Whoosh! Bianca, look at the bright side, at least we are not involved in a Carlos storyline
Lena is confused by Bianca's actions

Lena Kundera

July 14, 2003

(Lena appearance)
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Erica Kane
Bianca Montgomery
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)


Lena returns to talk to Bianca about the Prague trip and Bianca tells her no; Bianca tells Lena that she's going to be occupied by the wedding; Lena says that she understands and will be patient and that she loves Bianca (8th time); after Lena leaves, Bianca goes to bed and reads Lena's letter and looks very sad


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Erica senses that Bianca is troubled and urges Bianca to tell her what's wrong. Not wanting to shatter Erica's happiness, Bianca doesn't reveal the truth about Michael's attack. Bianca uses the excuse of being busy with helping Erica plan her wedding to keep Lena at arms length and cancels the trip they had planned. Before leaving, Lena asks Bianca to read the note she left for her earlier. Bianca reads Lena's words of love and places the letter on her pillow, still unable to cry over what Michael did to her.

From About All My Children

Bianca sobs in her arms as she says she doesn’t want to worry her. When she says she’s been thinking a lot lately about life, Erica agrees she has, too, and this is a very special time! She and Jack are about to get married, and she and Lena are starting a relationship. She goes on that she knows that can be terrifying because she doesn’t know what the future will bring, but whatever happens, they’ll remain as close as a mother and daughter can be. Bianca knows, and thanks her. Erica says she’s about to have the kind of life she’s always dreamed of, and Bianca is such a big part of that. She mentions Bianca’s being her maid of honor, and asks if she and Lena are thinking of some kind of world tour that would keep her away from the wedding? Bianca cries as she says it’s not that; she’s just in a rotten mood and needs to shake it somehow—she’s just been dwelling on the negative!...

Lena knocks before poking her head in the door, and Erica greets her pleasantly as she says she was just leaving. She does so, saying she hopes to see Lena again soon. Lena remarks to Bianca that she’s in a good mood, and Binks agrees she’s high about her wedding. Lena says she hopes Bianca is feeling better because she has something to show her; she’s made an itinerary for their trip to Europe! Bianca turns away as she says she can’t go out of town with her. When Lena protests that she’s made such wonderful plans for them, Bianca tells her she’ll just have to cancel them. Lena thinks Erica has managed to persuade her not to travel with her, but Bianca insists that’s not it. She explains that her mother’s wedding is coming up, and she needs her to help plan for it. Lena notes, from what she’s heard, Erica could plan a wedding gagged, blindfolded and taped to a chair! Bianca explains that this time is really special to her; she and her Uncle Jack are finally going to get together, and they really are soul mates. She goes on about all there is to plan, and says she owes her this. Lena agrees and says she’s sorry she made that joke before; she understands that Erica wants her to be involved in such a huge event. When Bianca says she doesn’t know how much time she’s going to have for the two of them, Lena can deal with that; she’ll miss her every second, but it’s only temporary, right? Bianca turns away as she says she’s so understanding. Lena asks what she expects—she’s in love with her! That’s why she came straight back, to tell her how much she loves her. “You can’t,” Bianca replies, “Not now.” Taken aback, Lena repeats, “You don’t want me to love you?” Bianca tells her that came out all wrong; she just can’t go away with her right now, and is going to be very busy. Lena understands that Bianca thinks she’s going to get in the way because she loves her so much, and Bianca agrees it’s something like that. Lena sees the letter she left last night, and asks if Bianca didn’t open it? As Bianca asks if she came here last night, she flashes back on burning her clothes in the park; she apologizes, and says she’ll read it tonight. Lena again tells her if there’s anything she wants to talk about, or even if there isn’t, she’s here for her. Bianca thanks her, and Lena thinks she needs some time to herself. She hugs her and says she means everything she wrote in the letter; with one last look of concern, she leaves for the night.

Bianca lies on her bed, looking at the envelope for a long moment before opening it. She reads Lena’s words, “Bianca my sweet, I wanted so much to wake you and tell her how much I love you, to hold you close and promise that the joy you’ve given me will light every day of our future. But it’s late, so I leave you to dream your sweet dreams, and to sleep in peace, knowing that you’ll always be safe in my heart. Goodnight, my angel. Rest well, and know that you’re loved.” Bianca puts the note on the pillow; she lays down carefully, her cheek touching the note.

From Soap Slut

Erica hugs Bianca tightly while Binks sobs her heart out. Honestly, Eden's always been an impressive actress but this past week she's absolutely killed me. Even her crying skills are heartbreaking. *sniffles* Bianca makes some excuse about how she's just been thinking about life, which of course leads Erica not to see through that flimsy statement but to go on a tangent about how she too has been thinking about life. She's marrying Jack, Bianca's starting a relationship with Lena, and no matter what happens Bianca and Erica will remain as close as possible for mother and daughter. Life is peachy! Thunk thunk. Bianca continues to explain away her obvious pain as symptoms of her dwelling on all the negatives in life. Erica smiles that she can't do that; Erica's just so FREE and LIGHT and rid of her baggage. Thunk thunk-thunk. Erica's going to anvil herself out cold in a minute. Bianca nods along numbly but drums up some emotion for how happy her mother is. Erica apologizes for all the things she's said and done to deter Bianca's love life, that's all a thing of the past. Boy, a nervous breakdown, a perm and a fresh face-lift can really up Erica's spirits, huh? Erica again asks Bianca to just out and tell her what's eating her alive. Bianca doesn't respond...

Bianca insists that she's already said what was bothering her. Erica accepts that reluctantly and changes the subject to her wedding. Lena turns up and gets a warm hello from Erica on her way out, which understandably nearly knocks the poor girl off her feet. She came by to show Bianca the itinerary. Bianca's quick to tell her that there's not going to be a trip...

Lena assumes Erica's gone and talked Bianca out of the trip. Bianca tries to explain that Erica's wedding is coming up, and her mother needs Bianca's help planning everything. Lena mutters that given what she's heard, Erica could plan a wedding blindfolded and taped to a chair. Snerk. Bianca rambles on about how Erica and Jack are soulmates, and this one's special, and that all melts Lena's sweet romantic little heart. She apologizes; she understands that whole soulmates thing and will cheerfully surrender Bianca to the wedding planning madness. Sigh. Bianca is totally blowing Lena off, and Lena's taking it all graciously and sweetly because she loves her so much. As she elaborates on how much she loves her, Bianca cuts her off. "You can't," she says. "Not now."...

Lena's again surprised by Bianca, but accepts it when Bianca elaborates that she's just going to be busy with the wedding and not have much Lena-Time. Lena finds the letter she left for Binks the night before unopened. Bianca flashes back to what she was doing the previous night -- burning her clothes in the park. She apologizes that she didn't see the letter and promises to read it tonight. Lena offers her an ear or a shoulder whenever she needs it, but is pretty much just getting a very cold shoulder right now. Poor, poor Lena. She leaves Bianca, thinking her sort-of girlfriend needs some alone time...

Bianca's crying on her bed. She opens the letter from Lena, which is very sweet, and ... well, typically lovestruck. It's all about how Bianca is safe with her and how Lena will always love her. Bianca carefully places the letter on her pillow and lies down next to it.

From Lianca Recaps

For the first time, we see the new second set of credits. If you live in my town, said credits include a scroll at the bottom of your screen warning you about Tropical Storm Bill, hiding characters' signatures. But I digress: Maggie and Henry are opposite each other, as are WaitressHair!Smiling!Lena and Regular!Joni. I love how the credits are already out of date as soon as they go up. Except I don't. Binks still has her regular, cute ingenue picture. I'm glad they kept it to remind us of everything Megan McTavish likes to ruin. Seriously, I am glad—righteous anger and all that.

Myrtle's, aka Fargate House, aka Former Smyrtle Paradise Now House of Rape. Binks and Erica are still having their "how do you get over being raped"/"I want you to tell me if something's wrong" conversation (by the way, Lucci's voice is still hoarse and it's been doing her performance favors), and Bianca turns away from Erica looking as though she's about to cry. Erica asks what's wrong and gets a reluctant "I'm tired" brush-off. Erica tells Bianca that she knows they've had some problems lately, but Bianca must know that "nothing could change [Erica's] love for [Bianca]." Binks knows, but she remarks how her mother has "put up with so much"—her anorexia and her sexuality, e.g. Erica says that, to the contrary, she admires Bianca, who has come through a lot of s*** and "managed to find out who [she] [is]." It's interesting here that Erica doesn't just talk about her "acceptance" of Binks, but goes a little further and basically says she's proud of her for being proud. Bianca seems exhausted by this display of support and lets out a sighing "ugh"-type noise before saying she doesn't know why. Erica tells her it's because she's a "good and strong person." At this, Binks gets an interesting look on her face. It's sort of like, "I don't believe what I'm hearing." It's a good choice by Eden Riegel for getting at all the irony going on in this scene. Anyway, Binks has also turned her back. Erica wants Bianca to tell her whatever is bothering her, and she'll understand, and maybe it'll make Bianca feel better. At this, she reaches up to stroke Binks's hair from behind, but Bianca freaks out. She flashes back to a Voldemort scene we haven't seen before, with her almost up against the window and Michael grabbing her from behind as lightning flashes. Bianca groans and has to sit down. We go to commercial with Erica asking her to please tell her what's happened...

Erica wonders if Bianca is planning to go continent-hopping with Lena; maybe she's stressing about telling Erica she won't be maid of honor at the wedding?

Bianca grabs some water and tells Erica that's not what it is. It's a bad mood she needs to shake, she says, and she's just dwelling on the negatives, "everything that's been keeping [them] from being happy all this time." This is exactly what Erica wants to hear, and Bianca knows it. Erica says that "all [their] dreams are going to come true." She's "never felt so light," now that she's dealt with the shame of her rape and pregnancy, and the future looks bright. While Lucci is talking, Eden gives her the most heartbreaking, sad, loving smile. D*** you, Riegel! D*** you!!! Anyway, Bianca says she's happy for Erica; Erica says she's happy for both of them. She clasps Binks to her, and Binks looks stricken. Erica faces her again and forswears all the criticisms of Binks in the past and of her "choice of partners." Erica wants her to know she's "100% in [her] corner." Bianca asks her mom to stop, and tells her she loves her. Erica wants Bianca to believe in her—Binks says she does—enough to tell her what's going on...

There's a knock at the door. Bianca, with tears in her eyes, is afraid and sucks in a little air before Lena (still clad in incredibly hot dark blue shirt and black pants with the weird belt buckle slid over to her hip thingy) comes in.

Lena stops when she sees Erica, but Erica gets it and takes her leave. She tells Binks (while Lena stands by looking uncomfortable) to remember that "nothing's impossible" and tells Lena she hopes "to see [her] again soon." Jigga whaaaa??? Erica huhhh???? Lena seems to have had the same reaction, for once Erica leaves, she gestures towards the door and says, "she's in a good mood!" Bianca shrugs that Erica is "high about her wedding." Lena says she hopes Bianca is feeling better, because she wants to show her the itinerary she's made for their trip to Europe! Eeeeee!!!! OMG, she's so geeky like this it's so adorable. OMG. FileFolder!Lena! How worthy of hatred is Megan McTavish for giving us this priceless Lianca moment the day (Pine Valley time, week our time) after one of them is raped? And while the other one doesn't know? So that one of them is clueless and the other one is miserable and distant and can't be happy about it? So very, very worthy of hatred. Bianca, naturally, gives the trip the smackdown, telling Lena to cancel.

Bianca says it's the wedding and the planning that she's thinking about. Lena: "Oh, come on, Bianca, from what I've heard, Erica could plan a wedding gagged, blindfolded, and tied to a chair."

Oh, Lianca. How you slay me with the angst. They're sitting in giant Myrtle brocade wing chairs in the living room. Lena thinks Erica must have told Bianca not to travel; Bianca says it's the wedding and the planning that she's thinking about. Lena: "Oh, come on, Bianca, from what I've heard, Erica could plan a wedding gagged, blindfolded, and tied to a chair." Bianca says that Erica and Jack are each other's soulmates. This has some effect on Lena, who looks arrested by it and apologetically says she knows how it feels. For just a moment, Bianca looks so schmoopy and sad (she may even be stealing a keepsake look at Lena, who's looking away in disappointment and a little shame), before she goes on about all the planning. Lena understands, but Bianca says she doesn't know how much time she'll have for Lianca. Lena understands this, too. Not happy about it, but she gets it. Getting up, and turning her back, Bianca breathes, "Wow, you're so understanding, Lena," as if that is not at all what she wanted to hear. Her tone is almost sarcastic, in fact, as if she can't believe her luck. runnerbird at TWoP speculated that Binks was trying to bait Lena into a fight in this scene, and I think she's right. She just doesn't sound happy to have such an understanding girlfriend right now; perhaps she even thinks she doesn't deserve one. Lena says she came back to Myrtle's to tell Bianca how much she loves her. But Binks backs off and tells Lena that "[she] can't. Not now."

Lena is confused. "You don't want me to love you?" Binks backtracks and rehashes the stuff about the wedding. Lena: "And you're afraid that I need you so much that I'll get in the way." Bianca: "…Something like that." Doh. This is sad. Lena notices the note she left Bianca last night. Bianca flashes back COMPLETELY UNNECESSARILY to burning her clothes in the park. Hello, we know what happened last night, you f******* writers! It's been giving us nightmares! She says she'll read the note later. Lena says that if there's anything Bianca wants to talk about, or if she doesn't want to talk (complete with adorable nervous-earnest smile), she's there for her. Lena decides she should leave, but she gives Bianca a hug and what appears to be an ad-libbed kiss on the cheek. Eeeeee!!!! Go on, girl! Skirt those censors, Olga! (How f****** sad is this. I am losing my s*** over a peck on the cheek.) Lena wants Bianca to remember that "everything [she] wrote in there, [she] mean[s]." Bianca looks totally wiped.

Bianca is lying down in her room at Myrtle's, with Lena's letter, still in its envelope, in the foreground. She sits up and reads the letter (complete with Olga "writing" voiceover from the July 9th episode). She gets teary. She puts the letter on one of Myrtle's ugly pillows and puts her face next to it. Fade out with her staring at the letter.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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Coming whenever C.K. sends it to me. I am looking so forward to it. A day without CK's recap is like a day without sunshine. I need my vitamin E, you know. We all do. Yes, I must contain my anticipation. But it's sooo hard.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Kendall was shocked to find Mia and Aidan under the car.
Kendall: How dare you? You can't go after Aidan to be your sexiest man. I might need him as a backup to be my sexiest man.
Mia: I thought Boyd was going to be your backup sexiest man.
Kendall: He is.
Mia: You can't have them both.
Kendall: Sure I can. I'm Erica Kane's daughter.
Mia: If you say I can't have Aidan I'll squirt oil on you.
Kendall: If you squirt oil on me, I'll squirt oil on you.
Mia: Nnnyyyyahhhh!
Kendall: Phhhhttttt!
Lizzie: Yawwnnnnn!

David came by to visit Anna.
David: I thought you might be hungry so I brought you something.
Anna: Chinese food?
David: I stole it from Edmund and Maria. They were bugging the heck out of me. So are you coming home soon?
Anna: I don't know. Am I living at the cabin again?
David: I think so. Sometimes on this show it's hard to tell.
Anna: I know. It took me forever to figure out if Flanders was really dead and I'm the chief of police.

Later David ran into Aidan playing pool.
Aidan: Yew shewd be with me auntie Anna roit now instead of ere.
David: You don't understand what Anna and I have been through.
Aidan: Yes Oi do. Oi lost Mowreen yew know.......Awl roit, mighbe that was a bit insensitive but did yew really ave to wrap yewr pewl cue around me spotted dick.::::thunk::::

Greenlee came to visit Jack at his apartment.
Greenlee: I really don't need you to be my stepfather.
Jack: Your stepfather? Wow! I'd heard you might be someone's long lost child but I never dreamed you were going to turn out to be Erica's daughter. What a plot twist! Does this mean you and Kendall were switched at birth?
Greenlee: Not that. My mother thinks she's going to marry you. Haven't you noticed her hanging around all the time.
Jack: Now that you mention it, she did keep trying to give me CPR while I was in the hospital. But your mother and I haven't been together in years - at least since 9 months before you were born.
Greenlee: I don't understand it either. Just like I don't really understand why I'm here now.
Jack: Maybe you need a father figure to be your friend. You've had a hard time lately.
Greenlee: You mean with Leo's death and all.
Jack: Actually I was thinking about the Carlos storyline. I hope that's truly over for you.
Erica: Aacckkkk! What's she doing here?
Greenlee: I was just leaving. Bye dad - I mean Jack.
Jack: Why are you so upset that Greenlee was here?
Erica: What makes you think I'm upset?
Jack: Oh I don't know - the way your head was spinning around in circles just now.
Erica: I just don't like Greenlee. Any girl with Niblet for a mother is nothing but trouble even if her father is - never mind.

Montel Williams came to visit Fusion.
Montel: Is this Fusion? I was expecting something a little more interesting.
Simone: This is us.
Mia: We'll prove it. Let's do what the Fusion girls do best.
Fusion girls: :::squeal:::giggle::::squeal:::::giggle:::::
Montel: My friend Bonnie told me she interviewed you for US Magazine. Of course she also said she resigned from the magazine right after the episode aired so I'm not sure about this whole thing.
Kendall: You know, you look awfully familiar. Haven't we met before?
Montel: Your mother' s trial - remember? And I thought that storyline was lame.
Greenlee: Hey, we have to mention our Sexiest Man contest at least 3 more times to get our quota in. So Montel, why don't you have us come on your show and promote our Sexiest Man contest?
Simone: The Sexiest Man contest was my idea so I should be on the show.
Mia: My sister's money is paying for the Sexiest Man contest so I should be on the show.
Kendall: Greenlee and I should be on the show. If you two are on it no one will watch it.
Simone: I want to be on the show. Nanny nanny boo boo.
Mia: Me too. Neener neener neener.
Greenlee: If I don't get to be on the show I'll hold my breath until I turn blue.
Kendall: My mommy will buy the tv show and then I'll get to be on it any time I want.
Montel: I'm firing my agent.


Lena: Come on, Bianca. From what I've heard, Erica could plan a wedding gagged, blindfolded, and taped to a chair.

Bianca: You are so understanding, Lena.
Lena: Bianca, what did you expect? I'm in love with you. That's why I came straight back. It's not because of how we left things before. It's just that I needed to come back and to tell you how much I love you.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Erica pressures Bianca to tell her what the problem is (no Lena)]

[amc031014a starts]
Erica: Bianca, sweetheart, what is it?
Bianca: I -- um -- I'm tired.
Erica: Bianca, please, I want you to tell me what's troubling you. I know that we've had some problems lately, but you know that nothing could ever change my love for you.
Bianca: Yeah, I know, Mom. God, you've put up with so much.
Erica: What do you mean, honey? What are you talking about?
Bianca: I mean my eating disorder, my sexuality --
Erica: Sweetheart, you are a brilliant, wonderful, beautiful girl. And you have overcome difficulties and some disappointments, and you have managed to find out who you are. I admire you.
Bianca: I don't know why you do.
Erica: Because you're a good and strong person. Honey, please. Whatever it is, please, I'm here, and I will understand. And, honey, maybe I can make you feel better.
Bianca: Don't --
Erica: Oh, honey, dear God. Sweetheart, what? Honey, please tell me. What happened?

***** (clip b) [Erica tries even harder to weasle out what's bothering Bianca (Lena mention)]

[amc030714b starts]
Erica: Bianca, sweetheart, I can't do anything unless you tell me what it is, honey, that's upsetting you.
Bianca: I'm sorry.
Erica: No. Just what is it?
Bianca: I don't want to worry you, Mom.
Erica: Oh, honey, you just tell me.
Bianca: I -- I just -- I don't know. I've been thinking a lot lately.
Erica: About what?
Bianca: I don't know. Life and everything.
Erica: So have I, honey. So have I, sweetheart. I've been thinking a lot lately, too. This is a very special time. Your Uncle Jack and I are about to get married. You and Lena -- you're starting a relationship, and I know that can be very, very exciting. And I know it could also be terrifying because you don't know what the future will bring. But whatever happens, you know that we are going to remain just as close as a mother and daughter can be.
Bianca: I know. Thank you.
Erica: Sweetheart, I am just about to have the kind of life I’ve always dreamed of, and you are such a big part of that, honey. You know that, don't you?
Bianca: Yeah, I know.
Erica: And you're still going to be my maid of honor. Oh, you and Lena aren't thinking about making some world tour or anything? Is that what this is about?
Bianca: No, no, no.
Erica: So you can't be at the wedding?
Bianca: It's not that. It's -- I'm just -- I'm in a rotten mood, and I just need to shake it somehow. You know, I'm just dwelling on the negatives. I'm just dwelling on everything that's been keeping us from being happy all this time.
Erica: Oh, honey, why do that now? Don't do that now, sweetheart. Not now, when all of our dreams are about to come true. I'll tell you what, Bianca, the truth is I just have never felt so light. I think that I may finally have completely shed all that baggage I’ve been carrying around of the shame from my rape and my pregnancy and having gone through that. Honey, I swear to you everything looks so bright.
Bianca: And I am so happy for you.
Erica: I'm so happy for both of us, sweetheart. For both of us. Look, I know that in the past, I have been sometimes critical of your life, of your choice of partners. I'm so sorry, honey. Please believe me, that is a thing of the past. I am 100% in your corner --
Bianca: Ok.
Erica: And I always will be.
Bianca: Ok, Mom, stop, please. I love you.
Erica: I want you to believe in me, honey.
Bianca: Oh, I do.
Erica: Enough to tell me what is tearing you apart?

***** (clip c) [Lena returns amd Bianca tells her to call off the trip]

[amc031014c starts]
Bianca: Mom, if there were anything to tell, you know that I would tell you.
Erica: All right, but call me if you think that I can help you out of this.
Bianca: Yeah, I will.
Erica: Promise.
Bianca: I promise.
Erica: Ok. We certainly have a lot to do together. First, we have to find you the perfect dress, and then I’m going to need your input, honey, on everything. I mean, from the candles to the flowers to the cake. You have such exquisite taste.
Bianca: Well, after all, Mom, it is all in the genes.
Erica: Honey, I promise you, this is a turning point. From now on, everything is going to be easier.
[Knock on door]
Lena: Bianca, is -- oh.
Erica: Oh. Well. Lena's back. Lena, come in. I was just leaving. Bianca, you just remember -- nothing's impossible. Ok. Lena, I hope to see you again soon.
Lena: She's in a good mood.
Bianca: Yeah, she's -- she's high about her wedding.
Lena: How about you? I hope you're feeling better because I have something to show you. Bianca, I've made an itinerary for our trip to Europe.
Bianca: Oh, Lena, I -- I can't go out of town with you.
Lena: What? But I've made such wonderful plans.
Bianca: I'm sorry. You -- you just have to cancel them.

***** (clip d) [Lena tells Bianca she loves her (8th time)]

[amc030714d starts]
Lena: I get it. Erica's managed to persuade you not to travel with me.
Bianca: No, that's -- Lena, that's not it. It's her wedding is coming up and she needs me to help her plan it.
Lena: Come on, Bianca. From what I've heard, Erica could plan a wedding gagged, blindfolded, and taped to a chair.
Bianca: Lena, this time is really special to her. She and Uncle Jack are finally going to get together. I mean, they really are each other's soul mates.
Lena: I know how that feels.
Bianca: She just -- you know, there's so much to plan. There's the reception. There's dresses to fit. I owe her this.
Lena: Bianca, of course you do. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have made that joke about your mother before. There's nothing wrong with a mother wanting her daughter to be involved in such a huge event. She wants you to be part of it, and I understand that.
Bianca: It's just that I don't know how much time I’m going to have for us.
Lena: Ok. I can deal with that.
Bianca: Really? You don't mind?
Lena: Of course I mind. I'll miss you every second. But it's only temporary, right?
Bianca: Oh, you are so understanding, Lena.
Lena: Bianca, what did you expect? I'm in love with you. That's why I came straight back. It's not because of how we left things before. It's just that I needed to come back and to tell you how much I love you.
Bianca: You can’t. Not now.

***** (clip e) [Lena leaves Bianca confused]

[amc030714e starts]
Lena: You don't want me to love you?
Bianca: No, I -- it -- look, it came out all wrong. I'm just -- I just can't go away with you right now, and I'm going to be very busy.
Lena: Because Erica needs you.
Bianca: Yeah, and there's only so much of me to go around.
Lena: And you're afraid that I need you so much, I will get in the way?
Bianca: Something like that.
Lena: Hey. My letter. You didn't open it last night?
Bianca: What, you sent me a letter?
Lena: No, I came here last night, I told you. But it was so late, I left it. Myrtle and Boyd -- we didn't want to wake you.
Bianca: Last night.
[Bianca goes to flashback land]
Bianca: I'm sorry. I -- you know, I didn't know about it. I'll read it tonight.
Lena: Bianca, you know, if there's anything you want to talk about -- anything at all -- or if you don't want to talk, either way, I’m here for you.
Bianca: Thank you.
Lena: So -- I guess it's getting late, and I think you need some time to yourself.
Bianca: Yeah.
Lena: Sweet dreams, huh? [hugs and kisses Bianca on the cheek] And remember, everything I wrote in there I mean.

***** (clip f) [Bianca reads Lena's letter (Lena's voice)]

[amc030714f starts]
Lena's voice: "Bianca, my sweet. I wanted so much to wake you and tell you how much I love you, to hold you close and promise that the joy you've given me will light every day of our future. But it's late, so I leave you to dream your sweet dreams and to sleep in peace, knowing that you'll always be safe in my heart. Good night, my angel. Rest well and know that you're loved."


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030714a.mpg (5.3m; 1:30) Erica pressures Bianca to tell her what the problem is (no Lena)
amc030714b.mpg (35.7m; 3:30) Erica tries even harder to weasle out what's bothering Bianca (Lena mention)
amc030714c.mpg (20.5; 2:00) Lena returns amd Bianca tells her to call off the trip
amc030714d.mpg (16.8m; 1:38) Lena tells Bianca she loves her (8th time)
amc030714e.mpg (21.2m; 2:04) Lena leaves Bianca confused
amc030714f.mpg (14.2m; 1:23) Bianca reads Lena's letter (Lena's voice)

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