - gets on a soapbox and tells Maggie everything she should really be saying to Lena. Alas, we all know that would require an operation to remove her head from her own *ss and, between the pants and the shoes, there just wasn't enough money left today in the budget for that.

Bianca: "How can he stay quiet about that?"
Maggie: "It's complicated."
Bianca: "It's gutless."
Maggie: "His mother puts outrageous pressure on him."
Bianca: "I've been there: I have no sympathy for that."

How pathetic is this: they're both with people who have mother issues. At least Lena's got b****. And look, my theory is so right on: Bianca is talking to Maggie's b***. Again. Do it one more time and I'll be forced to think you're doing it on purpose. No, really: do it again.

Bianca: "Henry needs to suck it up and do the right thing and you need to stop protecting him."

Maggie just wants her pants back: thank god because, without that, Bianca would not have understood that Henry would deny the truth even if directly asked. Does Lena seem like a prize to you yet?

Maggie: "He can't help it."
Bianca: "He can't help it? Maggie, you need to forget this loser and you need to tell the truth."

Yeah, and she's not saying that because she wants you! No, because she wants Lena. And when she sees your face all she thinks about it Frankie! Oh wait, that's fan fiction.

Classroom - Henry is whining with that Shifty Regina chick. Regina, by the way, means Queen. And that is the only reason I bring up this scene, which is really boring. I go build a mall with Q-Tips.

Dorm - Bianca and Maggie are sitting on the bed and I get a fit of giggles when I notice Maggie's feet don't reach the ground.

Bianca: "I'm glad you ditched Henry. I mean, when you care about somebody, all you're supposed to think about is what's right for that person. A relationship isn't supposed to be everybody for him - or herself. [...] I mean, how hard is it to tell the truth?"

Listening to the truth when it's being told would also be helpful, no? And not allowing pride stand in the way. But why take your own advice when you can be miserable instead? It's not as if your girlfriend didn't attempt to leave the country rather than lie to you or anything.

Bianca: "Just forget about him Maggie, just move on: he's proven that he wasn't even worth a second glance."

Yeah, you're still talking about Lena: that cleavage is not distracting me!

At The Hospital - Bianca arrives and learns that Michael forced himself on Erica. Bianca finishes her transformation from lipstick lesbian to diesel d...I mean, top, and swings around to attack him. It takes Jack, Erica and Kendall to restrain her: Erica's hair goes wild and Kendall's eyes slip out of her sockets, bounce on Bianca's cleavage and go right back in.

Classroom - Maggie walks in and finds Henry with Professor Stevens, who apologizes for having assumed Maggie cheated on the test.

Henry asks Maggie for a second chance; she replies that the truth is not a magic eraser and they can't pick up where they left off. And I agree, but I won't agree when Bianca says that to Lena 'cause, you know, I actually care about that story line. Maggie also says he's the first person with whom she's been honest. Huh. What about Bianca, I thought they were best friends? Stoopid fan fiction: I read you to figure out what's going on and you let me down!

At The Hospital - Kendall gives Bianca a run-down of the events and I faint when she says "compounded" in a completely cogent, grammatically correct sentence: "and now Michael's compounded things by charging me with assault." See? I need a moment.

Bianca wonders if Michael, considering he has tried to force himself on both Kendall and Erica, has ever done so with Lena. Kendall goes all Clinton on her and forbids her from mentioning "that woman" ever again.

Well, fine: she'll just go jump her then, k?

Is Michael dead yet?

Oh, Erica has found out Chris is dead: I dunno, is that important? More importantly, is he really dead?

TOMORROW ON AMC : No Lianca in the previews –and that is all you really want to know, isn't it?


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today

Over at Fusion Liza had bad news for the girls.
Liza: Our company is going down the tubes. We can't pay our bills. We're millions of dollars in debt.
Mia: Who cares?
Simone: What's wrong with her?
Liza: Maria got her memory back.
Simone: Oh, so that means-
Mia: Yes. Edmund went back to her and this crap is my only storyline now. :::sob:::
Greenlee: Bwahahahahaha! Welcome to my world. Anyway I have a brilliant idea of how to save our company even though we're way in debt. We'll go to the park and make people pay $10 to see if our lip color smears when they kiss Carlos.
Liza: That makes sense. I'm sure we'll make enough money in this small town park to make up for all of our business debts.

At the park things were busy.
Extra 1: Oh please, let me kiss Carlos.
Extra 2: Me first, please me!
Extra 3: Now I can die happy.
Extra 4: Forget it. I still have my self respect.
Director: We'll see if we can get you an audition on the next American Idol.
Extra 4: Let me at him. Carlos is one sexy guy.
Greenlee: I can't believe this. This whole park scene is another pathetic attempt to convince the audience that Carlos is hot and that he belongs with me.
Leo's ghost: I feel your pain Greenlee. Why just a few years ago I was sacrificed on a pogo stick in this same park to try to make Laura look good.
Greenlee: :::sob::: You always understood me Leo.

Bianca came to see Maggie in her dorm room.
Maggie: So Henry copied off of my test paper but I'm going to get expelled. Why didn't you know about any of this?
Bianca: I'm like everyone else. I FF through all of your scenes. Sorry. Why don't you just tell the professor what really happened?
Maggie: I've tried but she falls asleep everytime I try to explain. She just doesn't understand how much pressure Henry's mother has always put on him to succeed. She's always wanted him to be a doctor and she won't accept anything else. Henry loves music but he loves his mother too much to let her down. What can I do Bianca?
Bianca: Zzzzzzzz.

Henry and Regina talked what Henry should do.
Regina: Don't tell anyone.
Henry: I shouldn't let Maggie take the fall for what I did.
Regina: What about your mother?
Lizzie: What about the audience? Do you ever consider us when you start rambling on and on about a storyline that no one cares about? Noooooooo, you just suck up half the show with this nonsense.
Henry: You're right Lizzie. I'll go confess now. Then I'll talk to Maggie some more. That should take up another 10 or 15 minutes.
Lizzie: Slloooowwwwllllyyyy I turned, step by step, murder in my heart.

Michael decided to press charges against Kendall.
Michael: She hurt poor little me. She should have to pay. Everyone who is mean to me should have to pay.
Jack: Get out of here you nasty little cockroach.
Cockroach: Hold it, you can't call him that. Defamation of cockroach character.
Erica: I heard that the name scumbag weanie is available.
Kendall: It fits too. I can tell you that from personal experience. ::shudder::: Make that tiny scumbag weanie.
Michael: I'm rubber and you're glue - it bounces off me and sticks to you. I'm leaving now.
Joe: Fine. If you experience any blinding pain or crippling nausea be sure and call the hospital. We can always use a good laugh.
Derrick: Jack, I need to talk to you. I have good news and bad news. Chris Stamp is dead.
Jack: What's the bad news?
Derrick: The Phillies lost both games of a double header this afternoon.
Jack: I don't know how I'm going to break this to Erica.
Derrick: I know it will be hard on her. The Phillies were the only baseball team she ever really loved.
Jack: Not that. The part about Chris......Erica, I need to talk to you.
Erica: All right. Kendall, thank you for everything.
Kendall: I should thank you. Because I was here with you I didn't have to do that awful Fusion in the park scene today.
Erica: Jack, what is it?
Jack: Chris is dead. They found his blood in the park.
Erica: Is that all? Oh Jack, this is Pine Valley. Finding bloodstains doesn't mean you're dead.
Derrick: They also found his body in the river.
Erica: Again, this is Pine Valley. A body doesn't always mean death. Even cremation doesn't always mean death.
Jack: It does this time. I'm sorry Erica. He's not only merely dead, he's really most sincerely dead.
Erica: :::sob:::::It's all my fault. If only we'd had chemistry he might be alive today.:::sob::::


Kendall: I wish I'd killed him.
Jack: No, please, please, do not repeat that infront of anybody who may be asked to testify against you Kendall.

Maggie: His mother puts outrageous pressure on him.
Bianca: I've been there. I have no sympathy for that.

Bianca: Maggie, you need to forget this loser and you need to tell the truth.

Maggie: He is so hard on himself.
Bianca: Awww, I could out torture him, trust me.
Jack: It won't fly, Erica. You perjured yourself on the stand when you claimed to have shot Frankie Stone and Kendall you --
Kendall: All right, all right. Okay, I get that Michael's lawyer can make us look bad...

Jack: Personally I'd like to see the son of a b**** get a lethal injection. I wouldn't mind pushing the plunger in myself, but unfortunately we are going to have to settle for a prison sentence if we can get the ammunition to do that.

Kendall: Oh, Bianca please, do not expend any sympathy for that woman. If anything, Lena and Michael are too much alike.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca visits Maggie who is packing (no Lena)]

[amc030528a starts]
[Bianca comes in as Maggie is ripping posters from her dorm room walls]
Bianca: What? Hey, hey. I know that you're upset but don't rip the place apart.
Maggie: Enter at your own risk.
Bianca: So, what I heard is true?
Maggie: Depends. Which rumor? Disastor. That's my life. Did you hear?
Bianca: I heard that Professor Stevens has accused you of cheating on your O-Chem midterm, copying off Henry’s paper?
Maggie: That's the charges.
Bianca: Okay. Now give me the real story.
Maggie: Why? It's useless.
Bianca: I -- and stop packing! You're not going anywhere. You're not going to run away from this. You're going to stay and do summer classes just like you planned.
Maggie: No, I'm being expelled Bianca. Thrown out, and you can't help me.

***** (clip b) [Michael reports Kendall's hitting him as an assault with the police (no Lena)]

[At the hospital]
Kendall: You filed an assault charge against me? [pointing to Michael] [amc030528b-inc starts] This guy is insane.
Michael: Uh no. Just suffering from a concussion thanks to you.
Derek: Charlie, who authorized this investigation?
Charlie Hardy: Chief Bill Hale.
Jackson: Acting Chief Hale?
Charlie: He's in charge. Bill took Cambias’ call and he asked me to check out the charge.
Erica: Then you can report back to him this charge is bogus.
Kendall: Yes, just like the man who filed it!
Michael: I appreciate your swift response to my call.
Erica: He's lying.

***** (clip c) [Erica says they can't use the surveillance tape of Michael's attack (no Lena)]

[amc0528c starts]
Charlie: [shaking Derek's hand] Thanks. I'll be in touch.
Derek: Yeah.
[Charlie leaves]
Michael: You're not going to just sweep Kendall’s confession under the carpet, are you?
Derek: No, nobody is sweeping anything anywhere.
Michael: So, despite the district attorney's personal involvement, Kendall will be prosecuted, correct? She struck me from behind. I was completely defenseless.
Dr. Joe Martin: Mr. Cambias.
Michael: Yes?
Dr. Joe: Your discharge papers.
Michael: Why thank you.
Dr. Joe: Thank you. We advise that you follow through with your personal physician next week. And if you experience any dizziness or nausea, call right away.
Michael: I will. Thank you. I want to keep tabs on all my injuries.
Dr. Joe: Mr. Cambias, bookkeeping is right that way.
Michael: Thank you. Good bye all. [Michael leaves]
Dr. Joe: Erica? You're not alone. You have a lot of friends looking out for you.
Erica: Thank you, Joe.
Kendall: I wish I'd killed him.
Jack: No, please, please, do not repeat that infront of anybody who may be asked to testify against you Kendall.
Erica: You don't actually think it's going to come to trial, do you?
Derek: Well, Cambias sounded very serious.
Jackson: And even if he gets no where in criminal court, he could file a civil suit absolutely.
Erica: So in the absence of any physical evidence, it’s my word against his.
Kendall: I saw what he was doing to you.
Erica: But where's the proof? You see my office is a mess, but he's going to say that I did it out of some hysterical rage. And so far he left no marks on me, my clothes are not torn, and so he's going to get away with it.
Kendall: Mother
Erica: Like they all do. They all get away with it. Just like that horrible man did when I was a little girl!
Jack: Wait a minute. You have a surveillance camera in your office, it would have caught everything. Michael's attack, you trying to defend your mother, everything.
Erica: You can't use that.
Jack: Erica, why not?
Erica: You can’t use that tape!

***** (clip d) [Bianca tells Maggie to dump Henry and tell the truth (no Lena)]

[amc030528d starts]
Maggie: You can't help me
Bianca: Oh, I can listen. Just tell me the truth and then I will give you your pants back.
Maggie: I studied for that exam until my eyes fell out. I knew answers on that test that were way harder than what Professor Stevens even asked.
Bianca: I know how dedicated you are to getting to med school, Maggie. So what happened?
Maggie: Henry and I drilled until we could have aced that exam in our sleep. I mean, when I saw the actual exam I felt like Professor Stevens had given us this huge present. I was so excited and then I turned to Henry and he's just frozen.
Bianca: Henry freaked out on the exam?
Maggie: He panicked. It was like his brain was vaporlocked. He couldn't even answer his own name.
Bianca: So Henry's the one who cheated and Professor Stevens accused you.
Maggie: We both did.
Bianca: Well, you didn't need to cheat. Maggie, you knew the answers.
Maggie: I let him see my answers. He copied my exact answers and the solutions.
Bianca: Well, that's not the same thing. It's not, Maggie.
Maggie: He knew everything the night before. I'm telling you he whipped out his responses faster than I did. They were even more complete.
Bianca: And you care about him and you didn't want to see him tank on the exam. I underst-- Maggie, I would have done exactly the samething.
Maggie: Even if it cost you everything that you ever wanted?
Bianca: I doubt that I would have thought that far ahead
Maggie: Yeah, me neither. So, goodbye school, goodbye medical career, and good luck Henry.
Bianca: Well, if you're being expelled that means that Henry is being expelled too, right?
Maggie: Professor Stevens does not know how it really went down.
Bianca: And Henry hasn't come clean about it. How can he stay quiet about that?
Maggie: It's complicated.
Bianca: It's gutless.
Maggie: His mother puts outrageous pressure on him.
Bianca: I've been there. I have no sympathy for that.
Maggie: You don't understand. This woman is extreme. It's either be a doctor or be a failure. Everything else disgraces the family.
Bianca: You know what? Henry just needs to suck it up and do the right thing. You, to stop protecting him
maggie: Why? what's the point?
Bianca: The point is that maybe when Professor Stevens knows the real story she'll go easier on you.
Maggie: My pants?
Bianca: Oh, so you mean that even if Professor Stevens asks Henry how it went down, he won't come clean. He'll deny it. I don;t believe this.
Maggie: He can't help it.
Bianca: He can't help it? Maggie, you need to forget this loser and you need to tell the truth.

***** (clip e) [Bianca continues telling Maggie to dump Henry (no Lena)]

[amc030528e starts]
Bianca: When you care about somebody, all you're supposed to think about is what's right for that person. A relationship isn't supposed to be everybody for him or herself.
Maggie: Henry wanted to do the right thing. Maggie: Well, for Henry in this situation it's impossible.
Bianca: Just forget about him, Maggie. Just move on. He's proven that he wasn't even worth a second glance.
Maggie: He asked me to marry him.
Bianca: Marry him? Like Mrs. Henry Chin? Marry him?
Maggie: Exactly like.
Bianca: I don't believe this kid. He wants to get away with this and then he wants to like buy you off. If he were here right now I swear --
Maggie: Okay, it's okay, you wouldn't have to beat him up. Believe me, he is so hard on himself.
Bianca: Awww, I could out torture him, trust me.
Maggie: Oh, relax.
Bianca: No, I'm not going to relax. You can't let him get away with this. You got to go to Proffessor Stevens and you have to tell her what really went down at that exam.
Maggie: I can't. Henry is her number one student. Don't you understand? She would never believe that he -- she would never believe that he copied off of --
Bianca: It doesn't matter. You owe it to yourself to get the truth out there.
Maggie: No, no one is going to listen to me.
Bianca: Well, maybe someone else was at the exam saw what happened.
Maggie: So Henry and I both get distroyed. And what is the upside?
Bianca: Look, you can't let Henry use you and then reward him for it.
Maggie: The moment Henry was born his mom put him on the medical track. Alma harps on studying, achievement 24/7.
Bianca: She's going to have to get over that.
Maggie: He's been brainwashed since he was born. I mean, come on, he -- I don't believe that I actually thought that he was going to confess.
Bianca: Well, you got to do something. You can't let him get away with it. Bianca: Well all right, what are you going to do?
Maggie: I'm going to get expelled.
[Maggie starts to leave the dorm room]
Bianca: Maggie. [Maggie leaves. Bianca takes out her cellphone and dials.] Hey Val, is mom around? How come? Where is she? Uh, no, forget it. I'll go there. Bye.

***** (clip f) [Jack tells Kendall and Erica that they would be lousey witnesses (no Lena)]

[amc030528f starts]
Jack: Erica, I don't get it. Why can't we use this surveillance tape?
Erica: well, you said we need proof. There is no tape of Michael attacking me because the camera is on for security purposes only after hours. When I'm in the office it's not operating. br>Derek: Are you certain someone didn't leave the camera on by mistake last night?
Erica: Derek, I thought that I was safe in my own office
Kendall: Okay, so the only evidence we have is our own testimony. That's enough. Jack, you can put together a grand jury. Let us testify. We will put Michael away.
Jack: It's not going to happen.
Derek: It's your only shot.
Erica: Why do you oppose it, Jack?
Jack: Because it won't fly, Erica. You perjured yourself on the stand when you claimed to have shot Frankie Stone and Kendall you --
Kendall: All right, all right. Okay, I get that Michael's lawyer can make us look bad but Jack, Michael tried to rape my mother. You don't want to see him walk do you?
Jack: No, personally I'd like to see the son of a b**** get a lethal injection. I wouldn't mind pushing the plunger in myself, but unfortunately we are going to have to settle for a prison sentence if we can get the ammunition to do that.
Kendall: Well, this isn't the first time that Michael has turned to force.
Jack: You know of somebody else that he's attacked?
Kendall: Yeah, me. Last week.
Jack: Do you have someone who can corroborate this attempted rape, Kendall?
Erica: I can. I interrupted it.
Jack: You did? Then we are right back where we started.
Derek: Well, look, I'll start running an international check for priors. If this guy is a serial rapist, even if he hasn't been convicted maybe we'll find a witness
Jack: Anything, anything you can dig up Derek, I'd appreciate it.
[Derek's cellphone rings]
Derek: excuse me (he walks off)
Jack: (to Kendall) Excuse us (to Erica) Comoe on, sit down. You do realize that we can just rush after Cambias
erica: Yes, I do and I love the fact that Derek is going to check any prior --
Jack: Exactly, that's what we want to do. We want to fashion a hangman's noose for this guy
Derek: (off camera) Jack
Jack: We want to lead him right into it. (to Derek) What? What? (to Erica) I'll be right back. It's going to be okay and I love you.
Erica: I love you too.
[Jack goes to background with Derek. Kendall approaches Erica]

***** (clip g) [Bianca finds out about Michael's assault on Erica (no Lena)]

[amc030528g starts]
Erica: Bianca
Bianca: Mom, I called you at your office and Val said that you were here but I don't know --
Kendall: (to Michael) You are taking a big risk coming back in here.
Bianca: What's going on?
Kendall: I had to stop him from forcing himself on our mother.
Bianca: Forcing himself? You don't mean --
Kendall: Yes, Bianca I do.
Erica: No Bianca, no.
Kendall: It's not worth it, Bianca.
Michael: It's not over Kendall. It's the beginning. I plan on taking great pleasure in bringing charges against you and your beautiful mother over there
Bianca: Get the h*** out of here.
Jack: Mr. Cambias, I believe that you're business in this hospital is over, is it not?
Michael: Yeah, well I am merely passing through and my driver's waiting outside for me.
Jack: Well, continue passing. I'm sure he's getting tired of waiting.
[Michael leaves]
Jack: Sweetheart come here for a second please.
Erica: Jack, please don't tell me something else is wrong.
Jack: Kendall, will you do me a favor and fill Bianca in, I need to talk to your mother alone for a moment.
Erica: You do, why?
Jack: Not here. Let's go over there in the cubicle. Okay?
Bianca: Oh wait. Mom?
Erica: Oh, Jack, I'll be right there.
Jack: All right. (leaves) Derek!
Bianca: Are you sure you're okay?
Erica: I am sweetheart. I am, really. The doctors, you know, they checked me out, and I'm fine. And I'm just fine. Fine because thanks to your sister.
Kendall: I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Bianca: Do what?
Erica: I'll let Kendall fill you in the details and I will call you both later. Okay?
Kendall: Sure.
Bianca: Okay. If that's what you want.
Erica: It is.
[Erica leaves]

***** (clip h) [Bianca wonders whether Michael ever attacked Lena (no Lena)]

[amc030528h starts]
Kendall: And that's when I came up behind Michael and I bashed him.
Bianca: Wow. Well, I mean that doesn't really look like you did that much damage
Kendall: Well, he's making it sound like I crippled him
Bianca: Why is anyone listening to him anyway? I mean why hasn't he been arrested?
Kendall: Because we don't have any evidence.
Bianca: Well, so what? I mean, a lot of cases have been made on witness testimony alone.
Kedall: But if the person who testifies is known liar then the bad guy walks the streets. And now Michael has compounded things by charging me with assault.
Bianca: I wonder...
Kendall: What?
Bianca: Well, I mean, if Michael tried to force himself on both you and mom, I wonder if he did the same thing to Lena.
Kendall: Oh, Bianca please, do not expend any sympathy for that woman. If anything, Lena and Michael are too much alike.
Bianca: Is mom really as okay as she seems?
Kendall: Yeah, I guess. Maybe she just needs to be seen together with Jack.
Bianca: Or maybe she's in there trying to cut a deal for you.
Kendall: You think?
Bianca: Well, yeah, I mean, you saw how grateful she was
Kendall: Yeah, well, Michael is the one that should be behind bars not me. The way he was going after Erica was scary.
Bianca: I don't -- thank God you showed up when you did. I don't even want to think about -- I mean, I know that mom's strong but --
Kendall: Okay, you know what, I think we should leave.
Bianca: No, I don't feel good about leaving her alone.
Kendall: I know, I know. She's okay. She's with Jack and I really don't want to bother her. She knows where to find us.
bianca: You're right.
Kendall: What?
Bianca: I don't know, you know? She's so strong but I wish that she didn't always have to prove it. Whatever, let's go.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030528a.mpg (8.5m; 0:50) Bianca visits Maggie who is packing (no Lena)
amc030528b-inc.mpg (4.4m; 0:26) Michael reports Kendall's hitting him as an assault with the police (no Lena)
amc030528c.mpg (20.6m; 2:01) Erica says they can't use the surveillance tape of Michael's attack (no Lena)
amc030528d.mpg (29.5m; 2:53) Bianca tells Maggie to dump Henry and tell the truth (no Lena)
amc030528e.mpg (32.2m; 3:09) Bianca continues telling Maggie to dump Henry (no Lena)
amc030528f.mpg (22.3m; 2:11) Jack tells Kendall and Erica that they would be lousey witnesses (no Lena)
amc030528g.mpg (17.8m; 1:44) Bianca finds out about Michael's assault on Erica (no Lena)
amc030528h.mpg (20.6m; 2:01) Bianca wonders whether Michael ever attacked Lena (no Lena)

The above described clips can also be found on my shared folder on AIM (http://www.aim.com to download). My user name on AIM is kymtaborn. E-mail me with your AIM user name (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and I will give you access to the shared folder. When you have access, you can right click my user name on your buddy list and then click on get file. That should get you into the shared folder. If you have problems, then tweak your firewall. The downloads are slow because it has to go through the AIM filter AND often there are a lot of people downloading along with you. I apologize for the slow speed but this is the only way that I can distribute the clips at this time.

I am eliciting volunteers to host the clips throughout the web. If you have 5-25megs of space you can lend to this project, please let me know!

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